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  1. RD did not do it for me for the first four months.I thought there was no shape or urgency from the team. From December it has been coming together. Now Biton is in there passing other teams to distraction, and Broonie is,well,Broonie, and a keeper you could trust with your life,it looks great. Add in Griffiths torturing defences and scoring lovely goals, I think we have a chance against Inter. Some lovely,lovely football tonight.

  2. What is the Stars on

    Pf ayr


    I have have emailed George Clooney, he has agreed to do body double for me, just in case

  3. Magnificentseven on

    happy as a pig in …..



    Performances since our wee break away have been excellent, I think the players have got the message, the treble is there, keep the intensity up and it’s ours

  4. Sitting with a wee bag of chips on Maryhill Road – we’re just calculaing – finishing Celtic team average age 24 – young manager – lots to look forward to – like a greasy phone!



    Good night and now for a safe journey home!!!

  5. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Cider down


    Whisky raised is his honour


    A wee Glenmorangie because I can’t spell Bhounahaven and haven’t opened my latest bottle of Jura

  6. HH!


    Missed the game tonight, reading back, sounds positive again. Great to see the new bhoys getting off the mark. Well done Ronny and the bhoys!



  7. Wits, fair play to you like the smileys and looking forward to you getting lifted whilst running aboot naked in George sq hahahahaha


    HH PB1888

  8. Real progress getting made. The intensity of the work going into each game is superb. Even the guys who were apparently sceptical at the start , stokes , griff and commons have converted to the church of Ronny .



    All hail the chief



  9. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Delaney’s both Danny & Kenny took the responsibilty near the end of of the 75/76 season and carried it on the following season which helped guys like Ronnie Glavin & Joe Craig score over thirty goals between them. Seeing the majestic Pat Stanton, even for one season, in the hoops rounded it off for me.



    We are now starting to look a lot better and I’m glad those with faith in Ronny, are being rewarded and those like me, who were a bit sceptical, will hopefully be proved wrong.



    Liked Leigh Griffiths tweet earlier complimenting Gary & Stuart’s goals and it showed good team spirit which will help us greatly.

  10. Mike in Toronto



    Don’t tell me you never took him to TimHortons ?



    Every time I visit, my sisters car canny pass that place, it seems to stall at every one :-) find it funny good Auld Tim Horton, who posts here is a personal friend of her and family



    Hail Hail

  11. I totally read into the Ronny Deila philosophy from day one. Was ridiculed for my perception. You know who you are! GIRFUY

  12. What is the Stars on



    Been give word for a horse tomorrow at Thurles, 435 I think. It’s called Gary, Trained by Shark Hanlon,same fella gave me another hanlon horse today which won the last at Down Royal at 4s, of course I didn’t bloody back it


    Anyway this one is 7/ 1 with powers at the moment.

  13. Cowiebhoy


    22:00 on


    11 February, 2015





    That game will have done both SA and GMS the world of good


    Celtic play at a higher pace than they have been used to for a full 90mins



    Be a few games before they are fully up to speed ?



    Hail Hail




    I wondered that myself. Not that they looked out of place! But I’m wondering if they’ll benefit from RDs regime…?

  14. blantyretim.



    Never managed to see the game tonight, I’m still have problems with My computer which I cannot solve Thank eff I’m going on Holiday on Friday morning.



    Zbyszek is going into Hospital on the 16th of this month for an Operation and I said I’d get the holy man to say some prayers for him, so start praying S.

  15. Thought johansen was MoTM tonight.



    The boys got a different look in his eyes now… He’s serious, and his confidence is now showing in the football he’s playin

  16. Evening



    Good win tonight against very ordinary opposition although the Jags certainly had more of a go than any team has since the New Year. I can understand why we coast as we have a gruelling schedule ahead.



    Somebody was on here the other day saying our wee break in Gran Csnaria has helped us enormously and they were right. The pressing game now looks natural for us and the new bhoys look as though they ‘fit’



    I am not getting carried away and not everything Ronny is doing pleases me. But more does.



    This could be good. Really good





  17. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Delaneys Dunky






    Getting excited already mate, just hope we can put in one of our great Celtic Park euro performances.

  18. Another commanding performance .another game dictated from start to finish . I think we will have to be patient with guidetti , he will score goals , but wonder if it will be with celtic . Bit disappointed with archibalds comments , but listening to the interviewer he put the words in his mouth . But just what we come to expect . One thing I will agree with scunner McCann . Is we will miss VVD , he is as good a centre half as I have seen all my years following the hoops , in fact if we lose Denayer as well it will set us back a bit .

  19. glendalystonsils on

    Although he didn’t score tonight, I thought Guidetti had an excellent game, had a hand in two of the goals and never stopped working. I would love to see him sign on the dotted line. A few starts and a goal or two might just convince him that CP is the place to be.

  20. What is the Stars


    22:07 on


    11 February, 2015



    Thanks for the tip. Appreciated.



    Hail Hail.

  21. glendalystonsils


    22:26 on


    11 February, 2015



    Although he didn’t score tonight, I thought Guidetti had an excellent game, had a hand in two of the goals and never stopped working. I would love to see him sign on the dotted line. A few starts and a goal or two might just convince him that CP is the place to be.




    I thought so too. He put in a good shift and plays the kind of pressing game Ronny likes. Hope he stays!