Phenomenal changes ahead for Celtic Park


The news yesterday from Glasgow City Council that Celtic’s planning application for the areas outside the stadium had been approved will do more than deliver shrubbery to a currently derelict landscape; your match day experience is about to be transformed.

Unless your ticket is for the executive lounges, your match day will involve turning up to a cold stadium (not a lot Celtic or the Council can do about the weather) and wait for the game to start, with rudimentary access to toilets (get in early if you want a hand towel), burgers and pies.

Celtic have been buying up land around their perimeter for years and with permission to remove the derelict London Road School, they are now in a position to provide restaurants, bars, pre and post-match entertainment.  They will also be able to bring the many thousands of artefacts which tell the story of Celtic into a dedicated museum space.

Celtic Park will become a working, 7-day-a-week, tourist destination. It’s going to be phenomenal.

Plans have been before the Council for years but although they ticked all the boxes and made enormous economic sense for an area of the city badly in need of a boost, I hear one SNP councillor spoke against plans to move the superstore from its current location to a larger area, as he felt the need to protect the interests of local Asda and Tesco superstores!

Not everyone was happy to see the club, or the area, progress.

The new edition of CQN Magazine is out and packed with great articles for and by the Celtic support.  You can flick through the magazine in the graphic below but it you want to actually read it, click on the double-headed arrow at the bottom right of the graphic.

Here we go………
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  1. Hamiltontim on




    If you’re around, my apologies for not getting back to you last night but the weans demanded their father’s attention!!!



    I’ll call you later on tonight.

  2. What no casino or floating pitch – disappointed.




  3. To improve the standard of player and therefore our team.


    Two things will have a bearing.



    The quality of our scouting , and the finance to improve the scouting and player recruitment .



    These stadium developments will improve our income.



    Therefore in the longer term , the standard of player we have at Celtic.



    I welcome the chase.




  4. Paul67,



    Do you happen to know if the plans include any moonbeams over Celtic Park?

  5. Cold Stadium.


    ‘Nothing club can do about weather’.


    Nobody ever heard of summer fotball.

  6. The EPL CL wins since 1999.



    Man Utd in 1999 (Bayern clearly the better side on the day)


    Liverpool in 2005 (won on penalties)


    Man Utd in 2008 (won on penalties after John Terry slipped)


    Chelsea in 2012 (won on penalties with Bayern the better side)

  7. Hamiltontim



    We have to do both, improve the stadium and surround areas and the quality of the matchday and find players to keep improving the team, I’m looking forward to the Transfer Windae Rammy on CQN this summer!!

  8. TinyTim


    13:45 on


    8 May, 2013



    Does that mean an end to the old story about not being able to attract quality players to piss poor league.

  9. Will there also be an Ice cream and Jelly Kiosk? It seems that the Bhoys and Ghirls have become rather partial to the occasional celebratory feast of this frozen delight.

  10. blantyretim on

    in the middle again..



    happy that the area will be re invented and bring money into the club but still think we need to improve on the pitch…



    JP get out and find a Lubo…

  11. The improvements around the ground are well overdue and I’m delighted to see them happening. As anybody will know, who has arrived at the ground on a bus well before Kick Off time after travelling over from Ireland, and maybe with kids in tow, there is nothing there at all to entertain and engage. Facilities are basic. This is a great development.



  12. TalkSpurt saying that Moyes will be the new manager at OT.



    Probably pash but thought I’d mention.





    /Bishop B

  13. Maybe one day Bhoys we’ll be able to buy the whole east end of glasgow. And that SNP bucko, there’s only one team he can follow and they’re dead R.I.P. Us Croppys will never lie down.



    Y N W A



  14. It’s at time slike these I realsie the Scottish game misses Chuckles, who would have countered the Celtic planning developmensts with his own Govan Spaceport project to ship in the millions of Martian Huns… (ref: TimBurton’s ‘Mars Attacks’)

  15. Eurochamps67 on

    I sincerely hope that the Gazebo has been factored into the plans for the Celtic village.




  16. Hamiltontim on




    Surely the biggest attraction to any possible signing target is a successful team?



    The team will be more successful if it consists of better players.

  17. On the matter of missing games v Rangers, whilst the triumphs were sweet because of what we were up against, does anyone seriously want a return to the days of the angst when we failed to climb the slope?


    Tim turning against Tim, bluenoses rubbing it in on phone ins, text and the work place?


    All of that was toxic and whilst some might be experiencing withdrawl symptoms, once weaned off the toxicity by its very absence they have to ask themselves is my support of Celtic governed by my dislike/hate for Rangers?


    Am I to be defined by what I love or what I hate? That is an individual choice each person has to make.


    Ive already made mine I know where I belong and where I long to be.


