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  1. Time to be a Celtic supporter.


    A Celtic win


    Built to do that since day 1,a team to win and get behind..By doin there best.


    Good to see griff score


    Good to see Eddie so light of foot


    Good to see the hoops win.Magic


    Good to see Arzani


    Good to see Patryk.welcome.


    Good to see the kitchen sink coming our way












  2. An Tearmann 9.03pm



    Spot on ..



    The good thing is some don’t realise how good our manager is …



    After my chores this morning had a wee hour to maself and watched the aftermatch stuff of the Betfred 2019 cup final that Celtic actually won … our manager went round all the players one by one cuddling, smiling and finger on their faces (while smiling) when needed … mainly to wee Frimpong who probably was relived/worried more than any other player … we have a manager who wants to be in the job and is a far better manager than many give home credit for …



    Neil Lennon CSC

  3. GFTB on 18th January 2020 9:09 pm




    Interesting to know what Lenny was saying to Frimpong at full time tonight

  4. Just back from the game.


    Dear o dear MUIR’s apron getting flashed all over the shop.


    He deliberately denied us a stonewall pen and gave Thistle a pen because he wanted to.


    He never gave the red to Frimpong because that would be appealed he gives a yellow because it can’t be.


    Calculated not a poor decision !


    The SFA and their cabal are in full Stop the Ten mode just like their brothers in the media ! Charlatans the lot of them !


    Still Time for the Celtic Board to grow a pair and call them out !


    Call out the SFA call out the Media and call out Rancid Sevco for their lies !

  5. Games have a dynamic of their own. Two things that happened in first half outside our control. Early injury to Bitton greatly narrowed our subbing options. Polish Paddy & Arzani were late substitutions as Lenny was guarding against a 2nd injury. Secondly we were denied a clear penalty. Go in 2 up and it’s a different game.


    They would have had to come out and we would have more chances.


    Finally terrible penalty decision at end gives a totally misleading scoreline. By the way if Frimpong had fouled him it should have been red not yellow.


    You could say it doesn’t matter as the important thing is get through to next round and goal difference is not an issue, however it does matter,it matters a lot. we are consistently being shafted by Refs and if it continues it could cost us the League.

  6. The Huddle 9.11pm



    I saw that on Sportscene … young Frimpong will and is making mistakes but I think Neil will be trying to give him a hard time without being too harsh .. cup final gives a penalty away we win, makes a mistake tonight, we win … at a guess Neill will be trying to tell him sometimes we might not win after a mistake :-)

  7. It would appear that unless we score about 6 or 7 goals per game then we are shite. I thought we were reasonably slick tonight and should have won more comfortably. We were slack for about 10 minutes prior to the second goal and were cheated in two penalty incidents.


    I feel we missed not having any wingers which makes me think that Shved must have pissed in Lenny’s tea.


    At the end of the day we are in the next round and have been undefeated in domestic cup competitions for more than 3.5 years. For the avoidance of doubt sevco have played in all domestic cup competitions that we have been involved in just in case anybody thinks that our victories don’t count. 😉



    Guest appearance as tonight’s escape goat, in the absence of Jamesie, would appear to be Chris Jullien who is apparently shite and needs to be got ridden of (pronto).

  8. Jullien punted,!!!!!!!,oh FFS.Really,one short pass back on tattie field.If that was the criteria,every CH playing would be up for sale.Away and gies fekin peace.

  9. POG,



    Exactly.I have no idea how some think.I thought the Twitter mob were off the wall reading their comments,but some on here,Dear God.

  10. All the criticism of the referee’s decision making tonight is relevant. I also thought he got in the way of our attack far too often, interfering with a final ball or preventing getting a shot away. Totally inept or deliberately obstructive, what do you all think?




    I’m sick of telling my youngest Bhoy to stop reading that shite on Twitter it’s not good for anybody’s mental health. It was bad enough when you had to listen to them shouting their vitriol at the game now you have the chance to read it to.

  12. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Q. What is Celtic’s new striker’s first name, and who was his debut against?


