Patrick Roberts and getting the band back together


Patrick Roberts will finally be free of his well-compensated Manchester City contract next month.  The player made one appearance for his parent club in the seven years since joining from Fulham.  His two and a half years at Celtic between 2016 and 2018 remain his most celebrated, at the club where he has made more than twice as many appearances than any other.

It is hard to imagine, but four years ago, Patrick was the as Jota is today in almost every respect.  Having lit up our campaign from the wing, we all hoped to secure him on a permanent deal.  Patrick wanted to come too, but Pep Guardiola stopped a proposed £10m deal from proceeding.  I am sure he would walk from Sunderland to Celtic Park, if an offer was made.

What I know for sure is that we cannot base player assessments on what happened four years ago.  If we did, Patrick would be joined by Filip Benkovic at Lennoxtown.  The latter has made only 13 starts since leaving Celtic three years ago and none for Udinese, his current employer.

Last night, as I watched Patrick score the goal that took Sunderland to a Wembley play-off final and the chance of promotion to the EFP Championship, you could have tempted me to want him back.  He had an ability to create space in the most packed defences, something Celtic face more often than most teams.  He was built for Celtic Park.

Getting the band back together is fraught with difficulties.  Few return as effective as they were when they left.  Patrick needs to join (or stay with) a team operating at the top end of whatever league he plays in, one that spends most of their time attacking tight defensive formations.  Out of contract, he will be a bargain for someone.  Celtic have made far worse punts.


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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on

    VB- not sure how they’ve worked it out,Postcode plus first time account details?

  2. The relative progress of the careers of both Patrick and his friend KT, is interesting.

  3. Sláinte Ange on

    Anyone know about the extent of Liel Abada’s shoulder injury?



    I hope he can play a part in our title celebrations at Tannadice and Paradise.

  4. Garngad to Croy on

    I wish Paddy Bhoy all the very best wherever he ends up. (Apart from the Huns, of course, how long until the SMSM runs with that story?)

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  6. I suppose we were due a Paddy Roberts day…



    It’s difficult to think of any player less suited to Ange’s high press and running demands.

  7. Coneybhoy



    I thought I was undermining the sexism connotations of Michelle Mone’s tits with the picture I posted? No? Surely the purpose and target of the joke is the subject not the language which Is being undermined.



    Mind you- all jokes are useless if you have to explain that.

  8. !!BADA BING!!



    The guys I know often, depending on work, decide on the day of the game to attend DU games.



    They usually buy tickets on arrival, I think.

  9. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    ‘Getting the band back together is fraught with difficulties. Few return as effective as they were when they left’.



    So true for many facets of life, not just football.



    As I said to someone when asked about Neil Lennon’s appointment for a second term: never go back.

  10. Toaty Trumper @ 11.53



    You know nothing about politics — you are a moon howler who lives under a bridge.



    To you the only good Iraqi is a dead Iraqi who died after 2003.


    You want to know nothing about what happened between 1978 and 2003.



    For a City bean counter you have some strange “beliefs”.


    For a second rate troll you are pretty low rent.


    For a third rate erse licker you are unique on CQN.


    Enjoy your day.

  11. Paddy Roberts played with consummate skill & won the hearts of the Celtic support during his long-engagement, but unfortunately the expected marriage didn’t happen. “Love is lovelier the second time around” says the song – but in football the adage is “never go back”. I think on this occasion, the latter will apply.



    Young Karamoko is a frustrating saga – so highly praised and simmering in the background, but alas not quite ‘coming to the boil’. We have had a lot of young ‘nearly men’ with big expectations, e.g. Burchill, Watt, even Mikey, who staked a claim in the first-team squad, but for various reasons didn’t make it stick. Karamoko hasn’t yet reached that threshold, and sadly, I don’t think he will.

  12. PR — worth a punt.


    Might even re-energise the failing JF.



    Would look at the big RW who played for B/G against us.



    However our main efforts should be a top quality CB / LB / DM who can tackle.


    Plus a re-working of the B team squad and new coaching in the academy.

  13. Young KD — we treated him like a circus act.


    He was different / he was precocious — so we pushed him beyond endurance.



    This season has been very hard on him — the clogger in the pre-season game must be really proud of himself to see the damage he caused in a nothing game.



    Then you have the issue of BD at three years younger getting all the attention and the big move.



    If he goes then he goes.


    We do need to offer more support and wait to see what happens next.



    He probably needs a change of scene.

  14. Karaoke has definitely reached the threshold to be in the first team squad. You would have to be pretty unaware of Celtic player history to be unaware that he suffered a major injury in a pre-season game last July and did not appear in the B team until mid-February. He has got back to playing his best in recent months and was even offered encouragement by Ange when used as a sub in the first team in March. He was offered the same encouragement as Ben Doak was but, in Ben’s case, he was determined to go to Liverpool, and it looks like Karamoko will leave us also.