    However it goes much wider than the Celtic community, the same question presents itself to Scottish Society every minute of everyday and will continue to do so until it makes the right one to hate or love. The response to the answer depends on an individuals situation to love more or hate less, but what is unfolding across the river is a consequence of making the wrong choice and what is happening in the East End is a consequence of making the right one.



    The trick in our response is to offer our support something that is true to the best traditions of Celtic which includes an entertaining event to gather at. If the standard of opposition is not consistently good enough to give an edge to the competition that is hardly a reason to turn our back on the Celtic and consequently the Celtic community which depends on each other for its very existence.


    Football was never intended to be toxic, it is Scotlands shame we allowed it to become so in the pursuit of money and I for one will be happy to see the back of it and accept defeat as a genuine sporting result and not the conivance I suspected it always was, particularly since 2008.

  18. quonno



    13:49 on 8 May, 2013



    Cold Stadium.


    ‘Nothing club can do about weather’.


    Nobody ever heard of summer fotball.






    I was talking about this the other week with some mates.


    IMHO it would be good idea while the league reconstruction is about to happen and make the move all at the same time.


    It might help increase the TV deals we can get as we’d be offering a product when other leagues in the UK are finished and it would be better conditions for pitches, players and fans alike.





    /Bishop B

  19. Afternoon all.



    Need a wee bit of advice. I just tried to access my emails. I was instructed that to use Microsoft, I needed a new password and to obtain that I had to sign in using my old one. Is this some kind of attempt to access my emails by someone else?

  20. Hamiltontim on

    When Jock Stein spoke about his delight that more people were coming to watch Celtic he was referring to the quality of the player on the park not the contents of a pie.

  21. LesBrennan



    Talksport leading on it. Everton have neither confirmed or denied. Looks like a perfect fit to Man Utds past, will it fit their future?



    Good luck to Moyes though.I can see why he is favoured.

  22. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on

    Afternoon all,



    The rejuvenation of the area around the park is great news and hopefully takes Brand Celtic to a whole new level and will start to provide a far better match day experience for everyone.



    However, it also provides the opportunity for Celtic to establish a really classy destinational museum and tourist attraction which will bring more income into the club as well as providing facilities which we, the fans, can exploit for functions, gatherings, etc.



    On a separate note the new magazine has some really good stuff in it from a cursory glance.



    Bringing up the erchie of the whole publication is an extract taken from the Willie Wallace book which will be published on 24th May.



    It is written by some key board basher or other …………

  23. LENNYisAwarMACHINE on

    Making a return after a long term sabattical


    Good afternoon bhoys and ghirls!



    Can I suggest that for the “greenery” around this new development is ever green type trees.



    Otherwise outside our stadium will be bare and bereft looking trees for almost the full duration of our winter time league!



    However ever greens will light the place up all year round, and they could be tastefully decorated around the festive period. Family atmosphere and all that.




  24. HamiltonTim


    True but for Jock he was starting from a low crowd base so the only way was up and he was not battling Sky.


    Our largest crowds in the MoN era were based on an unsustainable business model and when that was junked crowds inevitably fell.


    The cost of the standard of players to boost the crowd by 10k say outweighs the benefit of the bigger crowd in benefit terms.


    Having said that I think we could recruit the best young Scottish players around and dump our forays abroad in the Miku/Lassad market and put a team on the park that will entertain enough along with what goes with attending to keep most supporters attending.

  25. Parkheadcumsalford



    Has happened to me a couple of times recently with Hotmail. Change ytour password and everything should be ok again.




  26. Great news on the development go-ahead. Should bring in much needed revenue to the club but more importantly brilliant for the fans.

  27. Dead and Loving it on

    I think that the people that are planning what to do with the old school space need to take time and get it right.



    Hopefully they have been planning for a while now what they are going to incorporate in the space available.


    Over the years I took my kids to new lanark, one of the things that they enjoyed was the Annie McLeod experience, this was a ride back through the ages to let you know what it was like for a wee girl growing up when it was a working mill, the kids enjoyed it and it was educational.


    I think something like that at the Celtic museum would be great and a good money spinner.



    What a great story the Celtic story is, starting with the Brother Walfrid meetings to the present day.



    Think the ride at New Lanark costs about £25 for a family of four and is always busy, visually it would educate the kids in Celtic

  28. excathedra44 on

    For what its worth,were I a MUFC fan I would be looking for someone who is comparable in achievements to the outgoing SAF.



    That being the case,no Moyes,would have to be Morinho or Hiddink.



    Question. Has Lenny been approached as a potential No2.?

  29. South Of Tunis on




    I hope we never play them again.



    Hatred can be a good servant but it is a terrible master..

  30. swatson Neil Lennon's 6ft skinny twin! on

    Are there any artistic impressions of what Celtic propose to do?

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