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Jonjoe Kenny made it all look so simple.  Cross after cross arrived from the right with a frequency and competence we have not seen all season.    Stephen Welsh was no slouch either.  The 21-year-old central defender stuck to task, allowing the rest of the defence to concentrate on their own jobs.

The captain delivered a vintage performance for his return to the team.  Scott Brown’s form is well off his peak, but rested, he is capable of reliving former heights.   The legs may have gone but last night’s performance was a demonstration of leadership.  He could also coach a few taller players in the team above movement and attacking the ball at corner kicks.

The penalty decision was ridiculous.  Alan Power clearly took the legs from Odsonne Edouard without going anywhere near the ball.  The decision was so clear-cut, referee Kevin Clancy must have had difficulty believing his eyes that such a blatant foul happened.  Fortunately it did not affect the result.

Post-match we got an insight into some of the deeper layers of Neil Lennon’s season.  Scoring on a rare start, Albian Ajeti’s “Work ethic hasn’t been good enough. He knows that and he’s changed that now.”  Which is good.

The manager also said Olivier Ntcham “Was a bit fed up and indifferent about the Scottish game and I think he wanted a new challenge, like a few of them have maintained since the start of the season. It’s a difficult thing to claw them back in.”

Work ethic and indifference, the traumas of being young and wealthy in a global crisis.  Hmmm.

It was only Kilmarnock, who were mostly awful, but we have deservedly lost to worse teams this season.  I expect to receive fewer “will not finish second” texts, for a few days, anyway.  You know who you are!


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  1. Scott Brown is the captain thems never had,the hun hordes and the Laptop Loyal have never forgiven him, for choosing Celtic.



    Is it jist me…or has there been a lack of ONIL & PLB posts? Weird ;-))



    He’ll be along in a minute…😁

  3. The Lurkin Tim




    “SFTB…are you condoning the splasing out of millions on jjk based on 90mins for us…so unlike you to b so inconsiderate…he played well but am gonna hold off any opinion till he’s had more time on the park”





    Then we are in agreement. Here’s what I wrote.




    Though we don’t have a loan to buy deal, it would be good, dependant on subsequent form, to make JJ welcome here so that he considers us if Everton are prepared to let him go.



    I explicitly stated that I would want to buy him if his form was maintained.


    I explicitly stated that I would buy him if he maintained his form AND the club were as willing to release him as the Everton fans were on the site I read.


    And everyone costs millions nowadays- even players from Peterboro.



    So, if Kenny can contribute as he did last night, over a longer period, then yes I would see the worth of paying millions as I d not see that RB quality in either Tony Ralston or Lee O’Connor. Even if Stephen Welsh proves capable there- we will need, at least, two competent RBs in the squad.



    BTW- though I understand the reason why we have to be frugal in the market, I think a large fee is sometimes worth it fr a special player. Odsonne was worth the £9m and, depite the naysayers, I am confident we will get, at least double that, when he goes. I also favoured the signing of Toney , even at 10 to 11 million, over Ajeti, because I had seen a natural goalscrer who had a good chance of getting 20 to 30 goals a season ip here. Ajetis struck me as more of a support striker, good for 10-15 a season but mainly there to help others into the game. In looking to replace Griff, who has had too many chances now, we neded a goalscoring striker not a support striker.

  4. So Big Wavy confirmed that post Brexit the summer window will not change…but that’ll be it…if we’re having to buy local without splashing out on established foreign internationalists…that surely makes our scouting teams job easier, right *cough*

  5. SFTB- That’s why when we do buy players, they can fit whatever system we have at the time,specifically strikers.We have wasted fortunes on guys who are not compatible with our style of play,and if they are happier with a partner.Scepovic comes to mind,came with a good scoring record from Spain,and looked like a fish out of water. I watched him after he returned to Sporting Gijon,and he was like a God there,playing in a much higher level that Scotland. Horses for courses.



    ERNIE LYNCH on 3RD FEBRUARY 2021 3:03 PM







    HOLD ON you speculate that we have rolled over to let the Huns win the league !!






    A logical inference, consistent with the known facts.



    Hardly the same thing as speculating about the detailed provision of a confidential document, the contents of which will be known only to a handful of people.




    Thanks for the clip , ridiculous if people are even considering that as an offense .



    So desperate , you would think they were well behind in the league and grasping at straws .



