Peat sounding bitter


Not so long ago former SFA president George Peat railed against those who peddled innuendo in the game.  After expressing his regret about a call he received from a director at a club he refused to name, yesterday, when asked by the Daily Record who he referred to, he said, “I would have thought people would have guessed by now anyway.”  The man sounds bitter.

This is an exercise in marking the cards of the 93 (or so) SFA member clubs on whose influence to back.  Peat spent many years mixing with delegates from these clubs at international games, cup finals and Association meetings.  He will retain leverage which Rod Petrie, the chosen successor as SFA president, would benefit from.

Among the members, there are a few modernising clubs, many disengaged, and dozens who live for their trips to Hampden, when they can pull the levers of power.  Petrie wants the top blazer, isolating those provoking change is a clear strategy.

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  1. Jist standing staring out at the world of the Gorbals when a bloke wae his dog and a local Priest seemingly in a bit of a panic, went by the window.



    Hope they’re ok….I’m on the tap dancer! ??



    Hail Hail




  2. AULDHEID on19TH SEPTEMBER 2018 12:25 PM



    From previous.



    I’d love to see Celtic make a statement about the SFA and their Cheats Charter.



     However one of the difficulties of Celtic coming out with a statement saying that they have been cheated, even if they can then back it up (which they can) or that SFA are totally unfit for governance (which they are) is the natural next question – what are you doing about it?



     Celtic can point out to efforts made to have LNS revisited in 2017. They can point out to raising concerns on ebt and side letters to SFA in 2012 and copying correspondence to UEFA, they might even question how judicial is the SFA Judicial Panel Protocol (see TSFM for why they should) but so far those efforts have come to nothing.



     Could Celtic do more? Canalamar has pointed to one route, take the evidence accumulated since 2013 to UEFA or use the threat of doing so to bring the Peat minded into line.



     Until there is a means of bringing about change, any prior statement would be an admission of helplessness and asking Celtic supporters to keep supporting even in the knowledge that the Club itself does not believe they are being or have been treated honestly.



     I’d love to see a headline “Celtic call SFA/Rangers Cheats” and if change cannot be introduced that may be all that is left but say why and let the world judge on assumption it gives a toss.



     However without change, without assurances of fair governance that wipes out consequences of misgoverence from 2000 to date, or no statement at all, a drop in a support not prepared to sit at the back of the bus will be inevitable but we must let the future be built on a truth, not a pack of lies.





    I think that once players get an over-inflated sense of their own importance,and the accompanying bank balance,they instinctively switch off. Asked to do something they don’t really fancy much,sod it,no.



    I read a suggestion that Leicester City players were furious about having to travel by road rather than air to Bournemouth on Saturday. If I’d been a Leicester City fan who also travelled by road to attend the game,maybe £100 out of pocket rather than receiving £100k per week,I’d have been a damn sight more furious at their petulant prima donna performance.



    What they achieved a few years back was amazing,and everyone was really delighted for them. Their behaviour since has been disgusting,and an insult to their support.

  4. BMCUW —previous thread



    ” prima donna ” .



    Saw an interview with the ego maniac manchild -Icardi -after last night’s Inter 2 Spurs 1 . A game in which he did nothing other than scoring a great goal . Interview lasted @ 5 minutes . Inter didn’t get a mention . His team mates didn’t get a mention . He waxed lyrically re himself , his wife (who is his Agent ) and his weans – Fine goal though –


  5. Scotland uses sectarianism to mask racism. Sectarianism as a phrase is now used to mean one side is as bad as the other. This is what racists do.



    When will Celtic ever act. These Peat claims are scurrilous in the extreme and could easily be dealt with alongside a message of SFA favouritism and cheating. But no Celtic never say anything. It is not dignified to put up with bullying on this level. Just cowardice.





    Quite astonishing clip,I can’t remember ever seeing anything like that before. Did he know he had ten team-mates,did he complete one single pass all night?



    To be fair to him,he wasn’t being a greedy b’ as such,just wasn’t particularly interested in actually making a successful pass.



    But,as you rightly say…



    What a finish!




  7. Canamalar@ 10:19 am



    Good reply.



    I acknowledge that you had given a reason why BR would depart at the end of the season rather than immediately.



