Periods of poor passing


It is a classic fallacy of Scottish football.  No sooner does someone utter that a team’s second 11 could win the league, they are brought down to earth.  Ninth placed Motherwell failed to take anything from Celtic Park on Saturday, but the champions were well below par for the second successive game.

If we were at the Plastic Pasta Stadium in Livingston, or bumpy Tannadice, the blame would immediately go to the surface, but even though Celtic Park looked immaculate, our passing was poorly executed.

Ange Postecoglou has already pondered this problem this season.  Three of our four opening league fixtures were punctuated by periods of poor passing: Aberdeen, Ross County and Hearts.  The system then caught fire against Dundee United, Ross County in the League Cup, Newco and for 50 minutes against Real Madrid.

There were periods of worry in the game against Shakhtar Donetsk that, remarkably, St Mirren were able to make more of.  Motherwell may well have watched and learned.  Wednesday will inevitably inject change into Celtic veins.  There will be more space in advanced position and let’s hope any sense of casualness will evaporate.

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  1. Garngad to Croy on

    Hopefully, we get through the grind and get back to the high standards we have set ourselves. The same thing happened in February/March last season but we managed to find the form when it mattered.

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  3. Forwards getting off lightly here. Second goal without reply at home breaks the back of the opposition.



    We had more than enough chances to do just that

  4. SAM @ 12.02



    That was always the issue about ultras / singing section.


    Some people want to give them a badge so that they don’t have to do anything.


    The folk that want to record singing rather than join in.




    P/head — back in the day — singing could start from anywhere.


    The Jungle followed by the C/End made the most noise but it could start anywhere.


    Including the seats in the old paddock if things were getting desperate.



    Wee FMcC’s new stadium — this vibe was carried forward.



    However all that is seemingly history and now we have given the job to our plooky youth and how they are failing us. They claim to be politically progressive but they fallback onto the redneck Republican songbook all too quickly.



    Rampant militarism / hyper masculinity / identity politics / religious segmentation / celebration of communal violence — they are the BJP with an Irish songbook.

  5. Agree Paul.


    Yet the goal we conceded was just really, one of those things. Step forward the man who has never made a mistake.


    Ange and the Bhoys will sort it, guaranteed. Just a bit more focus required methinks.


    The quality is there, no doubt, maybe a slight lack of concentration.


    All this panic of Joe and Jura being dropped, Jeezo, how many times have they helped.



    I’m not blind or concerned, it will be sorted for sure.




  6. Mod88



    Could you please remove all my posts with the JS slur.



    Three or four this morning.

  7. Passages of poor play / full game in Pailey — Nobody seems to want to hold onto the ball.


    Pass and move is great — pass and stand still brings problems.



    We are playing far too much from side to side.


    Very little goes through the middle.


    Our play then becomes very predictable.

  8. Sky Sports say Chelsea close to buying Leipzig striker Knunku? Thought Window was closed,maybe for January?

  9. !!Bada Bing!!


    Re yesterday, wasn’t having a go at you mate, always respect your opinions


    Hacked off yesterday and just let it go. I’m concerned about the coming weeks.


    They play their friends and we have tough games. If we are still top at the end of the


    month we will have done really well. We need to tighten up.

  10. So long as get Starfelt and CCV back before Livi and Hearts, we’ll be ok in the league.



    Wednesday will be very tough. I’m assuming CCV isn’t near coming back or he’d have been on the bench last Saturday at least.



    Liepzig away is a helluva ask with our second string CB pairing.

  11. markiebhoy- no offence taken mate,we do seem to have dropped intensity when we lose the ball ,i would start Abada on Wednesday, he should be fresh ,as he hasn’t seen a lot of action lately. HH

  12. Tom McLaughlin on




    You and MADMITCH jumped on the blog bandwagon and attacked the Scottish Government for choosing to stay with a higher tax rate than your heros in Downing Street. That is a matter of record. Ergo you both, and others, SUPPORTED the Chancellor’s tax cut.



    You can deny and deflect, as is your wont.



    Resign now before you’re both sacked.

  13. TMcL @ 12.57



    When the facts don’t support you — what does the average Nat do?


    They invent their own facts.



    You are making that nonsense up.


    Or you didn’t understand the original posts.



    Either way you are an identity politician without a clue.

  14. Have a feeling Ange might sacrifice a forward for someone in a more defensive position, on Wednesday. Maybe Mooy or Abildgaard coming in to start.


    Don’t expect CCV to be ready but, hopefully, he is firing on all cylinders for Leipzig and Shakhtar home games.

  15. bournesouprecipe on

    Surreal Scotland and sobering Octobering .



    John Beaton’s performance on Saturday wasn’t startling more a dose of regular hiding in plain sight. Suffered by fans for years ‘the body language’ was exposed on duty to deny Celtic any semblance of fairness, in time management or yellows, let alone eye boggling penalty refusals. Watching video replays coming from social media is it high time Celtic broke the public silence, for our puzzled supporters?



    Cast your mind back, in what other country in the world would a football referee join the supporters for a night of merrymaking? This just hours after he’d officiated and gave hugely controversial decisions in favour of his drinking buddy heroes?



