Peat sounding bitter


Not so long ago former SFA president George Peat railed against those who peddled innuendo in the game.  After expressing his regret about a call he received from a director at a club he refused to name, yesterday, when asked by the Daily Record who he referred to, he said, “I would have thought people would have guessed by now anyway.”  The man sounds bitter.

This is an exercise in marking the cards of the 93 (or so) SFA member clubs on whose influence to back.  Peat spent many years mixing with delegates from these clubs at international games, cup finals and Association meetings.  He will retain leverage which Rod Petrie, the chosen successor as SFA president, would benefit from.

Among the members, there are a few modernising clubs, many disengaged, and dozens who live for their trips to Hampden, when they can pull the levers of power.  Petrie wants the top blazer, isolating those provoking change is a clear strategy.

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  1. I’m pretty sure most, if not all, EPL clubs take an interest in successful managers all over Europe, if not the world when it comes to the big 4/5 in Europes top leagues. I’m sure BR has impressed quite a few in his first 2 years with us. So now that he has come to the first hiccup since his arrival I’m sure they will be watching with added interest to see how he handles it. If he cant handle a rumble with a bolshi CEO or is seen to be ducking out of a challenge from a young upstart it will not look good on his CV. This Season is crunch time for BR. If he grasps the mettle and sweeps all away before him as he has previously it will be to our, and HIS, benefit . I think he has ambitions to win the EPL as he came so close at Liverpool, but he will have to chose his next move wisely or he could be seen as the next MoN.

  2. There is really nothing to add to the Peat Affair, other to comment that it is a striking reminder of just how corrupt and biased towards the Ibrox clubs the SFA have been – and continue to be.



    Should Celtic respond? – I bet that’s exactly what he wants, so that this whole thing gets dragged on and on, and Lawwell is dragged into an inconclusive slagging match.



    This is an argument Celtic will never win in our media. The club should instead, behind the scenes, concentrate on trying to cleanse the governing bodies of the likes of Peat, Dickson, Ogilvie etc etc.



    Sadly however, I think Scottish football, like Scottish society, is fundamentally small-minded and tinged with sectarianism/racism. Too many of the other club chairmen are happy to mingle with the blazers rather than actually be pro-active, and improve the game. And if it seems Celtic are publicly leading the calls for change, then they will all run a mile.



    Budge was a great hope – as was Petrie once: both have disappointed. Milne at Aberdeen, because his club’s fans recognise the pro-Ibrox bias, may once have been a possible ally. But I believe his friendship with Murray prevented this.



    And the media are like sheep, sadly, living from one manufactured scandal to the next. (And this includes the ones who can see the corruption clearly, like Spiers and English, but are too comfortable to point it out).

  3. Any trophies stripped today ?


    How many empty seats ?


    Who are the “real” gullibilly’s ?


    No statement will kick the, cheating, colluding, silently complicit, Scottish etablishment, including Celtic PLC’ s erses, as hard as a series of empty stadiums.


    Who would win between, a pension swimming in the gravy of 53,000 mugs ?




    A pension with an empty stadium biting its erse ?


    Maybe waan day they’ll get it, maybe waan day.





  4. Power cut in work earlier so came home around half 2 to ‘work from home’ (which I have been doing). Came home and noticed gardeners (didn’t look like Ally) out cutting the grass in the nearby play park. Then along comes the next guy with one of them industrial blowers to get rid of the cut grass. On today of all days???



    Saw a suggestion that Rosenborg can’t fly in today as planned. Could our game be in danger of being postponed?

  5. It’s a cert Brendan Rodgers will leave Celtic, Lawell and his handling of bringing in players that Brendan wanted and didn’t get,was the final nail in the coffin,I’m pretty sure he wiil manage a club in the English Premiership,

  6. Brendan Rodgers has invited Charlie Phelan, the fan attacked in Girvan, over for VIP treatment at a game.



    No arrests.



    2 attempted murders of visiting fans to Ibrox



    No arrests



    Mass brawl outside Central Station after Sevco v Wigan game.



    No arrests.



    Serious questions need to be asked about theses incidents……in other news,no case to answer for 7 Celtic fans arrested and taken to court over 2 effigies at a football match,what a total waste of public money that was.