    But, to do so, you had to set a scenario where he was so unhappy with PL and the Board that he was going to leave but that, he was also “honourable” so he would not exercise his outrage immediately but would leave after these events had cooled down. For me, credibility starts to get stretched there- it’s a bit like agreeing to stay together for the sake of the children- little good can come from it. Your heart is not in it and the children (in this case the players and the fans- can see throught it).



    Neither you nor I have to be one of our many accomplished body language interpreters in order to know that Brendan is currently unhappy- we have his spoken words now – which communicated that attitude fairly clearly without clearly stating who (as opposed to what) he was angry and disappointed with. In staying on, he has, at least temporarily, risen above his anger and decided to go on. None of us has a clue as to whether he will depart yesterday, as was rumoured on here, by the weekend, by Christmas, by next Summer or on immediate achievement of 10iar, if that happens.



    There are alternative reasons for his displeasure; Celtic not playing well currently and being out of the CL, chief amongst them. Nothing produces a bad mood quicker than a string of poor results but, luckily, nothing dispels that mood quicker than a run of good wins.



    I contend that, rather than put all of this down to an irrevocable loss of trust, it fits better with the explanation that Brendan, and all at the club, are in a poorer mood because we are playing less well than we should, we have had a poorer transfer window than we should have had, and our supporters are in a poorer mood because of the combination of these factors.



    All of these factors can be rectified. We can put a string of results together, we can recruit and develop better in future, and we can get the majority of the fans onside as a result of this.



    As neither of us is privy to Brendan’s innermost thought , we are both left with a lot of guesswork in making predictions on his future actions.



    My best guess is that BR will stay if he can see enough progress, as defined by results, trophies, titles and incremental European progress, to persuade him as to the continuing attraction of the Celtic project. If supporters can be satisfied with that too, we will have a mutually supportive environment.



    If, however, BR feels a gap widening between his vision for Celtic and our achievements in playing style, results and recruitment, then the Pull factors of going to clubs who can finance his ambitions more easily, will loom larger.



    Time will tell, who is right, but the process of putting things right started with the Sevco game and has another important milestone tomorrow against Rosenborg. More doom and gloom will see a wheen of Celtic supporting taxi drivers offering themselves for hire on the busy airport run.





    I know this is really a private,if open,discussion between you and CANAMALAR. And I appreciate the forensic and respectful approach from you both.



    I’ll hold you on a couple of points in successive paragraphs. You mention a few reasons why Brendan would leave in the near future,including loss of trust. You then,next paragraph,say that all these things can be fixed.



    I think nothing is beyond repair re the above relationship. Bar loss of trust. That’ll kill it every time. And not just in football.

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Well this clearly hasn’t got anything to do with a non-story from ten years ago.


    Clearly there is either some heat on the Strong Rangers Association or there is some politics at play and someone is using the media to drive an agenda.


    I really don’t see anything ever changing at that organisation. Any change will require it to be disbanded and replaced with something 21st century and fit for purpose.

  10. Neganon:



    “Scotland uses sectarianism to mask racism. Sectarianism as a phrase is now used to mean one side is as bad as the other. ”



    I knew I would agree with you, eventually, on something !




  11. Bawsman from the last thread


    The black hole which is McColl and Ferguson’s needs a right good looking into, seems to be no accounting for north of £50m of oor money – I hope some of it isn’t sitting under a budget heading of ‘miscellaneous’ and underpinning a certain Scottish institution!





    I would love to know what you mean by that. Seriously.

  13. I’m intrigued as to why the utterances of Peat about events of 10 years ago are deemed worthy of column inches in any rag at this time.


    Like GLASSTWOTHIRDSFULL, I think something must be happening, or is in the throes of happening. No idea what, and not interested in speculative opinion ( from myself ), but i will be watching from afar for the next few days with more than mild curiosity.



  14. Auldheid



    To take up the issue within the SFA we need support from other clubs, Like Turnball Hutton, will the other clubs directors agree with our view or will they wash their hands and “move on”. This is the challenge. Do we raise these cheating concerns and take any negative aspects on Board or do we try and get support before showing our hand?



    Taking our complaints to UEFA has a similar challenge. Would we get support to even allow UEFA to look into the matter. Will SFA make the case that a disgruntled club with a grudge who failed in their case domestically have taken the matter to UEFA.



