Perspective on Europe is a worry


Football is overwhelmingly a results business and results in football drive emotions to a level seldom seen in other areas of sport or business. All that emotion makes perspective elusively difficult. For example, how do you muster anything other than an emotional response to the 1-3 home defeat to Bodo/Glimt, coming, as it did, on the same day Newco won 2-4 in Dortmund.

The result was humiliating, another comfortable defeat in the return leg offered no consolation. Perspective was difficult to find. We laughed earlier in the season when Bodo battered Jose Mourinho’s Roma 6-1. After a poor qualifying campaign that saw them lose home and away to Legia Warsaw, before edging Kosovan and Lithuanian opponents by a single goal to reach the Conference League, Bodo found form.  But still, they were preseason when they faced Celtic.

They reached the quarter finals and again got the better of Roma at home, before a collapse at the Olympic Stadium. Roma disposed of Leicester City and are favourites to win the trophy in Tirana tonight, although Feyenoord have form overturning favourites in European finals.

The trauma of our European exit seems a distant memory; a league title win and the sun is shining on Celtic Park. Just as defeat makes perspective difficult, try telling an elated fan that they had better not get too carried away…..  Don’t get too carried away, we face existential risks next season.

Considering how Bodo/Glimt pushed Roma so hard, a win for Mourinho’s side would make me feel better about our season. Maybe I’m still trying to find some perspective for that awful 5-1 aggregate defeat in February. Not sure any result tonight will help.  Some end of season perspective has me shaken.

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  1. I missed this,


    but a brilliant piece of writing and historical references many wont know.



    An area of Glasgow to which we owe our shared history, and Big Jimmys modern day abode.






    Don’t Let it Be Forgot



    Saturday, 21 May 2022


    If you know the history



    During his trial, he refused to acknowledge the King’s supremacy on religious matters, saying would, ‘ no more acknowledge him than an old hat.’ His last words as they hanged him in public were, ‘If there are any hidden Catholics, let them pray for me but the prayers of heretics I will not have.’ As he swung out to meet his maker, he cast his rosary into the watching crowd.



  2. Just checked the train times on our new nationalised train service.


    It’s just as well the seasons over as many fans would be unable to get home after an evening kick off.

  3. Ridiculous refereeing non decision denies Roma.



    Player obviously pulled back but does not go down. No red card.



    Unbelievable and VAR is present.

  4. Lots of outlets and fans talking about the possible difficulties getting money to strengthen the team. guaranteed money from:



    Championd league group stages – 25 million more than europa league.






    Ange’s home tour in jan – 6 million



    Christie – between 1.5 and 2 million promotion payment



    Ajer – 2 million avoiding relegation fee



    600k – doaks comp fee agreed



    Between 9.1 million and 10.6 million






    Possible sales of:
















    Between 5 and 10 million





    Sell on fees for hickey I.e. 30% of hearts cut and 5% of total fee for consolidation payment likely 1+ million



    Dembele 20% of profit



    Frimpong 20% of profit, 30% of which goes back to man City.



    KT 15% of profit plus 5% overall fee







  5. IniquitousIV on

    Roma lining up 5-3-2, changing to 5-4-1 when they lose possession. Dutch risking breakaway goal by Abraham in effort to equalize.

  6. IniquitousIV on

    Roma defenders throwing their bodies in the way of shots, particularly Smalling.

  7. Great to see Celtic legend Neil Lennon being successful



    Hopefully he’s enjoying his time in a less pressurized environment

  8. forstergrant on

    I can’t help but notice that it is mainly Hispanic names amongst the dead in the school shooting in the States …Trump has blood on his hands there. As I’ve said before, if you’re a Celtic fan and anti-immigrant you’re shameful (and a hypocrite)

  9. IniquitousIV on

    Team speed all over the park, and disciplined and organized defensive formation instantly they lose the ball, are the main features for Roma.


    Mourinho pragmatism in evidence here.

  10. Celtic40 me,



    H,mmm,Lenny having to be held back from the Ref.Think it was the sending off.Will never leave him.Luv him.Delighted by his win.

  11. Moderator1888 on

    What was the result of the Roma – Feyenoord pre final penalty shoot out?

  12. IniquitousIV on

    Watching this Tirana game, if we are not going to be blown away in Europe, after being cannon fodder to pre-season Laplanders last time out, I’m thinking we need fullbacks and midfield players with Kyogo or Maeda type speed. Cancels out a multitude of errors, if you have recovery speed. We also need very physical players in front of our central defenders. At the moment, none of our midfield players can tackle a fish supper, regardless of their other qualities.

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Real over the top celebrations, Europa Conference ffs,pish poor game,Feyenoord deserved ET

  14. Mourinho has now won all five of the Euro finals he has managed in. Only one player has scored against his teams in a Euro final. Henrik Larsson. Quite a stat.

  15. Those Spaniards complaining about the ridiculous Mbappe deal, specifically La Liga ( I wonder who) have no awareness whatsoever.



    I’m glad Mbappe is @ the club he really couldnae leave. Strange He’d have to have a ridiculous wage and an insane signing on fee to do so – skewing most in the Future, fitba wise and wages wise.



    No awareness whatsoever.



    He is a fast player with skill, Hopefully Celtic Park will witness PSG again.



    You are correct he did.


    It the rest of the back 4 that is a concern.

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