Penalty for ref who awarded a penalty


It is an historical quirk that the SFA have one of the four permanent seats on the eight-member International Football Association Board (IFAB), the body which makes the Laws of the Game.  As a consequence, when our national association convenes an “emergency summit” next week, they do so with a decent chance of changes in the world game resulting.

The rest of the world is entitled to regard this as overreach.  Scottish football needs better trained referees and a far better method of communicating when they apparently change how they interpret the rules midseason.

Let us know how you interpret rules, eliminate glaring inconsistencies and inform when you make changes, and the majority of fans’ concerns will evaporate.  The truth is, they made a hash of the introduction of VAR, they knew this and wisely made changes during the World Cup break but did not communicate any of this.

Instead, a counter-productive line, affirming how well VAR was operating, was peddled.  Doubling down on errors is seldom wise.  Credit to The Scotsman’s Andrew Smith, who yesterday noticed that Newco will pass the first anniversary of their last Premiership penalty conceded before they play again in the league.

As records go, that’s nothing, as Smith also recorded.  They enjoyed a 44-game SPFL run between 28 December 2019 and 21 April 2021 without conceding a penalty award.  Newco won their only league title during that episode.  The dark months between April 21 and January 22 saw four penalties given against them.

The ref who broke that 44-game run was Euan Anderson, who awarded St Johnstone a crucial late penalty (although the league was already won) and was immediately banished to the lower leagues for three weeks.  He only returned to the topflight for an end-of-season St Mirren-Dundee United clash.  Lesson learned; I assume.


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  1. We are being TOLD that NOT ONE Hun Player has committed ANY OFFENCE in the Huns Penalty Box…first for a run of 44 Games…..and for now…38 Games ?



    They are KIDDING NO ONE !


    Cheating and Corruption…as clear as Day.



  2. Newco will pass the first anniversary of their last Premiership penalty conceded before they play again in the league.



    As records go, that’s nothing, as Smith also recorded. They enjoyed a 44-game SPFL run between 28 December 2019 and 21 April 2021 without conceding a penalty award. Newco won their only league title during that episode.






    a world record for not conceding a domestic league penalty ?

  3. The Scotsman’s Andrew Smith must have sneaked that article through while the editor was on holiday. Wonder if the tabloid, radio and TV journos and pundits will pick up on it or is Smith paranoid too?

  4. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    As David Low observed in response to Smith’s article, the game in this country is bent.

  5. the long wait is over on

    PHILCOOL on 10TH JANUARY 2023 12:19 PM


    Don’t forget that they were also given 4 penalties in 1 game- just to be sure of course.






    Correct and they were also given 3 (maybe 4 ?) penalties away to dundee Utd several years ago also.



    Who’d a thunk it..?

  6. I hope the Green Brigade are considering a smart banner highlighting these quite remarkable penalty stats.

  7. Herein and forthwith the SFA having membership of the International Committee for the Rules of Association doth propose the following amendments –



    Law XVI



    A penalty shall be awarded if –



    The ball strikes any part of the hand or arm of the defending player inside the box. Removing “intent” , “deliberate” or “unnatural” wording and interpretation.



    All handballs will therefore result in the award of a penalty.

  8. bournesouprecipe on

    So VAR so good.



    The cheating is at such a rate it very quickly hit the glass ceiling, hence that Scottish thing where you need a ‘summit’. For summit see smokescreen, overwhelming complaints and not just from Celtic, whose closest rival benefits.



    Through blatant stupidity and arrogance the evidence quickly became so stark, they had to wish for new interpretations for handball. Caught out within a CO Quarter of existence, VAR did exactly as it predicted.



    Handball just one fraction of VAR has backed them into a corner, and they have to justify the mess their incompetence created.



    Predicted by a few on these pages , VAR would be used selectively and fail miserably to revise instances of error? – The statistics do not lie.



    Dougie Dougie is a good analogy whoever posted it, there should be root and branch treatment at Hamdump and shuffling the usual suspects to pair with a pal, must end. Celtic must consider the ultimate withdrawal of VAR funding, and go to war on the cheats.

  9. I’m always torn with this one Paul67.



    The sort of fundamental change we would have to see would need to bring down the entire SFA system.



    Could you imagine us asking for transparency on the teams they supported ( a la EPL) to avoid bias and ultimately appointment. We’d end up doubling the amount of St Mirren and Dunfermline fans with their answers.



    The tech isn’t an issue. The culture of the SFA is self-serving and rotten from top to bottom.



    Nothing substantial will change. We need to keep winning by more than 1 goal.




  10. For the sfa or media to frame this as a ‘VAR’ consideration is disingenuous.


    This is about bias, conscious or unconscious.

