Patrick Roberts and getting the band back together


Patrick Roberts will finally be free of his well-compensated Manchester City contract next month.  The player made one appearance for his parent club in the seven years since joining from Fulham.  His two and a half years at Celtic between 2016 and 2018 remain his most celebrated, at the club where he has made more than twice as many appearances than any other.

It is hard to imagine, but four years ago, Patrick was the as Jota is today in almost every respect.  Having lit up our campaign from the wing, we all hoped to secure him on a permanent deal.  Patrick wanted to come too, but Pep Guardiola stopped a proposed £10m deal from proceeding.  I am sure he would walk from Sunderland to Celtic Park, if an offer was made.

What I know for sure is that we cannot base player assessments on what happened four years ago.  If we did, Patrick would be joined by Filip Benkovic at Lennoxtown.  The latter has made only 13 starts since leaving Celtic three years ago and none for Udinese, his current employer.

Last night, as I watched Patrick score the goal that took Sunderland to a Wembley play-off final and the chance of promotion to the EFP Championship, you could have tempted me to want him back.  He had an ability to create space in the most packed defences, something Celtic face more often than most teams.  He was built for Celtic Park.

Getting the band back together is fraught with difficulties.  Few return as effective as they were when they left.  Patrick needs to join (or stay with) a team operating at the top end of whatever league he plays in, one that spends most of their time attacking tight defensive formations.  Out of contract, he will be a bargain for someone.  Celtic have made far worse punts.


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  1. “Thirty games ago, we were a fair way behind in terms of looking like a team that could end up being champions, but somehow we wangled it” Postecoglou added.




  2. eyes down for cliche bingo , and



    burtons commandos


    failed property bean counter


    saint als


    £200m turnover


    saint ninians glee club


    new south stand


    james mccarthy will play more games than scott brown this season ……….

  3. M/M



    “Youth prospects leaving us en masse — something must be badly wrong with the youths / academy set up.”





    Every year the vast majority of our youth teams will leave because they failed to make the grade. It has always been thus. And it is the same in all clubs in all leagues. Ours is no different.



    It is designed to put a lot of potentially good youngsters through a churn ( or for more accurate metaphorical comparison- a series of sieves) in order to select the best few. The number of sieves has even increased in recent years when we are recruiting much more from foreign lands and not restricting ourselves to Scottish markets as we did up to the 70’s when Shaggy 1.0 was a novelty.



    The big clubs are able to turn the heads of the brightest of our prospects, if we do not offer them hope of playing time first and get them on contract. In the current climate, I would expect no more than 1 or 2 , in an exceptional year, to manage a break through season. That is evidenced by James Forrest, Callum McGregor and Kieran Tierney being the only ones who have done so- unless you add Tom Rogic and Kris Ajer to that list as guys who joined our reserves with little first team experience behind them.



    Going for 10 in a row has limited a manager’s ability to blood players successfully. A tight race this year has also limited Ange’s ability to do so. It is easier for a mid-table team to do so but despite teams like Dundee United having a good chance to offer such opportunities- their “star player” have been a youngster loaned in from Man U reserves.



    We have prospects in Lawal, Summers, Oluwayemi, Vata and Moffat but they are up against Senior Internationalists on our bench and have to be better than them to earn a manager’s trust. Every year reserve coaches are surprised when some previously moderate or overlooked prospect has a late flourishing. We missed out on prospects like NAdy Robertson, Pat Nevina nd John Collins because of this. Maybe it will be Ewan Otoo or Adam Brooks or McKenzie Carse who will be first to make the breakthrough.



    Ange strikes me as a guy willing to give youth a chance but, even so, do not expect 4 or 5 of them to replace current first team squad players as Ange will be recruiting worldwide and not just from Lennoxtown.

  4. Yeti @ all too often this afternoon / 1.26



    I would get some new patter if I were you.

  5. Madmitch


    Would appreciate if you just type the surname of the plYER or abbreviate without the vowels positions on the park, like text, then I could pick things up better as your contributions are interesting.

  6. Controversy at the Scottish football writers awards. An event, organised by and for ‘journalists’. Other descriptions are available.


    Rather than any of them comment, they ask one of the prize winners on the night for his opinion of their arrangements?


    That is some inverted shit.

  7. LAMBERT14 on 10TH MAY 2022 1:42 PM



    I’m still wondering why he’s talking about Kenny Dalglish.



    I susect something has been lost in translation.

  8. JHB



    “f he has reached it, then he has, regardless of impediments, never crossed it for any length of time





    Karamoko has just turned 19. He has been picked by England at under 15, 17 and 18 level. He lost a reserve year to covid cancellation in season 2020/21 and 9 months to injury in season 2021/22. He hasn’t “failed” to make a breakthrough- he has been prevented from doing so. Ange still saw enough of him to put him in the squad because he wants him here. The reason he is no longer in the squad is the same reason as Ben Doak is not there. He is not signing a contract- that is a whole lot different from being released, having failed to make it.



    It is the difference between the situations of Aaron Hickey (we wanted him) and Liam Henderson (we chose to let him go).



    It is the difference between the situations of Adams, Doak, Morrison and Hepburn (raided by other clubs when we wanted to keep them) and Afolabi, McInroy, Connell etc (loaned out and did not impress enough to want them back).



    I swear we are back to the Kojo days where the least informed (guys who never see Celtic play), about the reserve players performances and situations are the most cocksure in their pronouncements.

  9. PR, is this the extent of our scouting.



    Surely son of Lawwell is going to change all that approach to recruitment.


    Or maybe not.

  10. There were 2 Sunderland players that caught my eye last night Jack Clarke and I think his name was Cretin ,Celtic should be looking at them 2,as for Dembele he will be away in the summer,Patrick Roberts no thanks.

