Phenomenal changes ahead for Celtic Park


The news yesterday from Glasgow City Council that Celtic’s planning application for the areas outside the stadium had been approved will do more than deliver shrubbery to a currently derelict landscape; your match day experience is about to be transformed.

Unless your ticket is for the executive lounges, your match day will involve turning up to a cold stadium (not a lot Celtic or the Council can do about the weather) and wait for the game to start, with rudimentary access to toilets (get in early if you want a hand towel), burgers and pies.

Celtic have been buying up land around their perimeter for years and with permission to remove the derelict London Road School, they are now in a position to provide restaurants, bars, pre and post-match entertainment.  They will also be able to bring the many thousands of artefacts which tell the story of Celtic into a dedicated museum space.

Celtic Park will become a working, 7-day-a-week, tourist destination. It’s going to be phenomenal.

Plans have been before the Council for years but although they ticked all the boxes and made enormous economic sense for an area of the city badly in need of a boost, I hear one SNP councillor spoke against plans to move the superstore from its current location to a larger area, as he felt the need to protect the interests of local Asda and Tesco superstores!

Not everyone was happy to see the club, or the area, progress.

The new edition of CQN Magazine is out and packed with great articles for and by the Celtic support.  You can flick through the magazine in the graphic below but it you want to actually read it, click on the double-headed arrow at the bottom right of the graphic.

Here we go………
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  1. Auldheid , spot on. However there is no competition ; the league is won before a ball is kicked. Despite happy clappers hoping for 50k season tickets, it will not happen. I think I have been to one home game in the last 3 months. Watching SPL games is almost a punishment.



    Either we face reality or it’s 30k season tickets max next season, the inevitable budget adjustment and sale of players.



    The SPL is beyond saving ; the latest changes are shuffling the deck chairs. Celtic need to escape or we have to wait for the return of the enemy; which will be more toxic 2nd time round. In a way that is uneven bigger reason to escape.



    We have 2 years to get out ; if we don’t he’ll mend us.

  2. Hamiltontim on

    ……and I’m not talking about those supporters who already avail themselves of facilities in place at Parkhead :-))))



    I’m worried about attracting back those who have already found ‘better things’ to do when Celtic are playing.

  3. RobinBhoy



    Magcloud.com for the print version – it also has a really good free iPad download service.



    If you look at the magazine graphic below Paul’s post – there are a row of buttons at top left. One says Related Publications and you can find all CQN Magazines there plus other usual documents we’ve put up there so we don’t lose them!



    Or you can search Google for it or even use this direct link to issue 13:






    Hope everyone likes the new magazine – plenty of late nights on that one!

  4. H/T



    I want the team improved aswell .


    Extra income can only help that.



    Only attracting players .


    Many aspects come into it.



    QOTS have a winning team.



    In trophy terms Southampton don’t.



    If both bid go Hoops I know where he would go.



    First and foremost the player ( and his agent) want as big a wage as is possible.



    There has to be a balance of Salary, profile of the league, profile of the team, silver wear opportunity, career advancement, and happy work and family/ social life.




  5. Hamiltontim



    I went to almost every Celtic game home and away in the 90’s and would have given my right arm to see us win the league once.


    The cost of football and transport etc has priced me out of the game. Even with the £100 off. Lack of financial planning in my 20’s has led to me current predicament. It’s all my own doing. MMy kid will be 3 when I next afford a season ticket. I’m on the road back but the lack of credit and the financial climate is affecting everybody.


    We have not had to go through this before. I am 35 and this is the tightest I have ever been for money in my life. I am feeling the squeeze. I would love to go to Celtic games every week but I look at the costs now and don’t understand how people afford it. My opinion is that some like me can not afford it and will eventually run out of credit and have to pay it back. I was in the hole to the tune of …… a lot!


    I am nearing the end of the tunnel but I won’t put myselkf in that position again. The season we went to Seville I barley missed a game anywhere. I spent 25% more than I earned that year just watching Celtic. Still recovering from it!




