Partick Thistle 0-2 Celtic


Kris Commons’ goal was outrageous. It wasn’t so much a chance as a hopeful ball into the box. Kris jumped to cushion the ball on his chest, from them, Thistle had no chance. He let the ball drop before scooping it over the onrushing goalkeeper into the net.

No one else at Celtic could have scored this goal. Kris possesses the rarest of talents: the ability to create a chance out of nothing, and he’s better than anyone else we’ve got at converting chances too.

After playing 88 minutes yesterday Kris will be feeling it this morning as he’s a few weeks behind his team-mates as a result of his broken toe injury. It’s a big ask for him to be ready for the Champions League play-off round but I’d make an exception for him.

Loved Tom Rogic’s goal.

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  1. Is there another derby anywhere in the world that s not actually played in that city (or even state!)

  2. craggy island gaa on

    Great to see Rogic mark his return to action with a goal.



    Also great to see Commons mark his return to the starting XI, er… with a goal

  3. Nobody else could score that goal ?



    I did it all the time.



    Bang into every defender. Get under them and turn.



    Knock it in.

  4. Voguepunter…



    Used to pick up my auntie, to come see my mum for a few hours,from a wee Hun infested swamp in Cambuslang that had Bingo and Booze as it’s main attractions …. It was called the Vogue…



    I think your more Vague than Vogue from your comments and that is really saying something amigo .

  5. foghorn leghorn on

    is P67 going slightly overboard about Commons goal?



    i think VVD or Izzy could also have done that



    or stokes



    or griffiths



    or rogan

  6. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    God bless Ronny Delia and God bless the Celtic.



    We are the CHAMPIONS!!



    CL – Are you ready for the green & white dynamite?










  7. Macjay



    You ignore my point and focus on my use of language……….semantics………ie. Trivia.



    Your point was addressed. If we fail to get to CL Group stage, some people will call for RD’s head. I acknowledged that and questioned whether it was a justified rather than a stupid reaction. Further I asked whether you would agree with the call and whether it would or should worry you whether it was justified or stupid.



    Now, can you show me where you addressed any of my points?





    In the real world,a loss of revenue of that magnitude would not be tolerated.



    It’s money up for grabs. It can only be gained; it cannot be lost. You may think that a semantic or pedantic point but it is one that is ultra-important. When you frame it as a “loss” you are already creating the framework for seeing it as something we are entitled to rather than one we are allowed to compete for.



    Contracts are lost all the time in the real world. Only one firm comes first in their sector each year. If you want, you can frame everything from 2nd on down as failures and sack the lot of them but that does not happen in the real world, does it?



    A study of CEO sacking decisions by LeadershipIQ.com showed that financial performance was an inadequate explanation for these decisions. They stated:-



    “f that was really the whole story, every CEO who ever missed a quarterly target or lost money would be immediately dismissed. And we know that plenty of world-class CEOs have seen their stock price dip, missed earnings forecasts, or even lost money for periods of time.”



    The top reasons for sacking CEOs were :-


    1) Mismanaging change


    2) Ignoring Customers


    3) Denying reality


    4) Too much talk and not enough action



    48 teams have competed to get into the CL group stages. Only 10 will make it. the other 38 teams will not sack their manager because they did not make it.



    RD may eventually get the sack but ,if and when he does, it should be based on a proper evaluation of his achievements in the round and not on the basis of some myth about losing our entitled money.

  8. Partick Thistle are signing players who weren’t good enough to play for teams in the 6th tier of English football.



    John Collins’ comments were bang on today.




    He knows the score!!

  9. Chris Sutton – Tremendous again as a co-commentator. He made wan boob when saying it was Izzy.



    I hope Leigh was listening to him, because that Big guy knows his fitba, that is Certain.



    Thankfully that is taught at Celtic, well when flying into a tackle when someone is running at you, not the same, but the same principles are in play. Too much energy isn’t always the right thing, in my opinion.



    I sense both Chris and Ronny are willing him to be a Celtic Legend.






    God Bless the Glasgow Celtic.

  10. Paul,



    In all honesty, are you related to Kris Commons? You haven’t given a match report today. All you do is praise Commons. Why don’t you look at his whole performance? He is nothing more than an SPL player.



    Hail! Hail!




  11. If someone had taken me aside at the start of the week and offered me a pretty controlled 0-0 and a sedate 2-0 today without Broonie but letting Rogic out for a run to look like a player….well I’d have bitten their hand off and kept munching up past their elbow!



    Thank you and good night!



    HH jamesgang

  12. Yogi… Kris commons is simply an SPL Player ? …


    Look at his whole performance (just back from injury ) …?



    What nonsense is that ??



    Remind me who came on and dropped the ball right on boyatas napper at CP in last CL round ?

  13. YOGIHUGHES on 10TH AUGUST 2015 1:09 AM


    Nothing more than an SPL player


    You are either joking or being deliberately provocative.


    What proportion of current SPFL players are first choice for Celtic?


    What proportion have Scotland caps?


    How many have won PFA and the writers player of the year awards?


    Kris is a creative gifted footballer who can turn the mundane to marvelous.


    He is the type of player who can manage to thwart defensive set ups with his guile and shooting ability.


    And I’m not his agent.


    Well not yet.

  14. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    The Maestro is the Maestro, probably the best that I have ever seen – but here, what about the Gift, seriously.



    Fortunate enough to be there when he made his debut, also trophy time at the Park when he scored the only goal against Hertz :










  15. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Bobby Murdoch and George Connelly.



    With the greatest respect to Paul McStay,he wasn’t in the same class as the above players.


    Not near their class.

  16. Tricoloured Ribbon on



    Only for starters and millions down the drain..

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