Paul McBride, QC


Fortunately very few of us will have to go through what Paul McBride endured as a consequence of being a Celtic fan. Bullets and bombs in the post, with the inevitable stresses, are not part of a civilised society, but he coped without shirking. Instead of playing to the gallery, he carried an uncompromising message to some in the Celtic support, making a few more enemies but many more admirers.

His loss will be felt most by his loved ones, who are in our thoughts at this time, but without his insight, the years ahead will be poorer for us all.

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  1. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    The only way someone might buy Rangers is if they could get some type of agreement from HMRC that any tax bill due could be taken out of the deal and pass the liability on to previous owners but this will not happen as HMRC will see it as Rangers Football Club who owe the monies.So for any person or consortium to purchase the club they would have to invest around 100 Million pounds just to get them back on a level keal.Then they would still have to fork out further millions to rebuild the team I just cant see it happening and the most likely outcome is liquidation.H.H.

  2. seventyxseven 'gelee et glace' on

    I feel a tremendous sense of loss for a man I never met. Brave, very brave, articulate, uncompromising and principled. It made me proud that he was fighting our corner.



    A man of dignity who didnt do walking away. Rest in peace.

  3. .






    Sometimes things Happen that are Not Celtic Celtic..and l think..I hope Paul67 speaks about that..and You just Have..



    Hail Hail..






    Very Well said Buddi..




  4. Joe Filippis Haircut – Don’t forget if Rangers 1873 do survive the new owners will be fully liable for the sins of their fathers. Which could be far more punitive than a trifling £100m

  5. jock steins celtic on

    let’s not forget that Rangers have been ‘for sale’ for years and no one (except Whyte) was interested. why would anyone suddenly be interested now ?



    it’s liquidation, it’s just taking a wee while.

  6. Dreadful news about Paul McBride, RIP.



    Have to say just looked at Traynor’s comment article in today’s Record. He has surpassed even himself for pomposity and an almost pathological anti-Celtic bias.



    Thus man should be instantly banned from media access at Celtic Park. Truly disgusted!



    Traynor and integrity in the same sentence?????????? Astounding

  7. SmashingMilkBottles on

    I had the good fortune to meet Paul at a friend’s birthday party about 8 years ago.. We got chatting about the Hoops and I mentioned I’d not managed to get any tickets for Anderlecht V Celtic in the champions league because of a reduced allocation. Quick as a flash he made a call and got me 2 tickets.



    Top bloke.



  8. I am , as I am sure many of you are, a dog owner. I have a bonnie wee Jack Russell bitch. She is loyal brave,when she gets a whiff of vermin, and cunning when it comes to getting into my affections when she has misbehaved. ONe thing she does not have is inegrity. She has no concept of it, or any need. So when David Murrays poodle sits up and starts to write about integrity I have to laugh.This man has been owned for a long time and it makes me want to spew when he starts to come over all high and mighty. Not only does he lack integrity he gave it up for a bowl full of lamb.

  9. swatson Neil Lennon's 6ft skinny twin! on




    Do you have any info on the rumour that appeared lastnite in regards to the police having info on referees/Ogilvie?

  10. From the last thread………………………………….


    Kittoch on 5 March, 2012 at 09:24 said:


    Big Joe


    Ask for Terry






    ORLANDO, FL 32819


    Tel (407) 352-7031


    Email: theLuckyFlorida@aol.com



    Cheers for the info…………………………..Kittoch



    Will be in Orlando for the Cup Final, so will give Terry a bell.


    Still looking for something in Miami a week later.




  11. Well said Paul. At the lowest moments last year he stood in defiance of the Scottish establishment and shoulder to shoulder with Lenny.


    Some on here quickly forgot that and tried to taint him as a publicity seeker out for only himself.


    RIP Paul, thank you for your efforts to seek justice for our Club.

  12. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Rogueleader. I agree with your well made point. I also this morninig am wondering what motivation Jim Traynor has for continuely trying to make Celtic the scapegoats for Rangers going into administratin Peter Lawwell has already written that this is nonsense Traynor appears to be a bitter man intent in stirring up trouble when he should know better.H.H.

  13. Rickmansworth Bhoy on

    RIP Paul McBride QC,



    The man who brought the phrase “non concurrent ban” into the Celtic lexicon.



    God Bless.

  14. Hi Paul,



    ”His loss will be felt most by his loved ones, who are in our thoughts at this time, but without his insight, the years ahead will be poorer for us all.”



