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Jonjoe Kenny made it all look so simple.  Cross after cross arrived from the right with a frequency and competence we have not seen all season.    Stephen Welsh was no slouch either.  The 21-year-old central defender stuck to task, allowing the rest of the defence to concentrate on their own jobs.

The captain delivered a vintage performance for his return to the team.  Scott Brown’s form is well off his peak, but rested, he is capable of reliving former heights.   The legs may have gone but last night’s performance was a demonstration of leadership.  He could also coach a few taller players in the team above movement and attacking the ball at corner kicks.

The penalty decision was ridiculous.  Alan Power clearly took the legs from Odsonne Edouard without going anywhere near the ball.  The decision was so clear-cut, referee Kevin Clancy must have had difficulty believing his eyes that such a blatant foul happened.  Fortunately it did not affect the result.

Post-match we got an insight into some of the deeper layers of Neil Lennon’s season.  Scoring on a rare start, Albian Ajeti’s “Work ethic hasn’t been good enough. He knows that and he’s changed that now.”  Which is good.

The manager also said Olivier Ntcham “Was a bit fed up and indifferent about the Scottish game and I think he wanted a new challenge, like a few of them have maintained since the start of the season. It’s a difficult thing to claw them back in.”

Work ethic and indifference, the traumas of being young and wealthy in a global crisis.  Hmmm.

It was only Kilmarnock, who were mostly awful, but we have deservedly lost to worse teams this season.  I expect to receive fewer “will not finish second” texts, for a few days, anyway.  You know who you are!


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    ERNIE…proof…I asked u to provide it…now yer asking me the definition of proof…am sorry but you’ve lost this arguement ;-))






    I’ve asked you what you would consider to be proof because I suspect you probably mean evidence, but don’t appreciate the difference.



    Let’s try another approach.



    If The Great Desmondo had been desperate to win the 10, even if it imperilled the continuation of the huns as credible competition, do you honestly think he would have appointed Neil Lennon, on his own, as a replacement for Brendan Rodgers and his entire back up staff?

  2. Weebobbycollins on

    Onenight…”He will not be losing any sleep about us not winning the ten.”


    Will you?

  3. squire danaher on




    I am happy, even fascinated, to try and understand that Celtic may be in the business of letting the Huns win the league to avoid extinction – i struggle to believe or accept it but i get the thought process that leads to that speculation



    Just don’t try and give me it as factual






    How do you account for the somewhat idiosyncratic steering of the Good Ship Celtic by supposedly sharp-minded businessmen since 2012?



    How do you account for the failure of our senior management to defend what would appear to have been the best interests of their fellow shareholders since 2012?

  4. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    John Fallon nails it…



    Lisbon Lion John Fallon has had more than enough of the sneering, anti-Celtic bias continually shown by the former Rangers striker Kris Boyd. He has taken to social media to call for the subscription broadcaster to remove Boyd from future Celtic games shown on their channel.



    “I honestly think we should contact Sky Football, asking for Kris Boyd to be removed from commenting on or games bias and sneering at us,” the former Celtic goalkeeper stated.






    Spot on – he cant hide his hatred of us and the Sky girl with him just feeds him questions to suit his bitter agenda – a real snake in the grass.

  5. Professor Chris Whitty just said,we are through the worst of the 2nd wave👍,stay positive

  6. ERNIE…





    What The Great Desmondo had to say about the demise of the huns, and his desire for their return is a fact.


    The disparity between the financial stability of Celtic and Sevco is a fact.


    The inability of Sevco, to turn a profit, year on year is a fact.


    The effect of the pandemic on Sevco’s finances, and on the finances of those individuals whose largesse had been keeping them afloat is a fact.


    The appointment of NL, on his own, without any backup staff after BR departed with his entire back up staff is a fact.


    From that evidence I draw inferences.


    ’m not concerned whether you agree with me or not.






    All your refutations are irrelevant….fact



    It’s all speculation…fact



    Give it up Ernie…no self resecting fan would believe your bullshit….fact

  7. ROCK TREE BHOY on 3RD FEBRUARY 2021 5:56 PM


    CALL ME GERRY on 3RD FEBRUARY 2021 5:50 PM



    Rock Tree Bhoy



    Are you on the bevvy?










    How did you guess 🙂 your earlier post suggesting that folks on here were criticising Celtic just like the mainstream media – what was the point you were making there?





    My earlier post?


    I think you’ve got me mixed up with someone else.


    Maybe you’ve had enough bevvy, bhoyo? ;-)




  8. onil 4:25



    if you don’t see the difference between the media hatred and your


    type of opinion then i can’t help you, The first game i attended must have


    been around 1946 just after the war don’t remember the game, my bro in law


    had just returned from Burma and he took me to all the home games so up


    big jock took over we didn’t have much to celebrate especially against the huns


    well if any one had said McGrory get to feck they most likely would have been


    barred from their supporters bus. The thing is we tended to stick together


    for we knew our enemies and it certainly wasn’t the players or j. McGrory.


    like every thing else back then we had to fight for it ( education,jobs )


    Look at us now we’re now the entitled brigade always blaming someone


    else if things go wrong , in this case football results. I’ll leave it there


    good luck






    And Celtic’s role in the five way agreement is what?



    Or their shenanigans over Res 12 ?



