Phenomenal changes ahead for Celtic Park


The news yesterday from Glasgow City Council that Celtic’s planning application for the areas outside the stadium had been approved will do more than deliver shrubbery to a currently derelict landscape; your match day experience is about to be transformed.

Unless your ticket is for the executive lounges, your match day will involve turning up to a cold stadium (not a lot Celtic or the Council can do about the weather) and wait for the game to start, with rudimentary access to toilets (get in early if you want a hand towel), burgers and pies.

Celtic have been buying up land around their perimeter for years and with permission to remove the derelict London Road School, they are now in a position to provide restaurants, bars, pre and post-match entertainment.  They will also be able to bring the many thousands of artefacts which tell the story of Celtic into a dedicated museum space.

Celtic Park will become a working, 7-day-a-week, tourist destination. It’s going to be phenomenal.

Plans have been before the Council for years but although they ticked all the boxes and made enormous economic sense for an area of the city badly in need of a boost, I hear one SNP councillor spoke against plans to move the superstore from its current location to a larger area, as he felt the need to protect the interests of local Asda and Tesco superstores!

Not everyone was happy to see the club, or the area, progress.

The new edition of CQN Magazine is out and packed with great articles for and by the Celtic support.  You can flick through the magazine in the graphic below but it you want to actually read it, click on the double-headed arrow at the bottom right of the graphic.

Here we go………
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  1. The one big gripe I would have about summer football is losing players every two years.


    We expect a certain calibre of player to play for us and our best players also play International football. They might not play for the top nations but there is a serious risk of losing them to International tournaments .


    The main two World Cup and European Championship take place in the summer

  2. bankiebhoy1 on

    Well done Celtic…..



    Pukka management, properly run business….



    ….for our benefit and that of those who come after us.



    Topically, as SAF might say,



    “Pwoud, vewwy pwoud”








  3. when Davie Moyes broke into the Celtic team big Billy played him at full back a couple of times , inevitably he was compared to McNeill ,however he was to caesar what kajagoogoo were to the beatles . Yes someone did make that comparison. I think he may also have scored a header against oldco

  4. Hamiltontim on




    It’s a bit of a ‘chicken or the egg’ scenario for me.



    Do we trust that the redevelopment of Parkhead and the surrounding area will generate sufficient funds that we will consequently be able to improve the playing squad or do we improve the first team with the expectation that a more successful team will entice greater number throught he turnstiles?



    Scottish football, like many things, is cyclical and managers/players/teams have a limited shelf life before something else comes along.



    When MON and the big money signings disappeared over the horizon so did many of the ‘glory hunter’ type supporters. I don’t miss them and if truth be told I’d prefer that many of those who still cling on in the hope that a ‘second coming’ is imminent, would sod off as well.



    For some, Celtic became something to brag about to friends and colleagues rather than a symbol of identity which I believe it was initially created to do.



    The novelty wore off and so these ‘supporters’ found ‘more interesting’ things to do. Sure, with the offer of improved facilities etc they will return (I’m reminded of Kevin Costner’s Field of Dreams. I’m just not convinced that they truly deserve Celtic.

  5. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    Celtic are to go ahead with the Celtic triangle.



    Not to be outdone, Sevco are disappearing down the ol’ Bermuda triangle.

  6. starry plough



    I could be wrong but I thought that was announced at the time Guardiola was announced as taking over at Bayern.




  7. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    Interesting these days listening to the MSM. They’re starting to refer to all things sevco as ‘the club’.



    The guy on BBC last night outside ibrox said Malcolm murray was at ‘rangers’ through the administration last year (no mention of liquidation) and there was rumours he would now be forced out the club.



    They are very specific to say ‘company’ or ‘oldco’ when liquidation is mentioned. But we’re now hearing ‘the club’ mentioned more often when discussing directors etc.



    Anyway, just thinking out loud. If the directors & administration/liquidation is a now a ‘club’ issue then they must assume it’s safe to drop the oldco/newco distinction.



    And another thing, why are the sevco fans bothered about any of these issues? Why worry at all about what directors are up to or of financial difficulties? Who cares if they’re burning money? It’s only the holding company…. Is it not??



    I was expecting some scandal on sevco this week….still waiting…

  8. ernie lynch on




    14:22 on 8 May, 2013



    Any redevelopment that starts off with the demolition of a Category B listed building raises all sort of concerns.



    And that picture puts me in mind of Alex Glasgow’s song, Mary Baker City Mix.



    Still, so long as there’s a profit in it for someone, that’s what matters.

  9. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON – Yep, as I mused yesterday the concept of ‘the club’ as seperate from ‘the comapny’ has now been established, and you can be sure it will be played again as and when necessary. Will this become an annual ritual perhaps?

