Patrick Roberts and getting the band back together


Patrick Roberts will finally be free of his well-compensated Manchester City contract next month.  The player made one appearance for his parent club in the seven years since joining from Fulham.  His two and a half years at Celtic between 2016 and 2018 remain his most celebrated, at the club where he has made more than twice as many appearances than any other.

It is hard to imagine, but four years ago, Patrick was the as Jota is today in almost every respect.  Having lit up our campaign from the wing, we all hoped to secure him on a permanent deal.  Patrick wanted to come too, but Pep Guardiola stopped a proposed £10m deal from proceeding.  I am sure he would walk from Sunderland to Celtic Park, if an offer was made.

What I know for sure is that we cannot base player assessments on what happened four years ago.  If we did, Patrick would be joined by Filip Benkovic at Lennoxtown.  The latter has made only 13 starts since leaving Celtic three years ago and none for Udinese, his current employer.

Last night, as I watched Patrick score the goal that took Sunderland to a Wembley play-off final and the chance of promotion to the EFP Championship, you could have tempted me to want him back.  He had an ability to create space in the most packed defences, something Celtic face more often than most teams.  He was built for Celtic Park.

Getting the band back together is fraught with difficulties.  Few return as effective as they were when they left.  Patrick needs to join (or stay with) a team operating at the top end of whatever league he plays in, one that spends most of their time attacking tight defensive formations.  Out of contract, he will be a bargain for someone.  Celtic have made far worse punts.


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  1. Think the Paddy Roberts notion is nice, great Celtic hair but downhill all the way since James Forrest great Celtic hair, eclipsed him in his second season loan period. He wanted to come permanently? but he didn’t, and I agree with others Man City look complicit for his lack of career success.



    The Mark Lawwell link promises much if Celtic shop again in good shops, we haven’t signed a player from the City group that wasn’t a success, but I believe Paddy is one of these players that just doesn’t string games together, wherever he goes.

  2. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    I cant see how it can not end in a riot, they think this is their Lisbon! First up they are convinced they are going to win and cannot see that happening, Eintracht will be in dialogue with Dortmund and Leipzig, German efficiency will over come. The heat of course will get to them straightaway, they will all be dead tired from the journey getting there and chokin with thirst, copious amount of alcohol will be taken.



    100,000 drunk angry disappointed bears are not going to be heading home quietly. Poor Seville, if they think this is going to be like when we were there they are in for one helluva shock. 3 – 0 Eintracht

  3. !!Bada Bing!! on

    West Ham fans, who never re-sold their tickets, along with Chelsea casuals, will be a ready made excuse for the SMSM

  4. Hrvatski Jim on

    Rangers itinerary for next week:


    March from Ibrox to George Square


    Drive to Newcastle


    Drive to Midlands – visit Aston Villa and Wolverhampton


    Go to Manchester city center and on to airport


    Catch a flight to Barcelona


    Go to Pamplona


    Arrive in Seville and resume 2009 hostilities

  5. Dundee Utd have sold their full Celtic allocation of 6,000 tickets and do not want any more fenian ba8tards dancing around their ground celebrating the Ange 55

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Rumour Douglas Park’s boy,punting Seville tickets for 3k a go…..allegedly

  7. !!BADA BING!! on 10TH MAY 2022 6:12 PM


    Rumour Douglas Park’s boy,punting Seville tickets for 3k a go…..allegedly







    Good money for the club.

  8. Weebobbycollins on

    I don’t believe there will be trouble in Seville. I think the fans will behave themselves and be a credit to Scotland. They will probably drink only freshly pressed orange juice rather than alcohol. They will likely visit the Cathedral and be so impressed they will convert to Catholicism or go to the Alcazar complex, resulting in some converting to Islam. For sure the police will treat them nicely and give them a very warm welcome.


    Rangers…150 years of extending the hand of friendship…

  9. Several callers to Clyde last few days talked about 65 Euro price tickets being allocated to them FREE OF CHARGE.



    Would be really suprised if Parks son was doing any over the top selling.