    It is a great shame that he is choosing this route but he is no Islam Feruz- failing to make the grade. And he is far superior to a Mark Burchill level of player. The boy has a serious chance of making it to a top level. He is no write off.

  15. Patrick Robert hasn’t a hope of playing for Ange.


    The off the ball work required is way beyond his capacity. I wouldn’t take him back and would be amazed if Ange does.

  16. If you are good you go.


    If you are not so good you stay until you get punted at 20/21 and the only offers come from the SCh — Not good.



    Youth prospects leaving us en masse — something must be badly wrong with the youths / academy set up.

  17. Paddy not for me, rather see young Moffat given a polish



    A little concerned that, it appears that Dundee United have a place in Europe to play for. We eed

  18. dearie me,


    back to slagging off the academy.



    I wonder if Paul might be tempted to pull the shutters down for a summer break as well.



    11 weeks without the negatories and the naysayers.



    sounds like bliss.

  19. Awards jokes ‘not appropriate’ but ‘a teaching moment’ – Ange Postecoglou







    Celtic: Awards jokes ‘not appropriate’ but ‘a teaching moment’ – Ange Postecoglou



    By Kheredine Idessane


    BBC Scotland


    Last updated on47 minutes ago47 minutes ago.


    From the sectionCeltic


    Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou


    Ange Postecoglou says he was ‘humbled’ to receive the manager of the year award


    Celtic’s Ange Postecoglou says jokes that prompted a walkout at Sunday’s Scottish Football Writers’ Association awards dinner were “not appropriate”.



    But the Australian, who received the manager of the year award, thinks it should be “a teaching moment” for the organisers and Scottish football.



    The SFWA has apologised after some guests described jokes by a speaker as “sexist, racist and homophobic”.



    “The content was probably not appropriate,” Postecoglou said.



    “To be honest, I don’t even know if it’s appropriate at anything. You can turn it into a controversy, but I just don’t think people learn anything from that – make it a teaching moment to be better for the people who have responsibility of organising those nights.”



    Does Rangers title win mark shift in women’s game?


    TV presenter Eilidh Barbour was among guests who left the event in protest following a speech by Bill Copeland, a lawyer who works on the after-dinner speaking circuit.



    She tweeted that she had “never felt so unwelcome in the industry”, while the speech was also criticised by Kick it Out, a campaign against racism in football, and Scottish Women’s Football chief executive Aileen Campbell.



    “You’ve always got to have empathy and walk in other people’s shoes to see how it affects them,” Postecoglou said. “Once we are all mindful of that, there will be less moments like that when people make mistakes because they have thought about it beforehand.”



    Postecoglou, who had earlier been named PFA Scotland manager of the year, received his latest award three days before Celtic have the opportunity to officially secure the Scottish Premiership title away to Dundee United.



    “It’s hugely humbling,” he said. “You receive that award on behalf of a group of people who have worked awfully hard to create something special this year.



    “Especially as, going into it, there wasn’t a great expectation of success, whether that was because of me and my background or the ground we had to make up. People recognise the challenge we had and how we’ve embraced that challenge.”



    A run of 30 league games without defeat has turned a four-point deficit on Rangers into a six-point lead over the reigning champions with two games remaining.



    “Thirty games ago, we were a fair way behind in terms of looking like a team that could end up being champions,” Postecoglou added.



    “We are under no illusions that we’ve got the opportunity to make it a special night.”

  20. quadrophenian on

    As was previously said by BB, Ange seemingly chatted to PR and decided the hunger wasn’t there:



    With a strong manager who does things his own way, why would he/we go backwards rather than forwards?


    From Ange’s press conference I just got the whiff he, somehow, doesn’t rate Jullien.


    Wonder if CJ would be a punt for a lowly ranked or newly promoted English side; mibby get wee bit less than our money back but off the wage bill? Shame, nice big player when his head’s on right.

  21. Yeti @ 1.09



    You are a happy clapper’s happy clapper.


    You are just PL’s pal in property who just claps to order.



    Meanwhile we lose any talent we have in the youths to clubs with a real coaching set up.


    But no matter clap away — if PL / DD are happy then you are happy.

  22. Karaoke has definitely reached the threshold to be in the first team squad.




    If he has reached it, then he has, regardless of impediments, never crossed it for any length of time – sort of a hokey-cokey experience. He has always looked an under-age team player to me – some youngsters, however talented, never fulfil their anticipated potential.



    Burchill, Watt, Karamoko & Mikey – I made no comparison between them in terms of ability – only their fate; which for the former two was away from Celtic, and for the latter duo, will, I believe, also be the case.

  23. Sftb









    Thanks v much for Ange presser you post.




  24. I wouldn’t want Roberts back.



    And I don’t think Dembele will make it to a higher level.

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