Partnering Kelvin Wilson


After a couple of days away from the computer I caught up with the Ben Nevis Huddle photographs, magnificent achievement to everyone involved.  Our 1254125 project is in good hands.  I’d no idea there would be snow at the top of the mountain in June.

Have you bought your ticket for the Lions Roar event at the Kerrydale Suite on Friday evening.  It will be a great opportunity to watch the Lisbon game in the company of the Lions and enjoy a Question and Answer session afterwards.  There will also be a chance to get your picture taken, so get along.

Accurate news broke today that Celtic are in the market for a central defender.  We are not short of cover in this area of the team but no one has made an irrefutable claim for a place to partner Kelvin Wilson.

As we have often said, successful defending can only be done by a unit, not an individual, but unsuccessful defending by be achieved by anyone.  As ever, let’s hope Neil gets his first choice.

If you are still to renew your season ticket sign up for 1254125 at the same time – it’s every bit as important a part of being a Celtic fan as watching football.  If you’ve already renewed, get back and register.

You can buy Willie Wallace’ autobiography below:

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  1. BHRT,


    Doesn’t look like you paid much attention to my arguments at all, I never mentioned anything about strikers or past campaign failings, that was bt.


    My sole point was/is that the board are incumbent to protect the rights of the shareholders, only the board can hold the sfa accountable, Auldheid banging his head off a brick wall will not make the slightest difference to the sfa as they are not accountable to him.


    My contention was that the only people we can hold accountable are our board therefore that is where we should be applying the pressure. Demand they do the job they are very highly paid to do, protect the interests of the club and shareholders, and not just the interests of a few shareholders which is exactly what appears to be happening, someone had decided that the loss of potential earnings of £20M is not worth following up, who makes decisions like this ? Many many shareholders have been denied the chance to improve their stake holding or dividend return, least that’s how I read it.

  2. South of Tunis



    I really like the way Marcelo Bielsa talks about football. I could listen to him for a long time.

  3. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Rogic coming on,big ovation from the crowd when they see him getting ready in the dugout.

  4. A Stor Mo Chroi on

    Regards Craig Whyte, David Murray and outstanding monies, well who knows? Who remembers how much Craigy Bhoy borrowed to pay off the bank? How much was left over? What happened to that money that was left over? It certainly didn’t go to the taxman.

  5. South Of Tunis on

    WGS @ 11 30 .



    Napoli ?



    It will be interesting to see how Napoli do without Cavani [ assuming he goes ] .



    If you are the Manager of Napoli you play second fiddle to the President / Owner -De Laurentiis .



    Currently rumored to be buying ——Dzeko,Torres , Mertens, Rafael [ Santos ] and Morata .



    Great to watch with Mazzari —-not convinced that Benitez will play such open football..



    A bad start will see Benitez oot the door by Christmas.

  6. A Stor Mo Chroi on

    David Murray a Knight of the Realm after all those years of scheming, sells circa 70 million of assets (and the good will, he! he!) for one pound?

  7. A Stor Mo Chroi on

    Remember David Murray said there were no side contracts; remember?



    Remember David Murray said he never made a single penny out of Rangers; remember?



    Remember David Murray said they were going to spend all that money on building a new stadium and hotel and casino and a pitch in the clouds; remember?




    Don’t forget that, according to many, David Murray made circa 6 million in an EBT out of Rangers; remember? Well David obviously forgot.

  8. South Of Tunis on

    Celtic First @ 11 45 .



    Bielsa .



    Me too.



    Interesting / knowledgeable / entertaining and clearly obsessed. .



    Seems like a nice man —– compare him with the similarly obsessed Conte .. I could listen to Conte for hours but I don’t like him.

  9. Kilbowie Kelt on



    Why don’t you concentrate on what YOU see as important ( our negligent BORED), & allow others ( Auidheid in particular) to get on with what HE puts so much effort into.



    The two positions should not be in conflict.



    I would suggest that most of us are very happy with Auldheid’s constant questioning of our football governance & thank him for his efforts.





    Another terrific article.


    Thank you.

  10. Unable to exit administration through a CVA, a 90-year-old football club, Unión Deportiva Salamanca, is to be liquidated, with all its assets, including the stadium, to be sold at auction.



    The stadium is valued at €14.5 million, but the club song looks to be a bargain at €25,000. Brand rights are also €25,000. The rights to all the players still with valid contracts are priced at just €200,000.



