Peat: a litany of dysfunction


Former SFA president George Peat was asked by the BBC this week what regrets he had from his time at the SFA.  There should be an abundance of items on that list, but there was only one – that a club asked him not to change competition rules to help Rangers with their fixtures in 2008.

In 2009, during Peat’s time as president, the SFA were subject to a Schedule 36 notice from HMRC demanding Rangers players’ contract details to be handed over.  This was the time HMRC were building a case against Rangers, who disclosed one contract to the tax authority and the SFA, but decided against lodging a second contract, for EBT payments with either body.

The SFA were in a unique position to counsel Rangers on correct process.  Had they done so, Rangers would have been advised that they were in breach of SFA and SPL player registration rules, which required them to submit all contracts to the sport’s governing bodies.

The SFA would subsequently be obliged to forward these contracts to HMRC and the tax crisis, which ultimately liquidated Rangers, would have occurred when the club benefited from the support of Champions League income.

As it happened, George Peat did nothing, Rangers continued to play improperly registered players for a further three years, and Rangers sold for £1 before being liquidated.

Peat, an accountant, made his way through the SFA as a director of Airdrieoneans.  Despite his financial background, Airdrieoneans were liquidated in 2002 after a legendary period of mismanagement.  He was SFA treasurer and vice-president, and would have had to resign his position at the Association, but managed to cling-on after becoming a director of Stenhousemuir.

A year after Peat retired as SFA president, but when he was still at Stenhousemuir, his team were the only club to vote to allow Newco Rangers direct access to the Scottish Football League Championship.  Peat did not get his wish and Newco started life in the bottom tier of the SFL.

Peat also had the misfortune to lose his Head of Referees in an inappropriate email scandal connected with the visit of the Pope to Scotland.  The existence of the email was denied by the SFA until evidence reached the BBC.

Perhaps most regretful of all during Peat’s SFA presidency was the handling of the lies told by referee Dougie McDonald after a Dundee United-Celtic game in 2010.  McDonald lied to Celtic manager, Neil Lennon and asked his assistant referees to affirm the lie.

It became evident that linesman Steve Craven was not prepared to do so and McDonald came clean to the SFA.  Despite this, the Association conspired to hold the line, as Craven claimed the Association twice asked him to stick to the lie.

All of this was reported openly but it was only the Celtic manager who was lied to, so Peat found no reason to consider his position, or anything regretful in the actions of the SFA.

He was replaced as president by a recipient and signatory of Rangers EBTs, Campbell Ogilvie.  Despite Ogilvie’s acknowledged “heavily conflicted” status, it is telling that he was considered more even-handed than his predecessor.

As it happens, the subject of Peat’s one regret was ignored, the season was extended to accommodate Rangers fixture congestion, but in a twist of irony, they lost the title to Celtic and Uefa Cup final to Zenit.

George Peat is a perfect example of dysfunction at the SFA.  An accountant at a liquidated club who rose from Association treasurer to president.  He should be a national embarrassment, a salutary lesson on poor governance.  But he’s not.  In fact, he is not even that exceptional.

Foundation preparations for winter

The Celtic FC Foundation work goes on all year but the winter months are critical for those most in need in communities in and around Glasgow.  There are families with more problems than you or I have imagined, who are dependent on the Foundation for the most meagre of Christmases.  The homeless and countless other vulnerable people are challenged by the winter cold more than is bearable.

I am doing the Great Scottish Run half marathon on at the end of next week to raise funds for the Foundation.  You can get involved by donating here.

Thank you.

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  1. Dictionary definition–“Peat is an accumulation of partially decayed vegetation or organic matter.”


    In other words-“Peat is a durty, bitter, twisted, masonic, orange basturk.”



    I remember sitting in Peat’s office and thinking, ‘What a durty, bitter, twisted, masonic, orange basturk.’


    Imagine eh! Me and a dictionary agreeing with each other…

  2. 50 shades of green on








    See this picking teams lark its not all its cracked up to be. :-)







    Ffs ofcourse KT should be in, rookie mistake ( DOH).







    That would mean Sinky dropping out , because I cant see either Ollie or Scott not making it, getting KT and Sinky both in ain’t gonna be easy, and a 442 just wont work I think.







    Maybe thats why Brendan sticks with the 4231 ?.








  3. I met smelly feet Peat on a few occasions…I never ever shook his hand…(one never knew where it had been)…totally disagreeable human being…yes! even more loathesome than Murray…he and Duffield together were pure Novichok…

  4. Paul 67


    Despite all that evidence the state broadcaster gave him a platform to ignore all that he and his organisation had done but allowed him to raise a grievance of his own, it is not just the SFA that is by your description dysfunctional.

  5. P67


    It’s all very well Celtic blogs lambasting Peat, but as long as the SMSM (or other clubs for that matter) not challenging the message it will be the only view most people read.

