Payoffs, what price silence in these circumstances?


There’s lots of understandable media interest in the anticipated parting of the ways of ‘Greatest (only) Ever Rangers Manager’ Ally McCoist and newco.  McCoist, as ever, has let it be known that he’s looking for a £400k golden handshake, which will almost certainly have the club offer more of its commercial assets to Mike Ashley if it is to be funded.

I hope he gets everything he asks for, bleed them dry, Ally, even if they need to sell more of their IP.

Irrespective of the final settlement, the most important outcome of the termination meetings is whether or not McCoist agrees to a silence clause in return for his cash.  More than anything else, this club needs some straight talking from trusted sources who know where the bodies are buried.

The cash will be tempting for Ally, but his open and frank voice going forward is of vastly more value to his club, if not to him.  The most debilitating scenario would be an Ashley-funded settlement with a silence clause.  Go for it, Ally.

I know at Christmas your thoughts are never far from Billy No’well.  Billy has broken new ground in the Bampot stakes and released a DVD with 17(!) of his videos.  Full details here.

You can also order the CQN Annual and DVD bundle here. It’s a great offer, check it out – tons of great reading and photos on your favourite indulgence.

If you’re late on the blog, there was an earlier article today.

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  1. tonydonnelly67



    13:35 on 17 December, 2014


    the exiled tim


    Yes all clubs did except Killmarnock I know that, but I’m talking now present time, a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, singing your not Rangers any more when you play them doesent cut it, they don’t give a fuxk about that, you sing that all day long, and they will still be the institution, time they stood up and put the HUNS in there place, as I said before, we can’t do it alone.

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    hun skelper


    13:35 on 17 December, 2014



    League Cup game, you’re right HCTS bhoys are first in line according to our web site.

  3. Sleekit’s contract of employment – the one he didn’t read – will inevitably contain a confidentiality cause.

  4. Paul67:



    I posted the following on the last thread:



    This is Celtic Quick News, isn’t it? When are we going to have an open debate Paul on the five-way-agreement and the part Celtic did, or did not, play in it?



    I’m totally sick of all these Rangers leaders whilst we have our own fundamental issues to resolve.



    Or don’t we ever want to talk about our own real issues?



    Is that not allowed anymore.



    I here there is no longer any toilet paper in the toilets at Ibrox….






    Celtic Quick News Not lazy journalism. Not sweep sweep, not delusional, not deflecting.



    Not the Celtic View online.



    The truth, the issues, the concerns, the ambitions, the budget, the players, the team, the duty of care, the lost fans, the lost thunder, the boardroom silences, the seasonal boardroom altruism, the empty tiers, the tears.

  5. TD67



    I agree we can’t do it alone.



    I hope and pray the suits at all the clubs are talking about the shambles that is the sfa.



    Problem is the money, they all want a slice of the bigot pound IMO, why else would they let the sfa away with doing sfa ?



    Maybes it’s time for the support to stand up to their own clubs again, it worked the last time, maybes, and you won’t like this >} the Celtic Trust should start campaigning to get a level playing field, ffs, it’s not as we are asking for special treatment, a level playing field should be the starting point of any sport.




  6. If we want better players to come to us and want to do well in the champions league we need to move from Scotland or we need a team to challenge us in Scotland.


    Great players won’t come to a 1 horse race, we’ll get the odd one here and there but we won’t keep them for long.


    Aberdeen and dundee utd won’t be able to challenge us the only team that will is who ever plays out of ibrox.


    We will continue to play in a half empty stadium and struggle in Europe until one or the other happens.


    I don’t want Celtic to play in Europe and I certainly don’t want sevco or club 3 to get to the premier league but one of them needs to happen or we’ll get worse season on season.



    That my thoughts on it anyway HH

  7. Fatty will take the dosh, and come away with the ……….the club is moving on now and so have I, so it would be pointless for me to start naming names or calling people out, all I want is for the club to get back to where they belong as the fans have been fantastic, and I couldent have done it without them, do I wish all the best to the new management team who ever it is coming in, ABSOLUTELY, I am a supporter as well as been a player and manager, being made the Rangers manager was one of the greatest moments in my life, apart from when I ripped the man o wars AFF Patsy Kinnset,


    No surrender.