    A. Patryk Thistle 😃



  13. Pog 9.20pm



    The Sevs/Huns/Ragers … with the 2nd biggest budget in Scotland have “competed” in every cup competition since the old club deceased and their illegitimate incarnation was born… although some “posters” on here don’t think Celtic have been challenged.. any supporter of any team who wants to run down their “own” teams triumphs should always questioned … as a poster sometimes posted “realism isn’t defeatism” .. but in my opinion .. “bullshit is always bullshit” :-)

  14. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Must say I was surprised when he created an assist for them then stopped the game, not sure if that was the correct decision as I thought they where supposed to be part of the scenery so deflections were just bad luck. Has that changed or was he demonstrating incompetence to give the impression of decisions going the big teams way?

  15. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on 18th January 2020 9:32 pm




    New rule, play is stopped if the ball hits the ref.



    It’s actaully a good tactic now to kick the ball at the ref :O)

  16. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Oh and TommyB,


    Good spot on the ref impeding our attack, will need to lookout for that in future, have noted that in the past when we have advantage down one side of the park up pops the ref to reduce space.

  17. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    The huddle,


    Historically we get booked when the ref gets in the way

  18. Julien was in the running for my top 3 but the error for the goal knocked him out. I think he is a very decent defender and our best option for a corner, had a great header saved well by Thistle keeper 2nd half.


    Rogic was very impressive & gets my man of the match award, Griff, Eddie & Taylor are the 3 names in my head for the other 2 places.

  19. Some strange monikers on tonight posting.Funny thing is,they are all running us down.


    Have we not suffered enough with our own zoomers,for them to be getting reinforcements.

  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    And thanks for enlightening me on the rule change, was not aware of that. Cheers

  21. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    So you select 100 football fans, from a collection of nations outside of Scotland, and show them the two penalty incidents from tonight, without commentary. You tell them that one was a penalty, and the other wasn’t, and ask them to make their selection. I reckon a in excess of 95 of them, would select the push on wee Frimpers as the penalty.


    Laughable incompetence, or malevolent dishonesty?



  22. Hunderbirds are Gone on 18th January 2020 9:41 pm




    Unfortunately we play in Scotland so doesn’t really matter what the rest of the world think.



    Until we hand in our notice and move to the English lower leagues we will continue to be screwed over, I’m past wasting energy complaining about the inevitable.

  23. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    I normally agree with most of your posts, but I can’t agree with your thoughts on Rogic. I thought he must have put Coco the Clown’s boots on by mistake tonight.


    Opinions eh?



  24. Good to see the griff scoring , unfortunately that’s it , in my opinion, think Neil is getting found out ! Hopefully not but we will know by the end of season

  25. I hope Jozo and Jullien get a few games together.Big Kris,I love,but nowhere near the finished article as a CH.Jozo is a proper CH.Helps a lot when you can jump.Kris big weakness.Taylor,I like.You can see the effort and intensity,every close up on TV.Will get better with games.


    That pitch tonight was atrocious.

  26. No problem Hunderbirds, He absolutely wowed me 4 or 5 times with his footwork. Really looking forward to Jobo’s scoresheet now.

  27. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    And I suppose if we don’t find out this season we’ll find out next season, unless it’s the season after that or further down the line eh, one thing is for sure, we’re all clear if he does slip up, you’ll be there to tell us all, ‘I told you so’.

  28. Tontine Tim / Cosy Corner Bhoy



    Are the refs & SFA worse now than when they had nobody to answer too ?



    Surely they were even more corrupt when nobody questioned them ??



    Every Celtic win is a victory … the trophies are just the icing on the Celtic cake 🎂 🍀 :-)

  29. Well done Celtic. On our way to another treble, not that it matters. The league will do. 👍👍👍👍 HH

  30. ,Hunderbirds,and Corkcelt


    Re Rogic..Some great,some normal.Some brilliance,some careless.Just about what you usually get from him in his first 2 or 3 games back.Will Lenny help him get up to match fitness.?At least some game time on Wednesday would help.








    And I suppose if we don’t find out this season we’ll find out next season, unless it’s the season after that or further down the line eh, one thing is for sure, we’re all clear if he does slip up, you’ll be there to tell us all, ‘I told you so’.





    Correct mhate ….Instead of Dido’s ‘Men behind the wire’ it was more white flag :O(

  32. Neil Lennon left Leicester & the Premiership to join Celtic for less money … the manager he replaced was the apple of nearly every Celtic’s fans eye .. he left Celtic for Leicester for more money



    First ever Celtic manager to win one of these European group stage things



    Neil Lennon is a Celtic legend



    Long may he reign