Passport anger, tunes to sell jerseys


I know people who helped put the Scottish Government in place, that today are angry at Celtic for abiding by the same Government’s legislation to require a passport from fans attending games until further notice.  As with the smoking ban and the alcohol ban before that, a licence to open the stadium is conditional on adherence to the law.  If you think the Scottish Government would make an exception for Celtic, you have not been paying attention.  They would close Celtic Park in a heartbeat.  Still, saltire flags, and all that.

Newco fans were arrested last month for signing the racist ‘famine song’, with its abhorrent “go home’ message to an immigrant community.  Yesterday, Newco release a commercial video to the tune of this song.

I don’t know how the financial situation there is that aligning with the base in this manner in order to sell jerseys is considered acceptable.  Whatever the justification, it is a desperate look, reminiscent of the heady days of October 2011, when we trailed Craig Whyte’s Oldco in the table, with some of us waiting for what seemed inevitable.  Some of us are again waiting on the inevitable.

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  1. If the ‘inevitable’ is Huns II going bust apart from a points deduction what does that do for Celtic and Scottish football in general? Nothing, in reality as Celtic and all other SPFL clubs will allow them to carry on regardless ‘celebrating 55 titles and 150 year since their foundation’ all to the backdrop of the famine is over why don’t you go home?

  2. “Newco fans were arrested last month for signing the racist ‘famine song’,”



    as if the deaf didnae have enough to contend with …but power to the newco fans who learned to sign 😁😁😁😁😋😋

  3. So it’s a new top aimed at the baser elements of their support rather than a new share issue.



    Me thinks the well is running somewhat dry for Mr Park and his fellow investors.

  4. That’s not quite the message from the club? Fans are required to be able to show they have been double vaccinated. The ‘passport’ is only 1 of multiple options to show this. You can also show paper copies or digital records. You can also show proof of exemption. Whether you agree or disagree with the legislation why should Celtic or Football be exempted? My son caught Covid-19 at Celtic Park a few weeks back so whilst you’ve tried to build a case as to why Celtic Park is the safest place in Scotland for over a year now, the virus does not self-select on any basis other than being able to access a new host.

  5. Those in power at Holyrood made two exceptional and spiteful decisions concerning Celtic last season and it cost us dear.



    There are those among us who incredibly back the SNPcult against Celtic on each and every occasion. How in the name of God can this happen? These people and their families who vote, enable and facilitate the Nationalists will, if we ever sleepwalk into independence, reap a whirlwind from which our kind in particular, and, ordinary folk in general, will NOT recover.

  6. The Huns can’t sign anybody, but they certainly know


    how to SING lol.


    Songs of hatred that is.


    Could embdy copy my last post on previous blog onto


    here please, as you know I’m an old numpty.


    H.H. Mick

  7. lets all do the huddle on

    during earlier phases of covid the virus conveniently obeyed local authority boundaries and refused to cross from one local authority to the next ( i think that was the correct way to interpret previous restictions)



    if only we could convince this new strain that if it doesnt have a ticket then its not allowed in the stadium

  8. Sadly it’s not inevitable whilst they can find enough mugs to buy worthless shares to cover costs – they only need to keep doing it for one more season then they can likely bank on CL monies and this would lighten the load.



    Also not inevitable if, after winning the league and banking CL riches they then sell a bunch of players and cut their cloth.



    With the mess we are in from top down it is not beyond possibility that both could happen and they could still remain competitive if we keep downsizing / going backwards / shooting ourselves in the foot.




  9. This continuous inference that the Scottish Government are against us is tiresome. There are good reasons for Covid passports and that’s why they are used in many countries across the world. Here libertarian denialists like to think we can drift through the pandemic no problem. You know that’s not true but can’t resist taking a pop at the government

  10. Here you go, Mick –



    MELBOURNE MICK on 15TH OCTOBER 2021 12:31 PM


    Remember the first few years on CQN? we had Friday night music, we


    had a quiz every other week, we had lists, we had wandering nomads


    stories, tales from the past, not forgetting the poets, history buffs, and


    every facet of Celtic, Scotland, and probably every other country in the


    world discussed, dissected, and all with good humour and aplomb not


    forgetting the most important subject of them all ?


    The great roasted or toasted cheese debate.


    How did we get to this type of place, where it seems everyone has a


    grievance, a point of view they won’t let go, or just the usual half


    dozen hun trolls causing havoc.


    Sometimes you think “ I’m out of here “


    Our Celtic pal Garry’s last post to me on here one late night/ early


    Oz morn was “ Don’t let the trolls win by not posting “


    I think that was very profound.




  11. I’m just back from Garry’s funeral. A fitting tribute to a wonderful son , dad , grandad and man.



    The perfect photo of Garry smiling wearing the hoops on the cover of the order of service.



