Pat McCluskey, one of the 44


Pat McCluskey, who died yesterday, was one of the 44 players who won nine-in-a-row first time around.  He was from a generation of Celtic players who returned to the club when their careers ended, as fans and in other capacities.

Pat was a popular figure on for Supporters’ Nights, where he would share tales of how it was in those other glory years and give his take on current events.  Celtic players are different today.  For a start, few come from the neighbourhood and many live elsewhere after leaving football.  The loss of Pat’s generation will not be easily filled by those able and prepared to give up their evenings to meet fans.

My earliest memories of Celtic are patchy; mostly of big crowds and travelling to and from games, without specific memories of the games themselves.  The Scottish Cup Final in 1975 was different.  Hampden in the sun, Paul Wilson (twice) and Pat with the goals, now both sadly lost.  I know for sure that Pat’s penalty and Paul’s headers are the earliest goals I remember.  That was the first team I knew well and could recall effortlessly (I got it wrong when I tried this morning: Steve Murray!!).

Celtic pivoted that season, nine years of unfettered success ended.  Billy McNeill retired and Jock released Jimmy Johnstone, but Pat, Paul, Billy and the others made sure there were no mistakes against Oldco Airdrieoneans in the final.

Pat is a part of our rich history. Our sympathies to his family and friends.

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  1. RON BACARDI, yes we didnt know a thing till we got home to glenboig, no mobile phones in them days.H.H.




    That means big Lyndon Dykes was the highest scorer against Celtic last season with four goals. We should have signed him ourselves. With that kind of record I’m amazed Sevco Huns didn’t go for him – he would have been a fans’ favourite over there.

  3. TIMSRGR8 on 25TH AUGUST 2020 5:33 PM



    I just noticed your earlier post. I seem to remember Joe McBride scoring against Rangers at CP in, I think, 1966.



    My boy (just back from seeing him yesterday) tells me he works with your boy’s fiancé (he speaks highly of her, of course).


    The oul CQN Venn Diagram gets one more outing.

  5. If we get pumped tomorrow night, the whole management team should get sacked.



    (But we won’t!)

  6. “!!BADA BING!! on 25TH AUGUST 2020 7:02 PM


    Messi…Swap deal for Fat Charlie? ”



    Messi plus a hefty sum, surely?


    Or maybe just a straight swop with Banjo Boy?

  7. `Harry Maguire has been given a suspended sentence of 21 months and 10 days in prison`



    Does the above mean Maguire was given a suspended sentence of 21 months plus a seperate sentence of ten days in prison? Or, was he given a suspended sentence of 21 months and tens days in total?


    If the latter, why the `ten days` ?

  8. Seemingly it is the Barcelona bull ring owners who want Morellos for a one off appearance.




    If we don’t win tomorrow there might be a couple out the door and low fees coming in.I think PL is playing a waiting game.

  10. the first movie i ever saw in the cinema was ben hur, my mother took me, think i was about 7 years old never forget it ,after watching a 14 inch black and white tv, then you see this giant screen and its in colour WOW, think it was the regal cinema in coatbridge or it might have been the odeon, the one opposite yogis bar, which is not there now, where is lennybhoy or the original sadies bhoy when you need them😎 😎

  11. glendalystonsils on

    If we can’t get past Q round 2 , rather than downsizing we should be trying to improve the team to a level where we can cope with decent but modest European opposition .



    We’re not going to lose though.

  12. Delaneys Dunky on

    OG Rafferty


    Yes, she was telling me about working with your son. Talks highly of your lad too. A lovely lass, my son and K make a great couple. Small world. 😊👍🍀💚

  13. weebobbycollins on

    Big Packy…still have your dug business? My Akita needs his claws clipped. I’ve broken two hacksaw blades trying to do it myself…🐕😂

  14. First film I saw in cinema would have been a war film such as Cockleshell Heroes, or Dambusters.

  15. WEE BOBBY COLLINS, hi pal unfortunately had to give it up in may, due to the covid virus, i was retired anyway and my wife was retiring in october next year, so,it was time to say goodbye, if your desperate and can get to cheshire, im sure she will cut them for you,H,H,😎 😎



    If we can’t get past Q round 2 , rather than downsizing we should be trying to improve the team to a level where we can cope with decent but modest European opposition .




    Reasonable example of the conditional followed by the damning accusation. I’ve seen other good ones such as, ‘If PL really stole the Dalglish money then ———–‘ Fill the blanks to your heart’s content.

  17. glendalystonsils on




    I’ve no reason to believe that signings are being delayed by PL because of uncertainty of tomorrow night’s result.

  18. RON BACARDI ,they dont make movies like that anymore, 633 squadron, the guns of navarone, to name but a few 😎 😎

  19. weebobbycollins on

    Thanks Big Packy…the big man disnae like long walks and it’s a fair distance doon to where you are…maybe I’ll buy a grinder…😆




    When I lived on Arran the other Celtic fan was sheep farmer Willie MacConnell . He retired from his hill farm and purchased the Rock Hotel in Blackwaterfoot. He was famous for winning sheep-dog trials and later for being the father of Jack MacConnell (Sir). That pubs closed now as an incomer neighbour didnt like the noise from the pub so he bought it and then demolished it. By the time I left the island there were quite a few Tims there. Watching a game on tv should be no problem in most places.

  21. Fritzsong Joe didnae score in that game, he miskicked the ball in the first minute but wee ten thirty following up prodded it home. 4 minutes later Chopper volleyed home the second. After that we gave them the ball tae play with in the middle of the park.

  22. So tomorrow who is it to be ?

















    Mc Gregor









    (Frimpong) (Ntcham) ( Elyounoussi )

  23. I started ‘supporting’ Celtic in 1972. I was only nine years of age. I knew very little about the club at the time other than that it had a connection with Ireland.



    I never saw Pat McCluskey play but he was a Celt, one of us.



    Ar dheis lámh Dhé go raibh a anam uasal.

  24. Goodnight all thank you for being here.



    Bognorbhoy I think Elyounousi will start.



    I’d prefer…




    Elhamed, Jullien, Ajer/Bitton


    Forrest, Brown, McGregor, Ntcham, Elyounoussi


    Edouard, Klimala

  26. The arrogance astounds me on here sometimes.



    Any win will do tomorrow night. A scrapy 1-0 just like Saturday.



    For me supporting Celtic and hoping they win rather than feeling some misplaced entitlement is more what it is about.



    1 of knockout games at this time of season are hugely risky. Especially against decent teams from leagues similar to our own.



    Any win will do.