Passport anger, tunes to sell jerseys


I know people who helped put the Scottish Government in place, that today are angry at Celtic for abiding by the same Government’s legislation to require a passport from fans attending games until further notice.  As with the smoking ban and the alcohol ban before that, a licence to open the stadium is conditional on adherence to the law.  If you think the Scottish Government would make an exception for Celtic, you have not been paying attention.  They would close Celtic Park in a heartbeat.  Still, saltire flags, and all that.

Newco fans were arrested last month for signing the racist ‘famine song’, with its abhorrent “go home’ message to an immigrant community.  Yesterday, Newco release a commercial video to the tune of this song.

I don’t know how the financial situation there is that aligning with the base in this manner in order to sell jerseys is considered acceptable.  Whatever the justification, it is a desperate look, reminiscent of the heady days of October 2011, when we trailed Craig Whyte’s Oldco in the table, with some of us waiting for what seemed inevitable.  Some of us are again waiting on the inevitable.

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  1. Tontine Tim as always educational and interesting


    Bournesouprecipe the night in April 1986 that kept the dream alive seem to remember big Aitken was immense that night



  2. Tully 57 , An Tearmann and all CQNer’s who knew Garry , he has left a lasting impression on all of us but the loss to his family is unimaginable .



    As I mentioned in my post the day after Garry passed away , my favourite memory was him walking about Nottingham in the full Celtic strip in near freezing conditions when we played Forest in 1983.

  3. Does anyone know if Gary (RIP) frequented Failte/Finnegans Wake on St Vincent St. back in the day?

  4. Tontine Tim !!!!



    Cap doffed 👍💪



    Brilliant read once again – a font of ‘Tic knowledge…..



    Hail…..Hail…..from Co Wicklow 🍀🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🥃

  5. LAXALT on 15TH OCTOBER 2021 8:25 PM


    It’s went a bit quiet on the VAR front and it shouldn’t be allowed to.




    Der Hun has a lot to lose with any additional scrutiny of blatant cheating and “honest mistakes” going in their favour. The SFA will be keen to kick this baw as far doon the road as possible.

  6. Sionnaigh…. 100pc.


    We’ll probably still have the crafty refereeing and early bookings and biased free kick decisions but I reckon it could at least be a 10 point swing to us over Sevco every season from now on.

  7. Probably wont win many plaudits on here. As a kid Isaak’s music was one of my secret favourites. Confusing time albeit, I had a poster of David Cassidy on my wall. James Dean too…. Che Guevara and Patsy O Hara. I’m not even Gay but I think i just came out ffs.


  8. An Tearmann…..



    Now an Aughrim Bhoy – but i remain an exiled Bonhill / Vale of Leven lad at heart – captured by a fair maid ( from Cookstown ) and after a short stint in Dublin….now holed up in The Granite Town – great spot & a brilliant pint of Guinness to be had in O’Toole’s 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👍🍀



    Got a feeling that you told me that you were camped up in / near Blessington ??



    Might be wrang…..🤔



    Hail Hail…..

  9. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    I’d like to thank the young lad this morning, sitting along the pew with his elder, for passing the Garry ribbon to me. I pinned it to my tie.



    Knowing my scrupulous attention to fashion, It will be pinned to the same tie for the next twenty funeral masses I manage to share with Celtic families.



    To the memory of DelaneysDunky, a big song from a big band. (not that bbc radio cared).


    Big Decision, That Petrol Emotion.



  10. Laxalt, I know a successful fitba/sports agent and he was telling me the SFA were pulling their hair out on the VAR issue – which didnt exactly surprise me but what he said was that the SFA would do their best to ensure it wasnt introduced this season as there’s too much at stake for Der Hun. Behind the scenes, serious pressure with consequences, coming from UEFA.

  11. Some great tributes to Garry Duncan on SC & CQN. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends – May he R. I. P.






    The lady in question is – Head of Brand Marketing & Design at Rangers.



    We all know that at Rangers bigotry sells, from tangerine strips to no eggs Benedict.



    Are you really telling us she has no idea of the Rangers’ Brand!? Too far fetched to be believed.



    Nil by Mouth calls it a dog whistle and that’s exactly what it is, none too subtle either.



    Why bring the strip out now?



    It’s because Rangers are desperate for revenue from wherever they can get it. That promo video was designed to maximise sales, dog whistle et al.



    Indefensible behaviour.



    3-1 to the good ghuys tomorrow.



    Hail Hail

  12. SAINT STIVS on 15TH OCTOBER 2021 8:09 PM



    Reading the Celtic early years and the bould bhoys, there are plenty of references and presented evidence of the Catholics playing for Irish Catholic clubs, and the Scots playing for Queens Park and others, and Renton declaring protestants only when Celtic stole some players.



    *I forgot about that Renton comment, but it was as you say tae stop us stealing their best Catholic players.



    You have to remember the demographics of the country at the time, when I was growing up we were only 15% of the population, now I believe it was 17% and back then due tae the Highland Clearances and Ethnic Cleansing in the land beyond the sea, there were more Catholics in the Vale of Leven and Renton than in Dumbarton.



    In fact when Jake Madden walked intae the Boghead dressing room it has been reported that it was like a cowboy movie when a stranger comes intae the saloon in town, complete silence, as he was the first Catholic tae play for them, not just that but the son of Irish migrant parents, after they saw him play though they soon gravitated toward him.



    Further plenty of chumminess between rangers glee club and members of Celtic, card carrying nationalist and union campaigners.



    Their founders were lost in ignominy over time. 1 dies in an asylum, another in a poorhouse, another a bigamist, one died at 25 in a ship disaster, I personally don’t believe they were anti Irish or even anti Catholic no more so than the rest of lower middle class Scots (who were getting poorer)



    *naw me neither, all this 4 lads only appeared after our graves society discovered the resting places of famous Celts, in fact they had no idea what Harold Lloyd looked like.



    I do subscribe that John Primroes Ure, and HW coming to Govan, and all that was the start of the worst of them. I don’t think the 4 lads dream was the club they founded dying in more ignominy, shame, embarrassment and in debt to her majesty’s customs.



    *absolutely, I can still recall hearing the demagogue’s great nephew on BBC telling us with glee that this was the score the whole of Scotland was waiting for, hearts 4 Celtic 1, we had already clinched 7 in a row 2 weeks before.



    Also, our great support brought our own Board down, once the bank saw the decline in revenue it was a no brainer, so why can’t we bring the lowlife at hunden down tae, deprive them of money and let their sponsors know why, that’s a no brainer tae.