Perspective as Champions face Best of the Rest


Let’s start by putting whatever perception lingers from Aberdeen’s result in Hamilton on Tuesday night into perspective. The goal they lost was only the second time they had conceded in six games. Incredibly, both were penalties. They have played an astonishing 617 minutes without conceding a goal from anywhere but the penalty spot.

Including those two penalties, they have conceded only four since Tom Rogic’s late free kick the last time we played them. This is a well-organised football team who have a script ready for Celtic. They will defend tightly, get the ball forward quickly and chase the life out of everything. The defeat at Hamilton was the first time they have dropped a point since Inverness withheld an onslaught to leave Pittodrie with a draw seven weeks ago.

Despite sitting second in the table with an impressive defence, Aberdeen are well below where they hoped to be at this stage of the season. One win from their opening five league games saw them struggle in the bottom half of the table. Clear evidence that their preseason plans did nothing for them in Europe or domestically.

The most surprising aspect of the Premiership table is that Aberdeen have recovered their natural position as Best of the Rest so quickly.

There’s a tangible confidence among Celtic fans right now. It doesn’t necessarily extend to travelling to face A German Team but most of us think we’ll take three points tomorrow. I know Aberdeen fans who were at Hamilton during the week also fancy their chances, especially if we are as wasteful in front of goal as we have been recently.

Brendan Rodgers will need to plan for tomorrow and for Gladback on Tuesday, a game which brings an end of a five week period with five intense sell-out games (and a few others). He used his options well at Ross County on Wednesday, wise selections are needed tomorrow also.

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  1. Evening Bhoys,



    Hope jangle is making a mountain out of a mole hill with Keiran.





  2. EMPHASIS OF MATTER – GOING CONCERN (extract from auditors report)


    In forming our opinion on the financial statements, which is not modified, we have considered the adequacy of the disclosures in note 1 to the financial statements concerning the Group’s ability to continue as a going concern. In order to continue operations for the next 12 months the Group is dependent upon raising additional finance. Failure to secure additional funding would result in the existence of a material uncertainty which may cast significant doubt as to the Group’s ability to continue as a going concern. The financial statements do not include the adjustments that would result if the Group was unable to continue as a going concern.


    Basically the auditor is saying if they don’t get the loans they can’t continue; if they meet unexpected expense and can’t cover it, they can’t continue.



    They have already received £6.25M in loans this season so their (minimum) shortfall this season will be £7M. Unsustainable over a few seasons, and that’s without money for new players!





  3. Re KT – nothing on BBC, STV, Sky or BT.



    Looks like it may be rumours. Pictures posted by Celtic today of KT training.








    Brilliant News! Not even 7pm on a Friday night but all picks are now in. I’m allowed beer AND wine now!!


    Here are where this weeks hopes and drems have been invested (just the 7 games that involve the 38 remaining standers) –


    Hamilton [2] v Dundee


    Motherwell [1] v Ross County


    Rangers* [2] v Kilmarnock


    St Johnstone [22] v Partick


    Sunderland v Arsenal [2]


    West Brom v Manchester City [5]


    Crystal Palace v Liverpool [4] (5.30pm)



    * – also known as :




    The Deadie Bears


    Triggers Broom FC


    The Tribute Act


    The Zombies


    Rangers 2012


    The Walking Dead



    I know lots of people on CQN don’t listen but for anyone who does, can you imagine how much venom BFDJ talks with about Celtic players when be is off air.




    Sutty was spot on in his character assassination of him, total embarrassment!





    Several years ago this character was just a jovial buffoon. Post zombiefication he’s turned into something more sinister. I heard him foaming at the mouth earlier ranting about Scott Brown. Total disgrace that this clown gets airtime to spout servo fairytales and (to paraphrase a well worn servo comment) have a fly wee (!!) dig at us.

  6. Fingers crossed for KT,



    Sevco whats the point? whats the end game? lose money lose money lose money? mental.






  7. He is also getting a shoulder operation while out, the op is long over due seemingly.




    Izzy back in by the looks.




  8. Like the Daily Ranger not, to exaggerate a potential Celtic negative, but just as well Emilio Izzaguire slotted in like the true pro he is.



