Partnering Kelvin Wilson


After a couple of days away from the computer I caught up with the Ben Nevis Huddle photographs, magnificent achievement to everyone involved.  Our 1254125 project is in good hands.  I’d no idea there would be snow at the top of the mountain in June.

Have you bought your ticket for the Lions Roar event at the Kerrydale Suite on Friday evening.  It will be a great opportunity to watch the Lisbon game in the company of the Lions and enjoy a Question and Answer session afterwards.  There will also be a chance to get your picture taken, so get along.

Accurate news broke today that Celtic are in the market for a central defender.  We are not short of cover in this area of the team but no one has made an irrefutable claim for a place to partner Kelvin Wilson.

As we have often said, successful defending can only be done by a unit, not an individual, but unsuccessful defending by be achieved by anyone.  As ever, let’s hope Neil gets his first choice.

If you are still to renew your season ticket sign up for 1254125 at the same time – it’s every bit as important a part of being a Celtic fan as watching football.  If you’ve already renewed, get back and register.

You can buy Willie Wallace’ autobiography below:

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  1. valentinesday on




    You’re a wishy washy touchy feely bleeding heart


    do gooder.

  2. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Instant Karma’s gonna get you


    Gonna knock you right on the head


    You better get yourself together


    Pretty soon you’re gonna be dead


    What in the world you thinking of


    Laughing in the face of love


    What on earth you tryin’ to do


    It’s up to you, yeah you

  3. weet weet weet on

    Twists n turns



    Had an e/w on your tip,






    At least getting my stake back



    Look forward to merr




  4. Valentinesday



    Words cannot express the loathing I have for the sons and cousins of William

  5. twists n turns on

    Weet weet weet


    Thought they gave away a very soft lead. Hey ho.



    Ascot tomorrow. Wish I was going.

  6. leftclicktic on

    Memo to John Wilson



  7. leftclicktic on

    `The Hearts financial plight was known to the world and his dog months ago.


    This could have and should have been dealt with the Dundee fans must be sick that the SFA IMHO turned a blind eye to save hearts before the seasons end.

  8. twists n turns on

    Dick Byrne



    Daniel kitson was the guy I heard tell this joke..still makes me laugh yet.



    “A man turns to a stranger at the bar. ‘Do you see that wall over there? Well I built it stone-by-stone with my own two hands. It took me two brutal weeks. But do they call me Mike The Wall-Builder? No. And you see this table, how robust and well finished it is? Well I put this together myself, all the tables in here, from rough timber. And do they call me Mike The Table-Maker? No. But you s@@@ one sheep…’

  9. Leftclicktic



    It is becoming increasingly clear that in order for clubs to survive a blind eye is being turned on any rules that will hinder that objective.


    The SFA should just come out and tell everyone how it is instead of trying to turn the real world on its head.

  10. valentinesday on

    Let’s see how this administration play’s out



    How many player’s will be sacked?



    How many cook’s and cleaner’s will be sacked?

  11. Wonder if herts have a holding company mmmm


    the news on bbc said club


    the news on sky said club


    the news even on stv said club…acht drapped ma jelly again

  12. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on




    Never knew your pal was in a band



    Tonight! King Tuts, Glasgow, Scotland: Terry McDermott And The Bonfires.

  13. garygillespieshamstring on

    Just read the link on the possible signing of van dijk




    Hope he does not turn out to be a Dick

  14. garygillespieshamstring on

    Wee name change from Heart of Midlothian to The Heart of Midlothian?



    Or just Hearts.



    Or Hertz

  15. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    James Doleman ‏@jamesdoleman 7m


    Luckily for Hearts the name Sevco 5089 is still available.

  16. There used to be a hun shop in Ayr High Street – a real blot on the landscape.



    It was often used as a public lavatory after nightfall – or so I am told.




  17. leftclicktic, auldheid – while I agree that it was obvious Hearts were likely to end up in administration I don’t agree that the SFA should be taking action before the event actually occurs. Who’s to know when a last minute benefactor might step in? Plus no matter how inevitable it might seem any decision taken before the fact would be on an arbitrary basis and you just know they suck us into that if it was even remotely possible.

  18. Hearts another – Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club Club in administration



    Get it CSC

  19. WeefratheTim on

    Good evening all



    Why don’t Hearts amalgamate with rankers and re-name themselves Heart of Midlothian Rangers Club. Or HMRC for short. :))



    Weefra HH

  20. channelislandcelt on




    Correct mate, of all the reports I have read and heard ,not one has decribed it as a company going into administration.




  21. leftclicktic on

    Charlotte Fakeovers says:



    June 17, 2013 at 6:55 pm




















    Rate This





    ecobhoy previously said on June 17, 2013 at 5:36 pm




    1. Even if you are offshore I would have thought if there was any interest in the provenance of your material from a police point of view that, even if you didn’t get a knock on the door, that you would get some indications of their interest in you.



    2. One of the things I find hard to understand is why BDO have have expressed no interest – have they actually rejected any material?



