Phenomenal changes ahead for Celtic Park


The news yesterday from Glasgow City Council that Celtic’s planning application for the areas outside the stadium had been approved will do more than deliver shrubbery to a currently derelict landscape; your match day experience is about to be transformed.

Unless your ticket is for the executive lounges, your match day will involve turning up to a cold stadium (not a lot Celtic or the Council can do about the weather) and wait for the game to start, with rudimentary access to toilets (get in early if you want a hand towel), burgers and pies.

Celtic have been buying up land around their perimeter for years and with permission to remove the derelict London Road School, they are now in a position to provide restaurants, bars, pre and post-match entertainment.  They will also be able to bring the many thousands of artefacts which tell the story of Celtic into a dedicated museum space.

Celtic Park will become a working, 7-day-a-week, tourist destination. It’s going to be phenomenal.

Plans have been before the Council for years but although they ticked all the boxes and made enormous economic sense for an area of the city badly in need of a boost, I hear one SNP councillor spoke against plans to move the superstore from its current location to a larger area, as he felt the need to protect the interests of local Asda and Tesco superstores!

Not everyone was happy to see the club, or the area, progress.

The new edition of CQN Magazine is out and packed with great articles for and by the Celtic support.  You can flick through the magazine in the graphic below but it you want to actually read it, click on the double-headed arrow at the bottom right of the graphic.

Here we go………
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  1. Course the big question is whats going to happen to all that lovely old sandstone.

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Sally about to tarnish SAF’s legacy already,by saying “he’s been a massive help to me…” :)

  3. I wish they would get rid of that horrible margarine factory. (Please no margarine based puns).

  4. Paul 67



    This will be the Celtic crisis as predicted by Kev Jungle, he’s going to be really peed off that our plans don’t include a floating pitch!!

  5. Gene's a Bhoy's name on

    Close the marge factory


    Wouldn’t think of spreading it about

  6. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Would be a laugh to see Cantona manage United. Piling into the crowd every two minutes,to sort fans out…



    Obviously he s off looking for trawlers and cannae manage..




    Like the Celtic park plans..





  7. From previous article….








    12:33 on 8 May, 2013



    Kev Jungle your figures 35k-15k I assume are the crowd figures for Celtic Park. Can I ask you where this figure came from? Can I look this up somewhere or are they “your” figures. I,m sure you have a satisfactory explanation that can be verified. Hail Hail Hebcelt




    I apologize for the delay in reply M8


    Do you know how long it takes an auld guy like me to type :)



    Anyway – I judge the size of the crowds from the naked eye.


    Not the slanted crowd figures that are given out by the club to save embarrassment.


    You see – the Kelly’s n White’s used to trim x-amount OFF the attendance


    whereas the present custodians add x-amount ON.



    Hopefully that’s of some help.



  8. I’ts been such a long time coming these changes, folk travel huge distances (with and without weans) to get to Paradise, if they simply needed the toilet you had to enter the stadium.



    I hope there is some energy, innovation and imagination goes into the surrounds, we have a lot of brains in our support which could be tapped into, I hope it’s just not the ‘marketing types’ and bookies who get the lead role.



    As for these stupid ‘podium post’ rubbish………geeze a brek, it’s cringeworthy guys.

  9. jungle jam67 on

    doc is neil lennon


    13:03 on 8 May, 2013


    thanks bud


    defo thought you or someone would ave seen new article;-))))






    celtic will publish audited accounts



    celtic have assisted fans to make the cost of match day more affordable(thumbs)


    hope we get as close to 50000 season book holders as possible again soon


    new development of areas surrounding ground


    and the chance to reach the champions league again



    do you not wish you supported yon died team over the river bhoys and ghirls?



    off out……bearbaiting to be done




  10. GourockEmeraldBhoy on

    Plans sound good Paul67, what sort of timeframe are they talking about. They seem to taking an eternity fixing that hole in the road ;-)




  11. Skel Perobares on

    Will there be a monument to our soon to be extinct again adversaries?

  12. Isn’t it nice to have a board at our club who know how to run a business in a fit a proper manner.



    As always well done all at Celtic Park for making these developments to ensure the financial well being of our great club





    /Bishop B

  13. Happy Birthday to the Vmhan and belated birthday greetings to our fine host and to our east european correspondent Mr Z.





    You are really going to upset some people with such a one sided happy clapper article

  14. Hi Paul67,



    This is a great move by Celtic, remember a a boy in the early seventies walking through areas of Parkhead with Tenement Building in various degrees of demolition, it has taken quite sometime to get to the environs a World Class Club should have.



    Am I being cynical if I said it might not be happening if it wasn’t for the Commonwealth Games??






    !Bada Bing!! @ 12:49,



    “Amazing stat is SAF was ot OT for 7 seasons before they won the league”



    The only reason that seems Amazing today is Sir Alex’s record.



    Man U have only had two successful Managers Sir Matt Busby and Sir Alex Ferguson.



    Still they were very patient, but if he had lost that 1990 FA Cup final the writing was on the wall.



    Still well done SAF a true Legend never will be matched in England in my lifetime.






    On an aside, saw the special one has been connected to the vacancy, I have seen a little of Real Madrid this season, certainly seen the CL Semis.



    Does anybody else think that JM has been less successful with RM due to his more cynical tactics and gamesmanship been curtailed.



    IMO that Madrid side is the best behaved side Mariniho has Coached.



    Just a thought.



    Hail! Hail!

  15. Gene's a Bhoy's name on



    Perhaps they are going to fill the hole with the demolished school



    Makes sense

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