Pat McCluskey, one of the 44


Pat McCluskey, who died yesterday, was one of the 44 players who won nine-in-a-row first time around.  He was from a generation of Celtic players who returned to the club when their careers ended, as fans and in other capacities.

Pat was a popular figure on for Supporters’ Nights, where he would share tales of how it was in those other glory years and give his take on current events.  Celtic players are different today.  For a start, few come from the neighbourhood and many live elsewhere after leaving football.  The loss of Pat’s generation will not be easily filled by those able and prepared to give up their evenings to meet fans.

My earliest memories of Celtic are patchy; mostly of big crowds and travelling to and from games, without specific memories of the games themselves.  The Scottish Cup Final in 1975 was different.  Hampden in the sun, Paul Wilson (twice) and Pat with the goals, now both sadly lost.  I know for sure that Pat’s penalty and Paul’s headers are the earliest goals I remember.  That was the first team I knew well and could recall effortlessly (I got it wrong when I tried this morning: Steve Murray!!).

Celtic pivoted that season, nine years of unfettered success ended.  Billy McNeill retired and Jock released Jimmy Johnstone, but Pat, Paul, Billy and the others made sure there were no mistakes against Oldco Airdrieoneans in the final.

Pat is a part of our rich history. Our sympathies to his family and friends.

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  1. Buddy Morrisey on




    Not The View has it as 116 players over 334 games for the current 9 in a row. So was it 44 players over (34×9) 306 games?




    You are being a bit unfair on Kent here.You missed out his 2″Assists”.In the same season,the much maligned Jamesy,had 17 goals,and 16 assists.I might be doing down Jamesys assists,off the top of my head.

  3. LAZYDYNAMITE on 25TH AUGUST 2020 1:28 PM


    The Morelos situation will also be getting the Ibrox clubs card marked in the ‘agent ‘ department.






    Really interesting point of view. I hadn’t considered that.


    Thank you



    HH jg




    The thing with Kent is,before he signed for the Huns,Leeds had a 3 million offer knocked back.Now to have a season like the one we mentioned,piss poor ordinary,then allegedly come back with a 10 million offer,upping it to 14 million,allegedly,seems like madness.The thing in the Huns favour


    is,we know a lot of EPL teams are mad.Hence the 20 million paid by Sheffield U,for that gangly legged,bearded Hun,supposedly a striker.


    You just never know.

  5. Mikey Johnston had better stats,than that wee Kent last season, and was only for for about 6 weeks….

  6. Buddy Morrisey



    “Not The View has it as 116 players over 334 games for the current 9 in a row. So was it 44 players over (34×9) 306 games?”




    Thanks for that- It would make an interesting quiz question to guess them all. I reckon I could get around 90% +for the original 9iar but would struggle to get 50% of our current 9iar squads

  7. !!BADA BING!! on 25TH AUGUST 2020 1:47 PM


    Mikey Johnston had better stats,than that wee Kent last season, and was only for for about 6 weeks….






    It’s a fair point. Ryan Kent has looked good so far this season though. 3 goals in 5 games.

  8. Pat McCluskey was the outstanding performer in the European Cup semi final between Inter and Celtic in Milan


    There’s not many could achieve that.

  9. 67 European Cup Winners on

    On the subject of Kent


    I have him as their best player


    He can create a bit of chaos and he can go past a man



    But If I am a PL Manager I would have doubts about paying £10m for him let alone £20m



    Ryan Kent is a good prospect for the championship with a mid table team Derby, Stoke etc



    The comparison I would make is Stuart Armstrong he was good for us went to Southampton (I know PL Team) for about £8m and is simply a good squad player


    Kent is no better than Armstrong



    BUT if he goes they are fu–ed




  10. Very sad to hear that Pat McCluskey has passed away. One of my older sisters went out with him for a time when just got into the first team. I remember begging her to get me his autograph, which I duly got.


    Met him years later in 1995 after the Airdrie cup final lovely guy.


    RIP Pat

  11. Jocks Immortal Lions on

    Saddened to hear the passing of Pat McCluskey. Met him once whilst being treated to hospitality in the No 7 and was regalled by some of his stories. Joe Mcbride was the other ex player in the lounges that day. Spoilt we were, that’s for sure.



