Patrick Thistle v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 12.30.

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  1. Today’s starting line up ……




    Bain ; Gamboa, Hendry, Ajer , Izaguirre; Brown, Ntcham; Johnston, Rogic Sinclair; Griffiths



    Subs: Gordon, Simunovic, Dembele, Hayes,Lustig,McGregor, Forrest

  2. Was about to pos on last blog


    Embramike where’s the team – where’s the team embramike ??



    Little did I know, he was looking in and waiting to pounce ?

  3. Ive never seen Johnston play. Im looking forward to this. Hope the pitch is in good condition. Should be at this stage.

  4. NORRIEM on 18TH AUGUST 2018 11:35 AM


    Was about to pos on last blog


    Embramike where’s the team – where’s the team embramike ??



    They seek him here, they see him there …..

  5. Madmitch @ 11.06



    However PL still calls the shots badly is the general agreement and the bonuses keep getting collected



    I agree Peter Lawwell is a very powerful and influential figure in Scottish Football but it shouldn’t amount to the Celtic Internet going full Follow Follow on him.



    He’s been very successful ‘in the main,’ with varying degrees of the speculate to accumulate type detractors and other downright haters, who just have to, well……………hate.



    His influence on ‘how much we pay’ for players is probably the most hyperbolic extremes of the Celtic internet but bean counter or book keeper, he isn’t.



    As you know it’s not he, that sets his own bonus, he merely gets to spend it, the heated drives and such like.



    There is no doubt that when the dust settles on yet another title and Scottish Cup final , – Celtic don’t begin a race to sign more mega players, crammed in before we play Lincoln Red Imps or whoever.



    You could argue with the plan, as you do, I hope we’re as successful as we are if it changes for next year.

  6. Right pub time.



    Ffs sky sports is it a crisis at Celtic, in the name of the wee man.






    D. :)

  7. Ayr United beat Partick Thistle twice recently 2-0 in both games. My mates are season ticket holders at Somerset Park and told me Thistle are rank rooted, we should easily beat this mob today.



    Wee Mikey to shine today!

  8. Some recent discussion about the reasonably priced much needed possible additions to the squad brings to mind the following considerations for some new players …


    o the transfer fee – we have limits


    o the expected salary – a £5m fee player could expect 2 or more times our wage offer


    o Scotland is north west of Europe, not mediterranean – weather, culture, home travel issues


    o the SPFL is not regarded as one of Europe’s strongest leagues


    o not everyone has the passion for Celtic that we have – it’s a job


    The transfer fee is only one part of the equation unfortunately

  9. David 66



    I think you’ll find Sky Via Andy Walker said there was no crisis at Parkhead.



    Unlike some on CQN.




  10. Since yesterday my CQN keeps on freezing.



    Any technical advice would be greatly appreciated.

  11. “The Scottish FA have announced current procurator fiscal depute Clare Whyte as their new compliance offer.”



    Anyone know anything about Ms Whyte?



  12. Silver City 1888 on

    Is this what they call squad management? But all bar one, excuse my ignorance, are kent names.

  13. celticrollercoaster on

    ALL SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    £500 pledged for the 3 holes. Thank you very much “WeeOscar4Life”, “CQN Loves Wee Oscar” and “TeamOscarForever” will be the name of our holes.



    From Twitter:



    The Oscar Knox Fund ? ?






    6m6 minutes ago






    We have a few holes still to be sponsored if anyone would like to support. £100 per hole. All proceeds to childhood cancer research! #OscarKnoxCup ?⛳




    Wouldn’t it be good to have a “CQN Love Wee Oscar” hole?



    I will go £20. Anybody want to contribute £5, £10 or £20 to help me get to £100.



    The legacy goes on in Wee Oscar’s name to help other kids



    Email me at cqnpredictor@gmail.com



    More than a PL loving football blog :-)

  14. Afternoo All…



    Partick Thistle 0-3 Celtic



    JIMBO @ 9:57 AM,



    That wasn’t really my point…



    My guess, as Boyata did not sign the contract extension before he went to the World Cup, most of us thought he was looking at the World Cup to increase his profile and make the decision on his future on completion of his World Cup exploits – fair dos…



    So on his return he’d either sign an extension with Celtic or as most thought, reinforced by some very professional displays at the top level that Boyata was for the off.



