Passport anger, tunes to sell jerseys


I know people who helped put the Scottish Government in place, that today are angry at Celtic for abiding by the same Government’s legislation to require a passport from fans attending games until further notice.  As with the smoking ban and the alcohol ban before that, a licence to open the stadium is conditional on adherence to the law.  If you think the Scottish Government would make an exception for Celtic, you have not been paying attention.  They would close Celtic Park in a heartbeat.  Still, saltire flags, and all that.

Newco fans were arrested last month for signing the racist ‘famine song’, with its abhorrent “go home’ message to an immigrant community.  Yesterday, Newco release a commercial video to the tune of this song.

I don’t know how the financial situation there is that aligning with the base in this manner in order to sell jerseys is considered acceptable.  Whatever the justification, it is a desperate look, reminiscent of the heady days of October 2011, when we trailed Craig Whyte’s Oldco in the table, with some of us waiting for what seemed inevitable.  Some of us are again waiting on the inevitable.

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  1. Melbourne Mick on

    BURNLEY 78



    It would be interesting hearing the true thoughts of all our Celts


    away from the corrupt SMSM.


    H.H. Mick

  2. Melbourne Mick on




    You don’t post often, but always relevant.


    Post more.


    P.S I know you’re not, but are you?




    H.H. Mick

  3. Good morning Celts… Grand Day For A Game Of Football.



    Liked Ange’s presser again, always takes responsibility, says he has his squad in place now, so his selection, subs and the performance will be interesting today.






    Thanks for the reply, your posts are most welcome, if you are thinking it many more will be too… Put in done and let it be read and debated, trick is not to take the comments to heart… Good or Bad.



    You made a good point regarding the lady, you may well have good grounds for your view.



    However last month Rangers supporters were convicted of a hate crime – their Club have dog whistled they are shoulder to shoulder with them.



    Anyone promoting that needs to be called out, they are dangerous, anyone who was involved but doesn’t realise what they are doing are stupid and therefore are very dangerous.



    Have a great day



    Hail Hail

  4. BURNLEY78 @ 7:59 AM,



    As a manager Gordon Strachan had a phenomenal home record in Europe.



    It just goes to show, if we can make paradise a European fortress again the rewards will be huge.



    Hail Hail

  5. Will be interesting when those sevco fans, charged with racism on the streets of Glasgow, get to court.


    Wonder what their defence will be?

  6. JACKIEMAC on 15TH OCTOBER 2021 11:06 PM



    Is philbhoy ok ? He’s normally on a friday




    Thanks buddy! I was lurking earlier.



    That was really nice of you!



    Take care and HH!

  7. Morning all from a lovely morning in the Garngad



    4- 2 today for the Leather belts






    D :)

  8. Tom McLaughlin on

    JPH on 15TH OCTOBER 2021 10:50 PM



    So now Celtic FC are to be condemned for doing nothing to protect supporters who were attacked in a pub miles from the stadium and hours after the match.



    It seems a lot of supporters find it impossible to condemn violent racism and sectarianism without somehow turning it round to being the fault of Celtic.




  9. I’ve not posted for a while on CQN, I always lurk though.


    Yesterday was a very sad day at Garrys funeral, walk on was played at the end in the crematorium.


    I was with so many that I’ve met on here and everyone is a gentleman.


    I’m sure Garry would be laughing watching his mates crying singing Walk on for him.



    CQN is a special place, let’s keep it that way. 🍀

  10. Oh and by the way my thoughts on the knuckle dragging sevco advert tune to sell tat to their gullibilly fans is that our board should be fighting the corner if ever Irish immigrant that is being told to go home.



    A spineless shower of not fit for purpose theives.



    Brother Walfrid will be looking down in disgust at the way this board are spineless toward their fan base.



    D :)

  11. I thought Juranovic and Taylor would have been back to boost the squad today any word on when they will be back? They give us options and competition for starting berths.