  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Timbhoy- Clarke signed for Spurs from Leeds for about £11million about 2 years ago, he will be on loan to Sunderland

  12. My preference would be to keep Dembele, I think he is ready and really hope he stays to develope in the Angeball system.



    Liked Paddy Roberts- great composure not sure if he fits the system now.

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Dembele is very much worth persevering with IMO, an issue might be his size,when you stand next to him,you see how slight he actually is,I’m sure the sport science guys will be working on him.

  14. From previous THREAD…BIG JIMMY on 10TH MAY 2022 11:36 AM


    SLÁINTE ANGE on 10TH MAY 2022 9:13 AM










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    I will NOT allow CHUMPS, especially LYING CHUMPS to Post any LIES about me on here or anywhere else, without responding.





    If that makes me somewhat ” Childish” in your eyes….I couldnt give a TOSS !

  15. !!BADA BING!! on 10TH MAY 2022 2:04 PM




    He’s 20mm shorter than Messi.



    Mind you Messi didn’t start his career in Scotland wearing the Hoops. Probably wouldn’t have lasted a season.

  16. MADMITCH on 10TH MAY 2022 1:35 PM


    Yeti @ all too often this afternoon / 1.26







    I would get some new patter if I were you.




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  17. St Tams,



    Might be nice if you could give the new Recruitment Manager his real name,and not the “Petted lip”title,”Son of Lawwell”.


    Celtic supporters,my ass.Too busy with your little pet hates and agendas.Away and grow up.

  18. For a youth player to be handed a first team jersey, and keep it, he will require a great deal of talent and a huge slice of luck. We are in a perennial two horse race for the league title so Celtic managers tend to stick with the tried, tested, and trusted. When KT was handed the jersey by Ronny D, we were in a one horse race so KT was allowed the luxury of a wide margin of error, without it impacting on our final league position at the time. He grabbed the opportunity in the most fantastic way possible.



    Our current midfield can be defined as having three distinct categories :


    Cat1. Jersey : McGregor


    Cat2. Reasonable chance of a jersey: Rogic, O’Riley, Hatate, Turnbull, Ideguchi


    Cat3. Very little chance of a jersey: Bitton, McCarthy, Soro



    The fact that we only have one player guaranteed a jersey would indicate that Ange doesn’t yet think that he has a team that “picks itself” . I would expect that to change next season. If we were to sign an elite midfielder for the new season then the guys in cat2 may end up in cat3. Cat3 will become League Cup Albion Rovers at home types.


    Pro football at the top level is brutal, good luck, and well done, to any young Scottish player who can make a living from it.


    Apologies for the somewhat pathetic categories, it’s much easier on excel with pivot and lookup tables.

  19. Paddy Roberts was born to play for us.Showed that in his time with us,sadly a bad injury hampered his second season.Man City,the real culprits in this,chose to hamper the kids career,and ,as many of them do,Chelsea,etc,hawcked him around on loan.Not easy for any kid,why so many fail.


    There was no profit in selling him to us,so that was Paddy’s tea oot.


    Wish him all the best.Showed his old brilliance with the 40 yard run to score last night.A joy to watch for us,and some great memories.

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    Looking out for your next beer frenzy — might pop by and say hello.



    Should be back in circulation come August.

  25. TURKEYBHOY on 10TH MAY 2022 2:47 PM




    ‘I will not go into the reasons why I say that’








    That’s a pity.



    i’m sure we would all have been entertained by your grasp of Medieval Latin.

  26. “Thank you for your interest. We regret to inform you that we will not open on Tuesday the 17th or Wednesday the 18th due to circumstances beyond our control.



    We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause. We hope you enjoy your stay in Seville and have a safe return journey.”




    RandomPubsSeville CSC

  27. I checked my email documents there, and really strangely one I posted at 20 past one yesterday I can find, but the one at quarter past ewight I cant.



    whats going on.

  28. Big Jimmy,


    around August someone will come in to the shipbank and say “its me mad mitch” and it definately wont be me this time.

  29. So we are talking on here about the merits of Patrick Roberts and military man MadMitch manages to use this in order to take a dig at ‘failing JF”. I assume he is referring to James Forrest. Another case of don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. Forrest came on as a late sub on Saturday and got an assist as he set up the fourth goal. Jimmy Hill talked more sense than MM.

  30. Tom McLaughlin on

    On the eve of yet another league title and celebration of Angeball, CQN has last night and today been peppered with a whole series of bitter one-to-one feuds. All very undignified to say the least.



    What has happened to this dear green place?



    I’ll try again tomorrow afternoon.

  31. Thanks again for all the kinds good wishes pre op. This game went into extra time and penalties but the surgeons and staff NHS are truly awesome and dealt with it routinely. Now got a few days recovery after they patched things up.



    Great memories flooding back today of Celtics 2 previous league wins at Tannadice. TB scoring with his right foot against a strong United team to win 3-2 and the famous JvH 1-0 on Tommy Burns Thursday. Great and emotional memories.



    Symmetry too. We could win at the ground we officially lost the league at last season



    I would settle for the same score we had in the league earlier in the season. Goals in the first half to calm the nerves of course. Would love to be there but for once I am happy to chill and pick up a feed in the Hospital.



    Just when you think you can’t love big Ange any more he pulls the dignity rug from under them all with his thoughts re the Bill Copeland scenario.


    And he claims to have limited media experience !

  32. Alashkert


    We’re very close to eliminating thems for Europa before their run even got started methinks.



    The gap between rank failure and heroic success can be wafer thin in cup competitions.



    The league on the other hand rarely allows the poorer team to win over the season.