  6. ernie lynch on




    15:03 on 8 May, 2013



    ‘Anyone who is questioning why it is being demolished is either playing devils advocate or is no friend of Celtic.’



    That’s a cretinous comment.



    Mind you it’s maybe a bit much to expect anyone from Livingston to have any appreciation of the built environment.

  7. Somebody mentioned Charlie Austin earlier.


    Really like this lad and always thought he’d be a better option that Rhodes (when we’re being linked with him).



    Here’s a wee short clip of some of the 178 goals he’s scored in 277 games.





    Pretty decent finisher and with Russell would be dynamite in the SPL.





    /Bishop B

  8. ernie lynch



    It is just my opinion. I don’t see what good an empty building does for anyone.


    I have no problem with anyone slating Livingston. It’s not an attractive place. It’s badly designed and has no atmosphere.


    It’s where I was brought up though. I had no choice in that matter.




  9. Doc is neil lennon.


    Yup which is why I fancy Russell and GMS. Low cost, freshens attacking options no substantial risk.


    Just think what could be done with 3 years CL money although I think some of that should go as a solidarity payement to make sure we have a league to play in in order to get at the CL money.


    How that payment would be used would be subject to strict guidelines to make sure it did not end up in average players pockets but I believe it to be the equivalent of Bayern helping Dortmund to keep competition alive.

  10. Hamiltontim on



    15:12 on


    8 May, 2013




    Your passion for Celtic is evident on here and it always has been.



    It’s not genuine Celtic supporters like you that I’m talking about it’s those who have a fleeting interest until something more interesting or better comes along.



    I’ve mentioned on CQN before about my mate who accompanied me home and away throughout the 90’s. Around 2002 he had to give up his season ticket because of financial restraints, he quite rightly put his family first. This season has been his first with a season ticket since then and he’s loving it.



    He’s not a fair weather supporter because he hardly attended a game in all that time, the club was always a beating, living part of who he is. He would watch every game on TV, read every match report and listen to every radio phone in purely because of his love of Celtic.



    He’s welcome back, as would supporters like you be welcomed back. However, you would be there for the right reasons, others I’m not so sure about.

  11. ernie lynch on




    15:17 on 8 May, 2013



    ‘I don’t see what good an empty building does for anyone.’




    The skill is in taking a building that’s no longer being used for its original purpose and adapting it for another purpose.



    To demolish a Cat B listed building to replace it with a museum is taking the piss.

  12. The Moon Bhoys on

    Love to see Johnny Russell played up front alongside Anthony Stokes, that would improve the club overnight,



    Please lay off Kev Jungle – CQN needs guys like him giving their views – otherwise its all happy clapping,



    I’m still 100 per cent behind Neil, but sometimes get a wee bit worried that I’m suporting a mediocre manager rather than a great one which of course our club deserves,



    When that happens I come on here read a few posts and that normally sorts it out.

  13. Len Brennan




    15:14 on 8 May, 2013



    Don’t know about a striker who’s on his knees for the first 25 seconds of his video clip :0



    I did notice the first comment underneath the clip says something like, we’ll see how he does in the CL with Celtic next season. Seems like he has plenty of hustle, a bit like a young Robbie Keane




  14. I like Johnny Russell as well but I have it from a good source he wants to go abroad. Although if Celtic came calling he might be content with frequent trips to the continent. GMS would be an ideal and more consistent replacement for Paddy McC.

  15. Livibhoy



    Don’t agree re building. A lot of tourism in Glasgow is built around these types of architecture. And £300K is a steel. IMO



    Look at places like Bothwell Street and sorrounds in the City Centre etc. A lot of regrets with 70’s style.



    Maybe should qualify your statements with IMHO.



    Anyway, i’m sure it will look magnificent when finished.

  16. thetimrieper on

    Theres a Cat B building down Govan way that I would love to


    see demolished.




  17. Hamiltontim


    In my travels over the past three years I became aware of just how many kinds of Celtic supporters there are in terms of what each believes what it takes to be a Celtic supporter.


    The very idea that someone could be an ardent supporter without necessarily attending every game was news to one guy.