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I wonder if any “prominent clubs” asked the authorities FOR an extension to the season. Or did they just decide by themselves?


    I would have thought a top quality agenda-free journalist like Kenny MacIntyre might have asked this as an obvious follow-up question.

  7. Glibby McShameless on

    I’ve stated many times that we can now say openly that the SFA is run by the Orange Order. We were told this by Charles Green’s Pakistani friend Imran Ahmed as he fled from the country fearing he would not receive a fair trial in the fraud case they had to answer.


    This from a man who served as a director of sevco rangers. For long years we have known this but no proof could be produced. It now festers as an open secret of sorts.


    Our national sporting body who supposed to administer it for the good of all clubs continues to pander to one particular club and obstructs another who it seems to detest. aided and abetted by a biased media.

  8. Look Zenit St Petersburg beat them fair and square. 10 years later and they’re still wingeing about it.


    The people of Manchester have a lot more to complain about after the events of that night.










    It is entirely possible that a player’s agent, having been instructed to seek a transfer by said player, then approaches current club and informs them accordingly. What is a club then to do? Obtain best value, or dig their heels in? It is not as straightforward as it might appear. I do not have a ready answer unfortunately

  10. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Here I go again……..



    Sportsound has been complicit in this whole rancid saga from the beginning.



    It is more unaccountable than Peat ever was.

  11. That awkward moment when your biggest regret isn’t actually a regret. What a buffoon.



    Good article today Paul.

  12. Here’s a more accurate headline for the Peet scenario- “BBC Scotland urges staff not to mention liquidation”

  13. PAUL 67.



    You forgot to mention the cup final when CELTIC played DUN.UTD. he went round the DUN .UTD party to shake hands with them and completely ignored THE CELTIC PARTY.



    Perhaps his best achievement was getting SCOTLAND from pot 2 into pot 4 for the EUROPEAN COMPETITION.




  14. I agree with Paul’s analysis however…….



    Isn’t this equally a failure on the part of Celtic to address the wanton corruption and mismanagement?



    Or don’t you want to address that?

  15. Neganon2


    My anger is almost evenly split between the BBC with it’s liquidation denial, publishing anti – Celtic stories at every opportunity and its wall to wall ebt pundits and the Celtic board with it’s outward silence on the historic and continued cheating by the SFA, SPFL and any team playing out of ipox.



    But I continue to support Brendan and the bhoys

  16. Go tell the Spartim on

    The BBC are a big part of the cabal. Why we pander to this odious institution beggars belief?

  17. What really confuses me is that his biggest regret is something someone else did. Surely Peat’s career regrets are things he didn’t do, and you have complied a good list above.



    It’s like me saying my biggest regret is that my boss didn’t get a better car.

  18. From DanielOConnell Twitter.



    Suddenly no one is talking about the SFA unilaterally changing the laws of the game in Scotland to allow Rangers* players to kick opponents in off-the-ball incidents. We’re all talking about an unknown club trying to stop the season being extended a decade ago. #Squirrel

  19. I see Armstrong wasn’t even on the bench for Southampton last night, mind you they did draw after being 2 up.

  20. glendalystonsils on

    Perhaps Celtic should be told to start again in the bottom division now that Peat has divulged this scandalous behaviour.


    To put such an honest and upright pillar of the SFA in such an invidious position by asking for fairness toward other Scottish clubs……………..disgusting.

  21. Stoneface and the Brown Brogue Correspondent played that one like Little an’ Large…….





    ” What’s That You Say George?”



    ShockHorror CSC




    Just catching up and seen your post, so glad some of our bhoys


    were with you on Saturday and with PADDYMAC being there as


    well you would have had a good laugh at some of his Celtic tales.



    And yes the peninsula is a stunning place to live, we are so blessed


    and with a Celtic Supporters Club here thanks to Paddy is the icing


    on the cake.



    So safe journey home and if i manage back home to Scotland i’ll


    definately take you up on your offer of a few beers together.



    H.H Mick

  23. HEN1RIK on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2018 8:44 AM


    From @CollectCelticFC



    George Peat a football dinosaur



    1. The Season was extended



    2. He refused Celtic requests in previous Seasons



    3. A coward not to name the Club



    4. Illegally sat in on a Disciplinary meeting on Neil Lennon – Lennon got a 6 game ban



    Like the Team he supports a #Fraud



    *you forgot watching his “beloved” club being liquidated by charlatan and then bending each and every rule for same rag and bone man’s club.



    PAUL 67.



    You forgot to mention the cup final when CELTIC played DUN.UTD. he went round the DUN .UTD party to shake hands with them and completely ignored THE CELTIC PARTY.



    *Not only that but after his “gripping” of the arabs he turned and gave our group a sleekit durty look.

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