Penalty decision, Jonjoe, Albian, The Captain


Jonjoe Kenny made it all look so simple.  Cross after cross arrived from the right with a frequency and competence we have not seen all season.    Stephen Welsh was no slouch either.  The 21-year-old central defender stuck to task, allowing the rest of the defence to concentrate on their own jobs.

The captain delivered a vintage performance for his return to the team.  Scott Brown’s form is well off his peak, but rested, he is capable of reliving former heights.   The legs may have gone but last night’s performance was a demonstration of leadership.  He could also coach a few taller players in the team above movement and attacking the ball at corner kicks.

The penalty decision was ridiculous.  Alan Power clearly took the legs from Odsonne Edouard without going anywhere near the ball.  The decision was so clear-cut, referee Kevin Clancy must have had difficulty believing his eyes that such a blatant foul happened.  Fortunately it did not affect the result.

Post-match we got an insight into some of the deeper layers of Neil Lennon’s season.  Scoring on a rare start, Albian Ajeti’s “Work ethic hasn’t been good enough. He knows that and he’s changed that now.”  Which is good.

The manager also said Olivier Ntcham “Was a bit fed up and indifferent about the Scottish game and I think he wanted a new challenge, like a few of them have maintained since the start of the season. It’s a difficult thing to claw them back in.”

Work ethic and indifference, the traumas of being young and wealthy in a global crisis.  Hmmm.

It was only Kilmarnock, who were mostly awful, but we have deservedly lost to worse teams this season.  I expect to receive fewer “will not finish second” texts, for a few days, anyway.  You know who you are!


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  1. Happy Wednesday from a Louisville set to plummet into a week of sub zero temps. 



    3 points, 4 goals and a clean sheet. Poor Ntcham. Gets back to France and gets told to get tae France. 



    AVB for the gig here? Nah.




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  3. Paul67



    I’ll take last night as I find it.



    A bit like the past year in general.



    A welcome chink of light amid the wider gloom. To brighter tomorrows.



    As far as Celtic is concerned that means more of the same on Saturday.

  4. Glad to be celebrating a win.



    Still keen to put it all into context for next season’s reset.



    Would still like to think the board can step forward, agree terms with Neil amicably, put on a united front, win the cup, secure 2nd place and give der Hun something to think about for next year with a settled team and lots of regulation 4-0 wins for us.



    I’ll even settle for a new name to be delayed til May.




  5. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    I enjoyed the game last night. Some nice play good goals and a Celtic win.







    I decided, foolishly, to listen to McFadden and Boyd at half time.





    The discussion went to the Edouard penalty incident. To me, a definite penalty.







    McFadden came out with something that made me rewind to make sure I had heard it correctly, obviously Boyd agreed with him.







    He said it wasn’t a penalty because Edouard was “potentially going down.”







    Potentially going down??? WTF???







    So by that logic, Edouard was potentially staying on his feet if he hadn’t been kicked!!!

  6. Fed up and not fit enough? That comes from within the management of players. If guys don’t want to play for this Club get them out,very simple.

  7. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on




    You’re right. They all have agents. Surely they tell them to source them a new club.



    Maybe their agents couldn’t find them a “big” club with “bigger” wages………

  8. lets all do the huddle on

    Would still like to think the board can step forward, agree terms with Neil amicably, put on a united front, win the cup, secure 2nd place and give der Hun something to think about for next year with a settled team and lots of regulation 4-0 wins for us.




    …and then all get tae fk, shower of PLC parasites

  9. Did Neil address his own many mistakes in his post match interview ?



    His team selections, his substitutes, our lack of organisation, our squad lack of fitness and his signings not delivering ?



    Poor, Neil. It’s everybody’s fault bar his own.



    Go, Neil. You’re a malignant presence at Celtic right now.

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good stuff Pablo.



    This jumped out



    “Work ethic and indifference, the traumas of being young and wealthy in a global crisis”






    And don’t want to be too critical of Neil but, against that backdrop,



    IMHO the most important duty of a manager (before tactics, fitness, recruitment) …



    …. is to CONSTANTLY regenerate hunger and desire in his squad.



    My favourite “management” takeaway of all time … from the master himself …



    “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast”


    (Peter Drucker)



    BTW – many of the “quotable” people in the management guru space are either wannabees or phonies ! 🤔



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    …and then all get tae fk, shower of PLC parasites





    Ha, ha….I went for the more pragmatic action plan but can’t knock the sentiment.




  12. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    As for not finishing second.



    I will guarantee we finish (at least) ! second.



    Aberdeen and Hibs don’t have the capacity to sustain a winning run and the new and improved Livingston won’t do it.

  13. Celtic should be telling Sky that the inordinate amount of analysis after last night’s incidents is bordering on discrimination and as such will be raised for resolution and attention.


    We should be examining how we can refuse to accommodate this broadcaster,be it entry to Stadium or refusal of broadcast of games.


    Of course I realise we may be under Contract via SFA but a complaint may focus their actions.


    9 years of pent up hate unfolding.

  14. I now go make a cup of tea at halftime and switch off after the final whistle catching up with interviews online later.



    I listen to podcasts when out with the dog rather than listening to Clyde SSB with their daily selection of one of six Ex Rangers first team players to choose from as their regular pundits , with the sole ex Celt- Mark Wilson proving the balance!



    I avoid the local red tops like the plague, choosing the broadsheets who have little interest in Scottish Football.



    I thoroughly recommended it.

  15. Scott Brown to face SFA judgment as Celtic skipper’s flashpoint in Kilmarnock clash will be studied by panel



    Will be their last chance to get him for something….

