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  1. Delaneys Dunky on

    Just heard fae a Mancunian Tim that Brendan Rodgers was at the Etihad today. Watching a certain Huddersfield player rumoured down here.



  2. DELANEYS DUNKY on 19TH AUGUST 2018 10:54 PM



    I doubt we could afford anyone on that pitch. Most likely there to observe Citeh against a diddy team with a low black defence and maybe learn something and/or perhaps to discuss some players out of the picture down there with their high heid yins.

  3. Just a thought before I go to bed – I’ve seen comments from Tim’s on Twitter about the hubs getting their new manager everything they’ve asked for and the great new centre backs they’ve signed – if they are that good why did we not sign them?



    I was also thinking that yesterday after we put Moussa James and Callum on the park we took control. When we play our best available players we will win the vast majority of the time.



    This time last year I watched aceltic team featuring KT at centre half, kouassi, benyu and Hayes absolutely batter a killie team that wasn’t too much different from the one that lined up today. We were all raving about strength in depth. It’s a funny old game. ( what happened to the boy who played left back that night? Miller?)



    My own theory is that most of the top 6 Scottish teams have improved – apart from us. But we still have the best first 11 and probably the two best players in most positions in the country. But we need an injection of quality to give the squad a lift/ kick up the butt!



    Apologies for the rambling post but I needed to get that rubbish out of my head……..




  4. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Watched a bit of a game today. Rubbish defending on show. Fullbacks that couldnae stop crosses, central defenders not picking up runners in the box, and conceding penalties with idiotic, unnecessary tackles.


    If only we had the money to spend on a defence like Manure’s… oh, wait a minute…


    Atleastourmobcostfeckall CSC



  5. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I thought Izzy played some sensational forward passes on Saturday…


    … I am sure our coaches will soon batter such fancy Dan notions out of him, and get him to hit slower crab like passes, like the rest of our players.


    🦀 CSC

  6. Viva LA Celtic!


    To, PAUL67, BMCUWP, CQNer’s, and to all Celtic supporters world wide who read these sacred pages. I offer all of you, my humblest apologies for my post which caused so much pain, so much upset, and did so much damage to these pages, Im so, sorry for being so bad and, thoughtless, offensive and down right wicked, I’m sorry. I now ask you to reach to places, that you’ve probably not reached before, and I hope that you all can find forgiveness, in the hope that we can move on from this horrible episode. I pray for you all, every day, no matter what conclusion you all arrive at, I will still hold you all in my heart.


    I would like to make a suggestion.


    If you find it in your heart to forgive, if I’m allowed to post again, I propose to drop the word – Jungle – from my moniker, as it might be a constant reminder of our conflicts.


    I will try to come back in a couple of day’s if I’m allowed.


    Yours hopefully, Kev.


    Hail Hail



    I thought Izzy played some sensational forward passes on Saturday…



    Said to bhoys, his weight of pass was excellent, Sinky seemed to pick the ball up quicker with defenders on the turn…




    i) We now have half a dozen players of the quality we require. Transfers, retirements, our gruelling schedule and injuries mean that is difficult to keep these players every game and count on them long term



    ii) We have half a dozen good SPFL players as good, if not better than any in the division in their position



    iii) Then we have the fringe players coming through the ranks

  9. Good morning all hope everyone had a grand weekend…



    Apologies for the partial post @ 5:47…



    Men and multi-tasking eh!






    i) We now have half a dozen players of the quality we require. Transfers, retirements, our gruelling schedule and injuries mean that is difficult to keep these players; every game and count on them long term



    ii) We have half a dozen good SPFL players as good, if not better than any in the division in their position



    iii) Then we have the fringe players coming through the ranks and players who have not made the grade, several have had loan deals.



    When, as on Saturday, we play the cat ii) & iii) players we should be good enough to get a result in most SPL and League Cup games but it’s a clear fact, these players often struggle, sometimes against much lesser opposition.



    When we bring on our cat i) players the difference is clear, we seem to move up a few levels, we stride like a thoroughbred.



    It’s a clear fact, we need more quality players in certain positions and need to once again improve our Academy output.



    It may take a few Windows to get that “quality” in, but if we rest on our laurels like we have this window it will never happen.



    Hail Hail





    The difference in confidence and movement was obvious once we got The A-team on.



    And that is a worry. Football nowadays is a squad game,sixty-odd games a season,ffs.



    We certainly have a large squad.



    You know,we’ve had a large squad since MON left. For all his alleged spendthrift ways,he kept a tight squad. Not much deadwood in his day.



    Now,quantity beats quality. Here’s a professional footballer,you’re the manager and coach so get it sorted.

  11. Good morning CQN from a dry and mild Garngad



    Good result and a better performance on Saturday.



    Still need at least 3 players in, centre back, right back and attacking midfielder ala Stuart Armstrong.



    Bring on the Suds



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on 20th August 2018 4:15 am



    Moonhowlers…lets. be havin you…






    I really dislike Social Media. A very Sad development.



