Perspective on Europe is a worry


Football is overwhelmingly a results business and results in football drive emotions to a level seldom seen in other areas of sport or business. All that emotion makes perspective elusively difficult. For example, how do you muster anything other than an emotional response to the 1-3 home defeat to Bodo/Glimt, coming, as it did, on the same day Newco won 2-4 in Dortmund.

The result was humiliating, another comfortable defeat in the return leg offered no consolation. Perspective was difficult to find. We laughed earlier in the season when Bodo battered Jose Mourinho’s Roma 6-1. After a poor qualifying campaign that saw them lose home and away to Legia Warsaw, before edging Kosovan and Lithuanian opponents by a single goal to reach the Conference League, Bodo found form.  But still, they were preseason when they faced Celtic.

They reached the quarter finals and again got the better of Roma at home, before a collapse at the Olympic Stadium. Roma disposed of Leicester City and are favourites to win the trophy in Tirana tonight, although Feyenoord have form overturning favourites in European finals.

The trauma of our European exit seems a distant memory; a league title win and the sun is shining on Celtic Park. Just as defeat makes perspective difficult, try telling an elated fan that they had better not get too carried away…..  Don’t get too carried away, we face existential risks next season.

Considering how Bodo/Glimt pushed Roma so hard, a win for Mourinho’s side would make me feel better about our season. Maybe I’m still trying to find some perspective for that awful 5-1 aggregate defeat in February. Not sure any result tonight will help.  Some end of season perspective has me shaken.

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  1. St Tams,



    I just dont think its really possible for us to get better players than we should hopefully have at the start of the season.Some magical bit of alchemy could manifest itself with a few signings.That is my hope.We can’t buy our success in Europe.


    You also need a run of luck like they had.We got it in 2003,If everything comes together,why not.Look at a very poor,nationally,Roma side tonight.




    6 million Ange home coming from media widespread



    Christie and ajer msm/ fans sites



    Doaks msm



    30% cut of hearts profit òn hickey, widely reported msm 5% consolidation payment of over all fee comes from uefa.



    KT 5% consolidation payment of over all fee comes from uefa. 20 % profit lawell tax



    Dembele 15 % profit lawell tax



    Champions league money valued at 29 million before tickets about 40 million, – 15 million usual europa league money.



    Between 5 to 10 million for upto 10 players. More than realistic I would think



    All the the above has come from msm, fan’s sites and uefa. Value of players based on seeing us punt boys like klimala for 3.5 million and bayo for 1.5 million despite widespread shite about how how club would get nothing etc…



    See if you can get the speaker to to a fact check for you




  3. Have to say,if what has come out of the cesspit that is 10 Downing St,especially today,but for months,had come from the SNP government,dear Lord,we would have had Ernie and his Unionist mob on ad nauseum.


    But seems like its All Quiet On The Western Front when dispatches are shocking.

  4. Stephbhoy67,



    All going well,I think your figures are bang on.The transfer monies probably a good bit more than that.A good bit.


    Let’s hope,we can move them on quickly,but you are quite correct,there is always a buyer out there.

  5. quadrophenian on



    Congrats to Neil Lennon on landing the Cyprus cup despite his team being reduced to 10 men. I hope he rehabilitates his reputation with further success…





    Agree it’s great that Lenny’s managerial record has been improved.


    As for embellishing his reputation…errrrmmm… :0



  6. Turkeybhoy .



    I think Stephbhoys comment was that all those figures are meejah speculation .it was media click bait nonsense.the values are tosh.


    But it is season for it


    We could have the daily clickbait11 or transfer targets of the day,like cqn used to have saint of day.


    Today’s info age,I suppose.




  7. fairhill bhoy on

    INIQUITOUSIV @12-50 (from Monday)


    You can see why grealish spends most of his time on the bench then.


    City had been 2nil down at West Ham week previous.Found a heart then as well.


    I don’t remember saying “Never any danger “


    Keep your sexual remarks to yourself.


    I moved out of fairhill 34years ago.

