Penalty box possession and shots from outside the area


You thought St Mirren were a hard watch?  Livingston won three and drew three of their last six games but did not manage the majority of possession in any of those outings.  Incredibly, they beat Dundee (by four goals), Dundee United and Aberdeen with an average of 39% possession.

If they dug in against the team at the bottom of the league, they will only leave their defensive third to have a shot on goal against the league leaders on Sunday (expect them to shoot on sight).

There will be no surprises.  High crosses into the box will be successfully defended.  There will be no space in front of goal, marking will be skintight, the defensive line will be straight.  The pitch will be terrible, passing and control will be difficult – if you have a ticket, please be forgiving.

If you needed a reason to be concerned more than Celtic’s historical results against Livi, their recent form is impressive.  Livingston have collected the joint second highest points total from their last five games, just two behind Celtic.

The first objective will be to get possession inside their box.  We have the players to make any defender nervous at making a rash challenge with a penalty on the line.  Shots from the edge of the area will be important.  A ricochet did us no harm against St Mirren, against a packed defence, another is very possible.

Teams who win leagues win games like this.  Three points for Celtic here will go a long way to achieving that objective.

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  1. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed watching a game of football on a plastic surface.


    Not expecting it to be pretty on Sunday.



    3pts the prize.




  2. 2 years ago today Tom Rogic scored in the 91st minute to get a 2-2 draw at Livingston and move us 13 points ahead.



    I would take that result now

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  4. We were in better form than now going into that game, they were in worse.



    A point will do for me

  5. Just like a victory won’t mean the league is won, let’s not get carried away about dropped points against a team we rarely beat.

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Wingers and wing backs required on Sunday, to stretch the width,and get behind their full backs

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “There will be no space in front of goal, marking will be skintight, the defensive line will be straight.”




    Only if we allow it to be!


    Quicker movement of the ball, better off-the-ball movement, switches of play. Break up their structure.


    Variation in crossing – some low, hard ones across the face of goal from closer in, some from the half-spaces, some beyond the back post to be headed back into the middle.


    Not sure about the long-range shots. If there’s an opportunity then fine but it can reek of desperation at times. And it really annoys me when there’s a defender right in front of the player taking the shot who is obviously going to block it.


    No reason we shouldn’t win this game if we do the right things.

  8. One thing is for sure, we cannot continue to play our normal game against Livingston. They are a special case because they have made themselves a special case. Paul points out their possession stats and their very special playing surface. They seem never to be flustered against us. Although defending in depth with minimum possession, they’re always able to ‘put the wind up’ us with three, or, four chances…’s hard to fathom.



    We have continually had 75%+ possession against them and still not came out on top. We must approach this match differently – doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, has not worked.



    Beating them, as we really should have, this season, would have seen us eight points ahead at this juncture.



    Surely if Livingston can figure us out, we can, in turn, figure them out……can’t we?

  9. prestonpans bhoys on

    Call me gerry



    My quest for a decent game on any plastic carpets continues and will continue beyond Sunday.



    To have them in a top league is ridiculous, we are not a Scandinavian country.

  10. Will we play the same team, formation and tactics on Sunday or will we have a bespoke plan for the Livi carpet?


    We’ll soon know

  11. We used to mock Ryan Christie for wayward shots from outside the box, but this year Jota, reo and Calmac have been every bit as pad.




    A ricochet, handball, deflection or dare say goal are only possible if the ball is not above 7 feet



    .I would be issuing directives to shoot low, anything over the bar gets a fine.

  12. Since their promotion in 2018 home and away in the league we’ve dropped points more often than not – 4 wins 6 draws 2 losses



    3 different managers have failed to win in 5 attempts at their ground.



    The before the 2-2 game two years ago we were in exceptional form – 8 straight wins, 27 goals scored, 4 conceded and we still needed a 91st minute equalizer to take anything away from there



    Everything suggests a victory would be an exceptional result.

  13. Who are we playing at the Pasta Bowl on Sunday some combo of Inter ACmilan circa the seventies



    Get a grip, move the ball quicker be brave and take our chances



    3-0 and on to the next match


    Livynotmilan csc

  14. One feature of our recent play is that we do not want to play in the opposition’s box.



    We dance all around it but rarely try to drive into the box.


    The cutting inside and running sideways two yards outside the box is particularly prevalent at the moment.



    Consequently more desire and we win.

