Petrie would rather sell McGinn to anyone but Celtic


It comes as no surprise that Celtic have made a bid for Hibernian’s John McGinn.  The player was the standout central midfield performer in domestic football against a Celtic team who are at their strongest in that area.

Should he sign, he would be a similar age to that of Stuart Armstrong when he joined Celtic three years ago, and who he will replace in the squad.  He is also a better player that Stuart was when he left Dundee United.  He has the engine and attitude for Brendan Rodgers to significantly improve him.

Goals grab headlines and the two McGinn scored at Celtic Park last season, as well as his goal at Ibrox which secured a win, raised the player’s profile, but goals only tell a small part the McGinn story.

Hibs will be happy to wait until the last week of August and will try to attract other bidders.  Despite taking a back seat when it comes to day-to-day duties, Rod Petrie remains a key figure at Easter Road and will do whatever he can to sell to anyone but Celtic.  I don’t expect Celtic to pay whatever Hibs ask, so the deal is far from assured, but with only 11 months remaining on his contract, he will definitely leave Hibs before 1 September.

I see Belgium got awful leaky at the back last night….

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  1. FRIESDORFER on 3RD JULY 2018 9:27 AM



    Happy Hoopy Birthday Jobo, please return to the blog. Us Lanarkshire (not South Lanarkshire…) Bhoys need to make our presence count. From a Busby Bhoy (and definitely not East Renfrewshire on the EK side of the River Cart, where on earth did that come from?).







  2. T imbhoy,


    Yep,like all the players we have signed from outside of Scotland have been great.So many duds you could not count them.

  3. Well, that’s a first for Friesdorfer. This invigilation malarkey is not just for passing the time… ! HH

  4. Does not matter what Old Brown Brouges wants.If Mc Ginn wants to join Celtic,its deal done.A bit confusing though.Lenny wanted MikeyJohnston on loan.BR,according to reports said no.Now we hear we are in for a loan of the Liverpool winger.Allegedly.That would give us 5 wingers.


    Would rather see Mikey going out on loan to Hibs,getting a full season of games under his belt.I would give them Christie as well.Will hardly feature for us this season.Along with Allan,this would give Lenny a team to challenge for the 2nd,3rd place.

  5. ………….reading back, sad to hear that Jobo may have thrown the towel in here. Fabulous contributions over the years and will be sorely missed.



    Latterly what constitutes an “esteemed poster” in this Dear Green Place…..has been horribly distorted imo, quantity rather than quality being valued higher by some.

  6. English transfer window closes on August 9th, Petrie will hold out until then to see if he can get alternative bids to ours. Come August 10th we will be the only bid left on the table (unless he wants to go abroad) and will be in a position to offer less. The other option is hang fire to January and sign on a free if Petrie wants to play silly buggers.



    Must be getting a job in the shops selling those abominations they call strips.

  8. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Chairbhoy from earlier, we need more guys with backbone and honour the late Turnbull Hutton from Raith Rovers , had. He really stood up to jiggerypokery going on when Sevco appeared.



    I have no doubt , Petrie will make sure John McGinn plays in Hibs’ Euroa League qualifiers to possibly make John ineligible for our European campaign, if he we sign him.

  9. Gary 67,


    Mc Ginn does not need to go anywhere.If he wants to go to Celtic,he can sign in January.Hibs get nothing ,except a player playing out his contract.

  10. Matt Stewart on




    Here’s a wee snippet re turkeys I found interesting….



    Due to the white meat being the most popular part of a turkey, turkeys have been bred to have huge breasts. So much so that modern day domesticated turkeys are no longer typically able to mate, due to the breasts getting in the way of the male mounting the female. As such, most hatcheries use artificial insemination to fertilize the eggs of the domestic turkey.



    Hail Hail




  11. Wouldn’t be the worst thing if we signed McGinn on a pre-contract in January.



    He’s not absolutely essential to the first team with Kouassi, Broony and N’Cham. Outside that we still have McGregor and Bitton to deputise.



    I would be happy with a new winger and fullback.

  12. If McGinn has his heart set on joining us, and BR wants him, it’ll be a done deal.


    What’s he worth?


    £3m now. Potentially Stuart Armstrong levels in a year or 2 with CL experience.



    All that aside… I’m more interested in the defensive frailties we undoubtedly have being sorted out. A new right full back and central defender are an absolute must.


    There can be no excuses for not addressing those areas should we fail to do so. We can afford to do so. With the potential for CL football, trophy laden domestic success and a sell out 60,000 crowd every other week, there will be countless quality, affordable players out there.

  13. Anyways, how do we see Colombia v England turning out this evening? Difficult to call either way, but I invariably want the underdog to do well. Gutted for Japan last night, thought they played very well. HH

  14. Any team news on the closed door game kicking off now? Nothing on my Celtic TV. Indications yesterday are that the first team will play v Sparta Prague this afternoon. Hope the sun goes down by 4.30.




  15. traditionalist88 on

    Hibs will want to give themselves ample time to get replacements in as well. They’re not in a particulary strong position given the player can walk for nothing next summer. If we want him and he definitely seems up for it, a deal looks pretty much nailed on. £2.25m + Allan seems fair.




