Payback for Turnbull Hutton


You all think you’re so smart, smugly laughing at the outcome of a game in a tournament you didn’t even know existed until recently.  Let me tell you, yesterday’s defeat of Newco Rangers was nothing short of calamitous for the road I hoped the club would take.

Ally McCoist is crucial to all the things I hope happens to Newco in the years to come.  He alone can deliver the hilarity waiting for when his team face full time footballers every week.  Who else could spend so much yet produce so little?  Who else would have the sheer brass neck to demand such a salary, even if partially deferred, in order to endorse the spivs as suitable recipients of season ticket money?  This guy is unique and of immeasurable value.

Yesterday’s defeat fundamentally weakens his position.  What now when, in true Rangers tradition, he stands in front of this year’s AGM thanking ‘yous’ for being the cream in his doughnut?  Will they still cheer at being patronised like applauding seals completely lacking in self-awareness?

Mark my words, anything which undermines McCoist is unwelcome.  A Ramsden’s Cup win would allow him to claim as much credit as he could waddle off with and would have upset no one.  They had a party at Ibrox planned, like it was 1975 all over again.  The humiliation must be significant.

The way forward for Newco Rangers is to put pressure on their board to release badly needed funds for the manager to spend in the hope of winning promotion from the Championship next season.

A word for Raith Rovers and their chairman Turnbull Hutton.  It was a Raith Rovers director who sat across the table from one of the Rangers clubs (I’ve lost track) to judge their failure to dispense their tax and other duties during season 2011-12.  McCoist then publicly demanded to know the names of the panel members.

It was Raith’s Starks Park ground which needed 24 hour security after receiving a threat to burn it to the ground following McCoist’s outburst.  Turnbull Hutton stood firm and was one of the voices which ensured the rules were applied as they stood.

Seville – The Celtic Movement

“Going into the second leg, it was all in Liverpool’s favour and on paper it was Celtic’s toughest test. That wasn’t to be the case though as Celtic achieved a very comfortable 2-0 at Anfield. Both goals were superb to top a fantastic victory. A low free kick from Alan Thompson and a wonderful strike from John Hartson were the difference in this game. Celtic went through to the semi-final 3-1 on aggregate.”

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    Hope you enjoyed the hun-free zone of yer local last night,bud.



    Welcome back to the bracing sea air of South Ayrshire.



    See ya in a coupla weeks!

  2. Som mes que un club on




    11:55 on 7 April, 2014



    I said something similar to friends yesterday.



    After the first incident, perhaps he has explained all to NL/PL and they knew this was to come out yesterday.



    I hope this is the case.

  3. From previous post;



    Wow! Just read Matt Lindsay’s puff-piece about Super Ally and Sevco’s defeat yesterday. Breathtaking hunguffery at it’s best.



    Hurting-big-time hun!








    Well done,bud. I was undone by an in opportune call from a hun mate.



    Podia come and go,the chance to wind up that lot not so much.



    Actually,who am I kidding? Like taking sweets aff a wean,open door.

  5. The posts are on this new article quicker than Ticketmaster selling tickets for a Bruce Springsteen/Rolling Stones concert in a phone box.

  6. Just received a nice parcel with T shirt, mini whisky, book, beanie hat (not Big Nan though) and Seville book signed by Doc.



    What’s the score with making payment?

  7. coatbridge paper bhoy on

    Thanks Bobby, what are you like……winding THE people up.


    Guinness to celebrate , cheers



  8. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Dj67ynwa from last article.


    I think you start going wrong when you equate racial abuse to calling somebody an idiot.

  9. NL and Mcartney.



    HH to you.



    Yes I am enjoying the experience. Nice country and nice people. I disastrously lost my wallet on Saturday with the family here for a holiday. Not only did someone find it but they found my business card and they phoned me and they brought the wallet to me. Amazing!!



    It’s a good job with worldwide travel. I am a bit long in the tooth for that but it’s all good!



    Hope life is treating you well?



    Ger57. I understand your point of view regarding self governance. But my fear is what you will get will be very very different. Ah well each to their own.

  10. What other manager would get away with this kind of defeat?



    The odds are stacked so heavily in the Rangers favour it is obscene yet (apart from an excellent BBC piece) the SMSM have gone to ground.



    Don’t get me wrong, this pleases rather than frustrates or angers me these days.



    The lead article is correct, the SMSM have been material on 1st and now 2nd Rangers demise, they cannot bear to print the truth, and it REALLY does hurt.




    Don’t sack McCoist.

  11. kikinthenakas on

    If the ref at the Albion game had applied the rules fairly, they would be in meltdown and hurtling toward administration….however it’s maybe given us another week of humour before the cup tie.


    Beware the ref and the state of the pitch…




  12. The Honest Mistake loves being first


    12:14 on


    7 April, 2014


    Dj67ynwa from last article.


    I think you start going wrong when you equate racial abuse to calling somebody an idiot.