    On the official Twitter account, the following message has appeared: “This is the saddest day in my 90-year history. I am present in every tear in every fan’s eyes. I will live for ever in your hearts.”

  11. The Royal Scots College moved from Valladolid to Salamanca in 1988.



    I like Salamanca but it has never felt like home to me. Still, a sad day.

  12. KK,


    If you’ve nothing to offer the discussion why get involved at all ?


    There was zero contribution from you except to have a go at me, really what was your point ?


    You then go on to congratulat BHRT on a piece that led with misinformation what’s that all about ?

  13. The Battered Bunnet on

    I’m with BRTH as regards the drip drip from Charlotte.



    In the absence of context setting, and more particularly, the difficulty Charlotte seems to have in identifying the significance of the information and thereafter bottoming out each strand, the thread is at risk of degenerating into little more than salacious gossip.



    To date, the info has been interesting in terms of the light it has shed on the relationship between the assorted Rangers’ interests at Ibrox and at the SFA, and their approach to press management.



    There has though been no ‘smoking gun’ yet that demonstrates anything very much at all beyond what seems to be chronic bad decision making at the SFA with regards to the whole shabby affair. At each turn, they could have… but they chose differently. so far, each decision on its own is justifiable, albeit collectively shambolic.



    Every time the SFA had a decision to make, they chose unwisely…



    To date though, there is no information from Charlotte that individually or collectively ‘proves’ anything, although the information released on the DOS scam was entirely new. The fact that RCO instructed the DOS nominees as regards share capital does indicate that he had executive responsibility for it, and thus opens up a further can of worms, although it should be borne in mind that in 1999 such a scam did not break SFA/SPL rules. It did of course subsequently, but we don’t talk about that, do we.





    The money owed to MIH by Whyte’s Rangers is likely to be rental for the car park, a total of £278K being owed to MIH at the time of the Admins being appointed.

  14. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    I have not seen anything so far that says that they are anti Celtic, but I have seen a barrow load of revelations from Charlotte and from others before, that shows them to be pro rangers.


    You can work out yourself if being pro rangers makes you anti Celtic. You can make your own mind up there.


    Folks like myself slated the Celtic board relentlessly after WGS lost the league to Watty and I questioned our ambition while RFC went onto collect two seasons worth of CL money, at Celtics expense while the huns were supposedly skint.


    Not only was it a 30 million quid lift to the huns it was a 30 million quid boot in the haw maws to Celtic. (Again you can decide for yourself if being pro rangers makes you anti Celtic.)


    For me, it’s still a disappointment that that club have decided to remain silent on all the revelations so far from Charlotte and others before. I have previously stated before that the SFA have been exposed as a toilet, a stinking blocked up lavvy pan of an organisation. I see no reason to change that opinion. The MSM are hiding behind various possible legal issue as a reason not to challenge the SFA either.


    I feel that since the club have not spoken that they do appear as if they do not wish to upset the SFA applecart. I do.


    If the club feel that they are hampered by the same legal restrictions that the MSM are hiding behind then they only have to box just a wee bit clever


    They can question the SFA without mentioning charlotte. For example, the club can publicly ask the SFA


    A) Does the fact that CO still owes 90k of EBT money mean his position and his actions relating to RFC/TRFC/sevco are compromised


    B) The club could ask the SFA if the have ever felt the need to run press releases past RFC/TRFC/sevco for approval before releasing them


    C) And so on


    For me these types of action alone would be enough. The SFA can always just reply by saying no, but the action of the club raising the question would surely prompt activity.


    Us internet bampots have no route to make our voice known (I have suggested a bhoycott of the league cup and Scottish cup) then when asked why the bhoycott, we can state our opinions about what is going on.


    The supporters associations/affiliations seem impotent.


    The club have a very strong voice of course but wont raise it on this subject, although in my opinion they have always been quite quick to raise that voice on the lesser topics such as the green brigade or rebel songs. I don’t understand why they have made that choice perhaps someone can enlighten me. I’m fairly confident Fergus McCann would have something to say.


    If RFC/TRFC/sevco survive this and eventually end up winning the SPL at some point in the future, our grandkids wil ask us what happened and why they didn’t die. I hope that the answer wont be, it was because our generation of celtic fans were too apathetic to do anything about it.

  15. what i am worried about this close season is that our full year accounts will be out soon, and they will show a profit.



    maybe our richest season ever.



    i despair about this armageddon.