  16. Good win last night. Especially happy with Kenny and the defence in general. Stuck to the task and looked like they went zonal- which at the moment- is probably for the best.



    Ajeti – like Klimala – still leaves us thinking there is more to come after a few cameos. I think Griff and Eddy will go in the summer, for differing reasons- so it would seem prudent to try both Ajeti or Klimala in the games between now and May to see if we can salvage atl east one of them. Ajeti though s a penalty box player and if we can get more balls into that area then we could have a right goad goalscorer on our hands.



    There were negatives last night ,but given the past 3 months, they pale.

  17. Sky…



    Start watching at kick off.


    Turn down volume.


    Switch off at HT


    Watch 2nd half with volume down.


    Switch off at full time.



    I hear nothing.


    Ergo. Can’t get annoyed.



    Try it.




  18. What the players might not realise is the sub conscious effect playing in empty stadiums might have on their general play. I wonder if, say, Ajeti, would have become leaner and fitter quicker than he has if he knew he would be playing in front of 60,000 fanatics each fortnight? Would Ntcham have upped his game/attitude if he seen his team mates accepting the adoration of said fans when they had performed well?

  19. E44- you put that better than I could, for that to happen, you need balls in the Club, we don’t currently have that HH

  20. Genuine question…………



    How many different blog names are acceptable in today’s Social Media world…and this is the Biggie – is it common to have different bhlog names for different bhlogs?




  21. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    So, the guy who is past the stage of his career where criticising players works is now taking credit for getting a performance from players he had just criticised!

  22. Kiilie played well in patches and took the game to us quite a bit but they have fall apart all too easily and they seemed to lose goals to moves that they should defend easily.



    Not a great place to be.



    We were passable — not that great with a lot of fan dancing on show.


    However SW and JJK were a great step forward.


    At this rate I will be pining for JH to return.



    Unfortunately GT is still some way off where he needs to be.


    He showed a surprising amount of skill last night.


    Just a case he was more surprised than me with his efforts.

  23. The time to critcise scoddish fitba’ is after a Win………….



    The Club should call out the standard of refereeing – the health and safety of our playing staff………


    and call out the ridiculous spectacle of a professional ….*cough*….elite sport being played on


    lumpy municipal linoleum………….



    What must the skilled players of the Beautiful Game be wondering when considering buying into Celtica long term????

  24. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Been seeing Mark Hughes’ name cropping up here and there. Somebody please tell me it’s a wind-up.


    If Mark Hughes is the answer, goodness knows what the question is.


    Possibly, “Other than Alex McLeish who would you least like to be next Celtic manager?”


    Or maybe, “Which manager makes Davie Moyes look like Pep Guardiola?”




    The question is clearly: Who is an upgrade on Neil Lennon?



    That list is long. It probably contains Mark Hughes as he qualifies but I’m still hopeful of better.




  26. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    AIPPLE on 3rd February 2021 12:17PM



    Sub zero temperatures



    Your post brings to mind one of my favourite FACTS about USA. Chilly, windy Chicago sits at the same latitude, 41°N, as Barcelona and Rome. I had to look up Kentucky. Louisville at 38°N partners Sicily on this side of the Atlantic.



    Different weather, same hours of daylight every day of the year for those places who share a Parallel.

  27. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    “…Neil Lennon’s season…Albian Ajeti’s “Work ethic hasn’t been good enough. He knows that and he’s changed that now.”…”



    Repeated mantra of a player not being fit enough – as if that is nothing to do with the manager and coaches!



    Managers – and the training and fitness regimes they develop and maintain – deserve the credit for having super-fit, professional, athletic squads that can go full-pelt for 90 minutes and beyond.



    Conversely the deserve a huge part of the blame for the laxness that allows some players – who may not have an in-built drive to train to the maximum and beyond – to fester and remain unaddressed.



    Short of muscle strains, fractures or Covid-19 – if Ajeti isn’t fit, if Griff isn’t fit, if others aren’t fit then the manager bears a major part of the responsibility.



    I wasn’t going to say anything about Broonie – but back to his best / great performance?? Give me peace. He should concentrate on playing football rather than picking petty squabbles with Killie players. He could have got himself sent off for a hand in the Killie player’s face in the first half. Got away with one – absolutely idiotic for a player of his experience just coming back from a suspension. And yes, I know he scored a cracking header – he should concentrate on doing more of that. Much prefer what Soro offers the team in terms of progressive play at this point in time.



    Agree Kenny looked decent – need to get the ball out to him earlier.



    Christie – was he playing?



    Welsh – have liked him every time I’ve seen him play – very good for most of the game against Hibs in particular. Keep him in the team for the rest of the season.






  28. squire danaher on

    I never tune in until 2 m before ko, and immediately change channel at HT and FT



    I imagine there is some way of Sky collating viewing numbers via their boxes.

  29. BIG WAVY on 3RD FEBRUARY 2021 12:39 PM





    Start watching at kick off.



    Turn down volume.



    Switch off at HT



    Watch 2nd half with volume down.



    Switch off at full time.



    I hear nothing.



    Ergo. Can’t get annoyed.



    Try it.




    That’s exactly what I did last night. Can’t stand that dick Boyd. Even the way he stands annoys me. Childish I know but true. I’m sorry to say, I’m not interested in listening to anything Neil Lennon has to say either. Far better display is some respects last nights, especially passing. It was good to have (on first impression) a proper right back. Of course, Killie still had a few chances and we didn’t deal with a number of crosses into the box. Bain seemed afraid to come off the line.

  30. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    See this Scoddish patter, sleakit etc etc.



    Does my head in. I try to scroll past but it’s constant.