    A premature death is a grievous loss for partners, family, friends and close associates and my heart goes out to them during this time of heartrending bereavement.



    Yet when that person develops a precocious flair into a profound talent and utilizes that as a real force for good it is a loss for us all and to think that Paul McBride was not at the pinnacle of his powers, when we imagine what he could have achieved it is an indisputable tragedy.



    Now, I know little of Paul McBride Q.C. yet all I have read is commendable, of course it was as Advocate for Celtic that I had principally heard of him. I somewhat facetiously wrote last year on CQN, that despite bringing in some hugely gifted young footballers Paul McBride was Celtic’s best signing.



    A man of true integrity and huge veracity. May he Rest In Peace.

  15. A real shock, as many have already said, Paul was one of the few people in main stream Scottish society willing to stand up for Neil Lennon last season when everyone else was saying “he brings it upon himself”. And his blistering critique of the SFA will be long remembered!



    RIP Paul

  16. Paul McBride Q.C.


    Let us make sure his ‘good is (not) interred with his bones’


    A man of real integrity, a man of honour, a man of courage. HIS OWN MAN.


    Do not be sad at the passing of great men but rather, glory and rejoice in their having been among us.



    Remembering Paul, his family and his friends in my prayers.




  17. DontPatmadug



    Indeed. Sometimes, ‘would have a problem with’ translates as ‘would be open any deals allowing’.

  18. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Some very touching words and fine tributes from Paul 67 and other posters above concerning the tragic and very untimely passing of Paul McBride QC.



    Last year when Paul’s star soared so high after his defence of Neil Lennon and Celtic, I felt so proud that this towering intellectual was one of us – a Celtic supporter. It was an honour and a privilege having him in our ranks, nut sadly he is no longer with us.



    The thoughts and prayers of most of us will be with him and his family and partner who have still to face up to life without him and the difficulties of bringing his body back to Scotland from Pakistan.



    Rest In Peace, Paul McBride QC, Celtic Supporter.

  19. Dunfermline won’t matter.



    2 teams need to say No since the indication was given the SPL Board would pass NewCo re-entry to a full league vote, which in my opinion on a matter such as this is only right and proper.



    Celtic WILL NOTE VOTE THEM IN. Neither will Mad Vlad. Would be 98% certain Aberdeen would say No. Motherwell, sitting there fiscally prudent and sound and looking at having a crack at CL qualifiers, would they give that up? Have to say No.



    Dunfermline’s opinion won’t count….

  20. RIP Paul McBride



    On the Yorkston quotes, this was always going to happen as soon as Hibs started to put some distance between themselves and Dunfermline. He’s well aware that liquidation for Rangers according to SPL rules means that relegation is suspended for this season saving his clubs SPL bacon. Voting a NEWCO Rangers back into the SPL won’t do his club any good if they are playing Division 1 football next season.

  21. Big Joe on 5 March, 2012 at 10:16 said:



    Big Joe ,you must be out a few bob for after sun in a year.


    Why not stay in the shade and give the dough to our southside



  22. Paul McBride was a remarkable human being who has left a void that will be difficult to replace.



    Rest in Peace.

  23. Thoughts and prayers for the family and friends of Paul McBride, my sincere condolences on your sad loss.

  24. Morning all Celtic bhoys and ghirls from a sunny Wood of Knights.



    Eloquently put as always, Paul. Some fine sentiments already expressed on the night shift last night.



    I need some help troops.


    It should be another momentous day and i’ve heard about Jabba’s article in the DR. My intention is to actually buy that rag and see for myself. However, i’m not sure what is the required etiquette/dress code whilst doing so. From what i remember it is the following;



    Pillowcase with 2 holes fur ma peepers


    Smelling salts


    Trouser leg – is it left or right?


    Temporary tattoo


    oh and a suspense of reality.



    Am i missing anything? Any help appreciated!





  25. voguepunter on 5 March, 2012 at 10:37 said:


    Big Joe on 5 March, 2012 at 10:16 said:


    Big Joe ,you must be out a few bob for after sun in a year.


    Why not stay in the shade and give the dough to our southside





    Hang on till I think abooooot that 1……………………… eh no.



    I have been away for 4 weeks, so I missed the all the good stuff.


    But I am looking forward to them falling into the Abyss



    BigJoestockingUPwith jellyAndIce-cream

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