Patterson sale confirms onerous task for Celtic


Selling a squad player for a figure of around £11m is good business in anyone’s book, doubly so for Newco.  The anticipated money for Nathan Patterson, on top of the £4.5m for their management team from Aston Villa, will cover at least 9 months of their losses this season.  They may even break even for the first season in their history.

There will be limited impact on team performance this season, 20-year-old Patterson has hardly featured, with penalty kick taker James Tavernier preferred at right back.  Tavernier’s peak is already behind him, the pain of losing Patterson will be realised when Tavernier remains at right back well into his decline.

That pain is so distant right now it is irrelevant.  Newco need to raise money to pay their bills to finish the season, Everton’s cash will help here.  They need to sell – more than this – in order to avoid Uefa Financial Fair Play inhibitions. If they can raise enough cash to finish the season, they will be able to spend some of that money without affecting their immediate FFP status, so they could even be stronger for the remainder of the season than they would be if they retain Patterson.

Celtic have had a great transfer window so far, but that six point gap at the top of the table remains onerous.  It will take an enormous effort to overcome.

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  1. Good money from an Academy player though, but, the real value will be seen when the accounts are published, Yes I know!!! por cierto

  2. Ball chipped across the park, World Class lob of the keeper with the first touch, defenders look for an offside flag….it’s not there…..only this one 🇯🇵🍀

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  4. Not so pessimistic Paul



    Sevco have the momentum, the new manager bounce has helped, but ultimately they are on the decline. The “luck” they have had so far just cant continue.



    A victory in the next Glasgow Derby is a must. Gap down to 3 ponts, i would have my money on Ange and the strengthened, fit squad for the run in,

  5. The hope was they’d sell a first team player or two. Ten million for a lad with 27 career appearances is great for them.



    Everton are facing a relegation battle and have decided to invest in a prospect. A risky move and a foolish one should they find themselves in the championship next season.

  6. prestonpans bhoys on

    Some goal Martim1980⚽⚽⚽



    On other news, don’t see anything about the hun reserve player being sold. Unless you read the DR puff piece😵

  7. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Hold on – I thought they were going bust !!!!!



    This is not a surprise to me i never for one minute thought they would get weaker


    I expect part of that income to be spent strengthening their team


    They only have one hand to play – win the league – every decision they make is about winning the league



    We are rebuilding and getting better


    Lets not have an orgasam on the 3 Japanese boys until we have seen them contribute to the team


    if they are anything like Kyogo we are in for a treat – but only time will tell



    Never assume your competitor will get weaker


    If you do, the only one that gets weaker is you



    We can still win the league




  8. That kind of money for Paterson is incomprehensible!


    Total gee up by MSM, no club would pay that “fee” they are at their usual.


    Get CCV and Jota signed….real money, real transfers….not puff

  9. sounding a bit negative there just because they are selling a squad player , or are you just talking thems up.




    Thanks – worthy of a final I’d say…..😉



    Price for the reserve player seems to be going up by the day. They tend to down play the fees for our players… surprise.



    If you are the buying club….and you know they’re pratted, why offer so much….unless you didn’t and it’s all spin.

  11. Great bit of business for der hun which helps them achieve their never ending short term need to survive (and dare I say thrive) in the SPFL…without probably taking a hit on a first teamer like Kent or Goldson.



    They have a major rebuild coming up in the summer with Davis and others retiring and others out of contract.



    They are looking to fund it with automatic Champsions League money of course.




  12. Paul, I can’t understand why you are saying that secco received £4.5 million for slippy and co, that figure is made up nonsense. It was reported on the Aston Villa forums that they paid under £2.5

  13. P67 — getting someone’s excuses in early?


    I wonder why that could be?



    NP — I wonder if the NT have a sell on clause?


    His games for the TFOD2.1 have been average at best but he has played well for the NT.



    Then you have the issue of TFOD2.1 outgoings / court cases / cash drain.


    The confetti shares only can cover so much.



    We should be able to beat their first team with a bit of investment in Jan.


    The Ludge TFOD dimension is the hard bit.



    Mini league with the TFOD2.1 after 1 game = 3 points down with an extra home game to play.


    Mini league with the SPL10 after 19 games = 3 points down based on a Livi bypass.



    Still in with a shout.


    The main thing is to beat TFOD2.1 all ways up on a regular basis.

  14. When we start beating the hun on a regular basis again we can talk about decline surely.



    At the moment that remains a hope rather than a fact.



    February is our chance to start that. Let’s also see where the transfer window leaves us both too.



    Will the board continue to back Ange ?




  15. For the TFOD2.1 to survive without another extinction event they have to win the SPL this season.



    DD knows this — Strategic TFOD2.1 infused business plan needs this.