    Or failure to challenge the same club narrative?



    Fact? Speculation? Bullshit?

  10. 67 European Cup Winners on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 3RD FEBRUARY 2021 5:52 PM


    I don’t disagree with the facts you listed


    But you have taken those facts and in your own mind – speculated – that Celtic have rolled over and given the Huns the league


    It is simply your opinion, one you have argued and defended with passion


    I welcome the debate – we all have opinions


    But please do not mistake that for fact



    Hail Hail




  11. Gerry 123


    Is that you’re age 🤭



    I think the huge disappointment in not doing the 10 has led to blaming everyone.

  12. Gene on 3rd February 2021 6:06 pm



    Just been taking part in the applause for Captain Tom – poor turnout





    Didn’t go out myself just belted out YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE ON THE SPEAKERS.




  13. ERNIE @ 5.58…disparage me all you want…but yer still a shit stirring speculation whore and you know it

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Evening all,



    I have heard from a decent source that Sevco are considering “an insolvency event” (adminstration) ….



    – BEFORE the formal end of this season



    – BUT ONLY IF they are ahead by 16 points or more in the final standings.



    Apparently their board are not keen on the perceived illegitimacy of a league win by goal difference (the penalty is 15 points, increased from 10 following the administration of Rangers).



    If true ?



    Very interesting story with a few twists possible and (while not a target any of us wanted) it could mean there is plenty still to play for this season.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  15. onenightinlisbon on




    You never stop do you?



    Why would I actually bother posting on here if I was happy with the prospect of losing the ten to the carcass of a dead team?



    I just wish you would stop using my name and move on pal.



    You don’t like what i post, I don’t like the stuff you post but I don’t care or comment on it.





    ‘that Celtic have rolled over and given the Huns the league’





    Not quite what I’ve said I’ve said that. My view is that for business reasons Celtic have not prioritised the winning of the 10 to the extent that they could and should have. They can appreciate that there might be some long term benefit to Celtic in the huns winning the league this year because it helps them survive as a credible competitor, and have gone about their business accordingly.



    It’s an inference I have drawn from the known facts, and is a more credible explanation than any other I’ve seen.

  17. Back to Basics


    Nothing would surprise me.


    How much cash can you pour into a black hole?


    Have they run out of “loyal” mugs, sorry donors?



    ‘ERNIE @ 5.58…disparage me all you want…but yer still a shit stirring speculation whore and you know it’









  19. squire danaher on

    Calling Ernie Lynch



    Would you go as far as to question the circumstances of the 2011 Huns title win ??

  20. Rock Tree Bhoy


    Yeah – one of them Gerrys shot my Grandad.


    Now they were Huns – wait a minute…..

  21. Back to


    Administration is used to dump debt – I would expect the directors to be the main creditors. I would hope that if HMRC are a substantial creditor they would turn down a CVA.

  22. Last night’s victory came as a much needed morale booster to us all and the hope is now for more of the same please. Despite the current level of the opposition the goals were still brilliantly taken. Playing Broony sparingly is working and he looked sharp last night and his bullet headed goal crowned his performance. French Eddie was in sparkling form doing the riverdance tactics and good to see Ajeti making a fine contribution winning the peno and showing his skills with a fine score.



    Not sure what age young Welsh is but i presume he is still capable of adding a few inches to his height but looks strong and surely should hold his place in the team and a lot more to come from this lad.



    Defence still gets the jitters at set pieces and it’s a source of annoyance to me how we always seem to concede a corner or free kick in a danger area almost immediatley after we have just scored and on too many occasions a score to the opposition. It didn’t happen last night but there were a few scary moments.



  23. feckin clyde going on and on , it was a penalty ya arseholes, and he wasnt offside, and broon should not be punished, roon yeese

  24. Rock Tree Bhoy on




    Rock Tree Bhoy



    Yeah – one of them Gerrys shot my Grandad.



    Now they were Huns – wait a minute…..







    🙂All of a sudden we have loads of ‘Gerries” coming on here – no sale guys 🙂

  25. ROCK TREE BHOY on 3RD FEBRUARY 2021 6:19 PM


    CALL ME GERRY on 3RD FEBRUARY 2021 6:06 PM








    Thats a new one 🙂





    Ano…not sure where that came from lol


    (Intention was to be good natured)




  26. Through A Green Glass Brightly on

    Gene – 6:06 pm



    “Just been taking part in the applause for Captain Tom – poor turnout.




    Like Capt Tom my father who died a number of years ago in a RTA also fought in Burma against the Japanese. He talked about the war just a few times, never once saw him wear a poppy, voted Labour all his life, and general he most respected was the Russian General Georgy Zhukov . Said it was the Russkies who won the war, leaving the might of Wehrmacht armour in ruins on the Russian steppe, but they sure suffered horrendous casualties in the process with 20m+ lost.



    Somehow don’t think he’d have been given an applause by our Boris which would have pleased him.

  27. The Gallant John Joe is the title of an Irish ballad which recounts the exploits of a legendary Gaelic footballer. JonJoe Kenny’s name may have a slight difference in the spelling but i thought he looked good last night and id everything right maybe he can be Celtic’s future Gallant JonJoe.




    Imagine if that happened and we lost it by the four points dropped after Dubai 😖