  16. traditionalist88 on

    Friesdorfer on 3rd July 2018 10:02 am



    Will wait to see if James Rodriguez starts, if not available I can see 2-0 England,




  17. If we don’t give Ralston and Johnston a chance this season, it doesn’t bode well for other youngsters coming through from the Development Squad. Ajer got a chance, and took it, Hendry has had a few games also and done not too bad. If my memory serves me right, I think Tierney got a chance due to injury. Also, I am at a loss to understand why Kouassi does not get more game time, he has looked good every time I’ve seen him. HH

  18. If Celtic want him, John McGinn will sign for Celtic, you can take that to the bank. There will be feeling of elation in his family this morning.

  19. The B Team for the behind closed doors game this morning



    Celtic starting XI v BW Linz: Bain, Ralston, Welsh, Compper, Miller, Kouassi, Allan, Johnston, Christie, Sinclair, Griffiths. Subs: Doohan, Hendry, Henderson, McInroy

  20. Fan-a-tic.



    So you can’t explain how such an “easy to counter” system as Pep’s so completely dominated other big-spending clubs in the EPL last season.



    Thought not.



    And wipe that egg off yer face after this belter yesterday:



    “Belgium are crying out for a coach at this point.



    Shame they have clueless Martinez in the dug out”.



    Keep it up though, even a broken watch is right twice a day.



    (And please keep your sexual proclivities out of any reply!)

  21. Paul67



    Sorry Paul, very differing players Stuart Armstrong and John McGinn the only similarity is that John McGinn is available but he brings flat hair and isn’t as lovely as the quiff



    Petrie is firmly in the cabal that has helped Sevco in the journey and maintain the ‘same club’ mantra, because he is an integral part of how masonry and bias business permeates Scottish Football.



    He is the epitomy of ‘no apetite’ and ‘lets not rake over the coals’ but he’s snookered because John McGinn is Scottish and would chose the biggest club just like Stuart Armstrong did.



    I only see a problem in the back four if we decide sell Dedryk, in which case we’d buy, and continue to ‘develope’ Kriss Ajer Jack Henry Jozo Simunovic and Keiran Tierney.

  22. Right- I am off to the airport to spend 3 days freezing in Reykjavik before heading to the US.



    I will check in to see there is no further haemorrhaging or, indeed, haemorrhoiding of posters on CQN.



    Let the mods do their job and enjoy the good side of CQN.



    I’ll be checking in at times.



    See you at the home tie vs Alashkert!

  23. Great to watch Neymar’s skills yesterday as he broke the Mexican resistance.



    What a comeback from almost being left permanently disabled by the thug Zuniga’s knee to the spine in 2014, which was less condemned than any diving that goes on.



    Don’t see why any forward being regularly kicked, shoved, elbowed should “stay on their feet” to protect their tormentors from any merited sanctions.

  24. Matt Stewart on




    Enjoy Reykjavik…try some of the Bucky like concoction called ‘black death’. Great for the bowels and the haemorrhoids by the way.



    I would expect you’ll get piles of good luck messages.



    Hail hail




  25. Hello from sunny Cyprus!



    Mahethe Madman



    Really enjoyed your post about the local wildlife in your part of the USA. I was in Sonora for an overnight 6 yeRs ago. Lovely little town. I remember a very attractive clapperboard schoolhouse building of the type you used to see in Westerns. Never got to see if there was an attractive school marm though.



    Hope you’ll write more of these posts.

  26. Come on los Colombianos!



    Don’t give ’em a sniff tonight!



    And if they start off at a furious pace, stay ‘tranquilos’, and keep yer powder dry for the second half.



    Maybe a Harry & co caning?

  27. If the rumours are true and we are after J.McG , why the rush to spend big on another project , if he is Celtic minded as others have insisted on here previously then wait until no fee is required , he is not going to improve out chances in Europe as he imo does not have the quality we require for us to proceed to the next level. Kouassi Eboue again imo is a superior player but does not get a regular game, so what chance the hibs player.

  28. glendalystonsils on



    When does the flouncing window slam shut?



    One does not flounce through windows………..one flounces through patio doors.

  29. New CQN favourite album, “Bleaty, Greety, Dig and Flouncy”. Can’t mind Who by.

  30. Gary67,


    Thanks for the updates.


    Anything to be read into Sinclair and Griff in with the boys and Allan, Compper and Christie?



    First team this afternoon?




    Jozo, Kris, KT.


    Broony, Ntcham,


    Jamesie, Callum, Morgan,


    Odsonne, Moussa.

  31. Paul67,



    I can’t say I agree with you comparing McGinn to Armstrong. Imo, Armstrong is far superior (and was when he joined us). Kouassi, I think, is a better player too and is certainly more likely to contribute in Europe.



    But if our manager feels he can use McGinn, I’m more than happy to go with his decision.

  32. fieldofdrams on

    Apparently we are ‘battling with Rangers’ (sic) for John McGinn.



    Where do they find this stuff, Christmas crackers?

  33. ron67 on 3rd July 2018 11:01 am



    How do you know he won’t improve us in Europe? Do you have a crystal ball?


    It might be by having him in the squad will allow us to rest the likes of Brown, Ntcham, McGregor for domestic games pre/post European ties. That will improve our chances in Europe.


    Kouassi is a defensive midfielder, McGinn, at the moment, is more of a box to box midfielder. Kouassi would play in Brown’s position if he was ever rested, something the manager has already said won’t happen. McGinn is a straight replacement in the squad for Armstrong. We play 60+ games a season, we need half a dozen central midfielders so signing him makes sense. He will improve working with BR and playing with better players.

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