    Rest in peace Pat and condolences to family and friends.



    JIL HH

  12. garygillespieshamstring on

    I always liked Pat McCluskey as a player.



    Used to see him in Springboig many years ago. Never ignored the youngsters when anyone spoke to him.


    Seemed like a good guy.

  13. YORKBHOY on 25TH AUGUST 2020 2:01 PM



    Great read mate.



    And yes since the ‘previous’ club sold Jellyfish to Everton for 5.5 million in 2012 have they had a significant transfer fee received?..I am struggling to think of one.


    Even Livingston bagged 2 million for a player this week.


    On closer inspection the lack of funds received over at Ibrokes must be reaching a critical stage




    On closer inspection the lack of funds received over at Ibrokes must be reaching a critical stage






    I know we do go on about their finances on a regular basis but I am really at a loss (pun intended) as to how they are still solvent after 8 years.

  15. 67 EUROPEAN CUP WINNERS on 25TH AUGUST 2020 2:20 PM



    You are correct.


    He is the only player in their squad with a defined transfer value above 5 million.


    It appears he cost them 6.5 million around 1 year ago.


    He will still be worth around that figure now in real terms..perhaps slightly more.


    Stories regarding 14 million bids are just fantasy land ‘pizza and fairy-tales’.


    No club in the world would turn down the chance of a 120% profit on a attacker who scored 6 league goals in one season.[12 months].

  16. YORKBHOY on 25TH AUGUST 2020 3:04 PM



    They probably are just about getting by.


    They will simply be moving from one month to the next but closer inspection into their finances is sure to pretty devastating.


    Their European runs these past two seasons will have helped but we are hardly talking champions league money.


    The recent kit supplier sale to the highest bidder [clearly not the best partnership] is clear proof that they could not care less about their supporters or image.They need as much money as they can and as soon as possible.


    The Scottish media help them out by inflating the fees they pay for their transfers [I.E the kent fee was 6.5 million but advertised as 7.5 million]…..of course they still could not afford him either way and how much of that fee has been paid already is anybodies guess.


    The other Scottish media tactic of over inflating the potential value of the players they are looking to sell does not help them one bit.


    In a normal world they would have sold Morelos for 8 million last season [his true worth] and got some money coming into their club…As it stands now his value is depleting by the week along with his condition, attitude and form.

  17. 67 EUROPEAN CUP WINNERS on 25TH AUGUST 2020 2:20 PM



    To be fair, Armstrong has managed to establish himself as a guaranteed started.



    But generally, I agree, Ryan Kent is the guy who I’d worry most about when we play them. He has a turn of pace and is able to beat men when he’s on the ball. If he improves his finishing he will be very dangerous.



    But last season’s form would give me pause before handing over that kind of fee. He was so inconsistent and as many pointed out his stats were poor.

  18. Hat doffed to those of you who posted on here when the story about Kent being wanted for ‘hunners of millions’ that this would be spun thus;


    Morelos goes for ‘an undisclosed fee’ not the 40 million previously touted


    Kent will stay to ‘beat he ten’ and will then be portrayed as a result as their better player has stayed!


    Cue BBC Scotland website today saying ‘losing Kent would be a bigger loss than Morelos’



    RIP Pat McCluskey

  19. weebobbycollins on

    Aipple & Turkeybhoy…I saw a lot of banjo playing Kents around the Ozarks…


    He also resembles one of the Amish community…except for his scowling face…

  20. On my You Tube,of the Kraftwerk song,when I scroll down,there he is,Ryan Kent with his Banjo.


    Duelling Banjoes clip.Spluttered my Coffee.

  21. Oh well,I see no one liked my Keith Jackson send up at 1.25.Wasting my times here,ah tells ye.




    Don’t fret. I liked your KJ send up and I feel sure that others did too.

  23. Delaneys Dunky on

    Who is this British Unionist infiltrator on here posting misinformation that my good mate from Partick Pat McGinley has passed away.


    Are moderators still montoring this place. Could I please request that the post from JHB be removed please.