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Jonjoe Kenny made it all look so simple.  Cross after cross arrived from the right with a frequency and competence we have not seen all season.    Stephen Welsh was no slouch either.  The 21-year-old central defender stuck to task, allowing the rest of the defence to concentrate on their own jobs.

The captain delivered a vintage performance for his return to the team.  Scott Brown’s form is well off his peak, but rested, he is capable of reliving former heights.   The legs may have gone but last night’s performance was a demonstration of leadership.  He could also coach a few taller players in the team above movement and attacking the ball at corner kicks.

The penalty decision was ridiculous.  Alan Power clearly took the legs from Odsonne Edouard without going anywhere near the ball.  The decision was so clear-cut, referee Kevin Clancy must have had difficulty believing his eyes that such a blatant foul happened.  Fortunately it did not affect the result.

Post-match we got an insight into some of the deeper layers of Neil Lennon’s season.  Scoring on a rare start, Albian Ajeti’s “Work ethic hasn’t been good enough. He knows that and he’s changed that now.”  Which is good.

The manager also said Olivier Ntcham “Was a bit fed up and indifferent about the Scottish game and I think he wanted a new challenge, like a few of them have maintained since the start of the season. It’s a difficult thing to claw them back in.”

Work ethic and indifference, the traumas of being young and wealthy in a global crisis.  Hmmm.

It was only Kilmarnock, who were mostly awful, but we have deservedly lost to worse teams this season.  I expect to receive fewer “will not finish second” texts, for a few days, anyway.  You know who you are!


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  1. squire danaher on

    PHILBHOY on 3RD FEBRUARY 2021 8:06 PM






    And your question is?






    I didn’t ask one.



    You asked why the applause was at 6:00



    To facilitate news manipulation by The State Television Service.

  2. Gene.


    i think of Tom and say well done and rip


    he may have raised money for nhs charities,was a veteran,adopted and used by military and bolitics that are in charge.i ignore that.


    i say well done for giving a light as an auldyin,being out there at a time when a fear and panic spread among the seniors due to covid.Most old yins i know took spirit from him.respect.




  3. St Johnstone player hobbled by hun has to go off while hun remains on the park……………….



    Oh aye.

  4. PHILBHOY on 3RD FEBRUARY 2021 8:06 PM






    And your question is?




    PhilBhoy –


    I believe Squire was politely answering the question you posed in your post @ 8.02…


    “Why not 8 O’clock?”







    Aye, 8.00 o’clock was a better shout!



    Had a wee toast to the old chap at 8, as it happens.



    RIP Tom.

  6. Zhukov was the General who had our code breakers to thank…he knew the German battle plans…and sacrificed thousands of souls to keep it a secret…

  7. Until the sfa is brought to account then the cheating wont stop.



    Just noticed a hun free kick and then realised what 10 yards was.



    All the little things

  8. Hun on st johnstone tv defending the ref must be looking for a job in the MSM. Ex st johnstone player.



    Wont be long son, dont worry

  9. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Your ears must have been burning , Told Celtic Mac I was just speaking to you this afternoon

  10. blantyre tim



    It’s good he has been able to get out and about a bit more now.


    Some good news about the vaccinations too!


    Might even let some of us visit him in the near future!

  11. Bhoy From The Boyne on




    Mason Boyne






    Ma old buddy :-0

  12. Sky Sports is finished with me ,I’m sure they have been told countless times about the treatment Celtic get from there presenters ,and still nothing gets done,I’m sure that Jim White has got a big say on who gets the gigs on Sky,someone mentioned the Girl Presenter on Sky Football Barbour is her name ,you can bet your bottom dollar she will be no friend of Celtic,so this is what I’m going to do in May.contract is up with SKY (sorry I went back to them) maybe go back to Virgin Media or BT TV ,is BT any good for Broadband Picture I think you get it through your Ariel ,Sports etc ,and which one is the cheapest.

  13. prestonpans bhoys on

    Just popped on hesgoal to see HT and slippy g


    Shaking hands with the St Johnstone management team.



    Wtf is that about😵😱

  14. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    What the flip is Hamilton Tim doing at a Sevco match ?

  15. prestonpans bhoys on

    From English on BBC, so far has 49 thumbs down!



    It’s horrible. Murray Davidson is very lucky he’s avoided a bad injury. It [the challenge] is way over the ball – it’s really gruesome. How the referee can give a yellow, having seen it, and not a red, is frying my brain.

  16. oldtim67


    good to see you on.







    1946. respect.



    2 of my pre match meets( do we remember them:-) frances 85 miles 83.first games in late 40s early 50s.listening to them is an education in itself


    ‘there was always Celtic’





  17. glendalystonsils on




    Maybe Gerrard will be calling for consistency again in his post match interview and insisting it should have been a red .

  18. Through A Green Glass Brightly on




    Zhukov reminiscing on the battles of Moscow, Stalingrad, Kursk & Berlin so will be filed under light reading then? ;o)

  19. From the SFA website….



    “There are 12 Referees Associations covering Scotland.


    The Scottish Football Association and these Referee Associations work closely together


    to develop refereeing…”



    Otherwise known as a Masonic Cabal

  20. Why the swearies???



    What’s common place in the outer fringes of Timdom aint the norm here, thankfully.



    One can only wonder what the ulterior motives are for these beery tourists?

  21. glendalystonsils on

    I see a lot of our on loan players have been getting rave reviews for their recent performances , Bayo , Shved , Hendry and now Lee O’ Connor .


    I hope the incoming manager recalls them and gives them a decent chance . They may be playing at a lower level just now but whose to say that at least some of them won’t develop into an integral part of the ‘new’ Celtic we’ll see next season .

  22. prestonpans bhoys on




    If our media had balls they would be asking slippy about it but they are cowards.



    Is that two in a row where they should be reduced to ten!!!




    I was in the Greenhouse for a few hours,and when the wind picked up I had to out and pick up, all the leafs blew of one of the trees an other I spent picking them up,



    I’m a bit down in the dumps the last couple of days, My T/v broke down yesterday I haven’t been able to get any news for 2 days,and today my computer stopped working,took me a couple of hours to get it fixed.



    When I managed to get the computer working,the first thing that I tried was to look at all the photos iv’e taken over the years, My problem is I couldn’t remember most of the people I had taken pictures off.I wish I coud post them on the blog,just to put aa name to a face,



    Next time you give me a visit maybe you know how to put them on the blog. it would be great if you can name a few for me,there must be hundreds of the old posters in the collection,one of the first I recognized was Kitalba,Glad I could still recognize him.

  24. glendalystonsils on

    !!BADA BING!!



    The Sevco player tried to break that boy’s leg . Wonder if Gerrard will defend him .

  25. Having seen the hun’s tackle is thur traditional raw meat diet being augmented by powder…….?


    ragin’ berserkers free from the worry of censure…….