  11. Absofeckinlutely chaps …corrupt to the core …and the worse thing about it is they know it and revel in it …I am sure that is what their wee ditty song WATP is all about …imagine attempting to glorify cheating in a rigged league …says it all about the cretins ..,in my experience the majority of their support hate all things Celtic more than they support their team 🤔

  12. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Paul, you start by saying we need better trained referees and end with the tale of Euan Anderson.



    No amount of training can overcome the latter.



    Only systematic change or sourcing better trained refs from another country will solve it.

  13. I would just have to say though.



    They are bloody rubbish at all that cheating, Other than another Pandemic and closing football grounds, they are IMHO a long way off winning another league anytime soon.



    Caveat being our own performances letting them.

  14. In my opinion for the sake of genuine sporting integrity and fairness …English leagues VAR shoul be reviewed in Scotland /Wales and NI and vice Versa …

  15. glendalystonsils on

    We have Stephen McLean reffing our rearranged game at St. Mirren and Andrew Dallas on VAR.



    I suspect things are going to get very much worse before they get better.



    Or rather , ‘if’ they get better.

  16. Would the SPFL be better if the officials were English rather than Scottish?



    I think it would be.



    Others might feel differently.

  17. Folks if anyone would like a more lighthearted look at VAR.,.might I suggest the VIZ 2023 annual and comic strip entitled VarWars…hillarious but says it all …..Finar ..Finar 🤣

  18. glendalystonsils on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 10TH JANUARY 2023 1:27 PM



    Certainly , in the case of VAR . Some of the top officials in the EPL are in a different league (no pun intended) from ours in their decision making and handling of games .



    Although it isn’t a matter of competence so much as of bias , conscious , subconscious or institutional .

  19. Ps I must warn you re this publication …avoid if easily offended and never read in a public place you will attract strange looks due to spontaneous sniggering episodes that will inevitably occur ..,.They’re coming to take me away …ha ha …he he 🤣

  20. Glendalytonsils



    Ref the St Mirren game.



    Difficult enough match in prospect. Arguably one of our 3 toughest home games.



    Even tougher with that combo of officials.


    Dallas did of course step in when Willie Collum failed to award a pen for the Huns v St Mirren and pointed out the error of his ways and enable the Huns to grab an equalizer.

  21. Weebobbycollins on

    An Tearmann…aren’t you going to congratulate Ernie on yesterday’s Scotsman article? Lol…

  22. Unfortunately can’t see Aberdeen having any chance in the other semi . The men for that game have also been hand picked . Who is going to stand up and get straight to uefa as the bigots at Hamden HQ are completely ruining football in this country .

  23. As faintly crazy as this might sound, one of the problems is the attitude of the other teams in the league.


    None of them are ever going to win the title so unless a decision relegates one of them they will see it as someone elses problem. I think Ange alluded to that recently. If we remain a complete outlier in this then nothing will happen. We will continue to be” paranoid “,irrespective of what is proved beyond doubt.


    Perhaps the GB should have a 3 monkeys banner for the entirety of Scottish Football. Hear no evil, see no evil speak no evil.




    An Tearmann…aren’t you going to congratulate Ernie on yesterday’s Scotsman article? Lol…



    Bobby i will once you tell me the name of the documemtary your wife made? You have been asked 2 or 3 times and rubbered it.The wbc i knew had no problems telling was good.



    That apart wbc



    Nice try at a snider wbc but a horrendous fail



    Ernie Lynch is 100% Andrew Smith.


    i have no doubts whatsover.Our intrepid reporter is gleaning you and needs his anonymity.its the cqn way anonymity over bonafide Celtic men and woman.



    Feel free to come to corner and i will take you to the bonafide Celts and ex cqn’r’s who had dealings with him.til then sssssshhhh.

  25. Thought the green brigade would have had a banner of some sort as well to call out the cheats and there defenders the laptop loyal . Maybe a bit iffy that .

  26. Every Decision is saved to a server automatically which is part of the package for accountablity. So as some are saying, they are hanging themselves by the decision.




  27. GB still too busy with 80s ditties like I*A tunes and F*** the tories to worry about VAR.




  28. God forbid, our moral compass is not the GB.



    Have you guys read of the sad passing of one of our own. RIP Peter Ciarella.


    Aged 101 and a ST holder he made the 200 mile round journey from Lochgilphead since Willie Maley was manager.




  29. Yeah saw that Greenpinata, The stories that guy could tell.






  30. By looking at the tranfer stories its going to be a long but exciting January and we are already looking stronger. I think GG will be a miss but Welsh and JJ will need to move on by the looks. Not weakening us any in my opinion. As long as we don’t sell Diazen.



    AJ looks a big upgrade on JJ and Kobayshi looks like an updrade on Welsh.



    Curious though about Abilgaard and McCarthy. With Tomoki, Oriley and Mooy all ready to go.



    Ange really has a plan. He has single handedly changed our whole broken recruitment system.






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