  8. Daizen is a signing and a half.



    His Team Play is yet to be witnessed.









    Hopefully the movement of the Bhoys makes the atmosphere even better… I loved the fact they got the surrounding crowd really going….or was it just me? :)

  9. Sláinte Ange on

    Fraser Forster, 34, has undergone a medical at Hotspur Way ahead of completing his move to Spurs when his Southampton contract expires next month.

  10. Sláinte Ange on

    Aston Villa are ready to step up their pursuit of 22-year-old Rangers and Nigeria defender Calvin Bassey.

  11. Sláinte Ange on

    Liverpool and Leeds are set to face competition from Serie A side Bologna for the signature of 18-year-old Scottish right-back Calvin Ramsay from Aberdeen.

  12. Slainte.



    Windae hinging brilliance isn’t it? the agents push,clubs wanting rid push,bosman push,near end nudge,all angles met by


    Those needing a story may start a story that is not a story.sometimes the media play and contort too especially re Celtic


    But it is the season for daily clickbait 11 and it is as clichéd as a keevs bull’yinerr patter come round again




  13. Sláinte Ange on

    SAINT STIVS on 25TH MAY 2022 8:48 PM


    Thank you for posting that fascinating article.



  14. Morning all from a sunny but damp underfoot Garngad



    BRRB slept in?



    Big Jimmy hope you are well, hopefully meet up for a few beers soon.



    D :)

  15. Oops the Lord of Govanhill has a risen.



    Right coal face beckons.



    D :)

  16. park the bus 442 on

    Well done to José and his Roma heroes.


    José parks the bus.


    José does what needs to be done.


    José fills the bus with street wise workhorses.


    José parks his bus in front of the goalmouth.


    José plays ‘get to the point’ football not stupid Celtic tippy tappy bs.


    José has five5 European trophies.


    José is hated by worldwide msm their tears are as delicious as another trophy.


    José saw the real Celtic Way on the pitch in Seville 03 that’s why every trick in the José book was deployed, diving, rolling aboot the pitch, time wasting, whining in the face of the MiB, etc, all of it was done to crack Celtic’s steely discipline, and sadly for us Jose’s box of tricks won out on that memorable night.


    The lesson of Seville 03 is that to defeat a parked bus, or rather avoid being mugged by a parked bus on the break, ala what Macari did to Walter Smith twice2 at ibrox back in the day, then you must also park a bus and play them at their own game, how else are you supposed to draw the team oot from their parked bus, unless you have Jock’s players who smashed the Cattenachio in 67, but Celtic no longer has Jock or his players, so we must get over ourselves and stop being too precious to think that we’re too good to park the bus when need be.


    José isn’t precious he’s the special one that’s why he’s won five5 European trophies, returning European glory to Italy which hadn’t seen a European trophy since José last managed in Italy with Inter Milan, eleven11 years ago with our great Inter friends.

  17. My friends in Celtic,



    Here’s a thought for those who look down on the Europa conference league.



    Two big teams in the final from big footballing leagues. A serial trophy winner manager celebrating the win as much ( If not more ) as any other previous win.



    The stadium in Albania sold out and atmospheric. Respective fan zones in the city jam packed.



    Circa 45,000 Roma fans in the Stadio Olimpico.


    Sell out crowd in Feyenoord’s De Kuip stadium.


    Numerous bars and restaurants packed out watching the game.



    As a Celtic fan who absolutely loved our journey in 2003, I would sooooooo welcome any sustained European run. Hopefully we get a decent run in the CL and / or a meaningful run in the Europa, however if we end up in the conference league I for one will embrace it.



    HH. Onboard for the Ange journey.

