Patrick Roberts and getting the band back together


Patrick Roberts will finally be free of his well-compensated Manchester City contract next month.  The player made one appearance for his parent club in the seven years since joining from Fulham.  His two and a half years at Celtic between 2016 and 2018 remain his most celebrated, at the club where he has made more than twice as many appearances than any other.

It is hard to imagine, but four years ago, Patrick was the as Jota is today in almost every respect.  Having lit up our campaign from the wing, we all hoped to secure him on a permanent deal.  Patrick wanted to come too, but Pep Guardiola stopped a proposed £10m deal from proceeding.  I am sure he would walk from Sunderland to Celtic Park, if an offer was made.

What I know for sure is that we cannot base player assessments on what happened four years ago.  If we did, Patrick would be joined by Filip Benkovic at Lennoxtown.  The latter has made only 13 starts since leaving Celtic three years ago and none for Udinese, his current employer.

Last night, as I watched Patrick score the goal that took Sunderland to a Wembley play-off final and the chance of promotion to the EFP Championship, you could have tempted me to want him back.  He had an ability to create space in the most packed defences, something Celtic face more often than most teams.  He was built for Celtic Park.

Getting the band back together is fraught with difficulties.  Few return as effective as they were when they left.  Patrick needs to join (or stay with) a team operating at the top end of whatever league he plays in, one that spends most of their time attacking tight defensive formations.  Out of contract, he will be a bargain for someone.  Celtic have made far worse punts.


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  1. JD @ 10.28



    FMcC or a person with a similar level of vision would not be welcome at P/head today.



    His ideas would be considered too risky for the current ruling families to take them on.



    They just want an easy life dealing with a simple world that focuses on our friends in Govan.



    They make their money and it keeps enough of the support happy to make things tick over.



    Stagnation is what they want — 20 years and counting.


    Anybody that looks as if they are going to rock the boat is shown the door.



    AP was an inside job — known / cheap / “pliable” with little ego / efficient / resourceful / active / engaging — however there are signs that they didn’t fully understand the man and now that he is here in Europe he want’s to make his mark in European football as well. We are now a JB movie — The SPL is not enough.



    New LB — seems progress is being made.


    New CB — interesting to see what happens.


    New DM — this will define next season.


    New B team core / attitude — gravy but badly needed.



    The money is there.


    AP has the ambition.


    Will the board deliver?

  2. Looks like a couple of posters saying casual racism is not real but real racism is.



    Couple a bawheids.



    Racism is racism and is despicable in any form, get that in your thich heads.



    Feckin animals.



    D :)

  3. SLÁINTE ANGE on 11TH MAY 2022 11:11 AM


    Does anyone here know the extent of Kiel Abada’s shoulder injury?








    I reckon it will extend from around his neck to his upper arm.

  4. Regarding the graphic of the league winners from the 1960s onwards, we have dominated every decade from then until now bar the 1990s. And we know how they achieved that.


    Extraordinary. Even more so when you consider how badly we were being run at board level for three of those decades.

  5. Tom McLaughlin on

    Police Scotland allocate a security category to all football matches.



    The following games are Category A



    Celtic v Rangers


    Rangers v Celtic


    Hibs v Hearts


    Hearts v Hibs


    Hibs v Celtic


    Hibs v Rangers


    Hearts v Celtic


    Hearts v Rangers


    Aberdeen v Celtic


    Aberdeen v Rangers



    Category A means that you cannot purchase a ticket unless you have been registered with the home club for a minimum of one year and have purchased match tickets in that period.



    Registered means the club has your name and address on file following a previous purchase.



    I can log into Aberdeen FC and purchase a home ticket for Aberdeen v St Johnstone but if I log into Hearts FC or walk into their ticket office and ask for a home ticket for Hearts v Celtic I have no chance.



    It is clear that tonight’s Dundee United v Celtic match was NOT classified as Category A, allowing Celtic supporters to login and buy home tickets without hindrance.



    The Tannadice club has somehow got wind of this and cancelled tickets purchased from a non-Tayside address where it is the first purchase from that address. So an ex-Tayside purchases which is not the first purchase from that address will not be cancelled.