    Posted the previous too soon cos some eejit nudged my elbow.



    I was about to add that I wouldn’t put the banking and financial sector down as a plus either,but…



    I agree pretty much wi the rest of your post.



    But then,I have an innate dislike of the SNP. If they offered me free money and manna from heaven I’d still tell them to eff off.



    This stance has stood me in good stead so far. I think I’ll keep it.

  9. the exiled tim


    No disrespect to the celtic trust, but making sure we are all on a level playing field is the clubs job and the other clubs too, right now the celtic trust should be concentrating on the behaviour of our away fans that’s more or less what they are there for.

  10. tonydonnelly67:



    the Celtic Trust have nothing to do with which fans attend games, home or away. The Celtic Trust are a group of Celtic Supporters who have bought shares in the club.

  11. Kitalba



    I’ve no idea but think it irrelevant in terms of changing the intent or thrust of the 5 way , so abstaining would be the wiser of choices in that it leaves no hostage to fortune.



    I say irrelevant because The SPL signed up to the 5 way and unless it required an absolute all in favour majority, then Celtic could not influence the outcome either by voting for or against or abstaining.



    As only one of 42? Member clubs Celtic’s power to demand or force change does not exist to the extent some seem to believe.



    Scottish football is a family who are totally dependent on each other for their well being. Even if one acts as RFC did, being viewed as RFC were/are as a major bread winner, then the rest are going to have to consider the impact on them if one perceived major breadwinner leaves the family.



    Another big bread winner might be in a better position to live on should the other go, but the other dependent family members might not enjoy that luxury of putting principle first because of its real impact on them.



    If put to a family vote to keep the member who misbehaved, then the other major bread winner will know they will be outvoted.



    This is the real politik of Scottish football and there is no point blaming the other major bread winner for not walking away because they simply cannot and survive. They also know that to do so would kill the family.



    However as I pointed out yesterday the dynamics have changed in that the other family members are in a much better position to put principles first having become better earners of their own bread and so less dependent.



    Some folk say nothing will change but tend to look back. I say change is inevitable and tend to look forward to observing it happen or trying to help it along.

  12. TD67



    Aye, but you can see as well as anyone, the clubs don’t seem to be doing feck all.



    IMO, it will be the support as ever that forces anything positive re change.




  13. The SPFL wants FFin’ £250K – It’s that FFin’ 5-way agreement:



    “They really are fenian b*st*rds…to a man.”




    “I thought the 5 way agreement related solely to football debts”




    “Is everyone out to get us just now?”




    ‘Yes, but no need for the “just now” – it’s not a new thing,


    There seems to be an intense focus on things affecting old and newco. I suspect the tarriers are trying to make us implicate ourselves in a “no history” sting.’




    “We are just a cash cow for Scottish football.”




    “If I held a gun to your head and made you sign a contract that meant your possessions and money all became mine, would that mean that you legally owed me everything?”




    “Everything else aside, this is utterly outrageous and is just sheer hatred, bitterness and opportunism towards [Sevco]. Exactly why we should have gone for the jugular with all of those who were involved in damaging, plotting, blogging, posting, publishing etc in the last few years.”




    “I hope – if club ever survives – that future generations remember what these loathsome [chaps] did to help us when we were assaulted by our own owners/directors: nothing.”




    Chris (The Face of Pampers) Graham opines:



    “This fine is the one for not administering the EBT scheme correctly. It is the wrap on the knuckles we got instead of title stripping from Lord Nimmo Smith. He confirmed no sporting advantage and no cheating but did say papers not filled in 100% correctly.”



    [“Given the seriousness, extent and duration of the non-disclosure, we have concluded that nothing less than a substantial financial penalty…will suffice”]

  14. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Anyone who thinks that Sal will spill the beans is deluded.