  18. The best team we played at Celtic Park this season was Bayer Leverkusen. Best team to arrive in Scotland in fact. And yet we played some of our best attacking football against them, first part of the first half and again after half time, without scoring a goal. And losing four two in each half. Two main reasons for that, a brilliant goalkeeping display and brilliant counter attacking football by our opponents. Some great young players against us too, including Jeremy Frimpong, who had an amazing battle against Jota. Anyway, we need to learn, and we need to strengthen, we have done well in CL in the past under Gordon and Neil, unlucky in 2003-4 with Martin, (a draw in Lyon would have taken us through) and well again in the EL with Neil. And dont forget we were beating Bayer with Ange away with twenty minutes to go. They finished third, Betis fifth. Toughen up in both defence and midfield and we can look forward to September with confidence. Or adopt Paul67’s mentality and throw in the towel before the bell rings.



    In Ange We Trust




    Just had a look at the line ups we put out in those Leverkusen games. I reckon there would now be five changes and that’s obviously before we make more signings in the summer not to mention that we looked more resilient later on in the season.


    So definitely room for optimism for our European campaign. CL is so tough , from memory I can only think of one game that was comfortable since we first competed in that competition.



    As you rightly say. We were leading Leverkausen with 20 mins to go.



    Then Ange replaced 3 forwards, with 3 forwards.


    Which was crazy

  21. The thing about supporters is we talk,write, read an gather info from everywhere, we try to make sense of that info and we generate an opinion. I have formed lots of views over the years which are set:



    In my opinion



    Supporters overestimate our regular starters and underestimate and under value players the club want to move on.



    The academy works and is well worth the outlay. Sometimes folk wanna focus on kids leaving and talk about lack of a pathway p.s. doaks was in and around the first team, how much more of a pathway is needed ffs. Does not mean the academy could not be far better.



    The celtic board are overly conservative and to often take the cheap/ easy option. They seem to have lots of good ideas I.e. Hotel, musuems, bars, cafes, upgrading barrowfield ect, but struggle to drive them forward at a pace that shows real determination. The celtic way is nice but oth parts of stadium very poor.



    Celtic have historically mismanaged the squad.



    The board have done some good stuff too, occasionally.



    Finally celtic will never reach the highs on or off the pitch that I want for us. I do live in hope though




  22. Mourinho spent €114m this season (net €100m) which is a huge amount of money these days in serie a



    He took a team that got to the semi finals of the Europa League and finished 7th in serie a and got them to 6th and won an inferior cup



    He’s a cup manager these days, his methods don’t work in the league anymore. He won’t win a major league again



    There will always be teams like his and the Huns who overachieve in cups but underachieve in the league. Fortunately we aren’t one, and won’t ever be

  23. The question must be asked :-



    Is a European trophy better than winning the league in Scotland?



    Remember the PRIZE for winning a domestic league is participation in European football.



    Are we an insular or international club ?




  24. TURKEYBHOY on 25TH MAY 2022 11:00 PM


    Have to say,if what has come out of the cesspit that is 10 Downing St,especially today,but for months,had come from the SNP government,dear Lord,we would have had Ernie and his Unionist mob on ad nauseum.





    But seems like its All Quiet On The Western Front when dispatches are shocking.







    How is all of this being reported in Turkey, the country where you have chosen to live?



    I’m sure everyone at Bute House have been minding their Ps and Qs during lockdown given what happened there during Salmond’s tenure. Not that Sturgeon, or indeed anyone one else in the current leadership, had any inkling of those shenanigans. They were as shocked as the rest of us when it all came out. We must remember that.

  25. Are we an ambitious club, or are we content as long as we beat the ” Old Firm” each season ?



    Surely this is not the level of our aspiration?




  26. GREENPINATA on 26TH MAY 2022 9:51 AM


    “The question must be asked :-



    Is a European trophy better than winning the league in Scotland?”



    Of course. The last time it was done was 50 years ago so of course it’s a greater achievement.



    But outwith the elite clubs nobody has a plan that involves winning a European trophy. It doesn’t represent lack of ambition or insular thinking, it’s just realistic to base your planning on an assumption that you won’t.

  27. The teams that contested the Europa and the Conference finals finished



    9th and 2nd in a two horse race


    6th and 3rd



    None of them went close to winning the league, 3 were miles away

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