    3. The SMSM I would agree are in lock-down and deciding to ride-out the storm because probably most of them have been complicit over the years with PR people that they wouldn’t want to see revealed so you are their worst nightmare. Are the BBC not interested in doing an in-depth piece?



    4. But then we come to a difficult bit and that is have you been asking any tabloids for cash to do a story? I ask that because obviously the Beeb wouldn’t pay much if anything. I know you might not like the question but I think it’s an important one.



    5. As to the SMSM contacting Craig for verification – there are two probs with that. Firstly they will be paranoid about being taped and then there is the credibility gap. How much weight would an assurance from Craig about authenticity carry in a court of law?



    6. don’t know if you’ve noticed rumours on RM that Media House contract hasn’t been renewed – do you think that might alter things or will the SMSM remain reticent?





    1. For the police to get involved, there would have to be a crime or suggestion of a crime. Perhaps Mr Whyte thought that at the time. I corrected him, gave an explanation as to what has actually happened.



    Good old police advice stated that at best it was a civil matter and one where Mr Whyte, if concerns still remained – should take up with the relevant authorities where Liberty Capital was based – e.g. The Cayman Islands.



    2. BDO will not accept any anonymity. They are comfortable that they can utilise existing powers to get the answers that they require. The trouble with that is a) they are looking in the wrong place and b) what’s the incentive to close an investigation very early?



    I shall not be returning back to BDO. I have left my mark and in possession of their documented response. I may however drop a note when expenses are being determined.



    3. The BBC have covered the Rangers saga and Craig Whyte pretty well so far In the sense that the work of Mark Daly was showcased to a large audience. I’m not sure if there’s an appetite for them to be seen to have yet another bite at this for now.



    4. Not difficult at all. The answer is no.



    5. Journalists shouldn’t have a fear of being taped, unless of course they are part of the game. It’s not a big deal for anyone to call/email Craig and ask if the audio/emails are genuine. They could follow that up with a supplementary and question if Mr Whyte now consents to the release/reporting on such information. It’s really that simple. The majority of MSM reporters in Scotland appear to be spoon fed and still in nappies and very subservient. It’s even easier to suppress if you can get to the editors, perhaps even intimidate or threaten to release details of indiscretions/affairs. That’s how Jack worked at times.



    6. Some of the Scottish MSM are less than honest. I’d happily class some as thieves, liars and cowards. I’ve had very little dealings with them in the past, but my facts and experiences will stand up. I shall expose in due course.



    With regards to media house allegedly departing the scene. Jim Traynor has stepped up to the mark, yet again he’s a no mark really. What should concern every genuine supporter of the clubs who have played out of Ibrox is the submission by others to take the company line. Look at the mess they have got themselves into and of course totally compromised.



    This covers individuals as well as those who claim to be ‘independent’ groups. Those who have worked hand in hand with Rangers and their PR, prominent bloggers and alleged independent groups, have contributed to the sad state of affairs within Ibrox. History will again repeat itself should they not address their own failings.

  22. Via twitter…



    Neil Patey will be on shortly to advise the difference in CVAs & Holding Co structure reg before 1890 ;^)



    Hard to believe that just over a year ago a Company founded in 1872 & registered in 1899 went bust. :^(











    Why does SevcoRFC have a new co number?


    “Club” changed hands many times since 1872 yet maintained the same company reg?



  23. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan suggested to me the other night when we were down at the Greenock CSC with Willie Wallace that we book a table at the Lions Roar event on Friday evening for CQNers. Anyone fancy this let me know?

  24. WeefratheTim on

    weet weet weet



    I cannie claim it, got it off twitter. But glad you enjoyed it. I thought it was brilliant. :))



    Weefra HH

  25. leftclicktic on

    from twitter



    Rumours that KPMG have just phoned Daniel Cousin about a possible move to Edinburgh

  26. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    The 2 showers of cousins will hopefully be able shortly to contest the first ever Zombie Cup.

  27. masty is neil lennon on

    @Danboo67 No, that is probably what has attracted him most to the club, Will be better than most CB’s in the #SPL though


    Thomas Kenny Thomas Kenny ‏@FRvoetbalTom 3h


    @snidey_bhoy Absolutely, arguably the best CB in the #Eredivisie this year. Barcelona scouts came to watch him at one stage. Great player.




    Thomas Kenny Thomas Kenny ‏@FRvoetbalTom 3h


    @StMiley @Dbhoy67 Definitely. Ajax were after him, as well as several premier league sides back in January. Great signing for Celtic.




    Thomas Kenny Thomas Kenny ‏@FRvoetbalTom 3h


    @hoopmob Think I read around €4m, real bargain from Celtic’s point of view.




    Thomas Kenny Thomas Kenny ‏@FRvoetbalTom 3h


    @hoopmob Really good, one of the best in the #Eredivisie this season. Was linked with a move to Prem and Brighton went close in January too.




    Thomas Kenny Thomas Kenny ‏@FRvoetbalTom 3h


    #FCGroningen defender Virgil van Dijk also believed to have a medical booked at #Celtic this week. Too good for the #SPL in my opinion.

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