    Scott Brown has obviously got under thems (MEDIA) skin .✔

  8. SFTB- sorry, meant to finish with ,Ajeti is a penalty box striker, but we are incapable of putting good early balls into the box ,we are programmed to turn back,and play square balls,until 10 men are behind the ball.Given the right service, Ajeti will score plenty IMO, as he also like Scepovic, played at a much higher level than SPFL.



    Ernie @ 1.39







    Board’s priority to ensure survival of huns












    In your humble opinion? If not please provide sources….and I don’t mean any quotes attributed to our defacto owner…







    Why are you so keen to exclude what The Great Desmondo had to say about the huns?



    Does it not suit your agenda?



    Does it contradict your assumptions?



    He said what he said, and he meant what he said. Deal with it.

  10. MARSPAPA on 3RD FEBRUARY 2021 5:19 PM



    Triumphalism is part of their culture.



    It’s not enough for them that the huns are going to win the league.




    Not the bus You could be right , I just thought there would be more interaction between NL and SB when he left the field .



    *only a couple of weeks back they were twisting by the pool.

  12. ERNIE…what has been said and inferring some sort of strategical modus based on that is ridiculous…again I ask you…can you please provide proof…not speculation…hell I can speculate with the best of us…

  13. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    So the bbc, sky, radio clyde, the hun and the rekord etc love to put the



    boot into Celtic .



    A bit like some posters on cqn then, how the scottish media must llove



    some on here





    Very strange post and the first one I’ve seen from Gerry123,



    do you come here often?

  14. 67 European Cup Winners on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 3RD FEBRUARY 2021 5:19 PM


    Rubbish my old friend you are no more armed with facts than the guy speculating on NLs contract


    For clarity I welcome speculation of any kind – as long as we are all grown up and accept our speculation is just that – an opinion based on nothing more than……..speculation


    The minute you try and justify “your” speculation as fact or wisdom is wandering towards Fake News


    And I believe that gave us Brexit and Donald Trump



    I am happy, even fascinated, to try and understand that Celtic may be in the business of letting the Huns win the league to avoid extinction – i struggle to believe or accept it but i get the thought process that leads to that speculation


    Just don’t try and give me it as factual



    I will forever read your posts but they are not all factual




  15. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Botched that up, lets try again






    GERRY123 on 3RD FEBRUARY 2021 4:22 PM



    So the bbc, sky, radio clyde, the hun and the rekord etc love to put the




    boot into Celtic .





    Very strange post and the first one I’ve seen from Gerry123,




    do you come here often?





    A bit like some posters on cqn then, how the scottish media must llove







    some on here

  16. BB





    Been saying that for years. I remember a story about JS when he was talking to Kenny Dalglish about playing the ball a certain way to players. We seem to put square pegs in round holes and it doesn’t work.Scepovic is a prime example.

  17. 67ECW…thank you…you said it more eloquently than I could be bother doing;-)) Hope you are well







    What would you regard as ‘proof’, and how likely is it to be available?

  19. ERNIE…proof…I asked u to provide it…now yer asking me the definition of proof…am sorry but you’ve lost this arguement ;-))




  20. Rock Tree Bhoy on




    Rock Tree Bhoy



    Can we keep the first one? :)






    🙂 Pretty sure Gerry123 is at it..




    What The Great Desmondo had to say about the demise of the huns, and his desire for their return is a fact.



    The disparity between the financial stability of Celtic and Sevco is a fact.



    The inability of Sevco, to turn a profit, year on year is a fact.



    The effect of the pandemic on Sevco’s finances, and on the finances of those individuals whose largesse had been keeping them afloat is a fact.



    The appointment of NL, on his own, without any backup staff after BR departed with his entire back up staff is a fact.



    From that evidence I draw inferences.



    I’m not concerned whether you agree with me or not.






    I speculate that Ernie prefers posting questions & making inferences, rather than answer questions himself.







  23. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    CALL ME GERRY on 3RD FEBRUARY 2021 5:50 PM



    Rock Tree Bhoy



    Are you on the bevvy?












    How did you guess 🙂 your earlier post suggesting that folks on here were criticising Celtic just like the mainstream media – what was the point you were making there?

  24. onenightinlisbon on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 3RD FEBRUARY 2021 5:52 PM



    Desmond wanted the huns to remain in the top flight. For his own business reasons, he’s an “Old Firm” fan.



    He will not be losing any sleep about us not winning the ten.