  7. Peat cannot name the alleged Chairman as he would be sued. He cannot prove the conversation even took place unless he recorded it, which I doubt. AS P67 suggests, its a political move probably engineered by Petrie, to undermine and isolate PL for one and Celtic for another. Your move Peter and Desmond.

  8. TIMBHOY2 on 19TH SEPTEMBER 2018 3:57 PM



    Of course BR will leave Celtic at some point. It was inevitable since the day he put pen to paper.



    Genuine question: We have circa 33 first team players. How many do you think we should have ?






    Well this clearly hasn’t got anything to do with a non-story from ten years ago.



    “Clearly there is either some heat on the Strong Rangers Association or there is some politics at play and someone is using the media to drive an agenda.”




    You raise an interesting point. It’s worth considering the background to Peat’s IV. For one, he’s hardly newsworthy, he’s long retired and as far as I’m aware, holds no official position in the game anymore, and hasn’t for some time.



    So, if you are a BBC producer looking for a guest, he would be nowhere near the top of your list, if he were even on it at all. The anniversary of the Hun’s (RIP) UEFA Cup run (and attendant league extension) was earlier this year, so there’s nothing obvious around the timing of revisiting this issue now. He has no “sage” role in the game, like Alex Ferguson (someone you would IV whenever you could, regardless of timings). Essentially, there is absolutely no reason to book him as an IVee at all.



    Unles, you were asked to, by Peat himself, or by someone else acting in a professional PR capacity.



    Which is what I believe happened. This “story” was concocted and delivered to a friendly outlet (Kenny MacIntyre is a Rangers fan who simply cannot hide his biases, and therefore could be relied upon to ignore the gargantuan leaps of logic inherent in Peat’s tale of woe).



    The question is: why? Why bother? To annoy Celtic? Unlikely. To stoke the Perma-Rage of the Sevconians? Possibly, but it hardly needs stoking.



    The most obvious answer is that the SFA are under pressure – or will soon come under pressure- to make a tough ruling or take action against Sevco. A story like this makes it more difficult for them to enforce the rules (no laughing at the back!), without being accused of pro-Timmy bias – which, in Scottish football terms, is the number one capital crime.



    Either that, or Peat and his ilk rally can see their old-school power slipping away. Perhaps change really is coming. Perhaps they really do fear us.

  10. We’ve won nine in a row , reached the last sixteen of champions league and just had our biggest spend in transfer window. Man UTD , Real Madrid and Barcelona all need a new manager and they all want Brendan. Would he go to one? Of course he would. We don’t half worry about stuff we can’t control, he will leave at sometime and we will carry on.


    Same goes for the KT , Robertson debate. Both smashing players. Honest as the day is long. I wouldn’t swap them and neither would a Liverpool fan.

  11. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    Group revenue increased by 12.1% to £101.6m (2017: £90.6m)




    Operating expenses including labour increased by 14.1% to £87.1m (2017: £76.3m)




    Gain on sale of player registrations of £16.5m (2017: £2.3m)




    Acquisition of player registrations of £16.6m (2017: £13.8m)




    Profit before taxation of £17.3m (2017: £6.9m)




    Year-end cash net of bank borrowings of £36.1m (2017: £17.9m)




    Year-end net cash, net of debt and debt like items, of £27.0m (2017: £13.4m)

  12. Stoneface an’ ithers o’ his ilk….are a scoddish problem, not a Celtic problem, primarily.


    That’s the rub…………


    If we unilterally come ooot blastin’ like Yosemite Sam, ( something only our opponents would like) the Huns will love it as it will cast Celtic as convenient enemies of Scotland and allow thum all to group together comfortably in a “Lets move On” styleee.



    Denied the democracy of decent journalism the huns have us on a hidin’ to nothin’.

  13. Timbhoy2



    It’s a cert Brendan Rodgers will leave Celtic, Lawell and his handling of bringing in players that Brendan wanted and didn’t get,was the final nail in the coffin,I’m pretty sure he wiil manage a club in the English Premiership,”




    So, which is it? A cert or just “pretty sure?

  14. Was talking with my niece recently … she has a blog with a huge following ….



    she was telling me about how much money companies pay people to run blogs now , and even that they pay people to post favourable comments ….it is big business …



    got me thinking ….

  15. I had a very quick look at the chairman’s statement on Celtic’s accounts. Too many things to ridicule but the best one is the new phrase “debt like items”.



    Anyway got to fly back to Glasgow. But my god they are a joke.



    More later.

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