Perspective as Champions face Best of the Rest


Let’s start by putting whatever perception lingers from Aberdeen’s result in Hamilton on Tuesday night into perspective. The goal they lost was only the second time they had conceded in six games. Incredibly, both were penalties. They have played an astonishing 617 minutes without conceding a goal from anywhere but the penalty spot.

Including those two penalties, they have conceded only four since Tom Rogic’s late free kick the last time we played them. This is a well-organised football team who have a script ready for Celtic. They will defend tightly, get the ball forward quickly and chase the life out of everything. The defeat at Hamilton was the first time they have dropped a point since Inverness withheld an onslaught to leave Pittodrie with a draw seven weeks ago.

Despite sitting second in the table with an impressive defence, Aberdeen are well below where they hoped to be at this stage of the season. One win from their opening five league games saw them struggle in the bottom half of the table. Clear evidence that their preseason plans did nothing for them in Europe or domestically.

The most surprising aspect of the Premiership table is that Aberdeen have recovered their natural position as Best of the Rest so quickly.

There’s a tangible confidence among Celtic fans right now. It doesn’t necessarily extend to travelling to face A German Team but most of us think we’ll take three points tomorrow. I know Aberdeen fans who were at Hamilton during the week also fancy their chances, especially if we are as wasteful in front of goal as we have been recently.

Brendan Rodgers will need to plan for tomorrow and for Gladback on Tuesday, a game which brings an end of a five week period with five intense sell-out games (and a few others). He used his options well at Ross County on Wednesday, wise selections are needed tomorrow also.

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  1. Joey



    has asked me to remind everyone that the cocks go black tonight.



    Or it might be a misprint …MSM…tricky job




  2. Colour Blind Bhoy –



    Can’t go into specifics however can I just mention that 13 (THirteen!!) of those still standing have reached this stage with a pick of Rangers* along the way!!



    Mind you, I’m running out of alternative choices myself…….

  3. If KT is out then Emilio is a more than capable deputy. There is also a possibility of a 3 man backing with Kolo, Jozo and Erik.




  4. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Hope the fact that tomorrow’s game is at Pittodrie dizney gie Izzy the Heeby Jeebies.



    Thought he was our best player on Wednesday.

  5. Who would be the main creditor in the event of administration? is a very good question in view of the lack of clarity in where their funding is coming from in keeping the lights on.

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Evening all.



    Will temporarily lower my standards and talk about BFDJ.



    Slightly disconcerted by suggestions this guy was jovial and essentially benign.



    Don’t be fooled by his early radio persona.



    Nearly 40 years ago I witnessed the impact of this guy and his ‘agent’, an emerging species at the time – who later became a household name, royally screw over a real rangers man, a decent bloke and a family friend.



    A rat. Always was.

  7. If KT is injured and faces a wee spell out then its another “progressor” as a pro footballer.



    Unfortunately now with all the travel and the massive number of games you are asked to play injuries will happen.



    We will find out if he has the mental strength to come back from this stronger.



    If he does then its another tick in the box that will make him and Celtic millions.



    Am sure with people like Emilio guiding him and talking him through it he will be cool…..

  8. My faither always said that if BFDJ hadn’t pulled out of so many Scotland squads



    He would have been the most capped player of all time



    A total numpty of a man




  9. Colour blind bhoy had no input in my last Joey post…



    I love hebcelt…




  10. Radio Clyde staying KT has a broken ankle and out for the rest of the year…..



    Can’t find anyone else running with this….

  11. Paddy back on form tomorrow and Leigh with SInky and Dembele flying we should have too much, Back door looking more secure with Simo and Erik playing well together. Scott back in the middle with Armstrong and Henderson or Rogic, Thats plenty of steel



    Forrest there with his pace as well. Brendan spoiled choice.



    Dons are the best of the rest, they will be up for it, we won’t see the half assed display they put in against sevco.





  12. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Feel so sorry for Kieran.



    Hopefully he will make a full recovery.


    If we try to find any positives from the situation, can I suggest that the boy was looking like he was needing a rest.



    It is not natural for a young fledgling player to be totally involved in so many high pressure games at this stage in his career.



    Also, it has been mentioned that he has been carrying a shoulder injury for a number of weeks.



    This enforced absence should give him the rest he needs and, such is his self confidence, he will be back in the New Year fully functional and raring to go.



    Izzy’s appearance and form shown on Wednesday helps to take the sting out of it.



    Good luck Izzy, good luck KT, good luck, Celtic.

  13. Wee cuz just sent me this:



    Rumour has it Mark Warburton is dressing up as a pumpkin for Halloween hoping he’ll turn into a coach at midnight. ;))

  14. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    Yeah I am thinking I may have to pick “them” soon too. Running out of options.