    Supporters come with all sorts of motivations that might be hidden to supporters themselves and how they support should not be a matter of judgement since each individuals circumstances differ.


    So there has to be room for the passionate and the not so passionate and how each shows that passion.


    If Celtic were able to transform the match day experience to one were whole families were happy to attend would that be a bad thing?


    In my fathers house etc.

  18. HT, fair points.


    But if the area around is more attractive, and adds to the attraction, event, then this will add to revenue and to the attraction.


    It’s not all about money of course, it’s a sport, and if the sport is as high level attractive as it can be the crowds will come, but we play football in Scotland.


    Look at the difference between European crowds and domestic, throughout most of the time I have watched Celtic, Europe attracts bigger crowds, because it is a better product.



    We have to find other ways of attracting crowds, but I’d be surprised if we start signing big name players in an effort to attract fans back.

  19. Charlie Austin? Whit about Steve Austin? The six million dollar man! Nae chance we’d spend that on a player these days.

  20. The Comfortable Collective on

    Are Man Utd one of the world’s greatest football teams or a mediocre team who have had two of the world’s greatest ever managers?



    Here is Man Utd record excluding Matt Busby or Alex Ferguson.



    League titles – 2 (last one in 1911)


    FA Cups – 4


    League Cups – 0


    European trophies – 0

  21. LiviBhoy 15:03



    Agree – there are 20+ schools of similar construction (stonework) scattered around the ‘old parishes’ of Glasgow. The majority have been boarded-up and been allowed to fall into disrepair and in some cases on the verge of demolition due to the unsafe nature of the structure (a classic example of one going to waste – Homlea Road a free-standing school within its own grounds).



    Locals have petitioned in many cases for these schools (and similar buildings) to be utilised as Community Centres – GCC cannot afford to repair them let alone refurbish them to meet basic building standards; heating, lighting and disabled access.



    One of the best Victorian examples internally (Rutherglen Old Parish School) was sold to developers for conversion to office space. The old Victorian school in Scotstoun was flattened 12 years ago supposedly for low-cost community housing – the site remains vacant to this day.



    If GCC had made a conscious decision 10-20 years ago to allow them to be converted to other use – it might have seen more saved and reduced a stockpile of derelict and worthless buildings throughout the city.



    Rant over – been my misfortune to have witnessed wanton waste of historic architecture when part of an evaluation process for a potential Client.

  22. South Of Tunis on

    LiviBhoy –



    ” Annual income £20,annual expenditure £ 19 , 19 shillings and six pence , result happiness. Annual income £20,annual expenditure £ 20 and sixpence, result misery.



    Mr Micawber.

  23. tim tanium



    15:30 on 8 May, 2013


    I like Johnny Russell as well but I have it from a good source he wants to go abroad. Although if Celtic came calling he might be content with frequent trips to the continent. GMS would be an ideal and more consistent replacement for Paddy McC.






    Johnny Russell is a Bhoy. He would live to play for his team.

  24. Good to see that the club is trying to improve match day experience and attract visitors for non match days also. This may also have the spin off effect of being the difference in signing a player when you give them the grand tour of not just Celtic Park but also the other added things like museum(where you could show the history so they know the history), superstore etc.



    Celtic is a world wide club with world wide support and can only get better with this development, prospective signees will only be more impressed by the club.




  25. Greensideup is also Neil Lennon @15:29



    I thought that a bit odd too mate but like the FF soundtrack so picked that one. ;o)



    I noticed the comments too but think we were linked with him late last summer window and in Jan so it might be from that. So it looks like a player who’s been mentioned for a while.



    Here’s hoping!





    /Bishop B

  26. LuckyCody


    If real competition is what all supporters are looking for then everyone should be behind the idea of syphoning off some of each seasons CL money to the title winners to the league itself as a solidarity payment.



    Such a move strengthens the opposition and makes us work harder to stay top dog.