    In other words, they have retrospectively re-classified the match as Category A.



    I would question the legality of such a move.

  6. Slavery — at some point we need to move away from the tripe they teach at Nat5.


    Huge ongoing issue that has been with us for as long as we have been civilised — go figure.



    The current focus — as taught in the schools — only scratches the surface and so for far too many it is the only element of slavery that they re familiar with.



    Too many think that wringing you hands and beating yourself about a limited set of events of 200/300 years ago is enough while missing all the economic / physical exploitation that is going on around us today.



    The Atlantic slave trade was horrible bit its current high visibility is down to the fact that it has the best records / detailed history rather than it was any worse than the other slave trading instances that preceded it or were happening at the same time.



    It might be that the “Enlightenment” that we boast about for our intellectual progress in the 18th century rings hollow when it is considered against the industrial scale enterprise of human misery that we were involved in with the power elites in West and Central Africa.



    The whole focus on the Atlantic slave trade is just another element in our own insularity — we are only interested in us and what we did — nothing about the detail of the societies that we inter-acted with and how they influenced us.



    The economics of sugar vs spice — discuss.


    The trading arrangements of the Atlantic Ocean vs Indian Ocean — discuss



    If you don’t want to understand these elements then slavery is beyond you.

  7. Reports suggesting Newcastle interested in CCV.I am a bit wary.Agent talk?.


    I would imagine they would have their sights higher than CCV.


    Anyway,if he does go there,bench warmer,we still have Jullien.Just when did he become a poor CH.So many with a could not care less attitude to him.Clueless with very short memories.


    I know how good he is.

  8. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 11TH MAY 2022 11:20 AM



    Legality doesn’t come in to it unless there are protected characteristics involved. They can decide who gets a ticket.



    It sucks, but it is what it is.

  9. TMcL @ 11.20



    DU does what suits DU.


    They are not here to provide a platform to us or our support.


    It is their home game — their gaff / their rules.



    If they want to pass on free money then that is up to them.


    They are responsible for their stadium so they have quite a lot of leeway to allow them to keep the peace.



    Fan segregation is the cornerstone of modern crowd control so it should not be a surprise that they are cancelling home section tickets where they have concerns that the purchaser is a CFC fan.



    We do not have a right to access DU’s ground in numbers above the SPFL guidelines.



    To get your knickers in a twist over it is just big team expectancy / entitlement.

  10. TB @ 11.25



    CJ is focused on other parts of the football universe outside P/head.


    Great talent / footballer but over emotional.


    His long layoff has not helped.



    All the signs suggest he is for the off.


    If he goes — he goes.



    CCV is improving but he has his limits / he has his value.


    If he goes — he goes.

  11. D66 @ 11.12



    Would you like to expand your thoughts on racism — casual or otherwise?


    Interested to hear your thoughts.

  12. New LB on the horizon — he is not going to be very happy with the main stand.


    He is used to playing in a high tech / modern ground not a 90’s icon with a 70’s relic attached.



    Time to get the CFC Bonds idea up and running.


    We have so many property professionals on here that it would be a piece of cake.

  13. Tom McLaughlin on




    When I said I questioned the legality, I meant the cancelling of tickets already purchased.

  14. Toaty Trumper @ 11.50



    Any chance you could expand your comments about casual racism?


    A couple of sentences would suffice to get your idea across.



    For the record I probably agree — TMcL was being very hard on the “Arabs” this morning.

  15. TURKEYBHOY – Has to be paper talk, Maybe 1-2 seasons ago but Newcastle’s new backers have unlimited funds and can affford much better CHs than CCV.


    I think he will probably move on, perhaps to a newly promoted club or a Leeds/Norwich/Crystal Palace type. He has done his reputation a lot of good by playing for us and will probably want to cash in on that while he can.


    I would like to think that for 5-7 million we could cherry pick a really good CH or two from Scandinavia. They have always done well for us.

  16. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 11TH MAY 2022 11:54 AM









    When I said I questioned the legality, I meant the cancelling of tickets already purchased.








    They will have been sold subject to the condition that the purchaser is not an away supporter.



    So you’d be onto plums if you decide to sue.

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