    Actually, to me, publicaly doing something is preferable to doing nothing but may have negative consequences

  15. Kristoffer Ajer is “a big doubt” for Celtic’s Europa League group opener against Rosenberg because of a virus, manager Brendan Rodgers says.


    Another centre-back, Jozo Simunovic, remains sidelined with a knee injury, so Jack Hendry could come back into the starting line-up.


    Hendry returns to the squad after recovering from a knee injury picked up against Partick Thistle on 18 August.



    I’m sure is Ajer misses out then Benkovic starts with Boyata and Lustig returning at RB

  16. Setting free the bears



    Good post. It’s clear Brendan is unhappy with the current situation where the team is not playing well.


    Whether he is unhappy with other matters, we are not so sure. I would judge that he was definitely unhappy with the results of the transfer window. I would suggest he realises that has gone and is preparing for the next window.



    The real challenge is when another club wants his services, although he has stressed that he is happy at Celtic. A big club offering him more money in salary and in budget will be the big challenge. It could be that there are less than 20 teams in Europe who could likely tempt Brendan.



    So to me, the key is not at a particular time but when a particular set of circumstances align then there is the challenge.



    I hope that Brendan stays for 10 in a row at least. We need 8 first and theres the first challenge

  17. Paul67 et al



    George Peat is someone who it would be pretty much impossible to defame in Scotland, libel or slander anywhere else.

  18. I see Alan Brazil is now suggesting EPL management jobs for BR. I wonder what moniker he uses when he posts on here?

  19. glendalystonsils on

    BATEEN BHOY on 19TH SEPTEMBER 2018 2:12 PM


    I’m intrigued as to why the utterances of Peat about events of 10 years ago are deemed worthy of column inches in any rag at this time.



    I was thinking the same. What next? An interview with Hugh Dallas about being unfairly hounded out of Scotland by an over reaction to ‘light hearted’ emails by one , er , unnamed club?


    Or an interview with the family of Jim Farry about the decline in health caused by his dismissal after o certain ‘unnamed club’ overreacted to a slight administrative error?

  20. Jinkyredstar & BMCUW @14.36 hrs.



    Whimsical indeed. Some may say it’s devious. Morally bankrupt is a polite way of putting it.



    Think about it for a nano second; Can you ever see the Scottish government acting in any way to the detriment of their prized advisor or the club he is intertwined with.




  21. Neg



    First paragraph completely agree with, but the rest of your post is just blaming our football club, for Scotland’s shame.



    What are we doing to tackle sectarianism that ‘the Celtic board’ are not’?

  22. BMCUW



    Had to go out in that storm hence the late reply.



    I ddon’t set limits of privacy on the exchange I was having with canamalar; it’s an open blog so anyone can join in.



    Loss of trust is a difficult one to overcome but there are many instances of people staying together following what was seen as an act of betrayal. It is difficult but not impossible. If trust had truly broken down, beyond all possible repair, Brendan would have walked already.



    I think Bigbhoy got the gist of what I was thinking i.e. there is more to this equation than just the relationship between BR and PL. Brendan could leave if a bigger club offered him a chance to aim higher than where celtic are currently aiming. That has to be as understandable as Moussa going to Lyon, even though many of us do not see Lyon as a “giant” club.



    I would hope that BR would not be tempted by a West Brom, Huddersfield or Swansea. I would also hope that an Everton, Leicester, West Ham or Villa would not make him jump. But the top 6 in England, the top 5 in Spain, the top 3 in France and the top 4 in Germany would be hard to resist.

  23. Auldheid (ages ago)



    Public statements?



    I think you get the conclusion right, it is not a Celtic agenda as you know more than most and without the support of every other club in Scotland Celtic will continue to press for change ‘behind the scenes’



    Showing the ‘fenian hand’ isn’t an option in Scotland and it would instantly create a Celtic v Sevco debate.



    We all know how the establishment would treat that scenario and we’d be rushed off our feet to the next Edinburgh summit.



    The game is still as straight as a parrot’s nose, we don’t need public statements to tell us, that we’re unhappy.

  24. Bhoys and Ghirls,



    I never knew that Celtic and every club in the SPLhave a group collective insurance policy with the SFA. @ Mickdevine67.




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