    All just Scottish banter of course, Rainjurz like the monarchy just ban any timmy sounding name, and the jobs a good un. The ‘good’ news is VAR is just around the, corner that is until you hear one of its expert proponents of the sideline technology will be ‘Scotland’s top whistler’ John Beaton.



    Game one of nine in October and Celtic, though AP won’t admit it, are injury ravaged with the heart of central defence weakened. Welsh and Jenz are back up at best, as good as it gets we don’t have multi millionaires sitting waiting to come on when the first choice CB’s are injured, very few clubs do.



    The bench looked brilliant not so long ago and now that players are being asked to come off it more frequently they have to make more telling contributions, in short spaces of time. Could have been 4-1 and normal service, on Saturday fine margins and all that, but Leipzig will have a goal threat much greater than Motherwell or St Mirren.

  16. If CCV is available for Wednesday then where does that leave CS?


    Just how badly injured is he?



    How long has he been out?


    CCV — out for 4 weeks?



    We needed to fund another starting CB in the summer.


    If there was a £15mill offer on the table for JJ we should have taken it.



    MoJ = talented but raw as sushi


    SW = huge amounts still to learn.


    He looks the part with the game in front of him.


    Weak as cheap tea on the turn / facing the goal.



    Plus who is the back-up — another NB style MF is not good.


    Scary that no-one from the B team is good enough to step up.



    What a shambles AP inherited.

  17. Tom McLaughlin on




    You both complained about Celtic not being able to attract foreign starts because of a higher tax rate in Scotland. You wanted the Scottish Government to reduce the top tax rate in line with Westminster. Ergo you both supported the Chancellor.



    Deny and deflect all you want.

  18. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 3RD OCTOBER 2022 1:12 PM









    You both complained about Celtic not being able to attract foreign starts because of a higher tax rate in Scotland. You wanted the Scottish Government to reduce the top tax rate in line with Westminster. Ergo you both supported the Chancellor.



    MadWitch was also telling us all that he didn’t understand why the B.O.E WERE selling when the REALITY was that the BOE spent 65 billion pounds buying government bonds.



    Brigade 77 are shite if MadWitch is the best they can cone up with

  19. bournesouprecipe


    Excellent post summing up every issue that currently presents itself.


    In many of my ramblings on this forum, I have questioned whether our club


    are part of the problem or the solution. The entire system hangs on the fact


    that our supporters turn up twice to the grounds of the other clubs. It’s exactly


    why the SPL has the small number of teams in the top league. If our club will do


    nothing about the sheer dishonesty of the system then we should do something.


    A single season away bhoycott would cripple the whole thing. Or we keep on being


    cheated, it’s up to us. I would add that the only away games I have attended are


    Hibs, United and Aberdeen as I believe they are not Hun supporters. Otherwise I


    just won’t give them my money.

  20. Hi Guys sorry to break the blog. Very sad news today and i thought you would all like to know, Neustadl Braw sadly passed away on Saturday Andrew Griffin know to you all as his CQN addy “Neustadl Braw” Andy hailed from escotia but spent a long time in his adopted Germany, A great Celtic man and will be missed by all. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen. You’ll Never Walk Alone Andy.

  21. BH- that’s dreadful news,always liked his style,sincere condolences to his family and friends .

  22. bournesouprecipe on

    Burgas Hoops



    Sincere condolences



    Very saddened to read that may Andy Griffin rest in peace, a fine contributor.




  23. Burgas Hoops


    Terrible news thoughts and prayers for Andrew and his family


    möge er in Frieden ruhen

  24. Re Leipzig’s line-up… perhaps Abildgaard will reprise the Nir Bitton role as a tall midfielder shoehorned into the second centre of defence space ?




    Sad to learn of Andrew/Neustadt…his posts were always so cheeky and playful. Peace to all who loved him.

  25. Burgas Hoops


    Sorry to hear this sad news – thoughts and prayers with family and friends

  26. bigrailroadblues on

    Andrew Griffin may you rest in peace. Loved your funny, sharp posts. Another fine man gone from here.

  27. Dreadfully sad news from Burgas.


    Thoughts and prayers with Andrew’s family and friends

  28. TMcL @ 1.12



    Stretching it beyond breaking point.


    Proven fact that tax rates impact player economics.



    Their focus / agent’s focus is on net pay.


    Higher tax rates meant that it would impact the club.



    Stating a fact not offering support.


    To conflate the two shows how stupid the Nats have become.

  29. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 3RD OCTOBER 2022 12:53 PM








    Dim and dishonest poster continues to post dim and dishonest posts.




    Give it a break for a minute. If you read back you would have seen we lost one of our own.



    Not one of yours I suppose. Did you make it to CQN corner at the weekend?

  31. DrB @ 1.25



    Difficult to understand how one person can cram in so much stupidity in so few words.



    Please try and keep up regarding the BoE and their management of the stock of Govt bonds / Gilts that QE has dropped into their lap.



    The £80bill sell off was the plan in Aug — it was mental.



    The £65bill buy offer in Sept was their response to KK stupidity / pension fund high jinks / Banker stupidity / City game playing with Govt gilts.



    Those are the facts.



    Your opinion is just so much Nat hot air / headline reading.

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