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  1. Corkcelt,


    Yes I did forget about the plastic.Is it not incredible,with the cover we had,that we only have one CH for Wednesday.The injuries never stop.

  2. Tonight we had 64 % possession, 20 shots on goal and 11 shots on target and we scored 2 goals to Thistle’s 36% possession, 6 shots at goal with 2 on target and 1 goal.



    Last night sevco had 41% possession, 11 shots at goal and 10 on target and scored 2 goals to Stranraer’s 59% possession, 0 shots at goal, 0 shots on target and unsurprisingly no goals.



    Funny old game football. 😉

  3. Would like to see us avail of two strikers more in the second half of the season. I’d start Griff and Edouard again on Wednesday.



    The midfield wasn’t bad either and it was great to see Rogic back. He’s an opportunity now to remind us all if needed just how good he is.



    All in all, we’re in good shape. Onwards to Rugby Park. Three points a must though a good performance with a few goals will do the confidence the world of good for the start of these vital away games.



    I should expect so, know your limits, you should probably stick to tennis or snooker, more than two in a team appears well beyond your ken



    not keen on either , surprised you are not up to date with rule changes with your foot


    balling knowledge.

  5. Tattie Field nor Tattie Field He Jullien should still be able to clear his line, Too complacent,and I’m wright to say what I think off any player that plays for Celtic good or bad ,in Julliens Case he is a bad Defensive Football Player,and while I’m on why no wingers,another mistake with the Coaches

  6. I would get rid of Sumonovic in a heartbeat.


    Always injured, too inconsistent, cannot play on plastic, give me Ajer any day.



    D. :)

  7. we allegedly only paid £7 million for Jullien , what do we expect for that kind of money , the real deal.

  8. Scott Brown … 20 major trophies as a Celtic player with 18 as captain … and still counting



    Our kids will celebrate our Captain :-)

  9. Tom Rogic easily my Motm today. Entertainment and unbelievable skill at times. Taylor was good. Promising signs in the Eddie / Griff combination.



    Some posters saying Frimpong was at fault for the penalty. How can you be at fault for a penalty that was never a penalty. There was mention of him being caught the wrong side of the attackers. Uh, yeah. That’s because Julienne gave the ball away when Frimpong was higher up the pitch. Only Frimpong had the pace and desire to get back and attempt to stop a goal. Which he did. Legally. In the 91st minute of the game.

  10. glendalystonsils on

    Well , well . Craigan on Premier sport and now both Thompson and Stewart on Sportscene agree , ours should have been a pen and Thistle’s should not . So much honesty coming through the media !! Sevco would be preparing a statement on ‘this kind of thing’.

  11. In fairness the Thistle Manager also said it wasn’t a penalty. Two of the worst decisions I have seen in years,




    Michael Stewart is usually pretty sound in his analysis. Don’t be fooled by Craigan.


    His usual form when commenting on such instances is to complain bitterly if we get any benefit of the doubt resulting in a penalty.



    However once a penalty is denied to us he comes over all sympathetic, saying that we have been wronged.



    Andy Walker uses the same approach on SKY.



    In first half , the commentary team viewed the replay of the push on Frimpong and stated


    “not much of a push, he could have stayed on his feet ”




    The Onlooker

  13. I think that every manager he has played under,has rated Jozo the best CH at that time.Lenny included.When fit,he has been played.

  14. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Well played Celtic. Such a buzz when my team wins a cup-tie.



    Modern football is turning to be a bore. Runners, chasers, nobody wants to play football.



    Tom Rogic is a footballer. Hope you stay here OzTom.

  15. thought that cj, js and on had very good game even though jullien made a mess of the pass back, it happens still a good ch.

  16. Canamalar ,as I said hope I am wrong ! But you can be Garanteed , that I won’t be saying Told you so , just in my opinion don’t think he is up to it , anyway sincerely hope I am wrong , ps would you have picked him as our manager when Rodgers left !??

  17. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    Preston gave a first start to former Celtic winger Scott Sinclair, whose best moment came just after Harrop’s goal when his shot from the edge of the area was saved by Dillon Phillips. He plated the full 90 in the cup against Charlton.

