Petrie survival and Gary Hughes


Let’s be clear, the role of president of the SFA is one of the most sought-after in football.  Alongside the FA, FA of Wales and Irish FA, the Scottish FA hold one of the four permanent members of the International Football Association Board – the body which controls the rules of the game and exerts soft influence on all structures below it, including Fifa.

Current SFA vice president, Rod Petrie, has his sights set on the job when current president, Alan McRae, retires.  Rod has a problem, though.  He was chair of the SFA Licensing Committee in March 2011, when Oldco Rangers were licenced to participate in Uefa competition the following season.

That decision is now under scrutiny, as High Court evidence forced the Association to examine what happened at the time.  If Petrie is to survive in office long enough to assume the position of president, he needs allies who prepared to back him over what he did, or did not do, in March 2011.

How he is getting on with this I don’t know, but what we know for sure is that he backed Dave King’s call to have Gary Hughes removed from the SFA board over his “great unwashed” comment from years ago.  Petrie is no friend of Newco, but there is co-dependency there.  Gary Hughes was collateral damage.

Petrie should be recused from any work in connection with the awarding of a Uefa licence to Rangers in 2011.  This award was made under his supervision yet he has remained active in how it is examined – a concerning governance failure.  If the Licensing Committee is found to have failed to uphold its responsibilities, Petrie must go.

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  1. leftclicktic on






  2. Paul67



    Petrie no friend of Newco? – pretty sure he thinks they’re the Sameco



    A parcel of brogues that still needs root and branch treatment, regardless.

  3. Great article, Paul.


    Sad thing is, and we all know this, the entire game in Scotland is rotten to the core and realistically , I cannnot see any thing that will change that in my lifetime. If you look at the game in Scotland it is all inter linked with masonics, business deals with chairpesons all scratching each others backs.


    A very very sad state of affairs.




  4. Coolmore Mafia on

    Its exhausting keeping up with the SFA’s corporate non-governance. Must be difficult for those who have lied their way through the last few years, trying to remember their little traps and weaknesses.



    I am now boycotting Scotland games, though I’m sure the SFA would happily sit with crowds of 500 rather than face the truth. Truth is they have run our national game into the ground over the last 20 years. Depressing.

  5. Hello from Warsaw.



    Do I need not to tell the locals I meet that I am a Celt. Where is Mr z when you need advice.

  6. All makes sense Paul if you apply common sense to the situation, but do you really believe Petrie will be asked to stand aside while these investigations are carried out? Do you not think that by now all incriminating evidence has been “lost”?


    These scoundrels have dirt on everyone and everything. Any threat to their power base is usually swatted away with ease.

  7. Compare and contrast



    King screams in the media. Hughes is sacked.



    Celtic stay silent. Very guilty people remain in post.



    If Celtic want this tackled they need to be public and vocal. The fact that. They aren’t brings Celtics true desire and role in all of this into sharp question.

  8. Delaneys Dunky on

    Thank you for the birthday wishes bhoys.






    James Connolly my hero. KT my potential future hero.



  9. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    What a tangled web we weave…..



    In other matters I’d like it to be known that I rejected the opportunity to be considered for a place on Love Island.

  10. Rate This



    There might be very clever and astute businessmen involved in Scottish football but does that mean they are wise?


    In setting the two edged sword of conflict of interest running don’t they see nothing can work any more?


    What price the Judicial Panel Protocol if it is ignoring internal possibilities of non compliance?


    What price the club licencing system that allows clubs to take a punt on UEFA money to pay back the loans taken out to get at that money?


    What price the Resitance to Persistence to get an investigation into possible governance is misdemenour that takes 5 years to even get the issues examined.


    Why is it only in Scottish football we even need a Web site called Scottish Football Monitoring.


    Why are we playing sophistry tennis on the rules when the very court the game is played on is disintegrating?


    There is now a lot hanging on the JPDT at end of June. If the laws of the game are used to stifle the spirit of it, we might as well walk away.

