Pat McCluskey, one of the 44


Pat McCluskey, who died yesterday, was one of the 44 players who won nine-in-a-row first time around.  He was from a generation of Celtic players who returned to the club when their careers ended, as fans and in other capacities.

Pat was a popular figure on for Supporters’ Nights, where he would share tales of how it was in those other glory years and give his take on current events.  Celtic players are different today.  For a start, few come from the neighbourhood and many live elsewhere after leaving football.  The loss of Pat’s generation will not be easily filled by those able and prepared to give up their evenings to meet fans.

My earliest memories of Celtic are patchy; mostly of big crowds and travelling to and from games, without specific memories of the games themselves.  The Scottish Cup Final in 1975 was different.  Hampden in the sun, Paul Wilson (twice) and Pat with the goals, now both sadly lost.  I know for sure that Pat’s penalty and Paul’s headers are the earliest goals I remember.  That was the first team I knew well and could recall effortlessly (I got it wrong when I tried this morning: Steve Murray!!).

Celtic pivoted that season, nine years of unfettered success ended.  Billy McNeill retired and Jock released Jimmy Johnstone, but Pat, Paul, Billy and the others made sure there were no mistakes against Oldco Airdrieoneans in the final.

Pat is a part of our rich history. Our sympathies to his family and friends.

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  1. I’m with Burnley, any win will do,


    These teams are no mugs, we will need to be close to our best.


    I’m expecting us to win but I am anything but complacent.

  2. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    Is lennie deliberately subbing broonie when a game is won this season?

  3. Go tell the Spartim on

    It’s a cup game getting thru is the only outcome I’m looking for, obviously if we played really well and scored 5 quick goals I’d relax more

  4. glendalystonsils on

    Ferencvaros are certainly not the easiest side we could have got at this stage but I’m sure they’re probably thinking the same about us .



    Any kind of win tomorrow will be fine.

  5. We are at home, a home win is expected.


    The Hungarians should be swept aside with ease…..or else!

  6. I am very nervous about tomorrow night.Always like this,but a wee bit edgier because its straight KO.


    I hate qualifiers as much as the bloody transfer windows.

  7. Ferencvaros and the game that never happened in 1968. The draw and refusal to play which many say earned Bob Kelly and not Jock Stein a knighthood as the ‘token’ given to the first british team to win the big cup.



    It was overhearing my dad talk of this and weirdly talking of our redrawn opponent St Etienne also wearing green like the Hungarians, which were amongst my first Celtic memories.



    The odd thing was that the dirty Leeds still had to play Ferencvaros in the Fairs Cup Final ( predecessor to Europa ). The competition ran into the following season. The only time I can remember pre covid. Leeds won 1-0 over 2 legs but the Hungarians were a really really good team I heard. Celtic ‘bodyswerved’ a tough tie but ended up with one just as tough with the French. We beat them and Red Star pre Xmas.



    That season was the first my dad began to take me to see the great Glasgow Celtic. The first time I would stare in awe at those floodlights and the brilliant green pitch they illuminated. Only 8 games in a treble winning season. I was hooked.



    Heartbroken when big Billy let Prati in to knock us out of the big cup in the quarter finals. Overjoyed when we beat the mighty rangers by 4 at Hampden to complete the treble for the second time in 3 seasons.



    We had great times at home and away at domestic games and in Europe for the next 11 years together until my parents separated and I began going to games on my own and since 1990 with my mum.



    I loved him flying a 7 in a row flag ( that was a record back then ) from our roof in the posh and almost entirely Protestant Street which we lived in. I loved travelling on the Busby and Eaglesham bus listening to all his wisdom / nonsense after a few drams. We shared Celtic together more than anything.



    He grew up less than 400 yards from Celtic Park. (Opposite they Celtic Supoorters Club in London Rd) Weirdly the youngest of 16 kids. The first 8 non catholic and rangers supporters, the younger 8 and the one they adopted !! all Catholics ( my gran converted ) and Celtic supporters. His cherished moment was giving Charles Patrick Tully a lift from Bonnyton Golf club to Celtic Park. Totally going out of his way for the privilege.



    He taught me not to use Celtic as a crutch but to enjoy their success and never take it for granted. He lived through those barren years and knew the good times were not for ever. Things would revert when a rival which had the box office and potential that rangers has in Scotland. He was a huge advocate for us getting out of this bitter wee environment we played in. A bigger canvas was what we needed.



    I was lucky enough to bring him back to Celtic Park a few times in his past few years when he had Alzheimer’s. To the end one of the only pictures he recognised by name was one of Jinky. Ironically my mums last game and his were less than 2 months apart back in 2017.



    Most of my Celtic supporting was with my mum but the early days and introduction, along with loads of fun times, were from my dad. It was sweet that the last phone conversation I had with him before he passed away last Wednesday morning including me telling him Celtic had just scored a 5th in a champions league qualifier. I told him that and finished the call telling him I loved him and appreciated all he had done for me. He passed away the following morning in an old folks home in Cluny Fife.



    Tomorrow we finally get to play that green and white team from Budapest. The one I heard him speak of so highly 52 years ago.



    I hope his spirit is with us and sees us through maybe even via Red Star ( as we did that year ) to European success this season.