    D :)

  12. DAVID66



    Juranovic should be back next week bit after surgery, Taylor is out for at least a month.

  13. SIPSINI on 16TH OCTOBER 2021 9:43 AM



    100% my friend. I only made the Mass and didn’t make it to the crematorium where YNWA was played for Garry but it was an incredible turnout of people who were connected to him originally via CQN.


    He would have loved that as well as the Celtic-ness and the abundance of green.

  14. Off to Motherwell now, the old home town. Going to Fir Park after a pint or 3 with my nephew in the world famous Railway Tavern. Staying overnight so hoping for something to celebrate.



    3-1 to the Celtic.



    Back tomorrow.



    Hail Hail

  15. I am hosting excellent Donegal-based CQN-er TomTheThim for the game today who is over visiting family in Edinburgh.



    I should get the game via something on IPTV but (as a backup) does anyone know if you can buy the game from Motherwell ?






  16. If your going to the game today maybe take something along …



    Motherwell FC




    We need your help to help others. Please contribute to our food bank collection at Motherwell v Celtic on Saturday.

  17. Thanks Bognorbhoy, good man.


    I’d been trying to find it on their main website rather than the ppv one…..cheers.

  18. Burnley 78,



    Great post about WGS.With the downgrading required,and what he was facing from across the City,a fantastic spell as manager.Up there with the best.

  19. Hoping to see 2 strikers today,but I fear Gio will come on as Sub.Bitton as the anchor again,letting Calmac move further forward.Should be a few ( Robust,but fair )tackles on Jota,and Kyogo,well,according to BBC.


    Tony has gone off the boil a bit,so no idea why Welsh is not at RB.Its where he started out playing.


    Anyway,1-0,crap game,or 3-2 fantastic game,just the 3 points matter.If alls fair in love and cheating,we might get a wee draw at Mordor today.

  20. Feels like the last time Celtic played an away game at 3.00pm on a Saturday we still had Frank Bough and the teleprinter. We’d usually win at Fir Park by the time the ‘classified check’ was up.



    Strange times, trepidation before Fir-Park is a new feeling, we hope that the SFA’s kafflik school teacher doesn’t feature in the way of our slow progress.



    We may not have a director of football or a permanent CEO we’ve got players twice as good, not Harry Hood. But Kyogo and Jota, who should be in a Celtic side that scores goals for fun in Lanarkshire.



    Maybe we have a settled sieve?



    Ralston, CCV, Starfelt and Montgomery and as long as we don’t invert or implode we’ll score more than Well. MacGregor in the middle, and Turnbull to excel, with some sprinkling of vintage Rogic for all three points.





























    Score ;



    Well 1 Celtic 4

  21. Tully57



    Say hello to the cqn’r Thomthethim.hopefully a grand Celtic victory for such a visit.It was a fine turnout and wearing of the green.enjoy your day in Edinburgh.




  22. BSR


    `trepidation before Fir-Park is a new feeling`



    I don`t think that is strictly true. The MSSM has made an impact on the Trepidation v Confidence outcome among Celtic supporters for many a year..

  23. The hunned-up meeja and the wee sleekti troll(s)



    are at the same game – spread THE FEAR…..and up the anxiety Levels.



    What the huns fear most is our SELF confidence.



    Huns? They Don’t Like It Up ‘Em




    CarryOn CSC

  24. I feel that Ralston is due a rest, replace with Welsh., and Montgomery should be allowed to develop his skills at a lower level, replace with Scales.



    A bit more height at the back.



    I like that.

  25. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 16TH OCTOBER 2021 10:34 AM







    16TH OCTOBER 2021 9:45 AM







    Fur fox ache.







    I rest my case.





    Rest your case for your Hun loving board.



    No my Lud, I rest my case.



    D :)

  26. Maybe not the smartest, to be passing the ball about the back 4 on a tight pitch,they will be all over us like a rash.

  27. I am really looking forward to seeing the bhoys today I think we are in for a footballing treat.






    D :)