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  1. Not really sure what benefit it is to bring Arzani and Polish Patrick on with ten to go.



    Lenny may have been waiting for the second to make the game more comfortable but I’d be worried if we’ve spent 3.5 million on a player Lenny doesn’t trust to do a job against Partick. He should have been on sooner.



    It’s in keeping with lennon’s reluctance to change things though – both in play and in his starting 11.



    We’ve a lot of games coming up and Lenny must use the squad and make substitutions that influence the game to keep things fresh. We’re not doing that, let’s see what Wednesday brings.

  2. Greenpinata nailed it when he said we already pay 59 million to Killies 3. What kind of logic would say we have the cash so lets spend a few more million to make sure, as if 61 to 3 or 63 to 3 would be the magic number that would make sure.


    The other problem re paying 100k to a player is team unity. There is a specific wage structure within the Club, if you start breaking that structure you risk opening a big can of worms.


    We already outspend all other SPFL Clubs, if spending more than your opponents ensures you win the League then there is no need to worry, we are assured of winning it.


    Now having said all that I would be well pleased if we got Wanyama and I do want/expect us to bring in a couple of oven ready battle hardened Pros to get us over the line.


    If it costs us money or if we can ship a few out to balance the books is of no interest to me, That’s Pedro’s job, I just want a team to wrap up the League for us.

  3. An Dun, I think Bitton’s injury & the 1 goal lead affected the timing of the substitutions.


    Obviously there is always a risk of a 2nd injury & with a 1 goal lead, if you sub a player & it doesn’t work suddenly the game is in the melting pot and you are running out of options.


    I reckon if we had got & scored the penalty before half time and/or we still had our 3 subs option we would have seen Paddy & Arzani a lot earlier.

  4. I’m not sure any January signings will make a telling impact. Lenny so far is loath to change things in terms of personnel.



    For example, if we sign Soro, I don’t see him starting 3 matches before the season ends. Lenny so far can’t move away from the Brown CalMac midfield axis regardless of the opponent.



    We change personnel when injury or suspension dictates. I don’t think we’re making full use of our existing squad so January signings will have a real challenge to get into Lennon’s team.

  5. BTW I’m not calling for changes on Wednesday, Wednesday is a game you play the tried and trusted.



    It’ll be interesting to see the changes between Wednesday and the weekend match at home to County. I suspect there’ll be little if any difference. And that is a problem.

  6. I personally do Not a £100k per week player at Celtic, maybe in about 50 year, not now


    Whereas I really like big Vic, he cannot get into an overated Tottenham team,



    Now, what I do wonder


    Why Arzani ? 4 months left on his loan deal, not our player, so why him


    And, not


    Shved, our player, whom we need to look at in playing games ?



    Paddy Roberts got injured playing for us, on return from injury, we played Forrest, as wee Paddy had 3 months left in his loan


    So we played our own signed player


    Made sense then, makes sense now




    Log in problems , log in ,logged out ,log in, logged out….


    Make any post ,stay logged in ….

  8. An Dun,


    I agree.Lenny has to show some faith in the squad.Otherwise,what’s the use.Not massive 4 or 5 changes,every game.When players get a start,eg,Taylor and Rogic,they should be kept in the team to get them match fit,confidence up.Another thing that has irked me.Bauer.With the throw in he has,why are we not using this more.Mystery to me.

  9. Norriem,


    We have asked City about an extension for Arzani.When we loaned him at the time,it was with the option to buy.Think the only reason Shved did not play last night was our line up.No wingers.

  10. Two wins next week will put us 5 points clear,with the Huns going to Tynecastle on Sunday.I know,but they dropped 2 point there already to the worst Hearts team I can remember,and maybe some improvement now.Not really been a happy ground in recent years for them,and no Morelos.We will see.

  11. Rogic, Taylor and Cal Mac were my three from the Thistle game.



    Rogic involved in the build up to both goals was no coincidence, he was central to most of our creativity going forward.



    Great to see him getting nearer to his top level.




  12. Dbhoy- Rogic usually is quite sluggish when coming back from injury, but I thought he looked really sharp last night, tired a wee bit towards the end as you would expect, he just needs to stay fit now.