    No one,brought up in the ” culture”, would ever discuss in house events, to the detriment of the club.



    Many years ago, Ralph Brand did and he promptly disappeared off the football map.



    Rangers is/was a Masonic entity and Ibrox was an official registered lodge, called, Lodge Ibrox.


    If Mc.Coist or anyone within their clutches broke the code, he would be finished professionally and socially, in whatever path he chose next.

  15. Auldheid:



    So let me get this right… are you endorsing the dollar over morals and ethics, from a Celtic perspective as long as others are earning a few bob too?



    Are you saying money is more important than integrity, from a Celtic perspective as long as others are earning a few bob too?



    Are you saying you are happy with a corrupt game as long as Celtic prosper from a commercial point of view?





    I must admit that the behaviour of some of our away fans is a concern. Do they feel braver in a smaller crowd than they would at CP,I dunno.



    What I am seeing far too frequently is a failure of our legendary self-policing. Or slap,as it may be otherwise known-after a few words of friendly advice,of course.



    Problem is,the choobs don’t listen to that advice,nor the reminder of whom they represent.



    And if they feel inviolate to the extent that hey will deface The Brazen,where do you go from there to sort that kinda problem?



    If a buncha eejits from The Louden had done that,there would have been a war. Yet they thought it was fair game?



    Also,how come they can get into the likes of Tynecastle wi spray-cans,but you get heckled if you have a bottle of water?

  17. weet weet weet(GBWO) on




    This was left for you last night






    02:10 on 17 December, 2014





    I know you’ll be sleeping but here it is……..Subhuman Blues by Billy No’Well







  18. Geordie Munro:



    When were you crowned chief censor. Who ever gave you the right to determine what anybody could, or could not, post on here?



    Here look in the mirror. Don’t bother a bigot will stare you down.

  19. Had a few emails today asking what names made the Roll of Honour in the new CQN Annual. Here’s who made it in, apologies if you aren’t there. This was compiled over a weekend in late October and features everyone who posted, minus one or two!!