    PL / PL clones / board monkeys — Tactical TFOD2.1 infused business plan needs this.



    AP is a one man army standing in the way of this.


    More squad investment needed ASAP.

  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    £18.5m for a prospect.






    (Well if everyone in the MSM can pluck a fee out of thin air, why can’t I ? )

  17. Recycling — Main issue about the club at the moment is that we need to play more football / more competitive football.



    The SWx2 are the biggest questions we have at the moment about who and how we are running the club?



    Questions have to be asked about why did we buy them and what were the development plans we had for their progress — all that we seem to have is that they were cross border punts based on a loophole in the compensation rules.



    What was the scouting report — were they seen as being first team candidates in their season or was the development timeline measured in decades?



    We bring them in and then we do next to nothing with them — not a good look for us and not a good experience for them. At least LS at a couple of years older has managed to get on the pitch and play a part active part in the team.



    Then you have the issue of the B team finding the Lowland League a challenge with good results being hard won against a wide variety of opposition — this would suggest to me that the B team are a bit under cooked at the moment and in need of some reinforcements.



    Solution — appearance money for the B team and a re-jig of both squads?



    We should be tearing up the Lowland League with the resources we have.


    Not sure if it is ability or attitude that is holding us back.



    OM is a good data point — class player in the B team who lacks a bit of pace / physical presence in the SPL.


    JD is a contrast — not a standout in the B team who can do a job in the SPL.



    Consequently tough gig this armchair manager lark.

  18. 9 Huns out of contract in June – 6 of them in the first team squad regularly.



    Connor Goldson


    Scott Arfield


    Steven Davis


    Leon Balogun


    Allan McGregor .


    Jermain Defoe


    Jon McLaughlin


    Brandon Barker .


    Andy Firth




  19. Stop waiting for the end of June to save us.


    We need to be at our best now.



    We need to beat them at least twice in the SPL this season.


    A few days out in the SC will not be enough.

  20. Interestingly Kent, Morelos, Aribo, Jack and Helander all enter the last year next season.



    Values plummetting by the day and with it much-needed transfer fees.



    It really does look like ‘sh*t or bust’ again when you look at their ‘assets’ beyond league and champions league money.




  21. P67 — any news on the next wave of recruits in Jan?


    Praying for a quality CB to keep CJ on his toes.

  22. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Such a depressing article and more so considering Celtic’s board lack of succession planning has contributed to Sevco’s good fortune that find’s them favourites for next season’s auto CL pot.



    Intentional or sheer incompetence?



    Probably a combination of both.

  23. MM,



    We need a reliable back-up keeper, left back (although I think Ange likes Taylor a lot more than I do), creative attacking midfielder and right-sided winger to help us with the aging decline of James Forrest.



    At CH we have Welsh, Starfelt, Bitton, Murray, CCV and Julien now for 2 slots.




  24. Big wavy – interesting information. Thanks.



    I think they will sell one or two more and bring a few in this month. Probably tie a few if those on the list down to longer term contracts.



    Kamara is being touted as a potential Everton target too. I’d rather they lost aribo who has grown into a player in the last year. In fact he’s the one orc player I would regard as a decent signing for celtic.



    All that said, I genuinely believe if we take care of our own business and bolster the squad with a few more signings we will have the beating of them.

  25. Alas, the real problem is that even if Celtic beat Sevco twice at home, draw at Ipox, and win every other game, that still might not win us the league (goal diff being the deciding factor).



    It may not depend upon what Celtic or Sevco do, but on whether or not anyone else can (or will) stand up to them. Only one SPL opponent has so much as tried to land a punch on them since October 16th, and that was our very own legend (in alternate guise), Broonie. Indeed, they’ve won 9 in a row in the league and none of their last 6 opponents have managed even a consolation goal.



    To win the league it looks like we will have to match them result for result and win all three head to heads.

  26. We have lost and drew with Livingston, drew with Dundee Utd and St Mirren we need to have the players to overcome 2 banks of 5 as we will not get penalties when its tight, we were a better contact from Eduoard’s right boot from getting a draw at Ibrox, having seen him yesterday he continues to lack composure.


    We need to beat them in the next game, get the pressure on them see how they react and more impostantly the Orcs in the stands, but we also need to beat everyone else, not impossible but you need a competitive squad of committed players, 6 points down is not onerous if you take it one game at a time, find a way to win and dont chuck it.

  27. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I’m a bit bemused by the tone of recent articles.



    Almost makes me go Hmmmmm……………

  28. As for the 3 Japanese players joining Celtic ,I sincerely hope it’s not the end of player recruitment in January ,in my opinion we will need another goalkeeper,a Centre Half and possibly another winger ,I think Jota is a EPL or Championship player we’re the likes of Leeds or Fulham will come in for him in the Summer,

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