    A nice touch by the undertakers handing out green ribbons with Garry written in gold on them for the mourners to wear.



    Farewell old chum , your smile and spirit will always be with us.

  12. Melbourne Mick on

    Thank you SONSOFERIN


    Seems the good ghuys are all still here and lurking.


    Restores my faith in this place and general decency.


    H.H. Mick

  13. The huns bringing out a new top mid October looks like an exercise in raising working capital – at a time of year where in past seasons they begin the first of several share issues.



    I’d guess they’ve gone around existing commercial partners with the begging bowl out and have received a one off payment from Castore for this new top.



    The going concern warning in this years accounts should make for interesting reading.

  14. No chance of them going bust,with the CL carrot at the end of the season, they always get money from somewhere…..

  15. Not posting, not mixing, not having the craic is exactly what the troll(s) want……..



    Frustrate thum, interupt thum with the usual good craic, where possible ignore thum and just let thur guff


    be the evidence of thur real intent.

  16. I’m from Clydebank – a Glaswegian, a native of Scotland.


    Until Scotland wants to get rid of hundom it’ll flourish…………………


    The hun mindset and hun support act just ignored the financial physics of Liquidation-


    a fantastic alchemy that would not have been allowed if Celtica were in the same situation.

  17. I cannot understand the constant moaning at the “covid passport” idea. if this saves ONE person from catching


    covid and becoming seriously ill or worse, then surely it is worth a little bit of hassle.


    As for the hu*s trying any and all ways to get money in ,same old same old, until the board step up.

  18. Where’s the comment and furore from anyone , anywhere …………… even tangentially associated with anti-Bigotry groups in the UK????

  19. In ither news……..



    I’ve distanced myself from the Noocastle joab as well……………….I’ve also distanced myself from the Tranmere job and that wan at Rushden and Diamonds……………




  20. Melbourne Mick on




    The world is a strange place at the moment, it seems to be that


    Some ranter on a blog gets more respect than a qualified health


    Professor or epidemiologist.


    But I’m sure sanity will prevail, just like the Celtic.


    H.H. Mick




    Because the vaccines are much more dangerous than the flu-like virus – both to your health and to your liberty.


    So many are just sleep-walking into a totalitarian state where all the freedoms we’ve enjoyed in our lives will be a thing of the past.

  22. Melbourne Mick on




    You’re so correct, I’ve felt that way ever since I got my polio


    Jab in 19 canteen.


    H.H. Mick

  23. JVR on 15TH OCTOBER 2021 1:05 PM



    God bless the free spirit that was and is Garry Duncan.



    Well said JVR – I was there myself and Garry would’ve loved the Wearing Of The Green in abundance.



    Rest in peace Garry and thanks for the memories.

  24. Back on the road and the miles to Dundee from Garry’s funeral. A lovely service befitting a well loved Bhoy. Farewell my friend, but not forgotten.





    p.s. many thanks to ATOB/CCB and CRC for lifts – much appreciated.

  25. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Nothing would give me greater pleasure than “The Inevitable”



    Inevitable suggests it’s a foregone conclusion


    I do not accept this


    They will live on the brink and pull whatever means necessary to stay afloat


    Remember they now have first hand knowledge on how to avoid “The inevitable”



    So until then can we focus on our business



    Hail Hail




  26. “An anti-sectarian charity has condemned Rangers over an ‘offensive’ advert tune played in a promotional video by the club.”



    The Ibrox club will care not a jot what anyone says about this, or, any other part of their overall strategy. They play to, and preach to, the converted.



    By securing a first major prize in almost eleven years, TRFC have quickly asserted their position as THE club in Scotland, even though their hidden financials are probably horrendous.



    There are many in Scotland, outwith their core support, who are ready, willing and able to buy into the new ‘swagger’ that is on show at Ibrox.



    Someone said that for us last season’s 10lar was about history and that this season was much more important as it will impact our future – I agree with that totally. Be in no doubt, the Ibrox hierarchy, its support and their many silent ‘fellow-travellers’ in Scotland will look to exploit our shortcomings, on and off the pitch and in the courts, this season and in the near future.

  27. squire danaher on

    BAMBOO on 15TH OCTOBER 2021 2:16 PM



    Self obsessed, self righteous garbage more suited to below the line on The Daily Mail.

  28. Tom McLaughlin on

    Michael Stewart has spoken up today:



    Why this tune? This is supposed to be a celebration, so why use a tune so offensive to many, a tune connected to a song that some Rangers fans were charged for singing only last month. Why would you do this?

  29. The shocking death of an MP going about his constituency duties. I think all here should lay off political comments for today at least, por cierto

  30. Tom McLaughlin on

    My God I know David Amess. I worked with him in the City of London in the early 80s when he became an MP. Hated his politics but a good man.




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