Peter, you will never walk alone


Over the years I have lost count of the number of times I asked Peter Lawwell to speak up and defend himself from ill-informed nutcases who thought him too exertive or not exertive enough.  He continually refused, “What is best for Celtic?” was his repeated response.  The real world is not as conspiratorial as many seem to think.

The man’s sheer intellect towered over Scottish football for 17 years.  If you wanted to influence a neutral against Peter’s position, you needed your A game.  Most went home to lick their wounds, many of them resentful.  If you cannot outsmart him, blame his hidden hand, seems to be the excuse of choice.

The perpetrator of the fireball attack on his home in the early hours of the night will likely be caught; these types are seldom criminal masterminds.  Although we know nothing about who did it, we can be sure it was a male, that he lives in an ocean of inadequacy, and that he was radicalised by those who this morning believe themselves to have clean hands.  For the record, they do not.  The script on the lone lunatic has not changed in 100 years, to a man, radicalised.

It is a huge mercy that no one was physically harmed.  A decade on from similar attacks on Neil Lennon and his lawyer, the late Paul McBride, this could very easily have resulted in a loss of life.  Peter, you will never walk alone.

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  1. glendalystonsils on

    It’s imperative that the fire raisers are caught and the full weight of the law is brought down on them . This level of reckless hate must be nipped in the bud .

  2. McPhail bhoy



    any links to that programme.



    When I stayed in SpitalFields, i decided to look up the name,



    it was as straight forward as The burial fields next to the hoSPITAL.



    how daft am I.

  3. SS,



    The West Ham and East London story has been discussed extensively on here at various times. Even Karen Brady has been referenced. Boo.



    If you hadn’t scrolled by, you would have been more informed.😃






    PS : Including Brother Walfrid CSC.

  4. MCPHAIL BHOY on 19TH MAY 2021 5:04 PM



    Very true, London was tiny 200 years ago compared to now.

  5. Have to say any Hammers I’ve met have been less entitled as many even lower league prem teams’ supporters and good humoured.



    Plus they really don’t like Millwall……which is nice




  6. I think technically their local rivals are, however, Leyton Orient, if I remember correctly….

  7. onenightinlisbon on

    HOT SMOKED on 19TH MAY 2021 5:03 PM



    Total disregard for the fans after a car crash of a season.





    As I’m sure you’re aware the Brick Lane area has long had a history of being home to immigrant communities, Irish, Jewish, Bangladeshi and now a strange tattooed bearded race known as hipsters. Although if the gentrification has continued at the same pace since I stopped working there even they probably can’t afford it anymore.

  10. MARTIM1980 on 19TH MAY 2021 5:17 PM


    Have to say any Hammers I’ve met have been less entitled as many even lower league prem teams’ supporters and good humoured.







    Plus they really don’t like Millwall……which is nice







    Were Millwall not founded by (Catholic) Irish immigrants who moved down from Dundee to work in the canning industry?

  11. onenightinlisbon on

    It’s all about communication with the support and the timing of the emails.

  12. Asking people to check their acccounts are prepared and ready for a future lainch of SB renewal is not out of this world, presumptious, or arrogant.



    It is an invitation and a piece of advice.



    Those intending not to renew will, quite rightly, ignore it.



    Those for whom it is strangely important find out who the manager is, before deciding on whether to renew, will ignore it meantime too.



    For those of us intending to renew,this is a welcome reminder to get ready.



    Anything else is just fluff and crossing the street to take offence.

  13. But these days their fans are against anything those principals might create.



    Their fans are frequently racist and not just allegedly. I don’t like them.

  14. Personally I cannot wait to get back to Paradise and some Celtic culture pre and post game.



    HH to all.

  15. Garngad to Croy on

    Shved is playing against Jack Hendry’s team , although Jack must be injured as he is not in the team. On Hesgoal now.

  16. MARTIM1980



    Millwall are probably the last truly working class football club in London. They still take most of their support from communities and estates near to the ground, and they still have what a lot of the more fashionable teams don’t have – younger local fans coming through. It’s not the wealthiest or most racially mixed area of London.



    That doesn’t excuse their behavior, but it does explain a lot.



    I dont know if you read it TONY BHOY, but I Posted on the PREVIOUS THREAD Earlier toady that I cant go out Drinking this week, as I am a wee bit unwell, and the Weather forecast isnt good for Thursday or Friday either so not ideal for Drinking OUTside ?


    I will catch up with you real soon hopefully ?


    HH Mate.

  18. CELTIC40ME on 19TH MAY 2021 5:40 PM



    I agree, they have a tradition but they’ve let the football community down far too often.



    Booing the taking a knee……wtf?

  19. Greenpinata- A good squad player, quite industrial and gets around the park.



    D :)

  20. timmy7_noted on

    setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox on 19th May 2021 5:27 pm



    In your opinion I hope?

  21. MARTIM1980 on 19TH MAY 2021 5:45 PM



    As predictable as the Huns rioting on Saturday

  22. After Saturday’s riot and now this disgraceful attack on Peter Lawell’s family home, one is left in despair for football in Scotland. It’s a miracle that Peter and his family have escaped physically unscathed at least, thank God for that.



    Perhaps this bizarre attack is two pronged and meant also to put second thoughts in the mind of Eddie Howe and his family of ever taking a high profile job in Glasgow.

  23. GREENPINATA on 19TH MAY 2021 5:42 PM



    I would take him.



    He would get more fouls/yellows/reds playing for us.



    Der hun would hate it too. But overall i think yes he has drive, which we need.

  24. Celtic Season Ticket terms and conditions are that you are invited to retain your seat, from the season before, they’re late because nobody has a clue what they are selling in terms of how many games will be open to supporters.



    If you don’t wish to renew you should reject the invite, this will allow the club to free up seats for sale to new supporters including those that lost out and are on a waiting list.



    Alternatively, you can wait and see what the pandemic allows come August.

  25. Regarding PL and the fire attack on his house I would imagine Peter has state of the art CCTV that records in the cloud. In fact you can pick these up quite cheap.



    I hope he has and it helps catch the scum.



    D :)

  26. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    First up of course thank goodness Peter and his family are all OK, a shocking state of affairs when you are not safe in your own home.



    If God forbid it turns out to be a Celtic supporter who done this then there are many in Scotland within powerful positions who will see this as the equaliser for the carnage we all saw on Saturday,



    sure one of the spokespersons for the Police, some chief superintendent or other, said with regard to Saturday’s riot that regardless of who won the league this season they were always anticipation this sort of outcome,



    now that was shocking, but not as shocking as the loony brigade fire bombing big Peter’s house, hang em high.

  27. CELTIC40ME on 19TH MAY 2021 5:49 PM



    Yip *heavy sigh*



    The predictability would be funny if it wasn’t so serious….

  28. DESSYBHOY on 19TH MAY 2021 5:55 PM



    I think he’s earned the right to a move. Often a stand out for Aberdeen.