  10. prestonpans bhoys on

    I would allow them fan zones, outside of the town and surrounded by riot police. With an extra measure of local militia armed with machine guns👍👏👏

  11. Why do you never get the player back that left? Weird. Must be a psychological thing. Mind you Ronaldo is hammering them in at Utd. Losing 4 to Brighton must be their rock bottom. The club has lost itself over a long time.

  12. There’s a perfectly accessible limestone quarry outside of Seville.


    There really shouldn’t be a problem here

  13. For what it’s worth my second club after Celtic is Annan Athletic. They are playing the first leg of the play off for league 1 tonight against Edinburgh

  14. McPhail Bhoy on

    There will be trouble in Seville. Win or lose they celebrate by smashing up places, fighting each other and pissing themselves, it’s in their DNA. Just like their ‘celebrations’ last year in George square after winning the league. Unlike Police Scotland, who stand by and watch, the Guardia Civil will beat them forty shades of blue.

  15. MCPHAIL BHOY on 10TH MAY 2022 7:02 PM


    There will be trouble in Seville. Win or lose they celebrate by smashing up places, fighting each other and pissing themselves, it’s in their DNA.






    Without going too deep on the subject, I once had a lecturer at Henley MC who delivered a learning outcome about business evolution over time. Professor of something his stuff was brilliant (so much I forget his name !).



    He majored on why the Protestant empires succeeded more, England becoming Great Britain , Flanders becoming Netherlands, their expansion being more parliamentarian and asking more people richer, because less religious involvement in the state. Brilliant knowledge of London guilds and them investing in the plantation, then the colonies



    So why tell this well he was also a posh Arsenal fan, and could put many thinks into a context of modern day football hooliganism and what makes a group of men behave the way they do. Cultural background, where they grew up, “klannish” belongings so on and so forth.



    He had a particular justification around Rangers supporters and the Orange heritage, only really loyal when doing what they want and getting rewarded for it. Sure for hundreds of years , every year, regardless of political circumstances, in peace time, and even war-time, there would be riots after a walk, and catholics burnt out of their homes.


    His belief was that has seeped into even the modern (sic) Rangers supporter , No surrender, never defeated, is still a default psyche.



    It is worth a ponder.



    He expanded on this with the clan system up here leaving in a scottish context that carrying a knife, a chib, and using is inbuild in many.



    One thing I do know there will be no riots at Tannadice no matter how many go ticketless or dont get in, only celebrations should we win , lose or draw.

  16. SAINT STIVS on 10TH MAY 2022 7:18 PM



    Spain and Portugal didn’t have empires?

  17. Weebobbycollins on

    It’s definitely not healthy to hate however, that wee Dick Campbell gets on my Michelle Mones.


    Sorry Eilidh…

  18. SAINT STIVS on 10TH MAY 2022 7:18 PM



    Your average hun is brought up to fear and loathe, to a greater or lesser extent, Catholicism and all it entails.



    Just going to a city like Seville must be a strain on their nerves. So much of the culture is alien and threatening to them.



    The best way of dealing with them would be water cannon, with a priest reciting the Baptsmal Rites by loudhailer. That would sort them out.

  19. Anybody know what was said at the awards evening – Ange was asked about it in the press conference today

  20. Weebobbycollins on



    “…The best way of dealing with them would be water cannon, with a priest reciting the Baptsmal Rites by loudhailer. That would sort them out.”




  21. ERNIE LYNCH on 10TH MAY 2022 7:21 PM


    SAINT STIVS on 10TH MAY 2022 7:18 PM







    Spain and Portugal didn’t have empires?






    they were used as the counter, Brittania and the Netherlands won the sea battles and really did rule the waves going on to dominate world trade fro 250 years.



    the royal navy, the dutch india company, effectively under government licence to invade places and steal their worth.



    etc etc.

  22. ADI_DASSLER NOT FOR 2ND BEST on 10TH MAY 2022 7:46 PM





    someone on here typed a reference to tenko and the railway in regard to our over worked players.



    we have our own problems to weed out, unfortunately moderator wasnt around.

  23. No, no and no again



    Ruined his career all by himself and will never fit our style



    No idea why this article was posted Paul67; it should not happen if we are progressing