  13. Bada



    Agree it takes him a few games, like BJH. Massive player for us when fit. Brilliant technician who can pick passes through the tightest defences. It’s a real pity for Tom and us that he can’t be seem to be injury free for an extended period.





  14. Turkeybhoy


    Where did you get info on asking for an extension on Arzani deal ???


    Not heard or seen anything on this

  15. I thought Arzani was originally 18mth loan deal but after his unfortunate injury in his first appearance there was talk of loan deal being extended further than the original 18 months ..

  16. Norriem.



    Last week it was said they had approached City to extend.



    St Tams,


    Yes,but if we win Wed,Sat,we would go 5 clear,before they play Hearts.

  17. lets all do the huddle on




    its been 10 games since we last scored more than 2 goals



    just saying like

  18. See Boniek,Polish FA chief,saying Celtic stole Klymala at 3.5 million.When someone like Boniek says it,probably worth paying attention to.Lets hope.

  19. That is a sobering statistic, Huddle especially as goal difference cannot be ruled out in a tight Title race. Let’s hope Polish Paddy starts banging them in.


    Think draw for next round takes place after the Hibs game, BSC Glasgow will do nicely unless of course they have already been reserved for the Huns.

  20. Need to start Griff and Eddy on Wednesday, no point in putting him back in his box for weeks, will never get match fit.

  21. Sevco v BSC keeps the lights on with another pay day and guarantees more cup revenue in the next round … we were never paranoid enough, just look at recent events … would you trust the Scottish Football Association ?

  22. Bada 1.27pm



    Edouard is a terrific footballer but in my opinion he isn’t a great number 9, thought some of the interplay with Griff & Edouard was excellent, the more game time together I think we could have a terrific partnership in the making … maybe just wishful thinking on my part

  23. Taking into consideration that it was the team’s first match back after three weeks of inaction it was a reasonable performance particularly good to see Leigh G back and on the scoresheet. Some good ball skills by Tom Rogic and Eddie on a difficult pitch but the real tough test comes on Wednesday night at Killie. Was hoping to see the Ukranian Shved in action and Polish Pat maybe get a little more time on the pitch but Job done and now on to Wednesday.

  24. Go tell the Spartim on

    Maybe just maybe NFL doesn’t have the confidence in some players to change it up, it’s not always about who starts the games it’s about who finishes. I don’t expect to see much of our 2 new signings when it comes to starts but u def think they’ll make a fair few sub appearances once we’re 2 up. Personally a quick goal for Patryk would get teams worried before they faced us. He’s an unknown quantity for them too

  25. Lenny needs to use wingers,also I don’t think Griffiths and Edouard are a good partnership as I said last night instead off Lenny question the ref Muir,it’s big Jullien he should be going after.i just don’t rate,need another Centre Half this month and start using Bauer ,I’m beginning to thing young Frimpong is going to make a Lot of errors.

  26. Looked to me like Eddy had a free role yesterday, i thought it was a useful exercise and showed some signs of potential. The first goal comes from Eddy picking the ball up on the edge of the box and having another striker in the box to sniff out a goal. Both full backs provided the width and we were narrow in the midfield having started without any natural wingers. It may be the case that we are looking at a new way forward or it was simply a case of picking the team based on the players that were available. On Wednesday i guess we will pick the same team but with Ajer in place of Bitton.

  27. SYDNEYTIM on 19TH JANUARY 2020 4:49 AM


    Afternoon from a nice beach bar at Manly A pleasant 25deg :)




    You’re sprawled all over a beach bar while New South Wales is dying? Then you have the cheek to blame Boli.

  28. Killie have one point from their last 6 league games, failing to score a solitary single goal in that time.



    Plastic or not, we’ve no excuses.

  29. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Glasgow Warriors now out of Europe as Saracens (the Rangers of English rugby) win.



    Credit where credit is due to Nigel Owens, Owen Farrell’s unofficial bodyguard.



    Quite an unedifying, and not uncommon sight – a little Englander from Wales.

  30. Timbhoy2 2.56pm



    Wingers are prolific goalscorers, well apart from Jamesy F :-)



    Sometimes “wingers” like Jonny Hayes fire in great crosses and we don’t have anybody in the box, as David17 just posted French Eddie with a free role would be a big worry for many defences

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