Pat McCluskey, one of the 44


Pat McCluskey, who died yesterday, was one of the 44 players who won nine-in-a-row first time around.  He was from a generation of Celtic players who returned to the club when their careers ended, as fans and in other capacities.

Pat was a popular figure on for Supporters’ Nights, where he would share tales of how it was in those other glory years and give his take on current events.  Celtic players are different today.  For a start, few come from the neighbourhood and many live elsewhere after leaving football.  The loss of Pat’s generation will not be easily filled by those able and prepared to give up their evenings to meet fans.

My earliest memories of Celtic are patchy; mostly of big crowds and travelling to and from games, without specific memories of the games themselves.  The Scottish Cup Final in 1975 was different.  Hampden in the sun, Paul Wilson (twice) and Pat with the goals, now both sadly lost.  I know for sure that Pat’s penalty and Paul’s headers are the earliest goals I remember.  That was the first team I knew well and could recall effortlessly (I got it wrong when I tried this morning: Steve Murray!!).

Celtic pivoted that season, nine years of unfettered success ended.  Billy McNeill retired and Jock released Jimmy Johnstone, but Pat, Paul, Billy and the others made sure there were no mistakes against Oldco Airdrieoneans in the final.

Pat is a part of our rich history. Our sympathies to his family and friends.

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  1. BIG WAVY,



    The only reason I gave any credence to the story,was that SPORX,the most reliable source here,announced it this morning.If its just a rumour,its a belter.Maybe SPORX,dont know PL.

  2. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Well that was very strange…Ekuban link now being rubbished!

  3. AIPPLE,



    Coming from Kentucky,or residing there,do you see many Ryan Kent lookalikes on your travels?

  4. Where is it being rubbished?Just put on their version of SSN,and its still being reported.Very strange hullaballoo

  5. Turkeybhoy



    I’m a Glasgow man, moved here was I was 29. Thanks to the horse industry there are more Irish here than Kent’s.



    That said there are Kent’s everywhere and I have seen a few.

  6. Just about to stick the ‘Ryan Kent’ trainers I bought last year on ebay ….they have been used about 20 times and they were alright without being amazing.


    What do you think …bought for £75…..should I list them for £200 ?


    Sound about right.

  7. Maybe its just one of those days for outrageous,beyond belief,sports stories.


    Ekuban to Celtic.


    Kent fuwious that reports say he wants to play in the EPL.


    Morelos still being priced at 20 million.




    According to Charlie Nicholas valuation of Kent today,you are giving them away.

  9. Miami Dolphins are admitting 13k fans to their season opener, which is about 20% of capacity.


    MIAMI — The Miami Dolphins will allow up to 13,000 socially distancing fans to attend their home opener against the Buffalo Bills on Sept. 20, a decision that divided political leaders and upset the visiting coach.



    The same plan will be followed for the University of Miami’s home opener against UAB at the Dolphins’ stadium on Sept. 10.

  10. AIPPLE,



    Many thanks.Go on,make my day.Tell me you have seen a lookalike,sporting ,bad teeth and a Banjo.

  11. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Turkey Bhoy



    Reported by Herald & Times thats its being shot down by others in Turkish media apparently, and Turkish commentator Gokmen Ozcan – you might know if he is reliable or not?!




  12. P67 — for me the numbers are a magnitude smaller.


    Kiltoon — the CFC connections.



    Pat McCluskey was a local boy done good — who lived the dream and then some.


    The source of most of my autographs of football players — Co-op connections …



    Hadn’t realised his role in the 72 EC SF games — and his age at the time.



    Also him playing in MF at the start of his career for an injured BM — same body shape so it must have suited the kit man. Him and DH in the same MF would have been a shock to Scottish football if it happened …



    My memory of him in the Europe was the comment in the papers where the “sweeper’s sweeper had a sweeper” — I think it was said in jest but JS admitted that he had not set up the team for goals that night.



    Thoughts and prayers to his family.


    PMcC — RIP.

  13. …..☘️☘️☘️☘️….








    …☘️……………. ☘️






















    Well that was very strange…Ekuban link now being rubbished!






    I posted it for just a bit of interest.



    I personally do not put any trust in foreign sources. Italy, Turkey etc. It’s all unreliable.



    I’ll believe it when a trusted Celtic source like McGowan posts it.