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Put Jullien on the bench, if we’re struggling with 20 minutes to go, put him up front with G Mak launch it and pick up the scraps,constantly passing the ball across the park in front of them is what they want, more than one way to win a game of football.

  16. Celtic by numbers’s analysis of the Hibs game is an excellent read if you’re really interested in the complex challenges that face a Celtic team playing against a team set up with the very singular aim of not conceding. A half decent team, with a half decent coach and months of playing the same way awaits this weekend



    I think it’s quite a lot to expect a new game-plan to be communicated and coached in the 2 coaching days we have between St Mirren and Sunday. Subtle tweaks and a few changes in personnel are about all you can achieve effectively in that timeframe.

  17. I’d rather we were playing Milan than Livi on plastic on Sunday. I think we’d beat them more than none in 5

  18. We are in danger of giving Livingston far too much respect. Being happy with a draw before a ball is kicked ?


    They have lost more games than they have won, and have a -ve goal difference into the bargain.


    We are playing at the Spaghettihad in West Lothian, against Holt, Anderson, and Pittman, not the Etihad in Manchester against Cancelo, De Bruyne, and Foden.


    More confidence less fear please.



    The weather forecast for Sunday looks fine and we know what the playing surface is like. Go for the jugular from first whistle. I’m confident Ange will have something different up his sleeve for this one.

  19. I used to read CQN for a more positive and honest view than that which the MSSM offered. Now, like the pigs and humans in Animal Farm, it is becoming difficult to tell the difference.

  20. Paul 67



    Look mate!!!!!!! © Ange



    It was clear on the BBC that it was Celtic who were the ‘hard watch’ not St Mirren, and we scored with a couple of sclaffs.



    You forgot to mention Nick Walsh the Dallas clone, who’ll give everything he can to Livi. His bother in arms will most likely have helped Sevco level on points by the time we hit Toni Macaroni’s where the thuggees, are well pasta their sell by date and due a Celtic humping.



    Mon the Spaghettihad Hoops CSC

  21. I am in the shoot early and under the bar camp as well.



    fast first time cut backs, or first time drilled across the face of the six yard box, first time shots,



    am i dreaming that the old Roy Aitken front post and knock on from a corner was attempted a couple of times midweek ?



    Its Livi not Liverpoolh

  22. Stivs…………..



    Jeezo…………My Eyes!!!!



    Blind Peaky Blinders in that shot.

  23. HOT SMOKED on 4TH MARCH 2022 1:22 PM


    Why the Pasta references to Livi`s pitch?






    Toni Macaroni Arena.

  24. HOT SMOKED on 4TH MARCH 2022 1:21 PM


    I used to read CQN for a more positive and honest view than that which the MSSM offered. Now, like the pigs and humans in Animal Farm, it is becoming difficult to tell the difference.




    What’s positive and honest in your eyes?



    Predicting a 3 nil win is positive but is it honest??



    Tony Macaroni stadium I think it’s called

  25. Tom McLaughlin on

    Henry Dunbar, former Grand Master of the Orange Order, is standing for Scottish Labour in the May elections.

  26. Tom McLaughlin on

    HOT SMOKED is spot on. I can’t believe we have Celtic supporters saying they’d take a draw now from our visit to Livingston.

  27. JIMDOM, agree with that anything that has happened in games previously is irrelevant we are top of the league going for the title, let’s go there and show we are serious

  28. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 4TH MARCH 2022 1:33 PM


    Henry Dunbar, former Grand Master of the Orange Order, is standing for Scottish Labour in the May elections.






    that was the politico post I was mulling over.



    described as the once “highest ranking orange-man in the whole world” , he is standing for labour as he admires their politics especially that they are in favour of the union (go figure)



    he also describes the orange order as non political, and we never told anyone how to vote, we were just a protestant fraternity.



    mr 95% cletic posts will be on with a response soon as.

  29. “…….the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”


    Thus spake FDR, inaugurated on this day in 1933.


    Since losing to Livingstone back in September we have played twenty eight domestic games, won the League Cup, progressed in the Scottish and went clear in the SPL. We have not lost a game in twenty eight. We have scored twenty four in our last ten games, including drawing a blank against the Hibees. That Livvy are fourth is hard to believe but lose to us that can soon turn to seventh. After Sunday only one more league game left in March, and that is at home. Only three in total. Don’t want to hear how tired we are, are we digging coal?


    No, we’re playing fitba, something we’re pretty good at.

  30. you know someone is really important when they carry the title of …………



    Imperial President.

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