Passport anger, tunes to sell jerseys


I know people who helped put the Scottish Government in place, that today are angry at Celtic for abiding by the same Government’s legislation to require a passport from fans attending games until further notice.  As with the smoking ban and the alcohol ban before that, a licence to open the stadium is conditional on adherence to the law.  If you think the Scottish Government would make an exception for Celtic, you have not been paying attention.  They would close Celtic Park in a heartbeat.  Still, saltire flags, and all that.

Newco fans were arrested last month for signing the racist ‘famine song’, with its abhorrent “go home’ message to an immigrant community.  Yesterday, Newco release a commercial video to the tune of this song.

I don’t know how the financial situation there is that aligning with the base in this manner in order to sell jerseys is considered acceptable.  Whatever the justification, it is a desperate look, reminiscent of the heady days of October 2011, when we trailed Craig Whyte’s Oldco in the table, with some of us waiting for what seemed inevitable.  Some of us are again waiting on the inevitable.

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  1. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    An Tearmann on 15th October 2021 11:59PM



    The film shows that Coneybhoy of this parish is, by far, the richest CQNer in the world. He has his own island for gawd’s sake!



    Nation of Language have plans to be in Scotland in 2022, January.



    Aidan is a silly name for a girl.



    Were I the boy Devaney’s agent, then I’d be checking for a James USA tour about a year before he was born. Straight in with the paternity test on Tim Booth.



    I live in hope the NY Jets can swing the city votes to allow them to build a stadium in Queens beside the Mets. Get the hell out of New Jersey says me. Like anything else that matters in NY, it may require some dead bodies first.



    Do you need anything more?

  2. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    The video below has a fair bit of blue light in it, never an ideal scenario. A good time therefore, to bring forward another of my favourite internet FACTS.



    It’s a FACT, human beings are evolving into Celtic fans. Our eyes are able to distinguish between more shades of green than of any other colour. It’s the reason night vision goggles never show a blue bayou.



    There’s no arguing against science, huns. Yer tea’s oot.



    April Skies, middle-aged Jesus and Mary Chain at Barrowlands 2017


  3. stephenofderby on

    Chairboy from earlier, I never got to finish the original post because of work. We know the connotations of all these ‘marketing’ campaigns over there. I was making a half arsed comment that maybe some of them are ok but heavily manipulated. The use of that tune is deplorable and has probably sold more jerseys because of the uproar. Thanks for your reply. Im quite an easy going bloke and like to tip toe in here now and again but its a wee bit daunting. Still love reading all the contribitions. Thats over a decade ive lurked for.

  4. Guyfawkesforeverahero



    A glass of your tipple.:-))



    Does Coneybhoys Mrs know of your view?



    Nation of Language update would be grand,if touring.hadnt heard of them.





  5. Stephen of Derby.



    Do contribute more.👍you are not are you? :-))


    Their narrative is the same.


    Good narrative and bad one are the same.


    the source is the same.


    it matters not to them.


    Love them they hate that



  6. An T



    One of our greatest ever moments.



    Overlooked by many because it was GS in charge IMO.



    CL knockouts achieved for first time ever.

  7. danny o'velinski on

    The same GS who wanted to rip up our league structures to help sevco get promotion?


    No thanks.

  8. BANKIEBHOY1 on 16TH OCTOBER 2021 7:20 AM



    Celtic Quick News………….





    Hopefully it remains so today!

  9. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Just as MARTIM 1980 says it’s Celtic time so let’s get up and at em.


    None of our young bhoys down the park today here, absolutely


    pelting down, so didn’t see my usual dose of the hoops on show.


    So kept myself occupied and made my wee princess her fav


    dinner, haggis neeps and tatties.


    Had to pass a long day somehow, so lockdown certainly improves


    ones cooking ability.


    Got a lamb pluck from our local butcher, everybody knows what


    that is right ?


    No, well it’s the offal from a butchered lamb, mince it with caramelised


    onions, toasted oats, various spices and herbs, plus a rather generous


    splash of the Talisker, bung it into a sheep’s stomach and cook.


    Delicious, kept some for a buttered roll at halftime in the Mother’s


    game, which will be early morn here 2 am.


    Can’t wait, im tipping the bhoys to come out and bust a gut for us


    today, just got that feeling, or it’s maybe the rest of that Talisker I’ve


    necked. 🥳


    H.H. Mick

  10. Martim……..



    Short and sweet.



    Often copied.



    Never bettered.






    Offski For A Dip CSC

  11. Danny O’V



    Your bitterness will wet you up.



    GS won 3 out of 4 leagues vs a seriously financially doped opposition



    GS achieved last 16 in 2 out of 4 ocassions despite having to downsize drastically to offset previous largess.



    GS who managed us without Larsson or Sutton or Hartson or the other Seville egos yet won more matches vs top European teams and more trophies than his predecessor. Indeed he won as many matches vs top European teams per season in charge than any Celtic manager.



    You chose to hang him for a public utterance which may not actually reflect his true thoughts and which of course would never have happened as he had zero influence.



    I prefer to appreciate what he did in preventing the other lost from securing another 7,8 or 9 or even 10. And delivering us unparalleled Champions League success and games to savour.