  11. Hi Paul67,



    That’s an interesting piece, not for the first time Rod Petrie’ s role and decision making comes into question.



    A man who backed Campbell Ogilvie over his shenanigans



    Vehemently opposed an inquiry into Rangers wrong doing and the SFA’s complicity with the same



    Now sees fit to run a Director out of the Board room for a banal though admittedly ill consider taunt



    We now know where the bar lies for SFA Directors to resign. If Gary Hughes passed comments are a resigning matter, then as you say, if Rangers 2011 Licence compliant is upheld then Rod Petrie MUST resign.



    NEGANON2 @ 7:19 AM,



    …If you think that the sfa will treat each case equally then think again. This isn’t about fairness. It’s their baw and Celtic are fine with that.



    This really is scandalous but the only people who can change it run Celtic and they aren’t saying anything.



    Well we normally agree on the inequity of the approach of the football authorities and their officials. Just seek different remedies.



    I’m still of the view that the taciturn approach Celtic take is correct.



    You may have seen Graham Spiers trying to present the MacLennan (non) affair as a CFC, RFC dispute. It’s not but if Celtic spoke out it would be and the media would love it.



    Keith Jackson compared the MacLennan (non) affair to a game of tennis. Don’t hold your breath waiting for DCK’s return, the SPFL smashed an Ace for game, set and match.



    If Celtic got involved he would still be playing and calling every shot of ours out…



    On your more substantive point regarding the partial way Celtic complaints will be treated, it’s an interesting one.



    For me Gary Hughes resigning, or not standing for re-election is certainly in stark contrast to Campbell Ogilvie not resigning, not even recusing himself (although he stated he would) then standing for and getting re-elected when he was heavily conflicted at least begs many a question.



    These questions, or at least some of them will be answered in the next month following Rangers JPDT… I’m optimistic but not certain of the correct outcome.



    One thing I am certain of, these questions are not Celtic’s to answer.



    Hail Hail

  12. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Afternoon All.



    Rod Petrie — is a man with all the credibility of a Trump campaign manager. He is the unacceptable face of an SFA mentality that is long overdue a clearout. I know what he did during the recent round of interviews for the SFA CEO position and he is only interested in serving himself.



    He is a runny egg of a man!!



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    Lots of shirts going out in the post today so stabd by your bunks.



    On another note I received a lovely wee message from Vanessa Riddle’s dad Chris about his lovely daughter and what was achieved for her via this site and through other Celtic supporters. While it was addressed to me the sentiments were extended to the thousands of fans who got behind Vanessa and the Riddle family at a time of horrific hardship and distress.



    When you receive such a message it just fuels your desire to do better in the name of this football club and its fans. Walfrid set out a vision and a legacy and amidst all the lunacy of everyday life we, as fans of this fantastic football club, can and will make a difference to those who are in need of a helping hand.



    So, no matter what you do today, no matter where you go or who you meet, go on get out there and make a difference to someone – while always having a laugh and with a smile on the coupon.



    A little act of kindness goes a long long way.



    Happy birthday to KT and to DD – the best Delaney fae Dalmuir!!



    PS Last week’s One Night in Lisbon Dinner has provided at least £12,000 to go to the Celtic Charity Foundation AND it will fully pay for one of the 67 Kitchens being built by the foundation and in the name of Celtic for Mary’s Meals.



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    A Vanessa inspired BRTH

  13. What’s Gary Hughes ever done for Scottish fitba’, eh?!



    Unlike Petrie, McRae, Ogilvie, Doncaster, Smith(‘wiggie’), Peat(!), Regan…



    …and other upstanding officials who have had the best interests of Scottish fitba’ close to their hearts!







  14. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    By the way if anyone has any old Celtic strips or shirts they want me to take out to Malawi then please get in touch.