  10. borgo67@14:24



    It was a Moyes header that was apparently ‘flicked’ into the net by Tom McAdam although to this day i feel it should have been given to Moyes.



    A 3-3 draw at CP in late ’81. Yours truly was in the Celtic End that day. Great game.

  11. Anybody know how to get back issues of CQN? Missing issue 13 from my collection.




  12. bankiebhoy1 on

    “Boaby Williamson has withdrawn his interest in the OT gig as a plum role at Kilbowie Union has been dangled before him”




  13. ernie lynch


    14:34 on


    8 May, 2013



    I agree with preservation, but not for preservation’s sake. We’re only one or two generations into this notion. Historically buildings have always been demolished and replaced with new, sometimes prettier, sometimes uglier ones.

  14. ten men won the league



    yes thats the game didn’t realise it was 1981 ,that would make it my second derby game .


    Got a feeling we could pay at the gate for that game and only 48,000 at it.

  15. South Of Tunis on

    Ten Men Won The League @ 14 39.



    Two assists from Moyes.



    A cross for McGarvey and a knock down for MacLeod .



    Remember one of their goals came from a header by a player on his knees.

  16. HT/AuldHeid, I hope you don’t mind me putting my thoughts on the discussion regarding investing now in the playing staff versus investing in infrastructure.



    A player/s is a gamble, infrastructure less so.



    The profit from the revenue streams can be re invested in the first team, that is sustainable.


    Throwing capital after success, is just throwing it on a gamble.


    For example, we have X million to spend.


    If we built a museum, bar/restaurant, upgraded the store and build some houses and business space, for X. Million, we would build in a revenue stream for years to come, that then could be invested in the team.


    Buy, say, Lewandowski(insert any name you fancy) for X million in the summer, three years maybe four year contract, he is a great success, we win the SPL, do okay in Europe throughout that time, a sporting return on the investment so to speak.


    He leaves, no more revenue.


    It’s a judgement call, in my opinion Celtic are taking the correct decision.


    We have a decent stream of young talent coming through the club at present, I hope that continues rather than star signings.



    Just an opinion.

  17. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on




    The distinction between club & company was created for the first time in football history to perpetuate the myth that ‘Rangers’ never died.



    It was always infuriating the length the MSM would go to make the distinction that it was ‘oldco’ that went bust and not just ‘rangers’. Or even more infuriating, their constant use of the words ‘demotion’, instead of telling the truth of what happened to ‘rangers’.



    I suppose my point was that when I watched last nights report and other reports recently, stories on directors/owners (whyte,green,murray,smith) are now referred to as members of ‘the club’ and the issues are of the ‘club’. The ridiculous distinction that was created now appears to have been relaxed and we’re hearing less effort to say the words ‘holding company’ or ‘newco’.



    They must think we’re daft!

  18. ernie lynch on




    14:46 on 8 May, 2013



    Retaining a Cat B building would not be preservation for preservation’s sake.



    It’s being demolished because that’s the cheap and easy option.



    And for something that in 30 years time will almost certainly be an eyesore.

  19. Henriks Sombrero on

    The lifestyle of the rich and famous hun.



    Lee McCulloch ‏@jiggymacc6 43s Great meeting everyone at waterstones in EK,off to govan asda later at 530!

  20. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Definitely important to put money into the squad – I assume that budget is separate anyway.



    There is no doubt the redevelopment of the area is long overdue. All roads leading directly to Celtic Park are a disgrace – and it is good to see this is finally being addressed.



    Unused Grade 2 Listed buildings are an eyesore – get it demolished and construct something practical to replace it.

  21. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON – Indeed…. They know we’re not daft – They are just trying to make it look as though we are, and prepare to push this all through again before anyone notices. It could be very like Goundhog Day.

  22. Hamiltontim on




    I take your point but without necessarily agreeing with you.



    Like a player, there is no guarantee that redevelopment will sustain the interest of the paying customer long term. The crowds may well come flocking back but will they stay if the product on the park is poor, there is a lack of genuine competition and it’s cold???



    I just have a real problem with a collection of Celtic ‘supporters’ who are only there because the pies are good, the seats are warm and they’re able to get a pint without having to jump in a taxi to make kick off.

  23. The school at Celtic Park will never be used as a school again. It is an eyesore and doesn’t fit in with the present and future surroundings. Anyone who is questioning why it is being demolished is either playing devils advocate or is no friend of Celtic. If it is to be preserved it can be taken down by someone brick by brick and rebuilt elsewhere. A nice fit would be the historic dignified big hoose across the river.


    Move with the times.




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