    Celtic is up there with the many really great things he gave me.



    Thank you Dad.

  8. Just come across this Jambos link – they’re having a giraffe at poor old Sevco fans,



    When it’s been made in a shed,


    For a club that is dead,


    That’s Castore.





    When you follow King Billy


    But your shorts chafe your willy


    That’s Castore.





    They get made in a rush


    And the stiching is bust



    That’s Castore.





    When the top falls apart



    After one decent fart.



    That’s Castore.





    When your tops oot the wash


    And the letters fall aff



    That’s Castore.





    When your short get a spin


    And they’re straight in the bin



    That’s Castore.





    When it’s 10 times the norm



    for a school uniform.



    That’s Castore.





    When the gear’s proper gash


    Cos yer deid club’s nae cash


    That’s Castore.




    When you’ve had too much wine


    And the badge won’t align


    That’s Castore.





    When one shoulder is higher


    and the stitching is dire,


    That’s Castore.




    When the shorts with no net


    Let your bollocks drip sweat


    That’s Castore.





    When it’s red, white and blue


    And it hangs off of you


    That’s Castore.





    When you’re chanting simply the best



    And your top rips at the chest



    That’s Castore.

  9. glendalystonsils on

    One of my earliest European disappointments involved another team from Budapest — MTK Budapest . Can’t remember the year , possibly early 60’s?


    Having beaten them 3-0 in the first leg at Parkhead , I listened on the wireless (that’s radio for the youngsters)


    in disbelief as they turned us over 4-0!



    Hopefully not an omen

  10. Burnley78,



    That was beautiful and one I’m sure many on here will connect with. I’m sure your Dad would have loved that last conversation.



    Thanks for sharing and take care

  11. Burnley78


    You have great memories of your Auld Dad, which will be cherished and keep you smiling through a difficult period



    May Perpetual Light Shine Upon You Mr Miller


    And May you Rest In Peace

  12. Delaneys Dunky on

    Burnley 78


    Couldn’t agree more with your views on the match tomorrow. 100% 🤞🍀💚

  13. Burnley……



    Thanks for sharing that……..


    We stand on the shoulders of giants.


    Take care and KTF.




  14. Burnley78 – one of those “that’s what CQN is” posts that keep me hanging on in here! Well said.

  15. Stivs…….



    Never, ever apologize to a Gowfer………….



    It only encourages them!






    AGoodWalkSpoiled CSC




  16. burnley78






    we were fantastic that year.prati is imprinted in my 7.y.o head.Great read and thanks for that.i agree those who gave us Celtic from that Generation are the grounds of what it means to be Celtic.Thanks hh



    to work tomorrow night Celts






  17. Burnley 78, lovely words and a very tough read, great memories that will give you and tor’s comfort, look after yourself HH

  18. BURNLEY78 on 25TH AUGUST 2020 10:48 PM



    that was wonderful, good for your soul. parents, everybody has them.



    brave of you to put that out there.



    keep it lit.

  19. BANKIEBHOY1 on 25TH AUGUST 2020 11:22 PM



    gave them a hard time on my way to bed last night. promised myself i wouldnt do that stuff again, and then as if magis, some comment is on CQN about their favourite hole.



    winds me up no end.



    favourite holes, hahahhahahaha

  20. Ps I’ve got polis helicopters flying over my house. Last thing I am thinking of is getting a driver out and skying one.



    I’ll stop good sir.




  21. AIPPLE on 25TH AUGUST 2020 11:32 PM









    No gowf today. That is now just an albatross on our collective shoulders.






    i was an arsehole last night if golfers want to golf, then hey ho,

  22. Burnley 78


    Lovely memories and tribute to your father, condolences on his passing.



    I was a regular on the Busby and Eaglesham bus from late 60s through to mid 70s, before I moved away from Scotland. I am now living in Dundee since 2007. We probably know each other. Small world indeed.




  23. Tomorrow is a big one


    Hoops v Hungarian Hoops


    We will be ok if we’re up for it and why not?


    RIP Patrick


    Kilsyth working class legend


    Pat Campbell janitor of Holy Cross Croy told me to model my game on him. Trouble was (apart from my ability) in those days it was way too far to see as a ten year old standing in the deidco end on top of home made ‘uplifters’ to get any insight.


    That’s my excuse anyways.


    We have some diamonds in our team who are home grown and should be proud of that.






    No you weren’t, I understand the view point. It isn’t off the mark in a lot of cases.



    I was in the Polis for 18 months in Scotland. I saw first hand what some would do to get on.



    I was lucky (with the support of my dad) and saw the bile early and chucked it.

  25. BURNLEY 78


    Beautiful put I’m not the only one with a tear reading that. May your Dad rest in peace and my condolences to you and your family.HH

  26. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Enjoyed your post Burnley 78.


    I’m sure your Dad enjoyed taking you as much as you enjoyed going. ( God there’s a lot of enjoyment going on there…where’s the thesaurus? )


    I remember my Dad taking me to Parkhead for the first time and that was 77 years ago, the memories live for ever.Even the bad years for our team😁!


    RIP your Dad. Would ‘do a candle ‘ for his soul but they’re banned!