    Cristian is likely too small for the Big European games.



    Currently he is a lot better than Mikael.



    I’d like the wee guy to get the game Time he deserves. He is a real battler.

  13. BOBBY,



    Brendan brought Callum on and



    Glasgow Celtic Board PLEASE back Brendan and Celtic will do so very well….. others as well…. to bring up the coefficient.



    Masonry isnae the only secret society.



    I remember canamalar defending Brotherhoods, using The Apostles as such.




  14. BMCUW @ 6:07 AM,



    Yes, it’s very true…



    Though one thing I would say, the “deadwood” that the last two managers carried has been partly replaced by Academy bhoys. We have five in the first team squad at the moment.



    If we are going to get quality first team players through the Academy (and are the three we’ve currently got enough of a return!?) At one time or other all of those youngsters in our first team squad looked destined for greatness… yet the fact remains maybe none of them will make the grade.



    We’ve got Izzy back instead of using Calvin Miller for example.



    To me that doesn’t mean Calvin won’t make it, it means Brendan and his coaching team feel he needs further development.



    Yet if you count the likes of Kouassi and Benyu we have another half a dozen players (outside our Academy bhoys) that could be put in the “further development” may not make the grade category.



    That’s a huge chunk of the squad as work in progress, so I think the quantity v quality dynamic is different from the previous two managers and hopefully our team will benefit in the medium and long term



    Yet there’s no getting away from it, in current first team terms the effects the same. You take the fact that some of our star players, outstanding as they are, are still developing then you can see why Brendan is looking for experience and quality.



    Hail Hail

  15. Brendan has brought the level of Fitba up in Scotland.



    If Celtic dinnae strenghTen, it is likely Brendan will go when we, hopefully, get the 8.



    A crying shame that would be.

  16. Amazing how ex huns and smsm are all of a sudden telling us Celtics wages are out of control etc


    All of a sudden they all know about football accounts , feckin cheek.


    They should have cast there aye over at the bigotdome for the last 30 years and 200 odd creditors would not have been duped.






    D. :)

  17. PETEC @ 7:17 AM,



    That’s very true… a crying shame indeed…



    The improvements BR has brought are very tangible…



    One example of this is the way our National Team performed in 2017.



    With players that had been on Celtic’s books for a while and either in or around the National squad during a very mediocre period. Playing half a dozen Celtic bhoys in the way Brendan had coached them transformed GS’s team and their results.



    There is no doubt in my mind that there is a great improvement in the SPL top six. Although unfortunately like Celtic few have strengthened this window.



    For the good of Scottish Football in general and obviously Celtic in particular, we need Brendan to At least see out his current contract…



    Hail Hail

  18. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Kev 12.41am






    School run beckons back to normality



    Fellow Celts enjoy your day and water coolers around the offices will be busy, the Sevs are coming for us (again)



    Hail Hail

  19. Only a rumour remember but could it be these 2 players Brendan may be offered ny Man City Phillips Sandler is a 21-year-old centre back while Douglas Louis is a 20-year-old Brazilian central midfielder.




    Well, I sincerely hope not…



    We have over 11 young players in our first team squad who need developing…



    We have taken Arzani and let’s face it, we’d love him to be as good as suggested but we already have Lewis Morgan and Mikey Johnson as prospects in that role.



    What possible use is another young centre back and another young midfielder. We have more than enough of our own prospects to develop in those positions, we don’t need any other Club’s.



    From the start of this window Brendan has asked for quality to be brought in… despite words to the contrary if that doesn’t happen BR, his coaching team and his first team have been let down.



    Hail Hail

  21. mullet and co 2 on





    Douglas Luiz


    Phillipe Sandler




    Diego Reyes



    Reality? Chances of signing anyone? Who knows.

  22. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    Are you sure it was no Dick van Dyke he has been likened to?


    He’s a Sweeper.



  23. I don’t see us bringing in another attacking player, we are very strong in that department. Clearly as we didn’t get McGinn we will be after another midfielder of a similar vein. IMO BR needs to decide if he can trust Gamboa at right back or bring someone else in and let him go. Then we have the gaping hole at centre back. I can honestly see Boyata coming back in and playing until January at least. This will mean we have 5 centre halves on the books. Will PL sanction yet another centre half? I don’t think so. My money is on Boyata coming back in and one midfield player to be recruited.

  24. Bringing in someone like Sandler wether he’s a player or not is a sticking plaster, we need a centre half we can build our defence round, someone who’s here for some time and who will bring stability to our own young centres.



    I’ve nothing against the relationship with Man City in theory but I’m not convinced it’s where we need to be to sort out this particular window.



    Where’s the scouts, where’s the money for players??



    If there’s no budget for a centre half at least let us know that and save us all the trouble of driving ourselves and each other mad for the next two weeks…



    Bring on The Sudova

  25. 50 shades of green on

    Linked with McKenna fae the sheep a ,, out for a couple of months with a hammy, why not double him up with Berra fae hertz he’s oot awe season, that should solve our immediate problem.