    Would like to see Brendan prolong his unbeaten domestic record tomorrow and he clearly has power in reserve for a very different game from Ross County to Pittodrie.



    Aberdeen at home will attack Celtic and this changes the dynamics for a more open fixture, as the Dons have a potent strike force and an offensive game, unlike most away games in the SPL?



    I’d like to see Kolo Toure restored before Jozo, but BR will no doubt keep us guessing apart from the mole that leaked the side for the highlands on Wednesday morning .



    Elsehwere I’d expect we’ll return to Brown, Bitton, Jamesie the free-est of scoring Moussa and Sinky.



    I’d take a draw now despite the ole win, lose, or draw lyric ( which used to annoy my big brother, so )



    Hail Hail

  9. VFR


    Woulsd an auditor be aware of structural problems with the stadium or a water bill unpaid ?

  10. Colour Blind Bhoy on



    Foaming st the mouth indeed, you could almost see his face contorting through the radio. As if Sevco don’t have enough problems they have that clown as a cheerleader.


    Thanks everyone else who replied, radio off now as time to head out for a family party.


    Hail Hail



  11. Izzy played well against county. Only silver lining for everyone.



    Gutted for everyone, Wee man been immense.




  12. Colour Blind Bhoy on

    JOBO, before you have your beer and wine, we demand to know the names of the 2 CQNers who have picked Sevco this week, who are these people :-)

  13. DESSYBHOY on 28TH OCTOBER 2016 7:07 PM



    Not unless the Glib and Shameless one told the truth; what do you think?





  14. KT info appears correct,ligament damage not broken,taken for MRI scan today.


    Looks like out for several weeks.

  15. bfdj gets away with murder on the radio, Can’t take others opinions or let people finish their sentences. Bully and bulldozes his opinions on to or through the other pundits, You heard his with Sutton, First guy to really take him on and he was panting like the bad tempered bully he is.



    Like his club his days a re number, He belongs on the 90s and Clyde know it, Gordon Dalziel is there to replace hiim and he can at least try to be balanced.





  16. I remember back in the 70s BFDJ Told the Scotland manager, pick me to play as a centre half for Scotland, but not as a centre forward, Iv been looking for it but can’t find it, but he DID refuse to play for Scotland for that reason.

  17. VFR


    No I would not expect him to have done that so those issues if true may cause their first administration. Heres hoping.

  18. This is why we have a big squad.



    KT is a huge player for us but we have a very, very able deputy in Emilio!



    Injuries will start to take a toll in the next few months, a few of the players that started during the week might find themselves promoted.



    Thats not a bad thing as its how Wanyama found his way into our team and onto where he is now!



    Key players we don’t want to gt injured are Sinclair, Dembele and Scott Brown.



    We have the strength and depth to cover most positions but these 3 players really make us what we have become this year.



    Scott going back to the Scotland set up is a concern as his form and fitness has been immense since he got a bit more rest between games.



    But he is not a kid he is a man and knows what he is doing and at the age he is he now has enough experience to push when needs be and hold back and rest when needs be.



    If its true he has had interest from England then it is huge that he has stayed here. He will most likely finish his career with us and hopefully progress into our coaching system.



    For all he has given up ££££ in England he is well allowed to make a choice on his international future which NONE of us has any right (as we have not earned it like he has) to question this.



    Bit of a ramble…..

  19. Hopefully Kieran will come back just as strong,if not stronger a la Henke (although he had divine qualities),and refreshed.A wee spell out might be good for him in the long run.


    Just hope he gets throught it.


    Love yi wee mhan.

  20. AM I correct in stating that the previous huns would have exited administration via a prepack unless HMRC as the biggest creditor had refused this? Who will their biggest creditors be now I wonder?



    Who would win in fight between Joey Barton and Bilel Moshni?


    = = =


    Andy Halliday ;)

  22. I would be dis-appointed if Roberts is not in the team for Aberdeen.



    His Ross County contribution was considerable,scored 1 and was last man involved prior to each of the other 3 goals,we should set out to mark Hayes out the game as he is their main provider.



    Fingers crossed plus in a covered Section so high hopes.

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