Pay your way or go to the wall


I’ve not touched the Anthony Stokes story on purpose. It’s one of those stories you could be writing for a week, if you started. Anthony enjoyed a successful period for Celtic but the writing has been on the wall since the latter part of Neil Lennon’s era.

He’s still only 27, with around half his career ahead of him, but it won’t be at Celtic. I hope he gets a club who can make the most of his talent.

Despite the riches brought by a new TV deal solidarity contract, many English Football League clubs are still under severe financial pressure, including Neil’s current charges, Bolton Wanderers. Bolton owe the vast majority of their circa £200m debt to owner Eddie Davies, so there’s a good chance that will be written off, but administration remains likely.

Bolton chairman, Phil Gartside, who I hear is now seriously ill, saw this coming years ago, when he proposed an EPL 2-type league reorganisation, while lobbying for the inclusion of Celtic and Rangers. The plan was kyboshed by his then fellow Premier League acquaintances. It would have been transformational for Celtic, and literally a life saver for Rangers.

That Bolton debt figure is pretty eye-watering but the returns from non-league club Forest Green Rovers caught the eye. Net debts reached £5.4m after season 2013-14, thanks to a £2.9m loss. In non-league football. There’s only one Scottish club with that kind of debt. Although I suppose they are also playing off-piste in the Championship.  Pay your way or go to the wall.  Long term that rule applies.

The football industry in England and Wales will survive for a while yet, despite the broken financial model. It won’t be until the TV rights value drops due to reliable and easy to access pirate feeds that the bubble will burst. And it will burst.  The underlying fragility in the football business is that your expenditure is either fixed or often contracted on a multi-year basis, while income is vulnerable to sharp shocks.  It’s not a healthy business to be running at a deficit in.

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  1. Agree re Joe, thought he was much better against ICT. If Ronny didn’t drop him when he was playing pish, why drop him now when he is improving. Joe had a mighty season last year, will he be a one season wonder(we have had a few of them) or will he regain last season’s form, that is the question. However for tomorrow I hope he plays, along with McGregor AND Allan. My Team Bailly (I know Gordon will play). Lustig, Jozo, Boyata, Izzy (I know Tierney is better), Bitton, Joe, Allan. Forrest, McGregor,Griffiths. – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/the-enormous-building-maintenance-costs-for-celtic-park/comment-page-14/#comment-2730915

  2. Jeepers, I’ve done the double, last post on old thread, which is my forte and followed by repeating the post as a Podium winner. Think this is my second podium in about 8 years.

  3. Midfield trio of Armstrong, Bitton, Allan with Forrest, Griffiths, McGregor ahead of them for Saturday. Same back five as ICT game.

  4. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    Are you legally registered and available to play . . Wouldn’t want the God medal stripped

  5. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Surely the streamers rely on tv companies to produce the pictures for them to stream

  6. archdeaconsbench on

    P67, re. ‘the bubble will burst…’



    When do you think this will happen roughly? I honestly can’t see the TV deals going down in England anytime soon, as much as I would like it to happen.


    As an aside I have a kodi streaming box on the ole Christmas list and sacked sky sports many moons ago, so I aggree wholeheartedly with the pinciples.

  7. PAUL67



    It seems you expect the bubble to burst soon, which would mean a total reconfiguration of the structures of football, and regulation of the powers of national football governing bodies…in other words, a revolution in football.


    Who knows, this spirit of transformation might even reach Scotland….But I doubt it.




  8. Paul



    Have you heard anything about ‘World association of leagues’ looking to setup a body with the main players and unnamed other associations ?.



    Think this may be their move to take control of football finances.

  9. http://youtu.be/7SX-HFcSIoU



    Jackson brown- before the deluge



    The men who learned to forge her beauty into power.. World is one messed up place full of greedy power hungry men. Sad times. I’d hate to see the statistics of children who have died through conflict these past 20yrs.

  10. I will rescind my top ten position if Jobo comes back with the 07:00 weather report from EK. Sorry Almore report from Dublin does not really set my day off (In Indonesa) as Jobos does, appreciate your intensive observations in Dublin but Jobo please hurry back




  11. If Sky lost the rights to the EPL in my opinion Sky goes down the stank,they have lost the CL to BT and it will be interesting to see the effect this has on their accounts, they paid 5 billion for the EPL for the next few years so I guess no change in the immediate future, of course they continue to diversify in their sports coverage with netball now covered , probably costs more than Scottish football get

  12. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    I will have to settle for the bronze medal today. .. but I’m glad to see you achieve a gold medal with sporting integrity intact




    Mussolini, Franco, spring to mind when we speak of fascism, you could also argue the National Socialists were fascists.


    I see Da’esh in relation to religious fundamentalism.





  14. Fess19



    how you doin Mate?hope all is well out there,i remember looking at your ‘developed’ back court,bedecked out in green and white.




  15. lennon's passion on

    Certainly amongst my social network the Android boxes are very popular.Long-term will these boxes affect Sky who knows but it will take year’s. Also with billion pound industries they find away to shut these things down eventually. There have been numerous devices over the years but they all disappear. For anyone with Kodi hearing Genesis will disappear soon.




    Like the article says….sad indeed.


    And its not only the bampots who know it.





  17. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Five clubs have targeted Warbs according to RS. So why didn’t they offer him a pay rise the other four times then….?

  18. Why sky goes pop you can bet yer first gala penny someone else will take over to pump squillions in.



    And as the BT lad says, (kinda) without someone screening them yer hookie boxes ain’t worth jack.




  19. The Battered Bunnet on

    Sky has just lost the EPL rights for Germany. Doubtless a consequence of blowing most of their dough on retaining UK rights.



    Meanwhile over in Spain, the first ever ‘collective’ sale of rights has gone pretty well, with income doubled from domestic broadcasting, allowing Barca and Madrid to keep their huge slice, while everyone else gets a dollop more.



    Football is clearly high demand content, and it matters not which medium is used to broadcast it. The bubble’s not for bursting.

  20. “and it matters not which medium is used to broadcast it.”






    Are you saying even Elsie Partridge? :)




  21. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    Thanks for the scarf offer earlier. I have lost Paul`s email address but requested that information from Winning Captain. As soon as I am sent it, I will ask Paul to forward mine to you. Thanks again.




    PS Anyone. How do I find Paul`s email on here?

  22. One thing I detest is double standards.



    Anthony Stokes has been banned for two weeks for a tweet he made.



    In my view what Kris Commons did in Molde was far worse, was he banned by the club, nope, why, because there would have been a reaction from the fans who had sympathy with what he did.



    Leigh Griffiths incidents when watching Hibs, worse than Stokes, again no ban, why, well is is in favour.



    I have no issues with what Kris or Leigh did, in fact I support the both, I’ll also support Stokes.



    I get Stokes’s face no longer fits in with Celtic and I ask myself why.He is not the greatest player I have seen but he is better than some we have paid a lot of money for. I think it’s about some newspaper headlines in which he was mentioned. This doesn’t fit with Celtic the corporate entity looking at the EPL.



    It’s because it’s Stokes a ban is being applied, as I say double standards.



    that was the FRONT of the house!! Obviously I don’t live in Larkhall, (don’t even know were that is) Be home February and hope to make a few games and meet some more CQN’ers. Take care



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