    South of Tunis * Kdc * NegAnon2 * Monaghan1900 * THE EXILED TIM * Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan * Vmhan * Mild mannered Pedro Delgado * The Battered Bunnet * !!Bada Bing!! * kikinthenakas * Hamiltontim * Thunder Road * blantyretim * connaire12 * roy croppie * corkcelt * 16 roads – Celtic über alles…* BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS * Nye Bevan’s rebel soldier * Neustadt- Braw * eddieinkirkmichael *oldtim67 * leftclicktic * IGC * jamesgang * martybhoy59 * TBJ * Burghbhoy * jinkyredstar * A ceiler Gonof Rust * gordybhoy64 * the unthank road * Greenpinata * Turkeybhoy * What is the Stars * Lennybhoy * Parkheadcumsalford * Tallybhoy * Jobo Baldie * 67 Heaven * bankiebhoy1 * twist n turns * Frantic07 * stevo * Maestro * Margaret McGill * Tom McLaughlin * FFM * Delaney Dunky * Macjay * The_huddle * Celticrollercoaster * Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas * Lilys grandpa * BGX * petec * pedrocaravanachio67 * ticwaewin * The Spirit of Arthur Lee * Stephenbhoy1 * Gordon64 * praecepta * Hrvatski Jim * Can I Have Raspberry * Big Georges Fan Club * Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo * Fieldofdrams * bognorbhoy * sipsini * Doc * voguepunter * Morrissey the 23rd * Clashcitybhoy * setting free the bears * Auldheid * itscalledthemalvinas * timbhoy2 * prestonpans bhoys * neilbhoy * Troontim * BIG-CUP-WINNERS * whitedoghunch * celticbhoy73 * KevJungle * RobertTressell * ernie lynch * ‘GG * Cathedral View * Jonny the Tim * weet wee tweet (GBWO) * greenyin * EKBhoy * Geordie Munro * gearoid1998 * lennon’s passion * SELF DOUBT AND SELFISM * Philbhoy * michaelj * Supersutton * Moonbeams * TootingTim * LiviBhoy * timaloy29 * williebhoy * Imatim * innishcolly * starry plough * Cathal * Clink\o/ * gordybhoy64 * McCourt For 7 * Looks a lot like Che Guevara * ChippyBhoy * Jonny the Tim * niallo83 * Blooter It! * Tom Molach * topkat * BigYinMilan * Mullet and co 2 * pintaguinness * excathedra44 * boondock saint * Snake Plissken * coolmore mafia * Cowiebhoy * dksglen * iki * DownForSam * themightyquinn * dessybhoy * m6bhoy * tobagostreet * Vmhan * antipodean red * jc2 * tommytwiststommyturns * Tricolour Ribbon * Jimmynotpaul * johann murdoch * Hoop doggydog * fleagle1888 * cliftonville celt from belfast * Joe Filippis Haircut * Booker T * saltires en sivilla * Emerald \ o/ still proud to be an internet bampot * overseasbhoy * Snake Plissken * mighty tim supporting wee Oscar * Summa of Sammi * hebcelt * Dear reader *guernica * mncelt * Toor A Loo * Paddybhoy88 * Dontbrattbakkinanger * hankray * beatbhoy * weebobbycollins * glendalystonsils * bournesouprecipe * Zico-Maltese Bhoy * Zbyszek * CultsBhoy * dena29 * justshatered * ElDiegobhoy * Ron Bacardi * Pogmathony aka Laird of the Smiles * scullybhoy * weeminger * An Tearmann * PeteTheBeat * may67 * An Tearmann * Minceyheidman * timhorton * h@n skelper * a light insanity * Markjig * Vmhan * Burnley78 * Fred Colon * The Comfortable Collective * sixtaeseven * smoke and mirrors * Gary67 * JimmyQuinnsBits * Saint Stivs * Melbourne Mick * ruggyman * paolosboots FC before PLC * nally81 * Sannabhoy and 2000 kids say thank you to bucketeers and donator * Hoops_Neil_Lennon_diditagain * Marrakesh Express * tonydonnelly67 * senga * time for change * Ray Winstone’s Big Disembodied Heid * martybhoy59 * Captain Beefheart * FAVOURITE UNCLE * LivornoBhoy * googybhoy * TroonTim * paulloantony * the glorious balance sheet * PFayr supports WeeOscar * soukous * foghorn leghorn * Jackie mac * derbyshirebhoy * Stringer Bell * BigMike * Blindlemonchitlin * Celtic Mac * el flaco * 50 shades of green * mighty tim * viewfaethewidae * Papa John * skyisalandfill * Fess19 * westies * ger57 * Taurangabhoy * Monaghan1900 * Sandman * foghorn leghorn * seanoc *



    You can order the CQN Annual at http://www.cqnbookstore.com



    PS sorry for the continually promoting the Annual – every time we do about a dozen people order as not everyone is online at the time or reads back through all the pages on CQN.

  20. leftclicktic




    13:27 on 17 December, 2014




    Grant Russell@STVGrant · 60 mins60 minutes ago



    Not announced to stock exchange yet but Rangers International Football Club plc yesterday appointed Matthew Wood as their secretary.



    Stewart Weir@sweirz · 48 mins48 minutes ago



    #Rangers International Football Club PLC has appointed Matthew Wood as their secretary. How naughty has he been to get that for Christmas?



    Grant Russell@STVGrant · 54 mins54 minutes ago



    One of Matthew Wood’s skills listed on the CMS Group website is “Secondary Fundraisings”. Quite.




    Matt Wood?



    I wonder why CMS didn’t put Liam O’Donoghue on it? :-))




  21. Did I hear right?



    On BBC Radio 6 Music, their music correspondent, mentioned “Aleks Tonev” as being in the top 10 “heroes of the Year” in an online poll.



    Cant seem to find it. Trying Google again.




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