    I’d much prefer we played outwith Scotland in some form of Euro League but we have no control our power to make that happen until conditions to do so materialise. In the meantime we have to bloom where planted and that means other Scottish clubs have to be nurtured until conditions are right for uprooting.


    The wheat amongst the weeds springs to mind.

  27. The Battered Bunnet on

    The building is typical of hundreds of such Board schools of the time, many of which remain standing, unused and decaying across the city.



    It was a crap school building design. Converting it into a crap museum design doesn’t really make a lot of sense.



    Re-use the materials for a better purpose.

  28. Steinreignedsupreme on

    thetimrieper 15:30 on 8 May, 2013



    “Theres a Cat B building down Govan way that I would love to see demolished.”



    There are unused Catagory B buildings all over the Glasgow area – one less will make no difference. It’s an old school, not the Natural History Museum.

  29. thomthethim on




    The faithful pound will always be there, finances permitting.



    It is the floating pound that has to be recaptured.



    The faithful pound is of equal value to the floating pound.



    It’s a bit like Elections.



    Died in the wool party voters stick with their party.



    That would mean stalemate in elections, which would mean nothing changes.



    It is the floating voter that changes Governments, with people who can see past old loyalties, voting according to current issues.



    A pound’s a pound for a’ that!

  30. bankiebhoy1 on

    …..and on another subject I have scant knowledge of –



    The Gowf….



    .delighted to see Tony Jacklin comment on the boul ‘Monty –



    I’ve nothing personal against the big lump….


    …… but all that pan Loaf, big sweatery, slack-wearing, smug,


    GolfKlub ettiquette, Plamph -in-a Volvo pash



    – really tees me off!



    Rodney Dangerfield CSC

  31. Hamiltontim



    It’s part of my life. I spend most of my time talking and reading about Celtic much to my wifes amusement. She is baffled by the obsession but gets it the more she lives with me.



    ernie lynch



    I take your points on board re the school. We all have our opinions. In this case I just want what is best for the club.






    I’m not sure the tourists would travel to Parkhead to view such a building but again I take your points on the school building.






    I think you have made some good points. I have a similar outlook on the school as you have made. IF it were to be used as a community building or was to be used as a school then I would like to see it remain. Celtic have obviously looked at redeveloping the school and it is not financially viable or possible to be used as Celtic see fit.



    In these cases it is always better to look at what there is there currently. What it would be used as and what it may become. I think GCC have decided that the plans Celtic have submitted will enhance the area and make it more attractive financially and cosmetically to the area.


    We all like to marvel at the beauty of the buildings that have stood the test of time and are still in use but in this case it would appear to make more sense to knock it down and rebuild a new state of the art facility that will attract more visitors and money to the area. Celtic have obviously went through the right channels and had this in the pipeline for some time. It strikes me that Celtic would not knock the building down for the sake of it and the plans that we have all seen for the area will no doubt make a huge difference.


    I know we will not all agree on these sorts of matters but that is what makes our support. It’s very diverse with wide ranging outlooks and creates excellent debate. Maybe my initial comments were a tad crass and I aplogise for those but I always want what is best for Celtic football club and sometimes my heart speaks a bit too quickly before my head clicks into gear.


    Hope that clears up my thought on the auld school.




  32. South Of Tunis



    Warning signs were there. I was a single Bhoy living at home and I lived from season to season. Never bumped any of my debt. Worked out payment plans and I am paying it all off. Worked everyday of my life since I left school. Been luck yto always have employment. I have learned the hard way. Married now with a wee Bhoy. Don’t own my own place so that is the next hurdle. Live within my means now. I will get there and me and the Bhoy will be back at Paradise. It’s hard when you have barely missed a home game in 30 years and have been to a 70% of your clubs away games for 20 years but the club has to take 2nd place for me at this moment in my life whilst I support my family. The wife wants me back sooner rather than later. Drive her nuts in the house listening to games on the radio and watching them on TV. She is a fitba fan too so she knows the score. She is still a little amazed at the Celtic obsession though. The whole family are Celtic daft so she is getting the idea now. Once the wee man is hooked it will be a different ball game. We will be back for a new era!




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