  15. FOR SALE…….broken pub quiz machine……£10……..no questions asked.




  16. Rod Petrie has never been a friend of Celtic. He has never supported any matter put forward by Celtic.



    He is in blazer group in the SFA and is one of the very people we need to get out. The modernist group has been backed by Celtic included Hughes and also includes Maxwell.



    I don’t think Hughes should have resigned for the quoted comment but he has done. His replacement should be also a modernist.



    I am of the opinion that recent statements from King were a reaction to him realising that the friendly blazers were on the way out and he wanted to play to his bottom feeders



    What I also believe is that Peter Lawwell is behind this move to “modernists” and I believe he stated as much in his recent Tom English interview.



    Petrie should be forced to follow Hughes lead and resign or face no confidence motion.

  17. The SFA have issued RFC with two Complaints. Unless RFC can successfully defend themselves they will face appropriate sanctions. I have seen no reports the SFA are looking at their own role in the issuing of the license. Unless they are I don’t see how the pressure falls on Petrie. I’m not saying he is blameless, but I don’t see the SFA turning the gun on themselves. Unless the Huns expose the SFA role as part of their defence.

  18. So, Celtic are responsible for 33% of the financial turn over in Scottish football, and yet, Celtic have no clout?


    Celtic either, don’t have the cojones to exercise that clout, or, their not cute enough?


    But, their cute enough to use the supporter’s as a £49 fudge to get round the same Club Lie issues, eh?




    DD Hoopy Birthday fella, KT as well ;





  19. Kev J



    Celtic have had historically no clout in the SFA or SPFL.



    All their initiatives get voted down.



    Celtic only have one vote, so size of turnover is irrelevant. This is in the bodies constitutions.



    Celtic are behind the SFA moves to modernity but are doing so with the support of multi clubs



    Even more irrelevant is ticket costs

  20. DAVID17 @ 2:11 PM,



    Well, they’re are interesting complaints.



    They refer (I believe) to Rangers failing to abide by various articles of association and breaching disciplinary rules including failure to act in utmost gold faith.



    Now bearing in mind what is now known and in the public domain, it is hard to imagine them defending this.



    Of course it could get messy, Sevco have stated they will fiercely defend the matter.


    They also stated…



    “This new Notice of Complaint neglects to properly capture the provisions of prior agreements made between the Club and the SFA.”



    Now, if they are referring to the five way agreement it will be interesting if they argue this agreement promised Sevco immunity. Any agreement clause or paragraph they are relying on will surely be made public.



    The other possible defence you would think is that SFA were aware of the situation. Though even if this is the case it only means they were in cahoots with SFA Officers – not that they are innocent.



    I think both these scenarios could show SFA Officicals in a bad light.



    Of course there best defence is, the payable was not overdue and/or they had agreement from HMRC and they complied by the rules and spirt of the rules – you have to discount this as you would have thought the evidence and supporting documentation would simply have been produced.



    Either way, it’s hard to consider that there will not be fall out for the SFA and that this was already considered when the notices of Complaint were raised…



    Could be the reason for the delay…



    Hail Hail

  21. For information. This was asked on Twitter



    Out of curiosity ? who sits on the panel to hear the #Res12 denials from dead rangers, and does representative’s of the Liquidators BDO have to be in attendance, as a claim from Celtic shareholders should affect the payout pot..



    and answered with



    There is a list of folk with right kind of expertise that are used to form the panel. One extra member should be a representative from UEFA who knows not just the UEFA FFP rules but the intent behind them. That would make it as squeaky clean as football could manage.




    Now how better to prevent any conflict of interest by doing what Res12 originally asked and getting some input from UEFA?



    Makes sense to me.

  22. CHAIRBHOY on 5TH JUNE 2018 2:56 PM



    As far as I’m aware the SFA asked senior counsel to look at the case before issuing the Complaints. Let’s hope the Complaints are water tight.



    Also it’s been reported the 5 way agreement only covered rule breaches that were known at the time. Thus anything new that has been discovered isn’t covered. You would think if the 5 way provided immunity it wouldn’t have got this far.

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