Perils of rushing a managerial appointment


Getting a managerial appointment right is difficult. A number of things went in our favour when we landed Brendan Rodgers, not least the market for managers in England. The days when a club the size of Liverpool would recruit a manager from Swansea, as they did with Brendan in 2012, are gone.

The era when Arsenal would risk a manager from Grampus Eight, as they did with Wenger, or Manchester United would take someone from Aberdeen, as with Ferguson, even now seem bizarre.

It’s relatively easy to get a short-term boost from a managerial appointment which would take the pressure off board and even players, but football has a habit of bringing reality to the fore quickly. A defeat or two can make years of forward planning difficult to achieve.

I like the strategy of appointing a caretaker if you lose a manager midseason. This buys you time to test the market before appointing an available and familiar name. We have had a few caretakers in our time: Kenny Dalglish won the League Cup, while Frank Connor managed to retire undefeated before handing the reigns to Luigi.

Kenny took over a decent, if poorly managed, squad, while Frank steadied the ship after Liam Brady’s ill-fated tenure ended. Their task was straightforward, get the players pulling in the same direction. If you limit the caretaker’s remit to this, he should do OK.

Had we appointed a permanent replacement in the weeks after John Barnes ‘resigned’ we would have missed out on Martin O’Neill and all that followed. Taking your time can pay.

I’m also open to the idea of a director of football. There is no right or wrong policy on this subject. Changing a manager is the biggest upheaval a club will face (a normal club, anyway). Often the coaches and scouts go too, but if you have a director of football controlling recruitment strategy, for example, you recruit a coach to match the existing strategy. You also don’t need to start scouting players for different roles from scratch.

If we were sitting with a youth coach in charge of the first team right now I’d be doing my best ‘Calm down’ routine. A decision rushed, or worse, a decision made because you are terrified to visit Celtic Park in three weeks, would be the worst of all worlds.  Take your medicine at Celtic Park but get it right for June.


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  1. Hard luck, Gene. I’m on a week’s holiday and 51% is at work so I can doss about to my heart’s content.





    I like your thinking. Offer constructive criticism and darned fine advice to our opponents.



    Knowing fine well that they’ll blank it cos it came fae a Tim!



    Quite brilliant.

  3. Good Afternoon.



    In case of interest… Two new pieces.



    One about the bizarre spectacle of the Record calling out a blogger (not me!) for being “discredited”:





    And one about those Sevco-minded folk who always say “why don’t you concentrate on your own team?” when you show an interest in their calamitous ‘club’:



  4. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 21st February 2017 12:13 pm



    You are right; too many (IMHO) want to use every opportunity to have a dig at the Board over (perceived) injustices and this slants the viewpoint when dealing with any “Board” issue.



    This is one area, however, where I feel they are taking the wrong path!





  5. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Why should they be terrified of coming to Celtic Park.



    They have carefully analysed the previous games against us and part from the first game, an aberration in their eyes, they have really been the better team on each occasion, with the gap getting smaller on the pitch.



    It’s only the league table that shows a bit of a gap, not on the football field.



    We all know that it was only a late swerve from Baz Mc.Kay’s shot in the first game that beat them.



    Also don’t forget that they put us out of the Cup last year.



    So, tell me again, why should they be terrified of coming to Celtic Park?





    A wee fawn fawn bow and scrape comment,but Thank You for your consistently witty and sharply accurate dismembering of SMSM in particular,and all things Sevco that result from their own obsequiousness.



    I know some people will say you’re shooting fish in a barrel,but not so. Taking aim at Sevco would be shooting fish in a barrel. To consistently satirise a beyond-parody press in new ways is simply genius.





    If you’re still about,can you mail me on









    Seems the four teams above you are on a roll,and while I’ve thought Swindon are doomed since October-canny score!-I might nip up to watch them on 11 March if you’re interested.

  8. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    thomthethim for Oscar OK on 21st February 2017 12:43 pm



    Moussa Dembele, Moussa Dembele, Mouse Dembele, Dembele, Dembele, Dembele, oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….





  9. You have to laugh at the idea that there could ever be such a thing as a strategy at Ibrokes other than a distressed asset management strategy.



    Milk the cash cow till it gives no more milk.



    The cow then regenerates like a phoenix…



    Soon it’s a new cow.



    Some claim it’s the same old cow as before.



    Milk until dry again.






    But in reality the cow is not really a phoenix, it’s a Russian Doll.



    Each time it regenerates it’s a little bit smaller.



    How may times before you get to the tiny hard core?



    The core gives no milk.



    Just spit and bile.



    I’ll bet the core is only one more layer away. Two at the best.



    Watch and laugh as they burn.



    (I haven’t posted in ages.)

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Strange that Sevco didn’t have a replacement all ready lined up (just like with their Nomad!). Wasn’t Warburton supposed to have told King he was only there for the short term…..?

  11. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    HIPP HIPP Hawwrraa mc Kennas chip van is bk on the road will be in Lavelle Drive abt 4ish on Friday. £2 for a fish supper you canny beat that!!!!

  12. glendalystonsils on

    …….(a normal club anyway)…….



    Hohohohohohoho…..you naughty man Paul 67!



    As for fear of Celtic, every ill that has befallen them has been a consequence of their terror at the thought of being second best to us. 9 in a row/10 in a row/the big cup, has all driven them to madness and over the edge of the abyss.


    A panicky managerial appointment simply because they fear a doing on 12th March would be entirely in character.



    So when they play Aberdeen its the Cows v the Sheep, this is getting all Animal Farm b:-)





    Welcome back!



    Have you been saving that one up? Straight in wi a bullet!!!

  15. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Surprised none of their lot have come up with Hiddink for an interim. It’s not like they would see it as unrealistic.

  16. Until the outfit playing football at Ibrox stand for something decent instead of against something decent they are doomed to fail no matter whom they appoint.





    Disconnect it and start again. It might give you a quick flash of options.



    If so,hit f12 pdq. It might reset from that.



    This is where we miss AWENAW!!!!

  18. Paul 67



    The Director of football is the funniest bit, a shoe in for a legned?



    Sevco don’t do medicine and I think you’re right who they get will be a mistake.

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