    However, I will be well pleased if I still have that problem after tomorrow’s Southampton v Liverpool game.

  15. KT missing, Izzy in, little bit more protection required in he LB area (Izzy is a v good player, KT is a notch above though. Honest assessment)..,



    Does Bitton or Armstrong offer more protection ias part of a deep lying midfield 2 ?



    Armstrong for me. Far more energy and a good game intelligence.

  16. I was away on holiday last week. Can anyone explain how Griffindor has morphed (on Twitter, at least) into shorty?

  17. Hebcelt get better real soon …and may your black pudding rule the isles!






    Smiley thing…



    And apols to the Colour blind bhoy if ye dinae ken moi…


    Almost always smiley things…




  18. NATKNOW on 28TH OCTOBER 2016 7:23 PM


    More than likely as most of the other creditors would have got something back.



    DESSYBHOY on 28TH OCTOBER 2016 7:30 PM


    The lack of transparency means that we won’t know who is the biggest creditor until the enter administration again. Not the transparency he promised is it?





  19. Colour Blind Bhoy on

    JOBO, lol, the treacherous 13, will only be picked by me if they become option of last resort :-)

  20. As an afterthought to the MSM haranguing Warbiola did no one else catch JohnJames saying he looked like Zippy from Rainbow.



    He might have a point there, who would play Bungle and George??

  21. When Peter Lawwell’s involvement in a failed, aggressive tax avoidance scheme was being reprised in the Scottish press, we were told that it would shortly become apparent why the story was being run at that time.



    We then had Watergate, which appeared at the time to provide the answer. But that’s kind of been dismissed as either a deliberate red herring or a piece of wishful thinking.



    Could the latest accounts from the huns be the real reason for the Lawwell story?

  22. I see MunchenGladtobeback are playing Eintracht Frankfurt just now. Always had a soft spot for the Frankfurters for a) having a comedy name; b) being part of the greatest game I’d seen until 25th May ’67 and, most importantly of all, c) humping the huns 6-2 twice in the semi-final. (We didn’t call them the huns in those days, just dirty orange somethings).


    The final, by the way, was magnificent – of course – (di Stefano scoring a hatrick and the incomparable Puskas scoring 4) and was the first live game on telly that I watched….on a wee 13 inch black & white tv which we thought was the bee’s knees.


    Wonderful game and memories, but nothing compared to my first visit to Paradise a year later.

  23. DESSYBHOY on 28TH OCTOBER 2016 7:44 PM



    Well hush my mouth! Profound apologies.



    I’m now seated on the naughty step!





  24. fergusslayedtheblues on

    VFR800A8 on 28TH OCTOBER 2016 6:14 PM


    On the sevco anal report


    Did I read it right that they have taken £2.9m from the RST (ie support ) .


    If I were a sevco fan just now I would be very worried as IMO this is the bank of the last resort ,there is no way any board should be using their support to fund the losses of any football club on an ongoing basis .


    The board should be making sure that their cost base is within the means of the operating revenues .


    Any extra contributions over and above ST payments should be money banked to be used for anything other than basic bills .


    If in fact it is £2.9m I am gobsmacked ,that amount and they are tredding water and still require further loans .


    The trouble with this business plan (if any sane person could call it a plan ) is that when the results begin to against the club then as night follows day more and more of the supporters will cancel the free cash supply


    If the board at Ibrokes are taking the supporters money to that extent then thing really are at a serious stage .

  25. mike in toronto on

    JObo ..



    RE: Shorty. Recently, Strachan said LG was too short to play up front for the national team, so, in response, I believe, LG changed his twitter name (or some such thing) to Shorty.

  26. Ernie


    The accounts are worse than it actually looks.


    They are up till Jun 2016, so the wages of Joey, Krany and the rest are not included, they are not healthy.



  27. Here just had a look at the new Huns annual report to cheer myself up.



    The introduction is great!. Weak, vacuous and a bit desperate.



    It reads like someone who has had a bad year at work trying to cobble together some really, really dubious ‘achievements’ together for an annual appraisal, when they have done very little over the previous 12 months.



    This realease, at first glance, seems to be utterly amateur.



    A detailed analysis should be fun.

  28. Pro Russia munch and swallow hardback CSC.



    Smiley thing …



    Our support will have a braw braw time…



    They are waiting for the laughs and the football prowess of having had Celtic Glasgow as a guest…


    St Pauli and


    Dortmund …love us and Munich who everyone disnae like here has wahsinn respect for Oor Club…



    Awfy braw…




  29. Hope the smile is braw…



    Hun free must be a bonus



    Smiley Spanish thing




  30. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    so the accounts are to June 16 yes ?




    and the loans are for now ? or then ?



    and the press are trumpeting losses are halved at £3,3m ?



    and cumalativre losses since the company started are ?



    are they allready trading as insolvent ?

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