  15. Interestingly, Devlin from the Athletic has said Celtic haven’t yet spoken to Brighton about Duffy.



    He asked the Athletic correspondent for Brighton about it (who has weekly calls with the CEO of Brighton)



    That doesn’t mean that we arent speaking to Duffy or his agent. But I think the deal is further away than people think.

  16. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    TIMALOY29 on 25TH AUGUST 2020 1:00 PM



    I posted it earlier too as it was being posted by a number of sources and picked up by UK media too (I know). If it was just one source you would be inclined to wait. Maybe the Turks trying to drum up interest?




  17. weebobbycollins on

    Stephen McGowan is a serious journalist, a bit like the late Glenn Gibbons of the Scotsman. Writes his stuff and doesn’t seek the limelight…unlike others we know.

  18. SIEMPRE,



    Yep,just been denied on the Turkish SSN.They did say Celtic were interested.Agents up to their usual.


    As I said earlier,the shock transfer news ,was that PL was going to spend that kind of money.Obviously,the Turks don’t know him.

  19. TURKEYBHOY on 25TH AUGUST 2020 12:48 PM






    The problem of course is that despite all the ‘pizza and fairytales’ created by the media players values tend to be a separate entity .


    Clubs will pay what they pay regardless of spin and hype created to help generate inflated worth.


    That is why of course the fat Columbian himself is still on the books over at Castle Greyskull.


    Since the ‘new’ club was formed 8 years ago infact they have hardly generated a decent fee for selling a player.


    It must be crippling them behind the scenes.


    But this latest 20 million price on Kent is even crazy by their own standards.


    If they did get 20 million for Kent surely heads would have roll at his previous club ‘Liverpool’.


    Attacker is sold for 7 million one year ago to completely inferior league.


    He wins nothing , score 7 league goals and is now worth 20 million?


    Makes the £20 million valuation of Morelos look value for

  20. WBC,



    Like all sports writers,he does get things wrong.Better than most though.Would not be hard with the quality we have.

  21. Turkeybhoy



    I was out in the east once going to a friends house who worked for the Government (also had an arsenal that could have kept the Russians at bay) but was hidden away in a wee town. Folks whittling sticks on front porch etc. I couldn’t find his place and stopped at a petrol station/convenience store (they sold live chickens) and asked the congregation within the way to Bruce’s house. I got the ‘you ain’t from round here boy’ look from all but nobody spoke but one raggedy chap. Told me there is no Bruce.



    I got back in the car and started driving the country roads again when I saw Bruce speeding around corners coming towards me.



    Long story short he said ‘don’t do that again, only thing that saved you was your accent.’



    Was a fun afternoon after that.



    That part of country got hit really hard with the opioid crisis, many still vote Trump. They have their Kent’s.

  22. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    TURKEYBHOY on 25TH AUGUST 2020 1:13 PM



    Yeah I wasn’t rushing to check out the youtube footage yet, hopefully we get Turnbull, Hickey and Duffy over the line first




  23. Keithapha Jacksonogolu,a Turkish sports writer,who had his reputation destroyed after a string of articles he printed in the past,later proven to be,lies,flights of fancy,downright nonsense,has been named as the guy who broke the Ekuban to Celtic story.


    He was captured on camera,along side Ekubans agent ,ordering succulent Lamb Kebabs,in a Kebab House,adjacent to MEHMETS world famous replica kit store.

  24. heroes are forever on

    Rest in Peace Pat McCluskey Had the great pleasure to sit in Pats company in Las Vegas, great stories gentleman.

  25. The Morelos situation will also be getting the Ibrox clubs card marked in the ‘agent ‘ department.



    We all know coming to our league is generally a stepping stone to bigger league.


    Promises get made…..’sign for us son and in 3-4 years time we can develop you and you will play in one of the big leagues’.


    But to then continue to pay that said player a modest [by nowadays standards] wage whilst slapping a completely inflated fee on his head like 20 million hence freezing him out of a move .


    Truth is Morelos was signed for around 1 million…His wages will have been increased over the years from that but he is probably still only being paid the equivalent of of 7-8 million pound player at around 20k a week.


    To then insist that he is a 20 million pound player will clearly have created bad blood.


    They appear to be doing the same with Kent.


    It is football business suicide.

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