  18. Afternoon from a nice beach bar at Manly A pleasant 25deg :)



    Good to see Taylor start, he is a must to start against Killie , the Kennedy/lawell Boli boli


    Experiment surely over



    Great to see two up front again Griffs will score at least 10 goals if he starts



    If Rogic stays fit he must start in place of a wide right player Means we have 11 players on


    Park contributing



    Could not see how Neil says we can’t afford big Vics wages ? With all the money we have we could afford 2 100k a year till end of season without denting our bank account



    Cmon it’s 9 in a row

  19. £100 k per week players in Scotland is ridiculous at this time.


    We all know it is fanciful and is never going to happen.




  20. So greenpinta I agree our club has to sustainable. However we have spent 5m of the 50mavailable Ten in a row is a milestone that will rank with 67. So why should we risk it



    100k would be 2m to end of season Is it ok to waste money on failed projects. But not ok to lay a marker down to them and bust them and get our ten in a row


    Clubs all over world do this when cash available , why not us



    Question. If we do the unthinkable and lose this opportunity. What will you do if we finish the season with 40m in bank ?

  21. SydneyTim,



    If wages were the decisive factor then our game against Kilmarnock would already be a foregone conclusion.


    We pay over £59 m to their >£3 m.



    Unlike Englandshire where crazy TV money funds these obscene wages ,we generate most of our money through the gates.



    It will not happen and both you and I know it.



    HH to you.

  22. I agree we should win


    However the 45m in the bank is there to invest in team and ensure ten in a row



    Not there to ensure CEO wages

  23. Well done Celtic and Lenny. I thought we overplayed at times, which is not maybe ideal on a poor surface. However, without doubt the Ref was a disgrace….not a surprise but, to award a penalty against Frimpong and a Yellow Card was yet another example of the basis against us.



    It was the Thistle player who kicked it out of play for a Goal Kick, never a Penalty.


    I do believe that Neil Lennon was simply reassuring young Frimpong at the end, as the Bhoy would have been unhappy with the Penalty award against him and in getting a yellow Card.



    Neil was just showing good man management..imho.



  24. Good morning CQN from a frozen -1 Garngad



    Job done last night and we move on.


    Shocking decisions from referee again and I would prefer that we called these decisions out when we win as everyone and their Granny could see that was never a penalty.



    Anyway I am more worried about the injuries our players seem to pick up and our injury list. Year on year we seem to have the worst injury list out of all teams in league, maybe because we have a large squad it just seems that way, but it seems always to be first team players.



    As I said last night Jozo is too inconsistent, when he is fit he is a good player, but there is the key words “when he is fit” move him on if we can get some cash IMO at end of season.



    D. :)

  25. There are plenty out there who dislike our manager without some Celtic “fans” jumping on the bandwagon .. fair play to criticise but just think we are in January 2020, Neil took over in February 2019, only 3 teams have actually beat this Celtic team Cluj (2), the Huns (2) and Livvy… Cluj in the CL qualifiers I think Neil should be criticised, the other was a dead rubber, the Huns game last season the league was already won, the Livvy game was after one of the best performances of a Celtic team on the Thursday night in many a season and the last Sev game wasn’t as bad as some would make you think … anyhow let the Sevs & others run our manager down, he probably thrives on this sort of thing …



    Big Jimmy keep on keeping on when I see you posting I for one think if your fit enough to get tore into the Huns that’s good enough for me :-)



    Hail Hail

  26. We missed a couple of chances last night to put the ” Gun to the Head and Cut Throat Gestures ” to the test…as I suggested before the game…although I didnt really expect any Celtic player to put those “Gestures” to the test…I live in hope however.



  27. Good morning, friends from a dry, clear skied, frosty and icy East Kilbride. Remember to keep the votes flooding in – cqnpoty@gmail.com . All welcome, particularly to anyone that’s never voted before now.

  28. Just catching up on the game, HT ATM.



    Taylor, Rogic in the running so far.



    Frimpong, definite pen.



    Team playing quite well against stubborn opposition.



    I really enjoyed Kenny Miller’s walk of shame at halftime..:)