    No, thats not where I go wrong, thats where political correctness goes wrong.



    How can you define between calling someone an animal for how they look & calling someone the same animal for the their lack of intelligence?

  13. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on

    Paul67 –



    Absolutely agree 100% with the thrust of your article. Ally Must Stay. We use this phrase to goad our erstwhile rivals of course – but it is a joke with a jab. I want McCoist there as long as possible. Altogether now…



    Don’t sack McCoist, Ally McCoist


    I just don’t think you understand…

  14. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Sorry to see L G go but Celtic have no choice imo. Stupid. thick and brainless!!!!!

  15. Neil Lennon & McCartney on



    12:15 on


    7 April, 2014



    …all good with me man, thanks for asking



    …Holland & the clogies (can I say that?) are OK




  16. Afternoon bhoys, texting from a ward in the royal. I got kept in last night. Should get home today. Nothing too serious although the doctor did say it’s the worse case of split sides he’s ever seen. Couple of stitches and I’ll be right as rain. Not allowed to read anything about sevco incase I burst my stitches.the doctor did mention there was an epidemic of this yesterday. Hmmm

  17. NegAnon2



    We have different views on this but both are honestly held. That’s life.


    Congratulations on getting your wallet returned. You must have been relieved.



  18. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    From Matt Lindsay of the Evening Times:))



    “Cup final defeat is proof Ran*ers must strengthen squad”


    I used to get angry at the media reporting until a wise friend pointed out that their nonsense and spin was the major factor in leading the deluded over the edge.






    Off out with the wee mhan


    Ps I will rest easy in the knowledge that they cant afford to sack sleekit YET , but will agree his days are numbered :))

  19. Neil Lennon & McCartney on



    12:25 on


    7 April, 2014



    Ah jeezuz, ye’ve giv it to me now




  20. Snake Plissken on

    leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon



    I thought McCoist himself would be saying that and he might yet.



    It is the only way they can polish this particular soft brown grenade.



    The only thing is is ‘where’s the money Lebowski?’

  21. Re LG…



    Amazed I am that I find myself in broad agreement with Neg, djynwa & kev.



    Not a sentence I ever imagined writing!



    I do not know the words of the Rudi song but understand it calls him a refugee? Presumably the issue is not whether he is or not but rather the use of the word refugee as a derogatory or racist expression.



    Since the song/chant is directed towards a footballing enemy its certainly not friendly and is clearly offensive.



    Amnity International defines a refugee as:



    A refugee is a person who has fled from their own country due to human rights abuses they have suffered there because of who they are or what they believe in, and whose own government cannot or will not protect them. As a result, they have been forced to seek international protection. Refugee rights include:



    protection from being forcibly returned to a country where they would be at risk of persecution.


    protection from discrimination


    protection from penalties for illegal entry


    the right to work, housing and education


    the right to freedom of movement


    the right to identity and travel documents



    Therefore use of the chant, given the above, is quite vile and nasty and ignorant. Given the foundation of the club I support and the one LG supports it is almost incredible that this wind up would ever be considered at all. Such is human nature…sometimes clueless and crass.



    But racist? Surely not. Totally objectionable, stupid, ignorant, offensive and downright wrong? Certainly.






    “A racist incident is ‘any incident that is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person’ (Stephen Lawrence Inquiry report).”



    I don’t know if the comments from the Lawrence report reflects the actual position in law but for sure makes an alternative view to mine plausible.



    Not an easy issue at all but I still fall on the side of stupid, ignorant and nasty rather than overtly racist. Still not good and LG should face a club disciplinary consequence.

  22. coatbridge paper bhoy on

    jude2005 is neil lennon \o/



    12:24 on 7 April, 2014


    c p b



    Whers ma paper???


    Yea still owe last weeks money?.



  23. Afternoon CQNers,



    couple of quick questions. Been unable to find details of the Scottish Cup prize money for this season – should be published somewhere, no? Wondering how much Sevco has ‘earnt’ in their journey to the semi-final…how much more beating DU is worth.



    Am guessing it’s into six figures for a last 4 finish and rising? Vital ad-hoc funds for a cash-strapped outfit.



    Who is the MIB for the Sevco v DU game?



    Saw the small SDM interview in the Herald…something strange about it. Was it a prepped valedictory piece to accompany the pawnshop cup win that never was? Read like it had been hastily truncated somehow…maybe I am just paranoid.



    Without wishing to get into the LG debate it does seem odd that he is like a speeding driver zapped by a GATSO twice on the same journey, which has helpfully provided some handy rolling news fluff over a bad weekend for tabloid sportsfans.

  24. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    Sorry to hear abt ur plight. Did you trip over a dieing hun??

  25. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    Don’t reanalysed know where to start here but if you racially abuse someone by referring to a negative racial stereotype, Be it related to appearance or lack of intelligence then that is completely different from calling somebody an idiot.

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