Pathetic opportunists who are miles behind the curve


You will not hear supporters or staff at an opposing club with a bad word to say about Graeme Murty.  He took over a shambles of a football club and for several months matched results with anyone in the league.  Twice he took Newco to Celtic Park and left with a point, but the man is a football coach, not a miracle worker.  The disparity in resources would eventually tell.

Against the might of Brendan Rodger’s Celtic for a third, fourth and fifth time he experienced increasingly worse defeats.  No one was surprised by this, the Newco board even tried to sell these results as “ahead of the curve”, but there was a fundamental issue that made it difficult for Murty to remain in position – he was sabotaged.

The evening before a game at Celtic Park, news leaked (and was not contradicted by the club) that Steven Gerrard agreed terms to become Newco manager.  This came a day after Murty spoke about his chances of keeping the job if he won the four remaining league games.  It was degrading and prioritised the position of the board over results on the field.

Dave King made a similar comment about the future Newco manager just days before his team faced Celtic in the Scottish Cup semi-final two weeks ago.  That statement coincided with season ticket renewal letters.

What could Murty say after losing 5-0 at Celtic Park?  We did our best but last night someone, who travelled with us on the team bus today, leaked that I was soon to be removed from my position?  Whatever exchanges took place between the manager and his employers, a common purpose was difficult to imagine.

Inevitably, there has been some pullback on the Gerrard ‘news’.  It seems matter is not as clear-cut as was believed on Sunday morning.  I spoke to Peter Lawwell before the appointment of Brendan Rodgers.  Brendan wanted to come and the Celtic board were equally keen, but Peter was clear: until a deal was signed, no one really knew what would happen.  He had not committed to deliver anyone in particular, but he was nervous.

Promising a new manager the evening before you visit Celtic Park might take the edge of the inevitable pain for some, even at the cost of undermining your manager, but you had better deliver on that leak.  Otherwise, you will look like pathetic opportunists who are exploiting the trust of your fans and are miles behind the curve.

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  1. Davidopoulos on




    Ouch…hope there was no sowing of salt as part of the treatment…

  2. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Nipped home to pick up Wee BGFC – he is about be en-route to St Ambrose for his first National-5 (O-Level) – Geography.



    Seems in a fairly calm and quietly confident mood.






  3. If they don’t deliver Steven Gerrard to the Poisoned Chalice I can see there being an Orc revolution, myself seriously doubt they have the budget for a proper manager, hence the appointment of a rag tag bunch of inexperienced and full on bonkers managers since their inception in 2012…



    “what if this is the best it gets”



    If you take away the six pints from the Aberdeen “gimme” games you see a truly reflection of the Seas standing in the league.



    And it will be interesting to see the result in the next Dons V Huns game..



    Come on Week are you a man or a grouse:))

  4. 50 shades of green on

    Poor Murty, aye right…



    And to think some/one on there thought he had oor Brendan on the run….????

  5. PAUL67



    The goings on at the home of the huns confirms what we have known for decades.



    They have no class and lack any form of respect and decency.



    In other words they are complete ****s!

  6. BGFC good luck to the wee man and all other kids taking exams, it can be a quite stressful time for the weans..



    D. :)

  7. Word of The Day



    Embonpoint /ɑ̃bɔ̃pwɛ̃/





    plumpness or stoutness




    plump; stout



    Word Origin and History for embonpoint




    “plumpness,” 1751, from French embonpoint (16c.), from Old French en bon point, literally “in good condition.”





  8. The Embonpoint gardener that is Sally McCmoist… That’s got a ring to it.



    D. :)



    From the previous thread.


    Mikael Lustig removed the hat from the policeman, it wasn’t knocked off. Probably why they released a bah humbug statement

  10. Any truth in rumours that



    Following petition to get us a smaller allocation at Ibrox and Hampdump



    Union Bears demanding they deserve


    a reduced allocation at Celtic Park



    : > )

  11. Sorry Paul67,



    Do you not get tired of writing post after endless post which anchors us to being somehow defined by what our nearest neighbours are doing???



    Yes, the 5-0 victory against them was Fantastic, but I for one am pretty fed up with CQN focussing on them. Why give them Oxygen? do WE really need to share the same space and air?



    I for one would much rather read articles which focus on what CELTIC are doing e.g.:


    – Cup Final Preparations


    – How the Tenerife Break will benefit the squad for the end of the season and beyond?


    – What is Celtic’s short and medium term plan to improve the squad; both by acquisition and letting


    players move on to refresh the squad, and by improving and developing the players and team we


    have at First Team and below.


    – Behind the scenes; a look at the phenomenal infrastructure that allows Celtic to keep improving.


    (Fitness Equipment, Training facilities, Physio and HealthCare Support, Motivational aspects, Food,


    etc. etc.)


    – How the ‘Hotel’ addition will help support the clubs aspirations and finances going forwards?


    – A modern day comparison of Celtic’s traditional Charitable values versus the need to operate as


    an honest, tax-paying and profitable Business?



    I could go on, and I am sure others have more and better ideas for CQN Lead articles than me, but I really despair sometimes at the train of CQN lead articles which seem determined to keep them somehow relevant. Is this a DD/PL instruction aimed at somehow keeping them afloat and relevant?



    Please lets Keep CELTIC Quick News about CELTIC! Or is that too difficult or against the Puppet Master’s will?



    Yours in CELTIC,







  12. The omnishambles continues apace.



    It’ll be some laugh if they dont get Stevie G. It’ll be some laugh if they do.



