Perspective as Champions face Best of the Rest


Let’s start by putting whatever perception lingers from Aberdeen’s result in Hamilton on Tuesday night into perspective. The goal they lost was only the second time they had conceded in six games. Incredibly, both were penalties. They have played an astonishing 617 minutes without conceding a goal from anywhere but the penalty spot.

Including those two penalties, they have conceded only four since Tom Rogic’s late free kick the last time we played them. This is a well-organised football team who have a script ready for Celtic. They will defend tightly, get the ball forward quickly and chase the life out of everything. The defeat at Hamilton was the first time they have dropped a point since Inverness withheld an onslaught to leave Pittodrie with a draw seven weeks ago.

Despite sitting second in the table with an impressive defence, Aberdeen are well below where they hoped to be at this stage of the season. One win from their opening five league games saw them struggle in the bottom half of the table. Clear evidence that their preseason plans did nothing for them in Europe or domestically.

The most surprising aspect of the Premiership table is that Aberdeen have recovered their natural position as Best of the Rest so quickly.

There’s a tangible confidence among Celtic fans right now. It doesn’t necessarily extend to travelling to face A German Team but most of us think we’ll take three points tomorrow. I know Aberdeen fans who were at Hamilton during the week also fancy their chances, especially if we are as wasteful in front of goal as we have been recently.

Brendan Rodgers will need to plan for tomorrow and for Gladback on Tuesday, a game which brings an end of a five week period with five intense sell-out games (and a few others). He used his options well at Ross County on Wednesday, wise selections are needed tomorrow also.

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  1. CorkCelt: chomhgairdeas! Great to see you back posting and enjoy the wean. May her blood be glas agus bán.

  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    MATT STEWART on 28TH OCTOBER 2016 9:49 PM


    Bobby if you Pickett it’ll fall aff.



    I prefer Tony`s.



  3. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Mike, hopefully you manage to get to hear the Quay Sessions with the Trashcan Sinatras.



    I didn’t know their lead singer is Eddi Reader’s brother.



    I was there last night to see Ranking Roger’s Beat who were really good. Their set was broadcast live and will be repeated this Sunday. Last night’s session was also filmed.

  4. mike in toronto on




    Still LOVE the Beat …. in fact, had the car windows down and Stand Down Margaret blaring on the car stereo on the weekend! Followed by Never Understand by the JMC … had the whole neighbourhood shaking! Brilliant!



    One of my all time favourite concerts was General Public in around 1984 … after the lights came on, and people were leaving, Roger came back on stage … he wasn’t ready to go yet … so, we turned around and went back in !




    Had dinner one night with the TSC lads at a house show/party in Toronto a few years ago … seem like nice lads. The two frontmen are Frank Reader (Eddie’s brother) and John Douglas (who is married to Eddie Reader) And Frank and Eddie are both Celtic fans! (not sure about John), so you know they are ok! :)

  5. MATT STEWART on 28TH OCTOBER 2016 9:33 PM



    Accepting that my life past, present and future is subject to the vagaries of hope, drink and a girl with a bull whip, knee length leather high heeled boots and a greatcsinging voice as she walked up and down my spine singing “come to the cabaret”, I have now reached that state of ultimate contentment where I will no longer be driven down the rash rocky road of insanity by a naive acceptance of the mythology of a life brightened by the solar flare called Celtic.





    That is a fine piece of writing.



    PS is she called Lorna??

  6. What is the Stars on

    BBC 4 now


    The story of French Song, edith piaf etc


    Seen it before


    Very good ….if you like that sort of thing

  7. So a bloke frae london has just walked in….wan arm of his t-shirt is a union flag…Isa has served him his pint and asked what his Halloween costume is?



    Hail hail




  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    MATT STEWART on 28TH OCTOBER 2016 9:55 PM






    Tessa Wyatt didnae prefer Tony’ s





    Have to google T.W.



    OK. I get it.



  9. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Mike in Toronto, the Beat’s stand down Margaret is one of my all time favourite songs.



    That song expressed the feelings of many people during Thatcher’s first two years in power.



    Radio one wouldn’t play it’s double A side, Best Friend, also despite it being a really good song.

  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    BBC news………………….scuba divers set to get holiday pay?






    Thanks to the C.T. ?

  11. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    St Stivs, a crowd of us went to see Big Audio Dynamite at the Barras in the Fair weekend in 1988.



    Ranking Roger was the support.



    After the gig. we went to the Sub club.



    Ranking Roger was standing next to me at the bar. I was too drunk to talk to him.



    Oscar the drummer from Ocean Colour Scene plays with Ranking Roger’s Beat.

  12. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Hello – this is WEE BGFC



    Any spares for tomorrow???



    Looking for two for me and Da.




    Can meet on the way up or in Aberdeen











  13. So Lee Wallace will line up against England at Wembley.



    Wallace v Sterling.



    RIP Scotland.

  14. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on







    Don’t tell TD






    Nae bother.

  15. GORDON64 on 28TH OCTOBER 2016 10:38 PM


    What is Broonie thinking about ?




    No idea. Must have discussed it with Brendan surely.

  16. If Broonie is just coming back for the game against the brits, fair enough, but I hope he is no thinking about doin it on a permanent basis, that wouldn’t be the smartest move imo.

  17. MATT STEWART on 28TH OCTOBER 2016 10:08 PM





    I call her whatever she wants me to. :)



    Hail hail






    Matt, it reminds me of this scene



  18. Couple of points before I retire for the evening.



    1. There are only 3 football teams that I really care about, Celtic, Scotland and East Kilbride. I’m delighted that Scott Brown is now available to play for 2 of them. As a point of principle I get really annoyed when ANY player ‘retires’ from International Footbal. PLaying for your country should be an honour. But that’s just me.



    2. When I watched the Jinky film at the start of the month I also recorded it. Now time to revisit that recording and save it permanently onto a DVD.



    Be nice now and ‘see’ some of you in the morning.