    No dramas…



    The fact Fulham were prepared to pay circa £10M meant there was a Q from CQNers to be his Airport Driver & Escort…



    What transpired was on the eve of his transfer BR stated…



    …“You get £10 million for Dedryck, as an example, but where do you then go and get another centre half off that?” said Rodgers. “One who would help you go get through this Champions League qualifying campaign and for the rest of the season.



    “It has to make sense in every way and at this moment in time it doesn’t.



    “For Dedryck, of course, he is in his last year so in six months’ time he can do a pre-contract with someone if he wants to move.



    “My focus is on keeping the squad as strong as we possibly can at this moment. We are down on players.



    “I think it’s one of those precarious situations where he is in the last year of his deal, but you also have to weigh up where it’s at and the importance of the competition and the importance of him to our team. Like I say, unless you have a replacement of equal quality, or better, which would be very, very difficult, then of course you can’t lose your best players at this time. It didn’t surprise me that there was interest in him, especially with his last 18 months and then his World Cup, but it shows you that he’s a good player who is rated highly but I will be really happy to keep him here.”






    So, Brendan wanted to keep Boyata as at this stage he obviously couldn’t replace him for our UCL Campaign. If we had brought a “quality” CH as a replacement earlier in the window and got him bedded in. Then chances are Brendan would have sanctioned the Boyata move.






    Hail Hail



    Hail Hail


    HOT SMOKED on 18TH AUGUST 2018 12:01 PM



    do you thin she knows the oooooooooffffffffff …………………………rule.



    sssssssttttttttoooooonewaller …….rule.

  16. Not a fan of wholesale changes like this. It’s a collection of players we’re fielding – not a team. We’ve done this before under MON and NFL and been badly burned – particularly in cup ties where there’s no second chance.





    Not a thing.



    A quick google search of “Crown office Glasgow” and “sectarian” may give an idea of the prevailing winds.



    Reference to the PF’s metodology in Wilson’s trial after the Neil Lennon incident is another.

  18. Would have liked Kouassi to play instead of Brown.


    Unfair judgement last week after being thrown in at the theatre of brutality.


    Our use of this player smacks of bad man management.


    This was a good situation to help his confidence and a chance to see if he and Ntcham are a viable partnership.


    Don’t think we will ever know if he is capable or not unless his game time improves.


    One game every few months will never get him up to speed.

  19. A few more changs than I thought there would be.



    A very strong bench to rescue the situation if it needs rescuing.



    We can all read the runes in a team selection like this and I guess most of us will arive back at what we initially believed about the state of Celtic.



    Me, I just want a win- any kind of win today- so we stay in this competition.



    Oh! And no more injuries.

  20. glendalystonsils on

    I think several of those ‘rested’ today didn’t do themselves justice on Tuesday and Brendan is right to shake things up. Not singling out anyone but, for example, Craig Gordon’s kicking was very poor, so why should he be an automatic pick? James Forrest likewise has been excellent recently but didn’t do enough ,for me, on Tuesday.



    And of course, this is an ideal game to do it.

  21. FAN-A-TIC on 18TH AUGUST 2018 12:15 PM


    Don’t see Kouassi being at CP much longer. Possibly a loan move for a season to get some game time, but a million miles away from being even potential Brown successor as defensive midfield. We need to sign someone for that position and let the bhoy go away and play regularly

  22. Good morning from a hot humid Easter seaboard.


    Brendan with an eye on the midweek game.Why no Ryan Christie?

  23. Just one comment on today’s selection to start at Frhill.


    Will someone please send round a cold cloth to soothe the tumescent trousers at BBCSportsound and Sky Sports studios?



    Anyway, on we go, Hail! Hail! To us all, we’re glad to be Celtic supporters.

  24. GG on 18TH AUGUST 2018 12:21 PM



    Christie has no future at Celtic. Wouldn’t be surprised is he ends up back at Aberdeen permanently.

  25. Be interesting to see how Emilio has fared since we last seen him. Mikey Johnston to star today. Thought Morgan would have got a place on the bench.

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