    Their hubris prevents them for going for a sound but unspectacular appointment who could, with the second biggest budget in the country even if they lived within their means, do what Hibs and Aberdeen do. Solid second and an ability to match us on one off occasions is their limit but they can’t accept that and that’s going to ensure failure. If they do accept it then they’ll sell less tickets too. The stadium and training ground still act like a millstone and the financial mess they are in does likewise.



    There is no road out for them. They could get Peo Guardiola and it still wouldn’t work.



    So, I don’t care if Gerard takes leave if his senses and takes the job. I’d have more concern about them taking the St Mirren boss or Stevie Clarke or a decent lower league manager from England. They wouldn’t win anything with them but they’d be less funny to watch.



    Anyway, let the Jimmy Nicholl era commence. Three more weeks of laughing at their pain before it starts again in the summer!!!

  13. Paul67



    Right on the money with your usual aplomb.



    The Sevco thugs and criminals in the directors box are worse that the animals that marched the London Rd protected by the police singing offensive songs, before the game on Sunday.



    Sevco are Celtic’s gift it cannot be posted enough.



    Hail Hail

  14. Truth beauty and freedom – there are plenty of opportunities to discuss all those things. All very valid and interesting. But a few days to enjoy the continuing demise of the Ibrox brand isn’t ott to be honest. A lot of readers enjoy it. And why wouldn’t they?




    previous thread here was the list of potential Right Backs i posted a few weeks ago



    Bartosz Beresynski (24) – Polish (6 caps) – current club Sampdoria – estimated value £3.5m – Honours 5 Polish League Titles, 3 Polish Cups







    Michael Lang (27) – Swiss (21 Caps) – Current Club Basel – estimated value £4.5m – Honours 2 Swiss League Titles, 2 Swiss Cups







    Jens Stryger Larsen (27) – Danish (9 Caps) – Current Club Udinese- estimated value £1.5m – Honours 0







    Hans Hatebor (24) – Dutch (12 Under21 Caps) – Current Club Atalanta – estimated value £3m – Honours 1 Dutch Cups







    Stefan Lainer (25) Austrian (3 Caps) – Current Club RB Salzburg- estimated value £2m – Honours 2 Austrian League Titles, 2 Austrian Cups







    Bogdan Butko (27) Ukrainian (28 Caps) – Current Club Shaktar Donetsk- estimated value £2m – Honours 1 Ukrainian League Titles, 1 Ukrainian Cup, 1 UEFA U19 Championship

  16. Listen awe yoo ghuys!



    Nae sevco pain posts fae noo oan.



    Sheltick oanly.

  17. SEAN1916



    I’ll take any one of them…………..as long as they are over 6″ tall.

  18. mike in toronto on 30th April 2018 10:26 pm



    having trouble posting … but will see if this goes through



    Nat Know … I think you are right …



    RAR/ANL was Tom Robinson, Clash, etc… late 70’s and was tied in to the WSP, I think





    ANL was directly founded by SWP. However, Rock Against Racism was founded in 1976 by Red Saunders (a rock photographer), his friend Roger Huddle and a few others. It was the result of a letter to NME and a few other publications (including Melody Maker, Sounds and the Socialist Worker – hence the erroneous assumption it was the SWP who started it); the letter was a reaction to Eric Clapton saying at a gig in Birmingham “I think we should send them all back.”



    Saunders called Clapton out saying: “Come on Eric… Own up. Half your music is black. You’re rock music’s biggest colonist… We want to organise a rank and file movement against the racist poison music… we urge support for Rock against Racism. P.S. Who shot the Sheriff, Eric? It sure as hell wasn’t you!”



    As a result a number of events were held with the most famous one being 30th April 1978 (I was there as was Starry Plough and I’m sure probably a few others).



    There are some decent You Tube videos of the gig (mainly the Clash) and this link to Red Saunders recollection of the day.. This link also has several video links as well.





  19. If Stevie G does go to Poundland, the English press will pay considerably more attention to the game in Scotland. They might start looking into the weird things that have happened re Sevco. If they even attempt to treat Gerrard as they have their last 6 managers/coaches, the English based press will not take orders from Jabba. Could be interesting.

  20. SEÁNP1916



    Michael Lang again linked to a move to the Bundesliga after Basel’s failure to secure 9 in a row, heavily linked to Hanover in the January window, now said to be considering his options..



    Good player who I think would do a great job for us..




    Quoted as saying last summer ” I would only move to a big club”




  21. Davidopoulos on




    I remember now. I think they are all reasonable shouts as they are at level of the market we will be operating in. A RB i like is Hiroki Sakai at Marseille, I think he would fit our style but think the season that Marseille have had in Europe would probably put him out of our price range.

  22. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    I have seen Lang a few times and thought he might be an option for us.


    Good athlete. Can defend and attack. Can also play on the right of a back three or as a wing-back.


    Good age too.

  23. SeanP1916



    Your list of right backs includes a name that once got us a 3-0 win in Europe!



    Agent Bartosz- your cover may be blown!




  24. Davidopoulos on

    Liam Henderson was sent off last night as Serie B’s draw specialists, Bari, erm….drew…

  25. Tobago Street on




    Truth beauty and freedom – there are plenty of opportunities to discuss all those things…but you, TB&F choose to take the opportunity to berate your host. Ingrate




  26. May be wrong but I imagine Gerard was given a role at Anfield to allow him to develop a career in coaching. If Liverpool thought he had what it takes they’d want to keep him there, nurture him, move him up the ladder step by step until he was ready for the big job. On the other hand, if he is showing no real ability as a youth coach . . .

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